Book of Hours with prayer against storms, 15th century (MS Latin Kentucky V)


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  • Identifier: MS LAT KY V
  • Summary: A deluxe Book of Hours with elaborate borders and an additional owner-inscribed prayer against storms.
  • Origin: 15th century, possibly Low Countries
  • Decoration: Illuminated initials throughout. Full borders featuring silver illumination and acanthus. Partial borders. Red and blue alternating initials.
  • Notes: Saint Genvize written in fol. 1r. Note at top of 10r for rubricator to add October. Performative note for the reader to cross themselves in the margin of fol. 26r. Note at bottom, center of fol. 51v, possibly catch word. Minor marginal correction fol. 113r. Fol. 116v in different hands, minorly decorated initials, a prayer against thunder and storms.
  • Script: Gothic Textualis Precissa
  • Support: Parchment. Paper flyleaves, back fly leaf has a water mark: Circle around a six-pointed star with central circle, topped with a thick cross. Watermark measures 40mm diameter, 70mm from bottom of circle to top of cross. Similar to Gravell Watermark Archive Star.001.1.
  • Binding: The Library's files contain this note: "Rose colored suede. Fly leaves with watermark almost identical with no. 3874 in vol. 1 of Monumenta Chartae Papyraaceae, 1950, indicating that the cover was put on in the 18th century. Report prepared by R. J. Buck.
  • Layout: 16 long lines. Single column for main text, ruled in black. Frame with two bounding lines extending at the top and bottom of frame. Typical Kalens layout, ruled in black. Clear prickings.

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