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NEWS 1989 ((ilPl 5
5 Free at Selected Business Locations
Home Delivery at $5 per year

On September 28 at 8 pm, Cleve Jones in size to include almost 8,000 panels, each a
will speak at a Convocation at Berea College. personalized remembrance to a person who died
Jones is founder and director of the NAMES of AIDS and to the pain of loss suffered by
Project Quilt, and was an aide to Harvey Milk survivors.
during his time in office as a City Supervisor The Quilt has just completed another
in San Francisco in 1977-1978. year of tours to more than 19 cities across

In 1987, Jones created a small, 3' x 5' North America. As during its first tours,
quilt memorializing a friend who had died of only portions of the Quilt are displayed in
AIDS. The quilt included pieces of cloth and various parts of the country. The entire
other items meaningful to Jones and his friend Quilt is simply too large to transport
who had died, thus signifying a personalized frequently, since it now weighs more than 600
memorial of love and remembrance. This quilt tons. More than 2,500 volunteers are required
was the first panel of what was eventually to to unfold, display, guard and refold the Quilt
become the NAMES Project AIDS Quilt. for a three day exhibit. But more

From that starting point, the project significantly, the Quilt is now so large, no
rapidly grew as hundreds of those left behind location anywhere in the country is large
after AIDS had taken a loved one contributed enough to safely exhibit the Quilt in its
their own memorial panels. The Quilt's first entirety.
national showing took place at the 1987 March Less than a thousand panels were
on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. At displayed in Cincinnati this past March. Less
that time, the Quilt included almost 2000 than one thousand. Even less than an eighth
panels. of the Quilt was staggeringly overwhelming in

After the display at the 1987 March, the pain, hope and love expressed by the
portions of the Quilt toured the nation, pictures and messages in the panels. Two
appearing in nearly every major city with panels in particular were devastating. One
thousands of visitors viewing the Quilt at each represented a man from Lexington. Even
exhibit. On the first anniversary of the 1987 though I knew he had later died of AIDS in
March on Washington, the entire Quilt was Atlanta, seeing a panel with a familiar name
once again displayed at the Capitol Mall in was astounding. Then there was a quilt with
Washington, just across the street from the an unfamiliar name. But it included a T-shirt
White House and the Capitol Building. By this from Johnny Angel's, the name of "The Bar"
showing, the Quilt had more than quadrupled (See JONES, page 2]

by Bluegrass N.O.W.

Bluegrass N.O.W. and other pro-choice contributions to pay for the ad, which costs
organizations are coordinating a newspaper from $1500 for a half-page to $3000 for a
advertisement to be placed in the Lexington full-page ad. The name of each person who
Herald-Leader within the next few months. donates at least a dollar will appear in the ad.
The advertisement will take the form of a For more information call the Bluegrass
petition, with the words "I'm Pro-Choice and | N.O.W. answering service at 233-14393.

Vote" as the headline, followed by the names Send your contributions to Bluegrass
of pro-choice voters. N.O.W., PO Box 22151, Lexington, KY

N.O.W. is depending on individual l40522-2151.

 Please send me a free introductory (JONES, continued from page 1)
[I issue of GLSO News and information
on GLSO. until a few years ago. AIDS has hit Kentucky
hard. Probably more than many of us know.
I'd like to become a voting Member The Quilt is not just a memorial to AIDS
E] of GLSO, including home delivery victims. It is also a monument to the love
of the GLSO News and discounts brought to the world by those represented in
at GLSO functions. My Membership the panels. But the Quilt is also an active in
fee of $10/year is enclosed. the fight against the devastation of AIDS.
Everywhere the Quilt is displayed, thousands
I don‘t wish to become a Member but upon thousands of individuals are stunned by
E] please send me the GLSO News each its enormity and diversity. This brings home
month. I enclose the $5 annual fee. into shocking perspective how devastating this
epidemic has already become.
Name: The Quilt also inspires those now living
with the disease and inspires action to fight
the epidemic. Contributions received at each
Address: exhibit have raised hundreds of thousands of
dollars for local and national AIDS
City, St, Zip: The entire NAMES Project AIDS Quilt
will be on display for the final time this
Mail to: Newsletter, P.O. Box 11lt71 October 6-8, once again at the Capitol Mall in
Lexington, KY H0575 Washington, D.C. An additional display will
be included this year, the Faces of AIDS
exhibit. This new collection includes
thousands of 8" x 10" photographs of people
GLSO News is published monthly by the represented in the Quilt, with brief
Lexington Gay Services Organization, Inc. biographies of each. Cleve Jones is stopping
(d.b.a. Lexington Gay/Lesbian Services at Berea College on his way to the Quilt
Organization), Box 111471, Lexington, KY 140575 display in Washington. His presentation,

