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Offncial News-Letter of the State Council of Defense
To Editors: The t
news in this Bulletin T
is prepared for the HE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY — Entered as 8,mc, ~
press and is released class matter at the
for publication on post office at Lex.
"¢¢¢iPt· ington, Ky.
    von 1 No 18
  • • •
ARMY MINING ¤<>m·S VERNOR STANLEY TO r M“°”%¤%”’§&%*§% N°“·“’*°-R °°NSTRU°TI°N
Intense interest is being manifest     DEFENSE REQUEST -; D
      St udeu       L KENTUCKY   C Ounc H ,, N t. I D .   C IIIC   of     IIII .
Corps, arid in the way in which boys authorizes the f?>l1ow*?n:¤;0ns3tater;;i1It§e through the WM Industries Board`
may ent"` ****0 it- ' L- name Council or National Defense has asked the K°“t“"ky C°““°“ °" A
The students Army Treining Corps has hemmfom emphasized the Bmw Defense to act as its represoutatiyo .
was mam by me Wm, Department PROCLA1\/IATION sity of restricting Christmas buying i? passing ¤¤—°¤ 1”°P¤S€d construc-
tor the purpose Of finding material T0 THE PEOPLE OF KENTUCKY, GREETING: _ dllrmg the Commglfau for certain Sp€_ t10Il, ln order that all building, which
tor the officers’ training camps, and VVHEREA _ _ _ MHC YGHSOHS whlch it has stated, is not absolutely necessary may be
in order to do this corps have been h _ Y Sl millions of the HOWBY of Am€1`1C8·I1 Y0ut}1 have answered 'Ith€SG FGZLSOHS are in brief the uooog. stopped This is Dart of the new plan
established at many colleges and unl t elr countrsls call and are now bravely battling across the sea for the preser- $1tY_f0I` Saving labor and mB·t€1`ia1 in of the War industries Board bv
Versltles throughout the Country. V3tl0n of th1S Republic and the liberation of all mankind; and the manufacture and Sale Of Christ' which D€I‘mitS from the b 3 d Y ·
in some Schools the corps are WHEREAS, it is the sacred duty of every American citizen to support mas gifts and Of Saving the trans' required for ull 0 Vr· wm bv
divided into two sections, k¤OWl1 85 und SUSUHH UIOSG who are HOW sacrificing their lives for ug mid for tho Donation and delivery facilities nec- jccts 'th t Constructmn pro.
Sootion A and Section B. Section Dl‘•3S€l‘V2tti0n 0f these instituLions· Bssmaily involved in the large volume D . ’. W;] at few exceptions relating
A is the college Section. In Order to THEREFORE I A O , ` of Christmas purchases, I'l¤€1D8 Y to government work, Por.
enter this Section boys must be 18 milky do eamestlyllmll   0;] itizglley, (z»ove1nor of the Commonwealth of Ken- "Attor conference with rgpresen- mm are not required for 1‘€Dai1‘S On Q
years Om and graduates Oi accmditi 1 AH h . D IY pa l‘lOt to be ever mindful: tatives of leading industries and re· 9X€€¤Si0HS to existing buildings in.
Bd high Schools with not less than half thé 1d0n0I‘ ls due Our dauntless defenders whose valor has thrilled Mi} i¤t€I`€StS COIlC€I‘l1€d, it is f0l1lld volving in thc aggregate d oogt noi
thirteen umm' If Students have less h I WOI‘ ln alms and who now are fighting and falling in dgfgugg of that @116 m&I1Uf8·€¥i\11`€= of goods f0I` '¤h€ exceeding $2 500 Thg K t ll.
