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` I-18-85 I , N0. MM7   I
January 18 Peter Mark Roget's Birthday (1779)
. January 21 John Cabell Breckinridge's Birthday (1821) ,
Y National Clean Off Your Desk Day -
‘ January 23 Stress Management
January 30 A Manager's Guide to Wage and Salary
March 6-8 Libraries, Books, and Culture
A Next "Green Bean" issue: Friday, February 1, 1985 V
Deadline for inclusion: Monday, January 28, 1985
Production Staff: Cecil Madison, Sandy Hardwick
Rob Aken (Editor)

I Joyce Welch received the following letter.
L On behalf of the board and staff of the Lexington Child Abuse
Council, I want to thank you and the library staff for your
donation of gifts for our Christmas party. Your generosity made
the party a tremendous success. Thank you for thinking of .0ur
agency during the Christmas season.
Sincerely, _
Sharron Townsend
Vivian Hall Elected CINK President -
` Vivian Hall, Geology Librarian, has been elected the 1985 ‘
president of the Coal Information Network of Kentucky.
Personnel Scholarship in the Humanities
‘ The Gaines Center for the Humanities is pleased to announce the
establishment of a special scholarship in the humanities,
i available to any full-time member of the university's personnel
staff. Applicants need not have a college degree, nor do they
have to be in a degree program to be considered.
The scholarship will be offered on an annual basis, will be good ·
for one academic year, and will allow the recipient to attend any
course of his or her choosing in the humanities. The course
selected may be taken for academic credit or as an "audit."
The recipient will receive: l) tuition payment for the two
P courses taken during the year; 2) a book allowance of $100 each
semester (to purchase required or suggested books); 3) financial
compensation for the hours during which he or she is in class
and, therefore, not working. ~
The scholarship requires no formal application. Anyone ·
interested in applying should submit a brief professional resume
(one typed page) and a statement of intention (an explanation of
why the individual desires the scholarship) no longer than three
typed pages (750 words).

{ A11 applications are due no later than March 1. Announcement of
{ °the winner will be made no later than March 31, thus allowing
{‘ time for pre-registration. ‘
{ Address all questions and submit applications to: A
{~ Ms. Nancy Howard
i Gaines Center for the Humanities
{ 232 East Maxwell Street ·
{ Occasional Papers, #7 _ ‘
§ It H
{ A Descriptive Catalogue of the Letters of Charles and Mary Anne
A Lamb In the W. Hugh Peal Collection (University of Kentucky
{ Libraries Occasional Papers, #75 by Edwin W. Marrs, Jr. was
{ published in December. '
{ SPEC Kit #108 `
{ Spec Kit #108, Strategic Planning in ARL Libraries, contains one
{ university plan, four library environmental assessments, five
{ 1ong—range planning documents, and a two-page listing of selected
{ readings.
{ The following is the second part of a special 9~part series drawn
{ from Mary Ruth Brown's article in The Encyclopedia of Library and
{ Information Science. V
{ History of the Libraries: Directors »
l` `
{ Miss Margaret I. King, the University of _Kentucky's first
{ librarian, was assigned that responsibility by President James K.
{ Patterson in 1909. Not only did she organize the university's
{ first central library, but she also guided its development from
{ one that could be housed in a single room to one containing ”
_ nearly 500,000 volumes.
{ A native Kentuckian, Miss King was born in 1879 and raised in the
{ Reconstruction period after the Civil War.‘ An 1898 graduate of
{ the University of Kentucky, she later received a postgraduate
{ degree in library science from Columbia University. _
{ '.