"Journey of Memories Journey of Hope,"

Steve Savage, Editor will talk about the history of the Quilt, the

Craig Clere, Asst Editor, Events Calendar people involved, and will show some of the

Esmerelda Ink, Asst Editors for Esmerelda panels via slides telling about the people

Aunt Mary, Advice Columnist memorialized and those who made the panels.
Additional Contributors: The Advocate,
Debbie, Kenneth, Mischelle, Kevin, Alan, HOW MUCH WE PAY
Angela, Teresa, Craig, GLSO, Interweave, T0 SUFFER DISCRIMINATION

NOW, HRCF, ADAM, NGLTF; Typists: Craig;

Equipment: Dave; Layout: Gerry; Mailing: According to a recent article in The San

Bill; Courier: Kenneth; Folding 8 Stuffing: Francisco Exaniner, the cost to the taxpayers

Alan, Craig, Bill, Paula, Dave. for training and discharging the lowest grade
of soldier in the U.S. military, simply because

Views or opinions expressed in GLSO News are that soldier is gay or lesbian, is $15,500. For

those of the authors and do not necessarily an officer the cost is $56,000, for a fighter

represent those of the Board of Directors. pilot, $106,000. Since 1973 the military has

Submissions are welcome. All submissions spent $251 million to discharge homosexuals.

become the property of GLSO and must include The cost of discharging all homosexuals

the full name and address of the author. presently in service (based on the usual 10%

Anonymous submissions are not accepted. The estimate), would be $2.5 billion.

editorial staff reserves the right to alter any

submissions (including advertising) to meet DID YOU KNOW????'!?

publishing requirements, as well as the right

to reject any submissions it deems may be According to an "inside" source quoted

offensive or discriminatory to others. in Out/Look: the National Lesbian and Gay
Magazine, five out of the last six Presidents of

Placement of advertising in GLSO News does the United States have had a lesbian daughter

not denote a person's sexual orientation nor a and/or a gay son. The "inside“ source is the

business's customer preference. gay son of a contemporary federal politician.

2 Sept GLSO

JULY BOARD MEETING HAS VARIED AGENDA gay/lesbian issues will be more actively
by Teresa Reynolds and Craig Clere covered during future workshops. Additional
members to the Coalition are welcome.

The CLSO Board of Directors met on Presently, a need exists particularly for gay
July 26, 1989 for their monthly meeting. women who will appear openly as lesbians.
Several items of old business were discussed. Steve Savage also announced that after
A By-Law revision which shortens the term for two and a half years as editor of GLSO News,
appointed board members was approved by the he is resigning effective November 1. He will
Board and will be voted upon at the September be returning to school to complete a doctoral
Forum Meeting. After several months degree in music.
discussion, a policy concerning newsletter GLSO Board Meetings are open to the
submissions was approved stating the public. Anyone wishing to attend a board
newsletter staff has the right to "reject any meeting should contact either Craig Clere
submissions it deems may be considered (266-8887) or Debbie Currie and let them know
offensive or discriminatory by others." This of her/his wish to attend. Board meeting
policy will apply to any and all submissions, dates are listed in the "Calendar" section.
including classified advertisements.

Bill Loggins reported the remainder of GLSO COFFEEHOUSES RETURN
the Chicago Grant monies has been spent to by Debbie Currie
support CLSO advertising and promotions.

Craig Clere, for the Phoneline Committee, After a glorious summer of R 8 R, the
reported the new referral guide for the GLSO Coffeehouse and Dance Committee is
Phoneline staff, compiled by Melanie Otis, has back at it, making plans for the year to come.
been distributed and the Phoneline expansion Although we plan on having fewer dates this
to Sunday night has been completed. year (probably just six), we're very excited

Debbie Currie, of the Dance Committee, because we are trying to line up live
reported the Coffeehouses 8 Dances will entertainment for nearly every one of them.
resume in September with live entertainment. In the planning stages are Coffeehouses for
The Board also discussed ways of better the following months: September and October
promoting the dances, such as placing ads in of 1989, and January, February, March, and
various newsletters. April of 1990.