than thirteen units or are not grad- Omg and °°“Im'Y· willing holiday season has boon Sul} Council Of bef; eu uc 5
I mites Of Such Schools. they may be 2· Toythe GOV€I‘nlIlcnt is due at this time an undivided amd unfalteriug manually Complctedl that the trans` County C0 ·l use, through the
admitted upon the passing of certain IOYBJW- l>01`£ati0n of goods to me point of Sale undert k tum S of Defense, has
examinations. 3, This wm- is to be Won by m,tB,· 1 , ’ H _ is also largely done and that much 3* an O cam`? 011t this requogp \ _
Sootiou B, or the vocational SBC- U011 of food is as essential as the lngbiitjaiigri EEG a,ra§'n1€H’_snd’th€ cOHS€rva· of the material used for Christmas The procedure will be as follows:
{ion, is created for the DUFDOSB of but all can serve and every citizen sho ld d d` ‘m1Bs. H max not tight, purchases, especially in the mauufack 1. The person interested in 3* °°n’
training mBchanlcS_what the Army to the production and the Q t _ u l B lcate h1S talents and his energies ture of toys, is the waste material de— struction project Will apply with a
4 Calls fighting mechanics- The basis (reuius of 1 conselvatlom ot food and fuel. VVith0ut either the !`iV€dJ f1`0H1 prior processes of manu- full Statement Of the fact; d
of admission to this group is 34 gl_am_ ¤ §6I1€1‘3. S and the efforts of armies are vain, f9·Ctu¥`€· oath, t0 the Count C ’ un er
may school education 0I' better and 3- EV€1‘Y f3·1`II16I` is urged t0 Sow 1’ll0I'B wheat this fall and to 1 t mmm retail interests represented at f€HS€‘ y Ouncu of DBD
the fact that the boy is eighteen years more Corn next Spring Since h t l?&11 tho conference have agreed not to in- 2. The Countv Co 'l
Old. The avenue of admission to S€C_ the Nammys food 1, w ea and corn form the basls of crease their working forces by reason will then investgi at ug}? of Dgfensg
tion B has boon through designation b AH person Supp Y- • of the holiday business iuexogsg of the proposed cngstrimtie nacesslty Oi
of applicants by county draft bogrdg ' _ S are urged to can this fall Products of Th€i1‘ h0H`l€ the average force employed by th€H1 mit its recommend t· OH, and trans-
On calls from the Officers in Charge galdeus and to plant nom spring larger home gardens than even thI`0¤gh011t Ulf? YBHT Mid 11071 to in- mary of the facts 512; wlth 8* Sum-
of thé S8l€C{iV€» SGI‘ViC9 of the State, ` If you cannot PUYCIHISQ 0I` till ll farm, you ouu plant and cultivate Ci`€?}$€ UIQ 110I`m&l working hours of oi] of Defense [OI. rgvievi State Com}
The University of Kentucky has 3* garden SPOt· and @8-Ch citizen at this time should do his bit their forces during the Christmas 3. The State Council 0{D f .
been running g, vocational group Since Every ouuco Ol; food produced is that much Saved for the b   season. They also agreed to uSc théif review the case G Gnse Wm
May, It has provisious for yuuuiug in khalll OY utmost efforts to confine Christmas ' . .
V this group throughout the year X giving except for young childm t U ak If the State Coumcll decides
_ ·* — _. .. l _ `¤,01I1av0 fth - . .
University from the State of Kon- _€ ars and Stmpes for a S19·0k@1` O1` an idler. The slugguyd and tho pémod for holiday purchases Over the 3- full Sta-tGD1€n* of all th A mu, wuh
lucky This group will finish its coward m thls hour of stress and peril shall not escape the fixed fin f m°“thS Of Octoben Novembem and N°¤`VVaY` C0¤St¤1`l10ti sg facts to the ’
training about November 15, whcn a Scoml A gw O {)€C6I'11b€I`. In order to relieve the Priorities Division sfnthgctltfali ciidtgg
new group will come to tho iusytu. 5. War h lt- · . _ __ _ ransportzttion faoilif d _l ll , _ ` ·
UGH- It is DI`€Sl1m€d that the ntzxt G1'€8.Scd the bur;i;r;;1uo;p;;il(il;g;.i, ilurfglescglilglzbgc Ofgcmls and mordmately m` agreed to €¤d¤¤v¤r1etS¤ iizligg Ugg; E`gct?(?1?r$vi];hFh;j’1OI;§V&; Constljuction
group will be recruited by the Uui. ovow Enter - . ’ _ T "· Very h0¤€St Official and wstomers to carry their owu puck. tb . . Pm, °’ “’*thh°1d
· VGYSKY by Vcluntary enlistmeritj receive the lggiiuizséntlal to the p_r°$E°u·t1.On Of this War deserves and Should ages, whoriovor p0SSjb]B_ CO€uI?;§H;)l§’]§nfd notlfy the K€¤U.1Ck)‘
· Men who are inducted into Stud- 6 It is at iengilgt Of patmotlc cluZ°mS· ‘ M-Phe retail i¤t€T€StS to which I‘€f- dividug] oouc;l~;lEl€' i“$t‘°‘1S°.th‘* in-
BI1tS' Army Training Corps receive the _ U Par O G German propaganda to Sudeztvor to b gk th ‘ Bmuce has been made have furthe b ’ 0 1 S Hctmm
pay of Privates and are given Sub_ mmale myd th€·1·I1d01llit3.ble purpose of Amoyjooyn patriots by th€r;gl,€ad?nh1i1; agreed to m9·k€ an ¤¤¤0UH€€m€11t tg Cides Iafgagiit gientucky Council de.