1 In l9H8, shortly before her retirement, the University of
Kentucky showed its regard for this hard-working, dedicated woman
L by naming its library the Margaret I. King Library. She thus
became one of the few individuals for whom the university
departed from the policy of never naming a building after a
living person. ‘ ·
Dr. Lawrence .Sidney Thompson came to the University of Kentucky
in l9U8 as its second library director. During his tenure of
office, he was several times on leave for special assignments,
including a period in 1951-1952 as library advisor to the Turkish .
Ministry of Education and another during which he conducted a
survey of the East Caribbean Regional Library for the Caribbean
Dr. Thompson, best known among his colleagues as an avid and
indefatigable book collector, more than doubled the library
system's total acquisitions in his 17 years as director. Early‘
in 1965 he requested that he be relieved of administrative duties
in order to devote full time to research, scholarly writing, and
teaching in the Department of Classics. ‘ ` »
Dr. Stuart Forth, acting director of libraries at the University
of_ Kansas, was chosen as Thompson's successor and continued in
that post until 1973. As well as being director of libraries, he
also taught in the College of Library Science and from 1968 until
1970 served as acting vice-president for student affairs.
Dr. Forth was an important influence inside the university, not
just as director of libraries, according to University of
Kentucky President Otis A. Singletary. Under his direction, the I
University Library's facilities and services were expanded in
many areas and two developments of considerable importance to
librarians occurred. They were officially given faculty status,
with its attendant fringe benefits, and for the first time their
salaries were substantially upgraded.
Paul A. Willis, the fourth and present director, obtained his
M.L.S. from the University of Maryland; and later, his law degree
from the University of Kentucky. He combined the two fields,
serving as head of the Law Library before taking the post as the
university's chief librarian in 1973-197U. During the 1975-1976
academic year, he also served as acting dean of the College of
Library Science. _
Since the beginning of his administration, Mr. Willis has
emphasized planning and development of new _servioe programs,
increased attention to collection development, efficiency in
library procedures, and more active staff participation in
library management. In 1975-1976, with his encouragement, the
librarians developed a new organizational structure giving the
University of Kentucky Libraries an academic form of governance

patterned after that· of the teaching faculty. Some time
  thereafter a similar organization, the Assembly of Clerical and
. Technical Staff, was developed by and for the support staff.
~ Reprinted from Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science,
vol. 37, pp. 188-189, by courtesy of Marcel Dekker, Inc. »
g The following program is available to UK non-faculty employees.
2 Programs are held in room 15 (basement) of Memorial Hall. To
Q enroll, contact Rosemary Veach (7-l85l).
§ A Manager's Guide to Wage and Salary January 30, 8 am - noon`
é This workshop reviews University policy as it relates to Wage and 7
§ Salary Administration and the University's obligations to
Q employees under state and federal regulations. Designed for _
Q departmental managers, deans, and directors; this workshop
§ includes information on how to write an effective job
g description, what procedures to follow when requesting
g reclassifications or new position establishment, and the method »
g used to determine salaries at the University of Kentucky.
é Conducted by Mary Lou Hammond.
é (For more information, see the Director's Office.)
§ . California
g Head, Earth Sciences Library, University of California at
g Berkeley. Salary: $25,692-$36,996. Deadline: February 28. _
é Delaware
T Coordinator of Serials Acquisitions, University of Delaware.
E Salary: $16,MOO minimum. Deadline: February 22. ·
i Georgia
3 Library Preservation Officer, Emory University. Salary: $18,500
Q minimum. Deadline: February l.
i Director of Instructional Services, Emory University. Salary:
§ $21,000 minimum. Deadline: March 5.

Reference Librarian, Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex,
Gender, and Reproduction, Indiana University. Salary: $1N,700
minimum. Deadline: February 28.
, Director, Indiana-Purdue University at Fort Wayne. Salary: Vnot
specified. Deadline: February 15. ‘
8 _ New Jersey
Public Services Librarian, Rutgers University. Salary: $20,668
minimum. Deadline: April l.
New York I
Head, Acquisitions Department, SUNY Albany. Salary: $21,000
_ minimum. Deadline: March 15. V -
h North Carolina
Head, Circulation, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
Salary: $25,000 minimum. Deadline: February 15. · ,
A Music Librarian, University of North Carolina at Chapel· Hill.
’ Salary: $20,000 minimum. Deadline: March 31.
Oklahoma .
Head, Catalog Department, University of Oklahoma. Salary: l
$25,000 minimum. Deadline: not specified. i
A Tennessee E
Reference Librarian, Specialization in Microforms and Government §
Documents, University of Tennessee. Salary: $16,000-$18,000. I
Deadline: February 15. t
Director for Central and Science Library, Vanderbilt University.
Salary: $33,000 minimum. Deadline: March 1.
Director for Walker Management Library, Vanderbilt University.
Salary: $28,000 minimum. Deadline: March l. E
· i
H §

6 r
Head, Records and Conservation Services, Virginia Commonwealth
University. Salary: $18,000 minimum. Deadline: February 9.
A Washington
Reference Librarian, Owen Science and Engineering Library,.
Washington State University. Salary: not specified. Deadline:
April 15. ,
(If interested, contact Ann Howell in the Director's Office.)
_ Library Technician III, grade 5, Circulation. - _
Library Technician V, grade 7, Circulation. _
Staff Assistant V, grade 6, Law Library.
Persons interested in a possible field cataloging position) (to A
~ travel around Kentucky to collect data on Kentucky newspaper
* holdings) on the NEH Kentucky Newspaper Project should see Judy
Sackett or Paul Willis as soon as possible. (Paul Willis)