A lengthy discussion about the GLSO We hope to bring back "Yer Girlfriend",
Forum followed. Craig Clere suggested the "Tendre", and "The Grinders" for return
year's remaining Forum's be slated with engagements, and also hope to feature a group
speakers and publicized in the newsletter. or two who are new to the Coffeehouses, if
Topics were chosen for meetings through not to Lexington. You can also look forward
December. to a combination Halloween Party and Talent

Bill Loggins spoke to the need to Show in October, and the GLSO Valentine's
organize a group to write an information Day Dance next February. Our goal is to
pamphlet about GLSO and its components for provide you with quality live entertainment,
informational and publicity purposes. Each while still allowing you plenty of opportunity
member of the Board will write a section of the to socialize and dance. Whenever possible. we
pamphlet on one of the following topics: will make room for you to DANCE, DANCE,
Newsletter, Esmerelda and Adam, History/ DANCE, to live music. That has worked well
Overview/Goals, Speaker's Bureau, and Social in the past, and you've said that you want
Activities. These sections are to be completed more of the same. Although most of the
by the August meeting. Coffeehouses will still be on the third Friday

Steve Savage brought to the attention of of the month (notable exceptions being in
the Board the Community Coalition for Cultural September and October, when they will be on
Diversity. The Coalition trains people as the fourth Friday), watch for flyers
workshop leaders and then sends them out for announcing the important details regarding
presentations [along the lines of our Speaker's each Coffeehouse, so you'll be sure not to
Bureau). These workshops include teaching miss any of them.
people about racial, religious, ethnic, age, Join us for our first Coffeehouse 8
and handicap discrimination. With the Dance, September 22, 8:30 pm, at the
assistance of CLSO members Edwin Hackney, Unitarian Universalist Church. We want to see
Alan Ellis and Steve Savage, homophobia and YOU there!

GLSO Sept 3

by Craig Clere
It's that time again, tis the end of
GLSO will benefit from a yard sale on Summer and with the beginning of Fall we
Saturday, September 2, from 9 am to 5 pm at head back to the alleys. No, not the alleys
702 Central Avenue (the corner of Central and running behind the bars but those of Joyland
Clay). The Women's Softball Team, sponsored Bowl in north Lexington.
by GLSO, is organizing the sale as 3 Starting August 29, GLSO's Rainbow
fundraiser for the organization. Donations are League begins it's sixth year as a Gay/Lesbian
welcome and appreciated. Call 233-9620 or League. The league bowls every Tuesday
255-3851 to donate items for the sale. night at 9 pm for a full 35 week season. Last
year over ”0 bowlers enjoyed the fun and
excitement of great bowling competition, a lot
of laughs, and the making of many new
GLSO BOARD TO HOLD PLANNING RETREAT friends. Participation is unlimited, so don't
by Craig Clere hesitate to join if you're interested. If you
don't think you can make it every week,
GLSO'S Board of Directors will hold a substitutes are always needed. Let us know if
one-day planning retreat on September 9 for you would like your name in the list of subs.
the purpose of setting both short-term and This year the League will be larger and
long-term goals for the organization. A local better than ever. Officers are Chuck Dean,
adult educator with experience in conducting President (268-851”). Shelby Reynolds,
non-profit organizational retreats will conduct Vice-President, (231-0090), and Steve
the session. The Board is excited about the Rosenberg, Secretary/Treasurer, (278-2696).
upcoming year and looking forward to serving Please call one of those people for more
the lesbian and gay community of Lexington. information on the League or just join us at
A full report on the retreat will be featured in the lanes on August 29, 1989 at 9 pm.
the October issue of GLSO News.
by Kenneth Sanders
SPEAKER PLANNED FOR FORUM ADAM had a nice turnout at Great
Moments on Tuesday, Aug. 8 [thanks Clay and
Jan Harmon will be the speaker at Tom of GM). ADAM in touch with man, is
September's GLSO Forum. Ms. Harmon is a men's group. ADAM will rely on the
director of the Lexington office of Planned support of those who want it to happen; it will
Parenthood and an active supporter of women's do what the group wishes to do.
rights and reproductive freedom. She will Ideas and suggestions brought up were:
discuss the present fight to maintain potlucks, movie nights, cards and games,
reproductive freedom and the opposition to support groups (for those who have been out
those rights from the so-called Pro-Life and for those who are coming out) - doing
movement. Similarities between the Women's different things that will help others to
Movement and the Lesbian and Gay Rights express themselves to those who will
Movement will be explored. understand. But if you don't get involved -
GLSO Forums are held the second ADAM will not exist. (If you believe in
Monday of each month at Comprehensive Care fairies, just clap your hands!) Soooo, we are
Center, 201 Mechanic Street in Lexington. inviting all of you men who want to "create"
Meetings take place in the large meeting room man in the image you want - attend ADAM II.
at the end of the first floor hallway. Because ADAM will meet this time at Crossings
our meetings are scheduled during evening (Where Men Meet), at 117 N. Limestone, on
hours, the doors to the building are locked. Wed. Sept. 6 at 7:30 pm. After the meeting
To gain access, push the doorbell button at we'll stay to enjoy Crossings for the rest of
the “ramp" entrance on Mechanic Street. The the evening (it's Wednesday - Movie Night),
Comp Care employee on duty will open the lock check it out. If you can't be there, please
for you electronically. send your helpful hints to ADAM, c/o GLSO,
Box ““71, Lexington, KY 140575.
" sePt GLSO