Sisteuce and h0U$i¤g as well as tui· rumors qlécnedltmg °ffici9~1S» I'€H€Cting upon tha Red Cross mls g. the above Substantial eHoot in their tion it will H Sfproposed COHSUUC-
tion. Théy $1-Pc expected, however, to the CODMUOHS of 011I' troops in oumoumgms and in the H ldy mpmsanttng ?idV€1`tiS€m€I1ts commencing in Early Carried that h. O I y, the person com
purchase their own books for any Casualties- Such I'l1HlOI‘S should never be ré E t d » 6 and exaggeratmg September and repeating it weekly approved ls project has been dis`
courses they may have to USG ill in- Should be heard in gilouco Watched with Susplgc? 8 ' Zillgse who utter them th€I`€3·f€€1‘. These Suggestions if AS au' manufacturers d d
struction to the proper authorities ’ (mv an wif names reported faithfully and loyally put into ogocl Of bulldl an Balers ’
. 11 { ‘
_ Each UIPGB lmonths Imen will be 7_ The time has Come to dedicate I thT0l\gh0l1t the country will make Vjsgll thatgpg;;0;r;aii€l;;'_:§ bsenb *?d‘
oent to the OEUCGYS U`81HlUg schools Ol1I‘ HVBS 3.Ild Ol1I‘ f01't\111@s alike sh ld Eur an to the SGTVICG of our Country possible a continuance of the holiday must Obtain permits befori bo '1(;11d
lil various parts of tho count;-y_ Thou- . OH e freely givou Th bl . · CUSKOITI without euddiigoyirg th . · - . u' mg
Soiootiou will depend upon the prog ;1;°uV1$°r °f youth have Offewd fhéir lives. Let others be (iii leisid wth tional interests théwby. I E ua ;;;;i?ir1E3];Sl$l6Il"3¥€d’ Kou will 'md€"‘
ross which they may make while thoy m‘u"f0rtun_€S· Every d0U21I‘ n0t essential to the Cond, U iparmg “Th€‘· m€1`0h8-nts appearing bgfgrg this l Inte mt? }mpOrmD°€ of
are l ll U18 D1 Oper maint . uct of buS1I`1€SS or h · p an- Eve.y building DOW d .
n sc ool, _ enauce of our famlll€s_ under the Strict t e Counml were brought together bv construction lm el
ji; be mvesmd in Liberty Bonds Or Vvar Saving` St est €C0¤0mY· Sh011}d the Chamber 0f Commerce of the templatlou I asfzveu as those in COD-
(;gMMUNITY COUNGILS s_ AS an armyys Strand , _ _ b amps- Uuitou States actin th . · ls ’l Gctéd thereby, It is
gu] IS In Its diqci H _ _ , g rough 1tS Gen- Hot t00 much to sa th ‘
        li CO1]’ll‘]]unity'S power is m lt. 1. _ ` p HB and In its OI`g3.1llzatio¤, S0 Bl`211 Secretary, Elliott Goodwin Their of th . ,   at tue success
———- Of all war ootlvjtlei It is tielglxgl? gy WISE °0·°P€ra¤<>¤ and the ¢0·01‘dination names are QS follows: » Govo$n;:1;;lIl€\,%;§;0r1t1€S Syitem of uw
» Much iHtfiI`GSt ill the development with thi? Organizations wisely Bstgbi- livgry tOu}1tryVlOving Citizen to CO-Operate HN. IW. Hentdgrson, The Henderson- pend upon the   this plaP’ dg;
  Q‘;';l¤°i1Sh0ftDt¢¥¤¤S€ is lucky Council of National Defense Sasd bithm G°Y""““€“*¥ t0 aid the K<=>n~  pam" Oshk°Sh· WiS°°“Si“· Defense because withy tlrgunggilugt
