Her PowerPoint presentation consisted ofthe following items, which included the
question about the meaning of a flagship and land-grant university:
a. Strengths
b. Challenges
c. Improvement directions and areas of distinctiveness
d. Selection of benchmarks
e. Research expenditures
f Quality of undergraduates (ACT scores)
g. Undergraduate retention rates
h. Six-year graduation rates
i. Recommendation for action
j. Facilities
k. A look at the University of Minnesota (Six-year Graduation Rates) and
recommendation for action
l. Faculty salaries and recommendation for action
m. Recommendations for planning
Dr. Swanson concluded her report with five defining questions:
l. What are the 2lSt century implications for UK’s status as a flagship and land-grant
2. What does the Top 20 quest signify for the University today?
3. How can the University enhance its culture of academic excellence?
4. How should UK continue to elevate the quality of incoming students?
5. Should the University increase the number of non-resident students? How will this
affect resident students?
The Board continued to engage in thought-provoking questions, suggestions, and ideas
throughout Dr. Swanson’s presentation.
H. Vice President Bob Wiseman - Current Status of University Facilities
The next PowerPoint presentation was given by Mr. Wiseman. It included the current
state of facilities and a brief overview of the buildings on campus. He talked about where the
University should be putting its funding and whether is it best to renovate older buildings or
build new ones. He focused on certain buildings needing repair and replacement and gave
comparisons of buildings at other universities. Mr. Wiseman noted that the average age of
buildings is approximately 48 years and 44 percent ofthe buildings need to be fixed or replaced.
The University is spending $6 to $7 million a year on repair, and there are not any funds
available for capital renewal.
At the conclusion of Mr. Wiseman’s presentation, Mr. Fielden said that students , in
general, feel neglected. Some ofthe best and brightest students are going to other universities.
If UK wants the best students, it will have to give them the best facilities.