{—F'Bfih'i‘bih—q Et'iB'E Bin—S5 i‘E'Fs'Ek—PFéEi/Tc'é's'f}

i Call: i
i 1-800-342-A/DS !
5 Kentucky Residents Call: :

FEDERAL APPEALS COURT OVERTURNS of review to decide on whether Ben-Shalom, as
LOWER COURT; REJECTS ARMY LESBIAN a lesbian, was denied equal protection under
by NCLTF the law by the Army‘s regulation was a
”deferential" one, because "If homosexual
In the latest development in lesbian conduct may constitutionally be criminalized
Miriam Ben-Shalom's 13~year battle to re-enlist (under "Hardwick“) then homosexuals do not
in the US Army Reserves, the US Federal constitute a suspect or quasi-suspect class U
Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit ruled entitled to greater than rational basis scrutiny .
on August 7 that the Army is not required to for equal protection purposes." 1
re-enlist Ben-Shalom. Justifying its decision Obviously, the decision is a setback for
in part on the US Supreme Court's ruling in lesbian and gay activists working to secure
“Bowers v. Hardwick", in which the Court the right to serve in the military. Sue Hyde,
held that states could regulate the rights of Director of the Privacy Project of the National
gay people to engage in private, adult, Gay and Lesbian Task Force and organizer of
consensual sexual behavior, the court in the Gay 8 Lesbian Military Freedom Project
“Ben-Shalom“ upheld the Army's regulation Coalition, stated “We had hoped to find relief
discharging persons who “engage in in this decision for servicemembers who face
homosexual conduct, or who by their witchunts and prosecutions simply for being
statements demonstrate a propensity to engage gay or lesbian; instead we find judicial
in homosexual conduct." prejudice".
The new decision by a three-judge panel The Gay 8 Lesbian Military Freedom
in Chicago reverses a lower district court Project Coalition will continue to pursue a
ruling which had declared the Army regulation Congressional strategy to overturn the
unconstitutional and ordered the Army to anti-gay/lesbian military policy. Hyde also
re-enlist Ben-Shalom. Ben-Shalom will appeal noted NGLTF's plans to hold a Military
to a full panel of the Seventh Circuit Court of Freedom demonstration at the White House on
Appeals. November 10. The Gay and Lesbian Military
Ben-Shalom began her legal battle in Freedom Project is a joint project of NGLTF.
1976 when she was discharged from the Army the National Organization for Women, Women's
Reserves because she acknowledged her Equity Action League, National Lawyers Guild
lesbianism to reporters writing about her Military Law Task Force, ACLU Gay and
appointment as one of the first two women drill Lesbian Rights Project, Lambda Legal Defense
sergeants in the Army Reserves. In earlier and Education Fund, and Citizen Soldier.
victories, lower courts held that Ben-Shalom's
First Amendment rights were violated by her WHERE DO YOU GO TO MEET PEOPLE?
discharge; and that the Army regulation
denied to gay people equal protection under Partners: the newsletter for Gay 8
the law because it penalized person for their Lesbian Couples has published results of a 1
status as homosexuals. survey of 663 same-sex couples. Some of the u
Apart from her lesbian identity, most interesting findings reflect the different n
BencShalom‘s qualifications to serve in the means by which gay men and lesbians met
Army Reserves had not been questioned, nor their lovers. i
had Ben-Shalom been charged with engaging in 26% of the women who responded met 5
homosexual conduct. The Army claimed that their lovers through friends, while only 18% of
embracing a homosexual identity indicated a the male respondents reported the same. 21%
propensity to engage in homosexual behavior, of the female couples met at work, as
and that since homosexual behavior or 3 compared to only 3.5% of the male couples.
propensity toward it was proscribed by Army Surprisingly, ll% of the women met at religious
regulations, Ben-Shalom's First Amendment events, while 6% of the men met in at similar
rights were not violated when she was place. 0% of both women and men met at
dismissed for acknowledging 'her lesbian political events.
identity. 211% of the male couples indicated they
"It is the identity that makes her met at bars, while only 3.5% of the women
ineligible for military service, not the speaking answered the same. 12% of the men met
of if it out loud,” wrote Judge Harlington through ads or dating services, but only 3.58
Wood, Jr. in the new "Ben-Shalom" decision. of the women met in that manner. 12% of the
"Thus, if the Army's regulation affects men met at a park or other public space, with
speech, it does so only incidentally, in the 2% of the women meeting in such places. ll% of
course of pursuing other legitimate goals." the men met while cruising or at baths, while
The Court held that the legal standard less than 1% of the female couples did.
6 Sept GLSO