S ol mug Ou B St8_t€_ v_ ' . w erever possible t , ‘ V · C ‘] ·  
Tho County Councils of Harlan, Knox, Operate with your local C0lIncll. Every church and School 1;) personalh C0` "A. S. Cztmpboil, Louis Mover & Son ltguglclti lasts the first responsibil-
Whitley, Clay, Bol] und Pglvgu have comtjilshe Center for patriotic thmlght and tho basis Of patriotlouse ;h°“ld be- Glove Manufacturers of New Y0I`k· y holding Eoxlgaetitér of granting or with ‘
r?c6mly' ml?m,t€d Organization of gm a SPQETIMGNY VVHEREOE Ihave caused these ]Btt€rS<;Oe1;deal.vor. "Charles Hurd, Jordan-Ma.rsh Com-  
(/ommumty (,ou¤oi1s_ ’ H ` 6 Seal of thfi COlnmonwea]th to be ll . . 8 made pat` pauy’ B·>Sl¤¤y Massv BuY€Y*3'f H0Si€1‘y. 944 UNIVERS
Many County Councils have rouort. F¥`¤¤kf0rt, the 6th day of August, in the year f Emumo afflxéd. Done at "C. G. Nutting, Marshal] Field & IN TTY MEN l
(JOIHDIGKB tabulation is being made C0¤1»1n0Ilwealth_ red (md twémwséventh Year of U18 Chefs The R ' L_
V and results of the wheat campaign Harry T· Grand, Marshall Field - Qgtstmr Of the U¤iV€1‘Sity of ·
will be Sent out latoig _ A. O. STANLEY, & C0., Chicago, Il1_, Buyer Og T0yS_ Ilssxtucliy IS P1'9D81"ing a list gf men
The mst m€€U¤g of the Kentuckv xttpst D   ` M Govgl “A· C· Gilbert A Ct Gilbert C ac ua Y in uw service 5
1 _ _ · . : , ; { · [ · Y v · 0.. · O this
hfglngll Ot laifensg was held at Bowl- JAS P LEWIS l   nor 0 kentucky.   Haven, C0nn.. M&l1¤f80UU`€i` of gittfiiii fggrgiotlt? ‘Stud€¤t body and
mem, y., eptember 25. The . _ ’ . I. I X I _ _ mV€!`SitY. The list ag
meeting was held in tho AdmlulStm_ S€G1‘ctary of Stole ‘ ‘~ · "Vict0r W. Sincere, The Bailey Co., It mw Stands contains 944 names.
tion Building of Eastern Kgntuck ,BY E. MATT KARR ._ Cleveland, Ohio Mol·ohan+ The list will be sent to the .
’ N01’llml School Tho C t y Assist , 1 t "E L Howe ,Se It L their Dm`€Y1tS befor ‘ wen and
’ GUS of Warren .Al]qm B mm ylggoun- ant Secretary of State l \1l‘GI`· National ’Rotc§F gy agd Tmast for Publication in Bd It is gweu Om
- l 3·l'I'€H, mon- l· d _· _ 8 ry 00ds Ag. OT BP that an .
SOIL Blltlcr. Logan, Todd, Muh]€n_ Qrnzsrue by the Kentucky C0l1ncil of Defenga wilh the ) _ _ SOC1&t10n, representing Six hundred Bssary CONBCUOHS may bo magenlig
y borg_ (jhrlstlan and Hart Counties · . I€!miSS10n O1' the Gov. dry goods and dopartmoug Stores of fom it is Sent out. Request for oo,
hm "°"“ “"“°d *° mmd this mm   the °°¤¤try- mt ““’°*’m¤¤<>¤ will be Sou {Q
ing.       UJ8‘m€S B- RByn0lds, \N'3_5hil·lgt0n_ the list- W1
_____;__ T0 ESTABLISH men who in uw Opinion of the Pmsl D· C·» ¤¤<>¤‘¤¤Y fm the my m==¤¤f=#~¤- FTM Hm °“"‘*’ "’““S*°" is 1902
· , ' t . F th ‘
LIBERTY LOAN CAMPAIGN QUARTER SYSTEM dem Of the mSFiU1T.1On, and tho ul-m utters , t Om at to 1918 the only Class omit.
BEGINS SEPTEMBER 28 __; Office], in Command are mwah; I; T H. C. Ives. Brldeport, Connootioug had is 1905- MQH of the Uuivo;-sity
”*·** The high Schog] l· l moog . t ’ 8 ° °YS· We Blllisted in tho na . ·
It is tho duty of every member of urged to dovetail Sugr $1: kstate are mentlégofplgégcal end ¤`l€lTtH} require “Albcrt T. Scharpg, Troasuyory Ll0n_ aviation. field artillery, ;g;1S?ar:;ai;
each County Ciluncil of Defense and war plan'; th r Into the I ` Cers Triillllllg S(;hoo]S_ Bu M&HufBCtl1l`iHg' Coml)g_¤y_ New wry. qllarterinastgrvs Signal
03-Gll Community Council of Defense out b Y th` at are HOW biiillg Worked tgrgzdilf to keep UD the supply of mu. YOI`k, Toys, Dital, ordmmmk medical c0;pfB’ h°S`
Y0·1lld those gctivgly lu Charge of 0b_ ·. 3 6 WHY Départmeiit, and place mrlflt _lgh Schvols Should oridouvor to "Fletcher D. Dodge, Secretary, Toy c9·V&]1‘Y, radio and Bnghie H anu`?
mining Sul,Sm.lptl0nS to the Fourth th€ll' courgog of Study On Bl quarter luign am as liilgc classes as possible Manufacturers Association of Amor. list includes two colonel _€rS` The
UUQYUI LORD in their rogpootivo Coun System S0 that the boys in the School get 5; Tak? It p0SSib1€ f01‘ b0ys to ma-H tenant Colcnelg; Slx mug;. five new
1*;;*-1 Ph; °&mI¤*iS¤ Y0? the Fourth may be able to gét their diplomas as l·oo,·gu;;;€ddIp10Tn·aS as early as tha   mms; 103 UFSK Iieuteuuutq? Iii can
"IQt}$l·gld gigerglt gegh;9 iemembgr m`°mpuY *15 DOSSible_ cmmculum Will permit gd by tho railroads, are now held up ond lieutemmts; 22 ueutenailts (gritgg
~· · e 0 or r _ BOYS who &_ . `**··—— or want of laborers to unload tu not stated)- `
Th l · 19 hlgh School gradual l RA Bm· · HOD-commiggio d
amd ;U<;;1¤llg;1 biggest of U-N3 loyalty from doorodjtod hlgll Schools are ai; ILR0AN]%EG'REATLY IN and l3ib0¥`€I`S 8I`€ also needed in com- Drivates, 653_ Included in nfhe gud
quorihces it boi]; B P€0D]€ U) make mittod to the Stullemy Army Train D OF LABORERS Stlxctlon Work- cOmmiSSi0ned and pl-lvatcs are man-
‘ Q , · ing c i . _ patriotic appeal sh ld b or 9* ht F"
P (’0?§u¥ Qvlth the Ch8·iI'm&n of the Thig (;Iol;;Snl;hf0 Céiltigss   ihB.S1t3“;€' I Th? wldegt publicity D0SSibI€ Shmlld lo l¤b0T€TS in €V8I`y ccgtlnty so 2;;; Ciéiooiirggiaglts gid nity-Si? c0rp0m‘lS·
our ,i rt L .. 8 BH3. or Je gven t th . 9 Bumn ;
mum ' I 9 hY OED Drive in your the Ol;flCm,S,Tl_ail1ing Schoom After Sand cm 0 e fact that one thou. themselves for thls service. Appli· CGIDHGI; four lieuten 1; are Om}
_ Y. ¢o w utevor you can lo help mma mo th » nmon laborers are needed gd cation may be made to U ¤ Em 1 · th an COIOHBISZ
ln this great liudopmklng pall upon1;hPSq9t?§llPS;2§8€m2€n; Wm CimpdK“0X» Sm·ht0T1l KY. Tllént Office. 525 VV Marlrpygl; 2,;;- th;;; fllgggogs; tthirty captains; fifty
" *· l » ». ·· 0 GS guate lon od om·g_ whllll { . _ ·_ ' ’ " ` eu €n8·DtS and { t .
I P ue much need wville, Ky. Second ll€utmmmS_ 0I` Y¤iB.’h!