Unlike some TV preachers, we don't threaten to close our doors every week
if you don't send us money. We get by on very little and we do a lot.
* We publish Lexington's monthly community newsletter.
* We answer the Phoneline (231—0335), from 8:00—11:00 pm
each Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, offering community
information and referrals, or just someone to listen.
* We conduct monthly meetings for gays and lesbians.
* We sponsor the Esmerelda Collective and its various
* We support Interweave, AIDS Volunteers of Lexington,
Dignity/Lexington, and the HIV+, ARC, AIDS Support Group.
* We sponsor a Speakers Bureau.
* We conduct social events for gay men and lesbians,
including the Rainbow Bowling League, Cards & Games,
Volleyball, Potlucks and other activities.
If we can do all this on a little cash and a lot of volunteer hours, imagine
what we could do with your help. Fundraisers of the Religious Right make
millions scaring people with how well—financed and tightly organized "those
homosexuals" are. We'd like to give them the chance to be correct about
something for a change.
LEXINGTON GAY E LESBIAN Yes! I'd like to support the work of
SERVICES ORGANIZATION GLSO with a contribution of: (Please
circle one)
P.O. Box 11471 $10 $20 $50 $100 $
Lexington, KY ll0575
Gaylh1e: (606) 231-0335
(8—11 pm, Wed. thru Fri.) City St Zip

 5 1 c 5
Please Join Us in Welcoming
Rita Mae Brown,
author of Rubyfmit Jungle,
who will be in our store for
a reading and signing of her
novel, Bingo, on Friday evening,
September 15 from 7:00 , 9:00 p.m.
Joseph-Beth Booksellers
7799 Mall at Lexington Green/Nicholasvz’lle Rd: at New Circle/( 606) 2 73-29] 1
m,, a,

j. . Although, my own background considered, l
, do not every expect to really understand or
”I smerelda 5 Par] know the toll that many generations of racism
‘ 0 r can have on one‘s soul, I do at least feel more
“ sensitive to this area of pain and anguish
E?“ present within black Americans.
. Still my original questions remains
fip/ unanswered:
‘ If any of you wonderful women out there in
Esmeralda Land can enlighten me, please do.
Write to "Esmerelda", c/o GLSO, PO Box
ESMERELDA AND RACISM 111471, Lexington, KY ll0575.
Yours in anticipation, Angela Martin
The review of the book No Telephone To
Heaven published in last month's GLSO News, Dear Esmerelda's Parlour,
mentioned the topics of racism and the plight I understand very clearly Angela
of people of color under European (and Martin's desire for a novel that "encourages
American) colonialism. In fact, both reading her to grow“. However, I have a problem
Mischelle Cliff's brilliant novel and writing that with her assumption - and society's assumption
review have lead to the questioning of my own - that only this kind of book is literature.
values and opinions where racism is Ms. Martin calls for a "lesbian epic akin to a
concerned, particularly in relation to classic such as Wuthering Heights," but what
Afro-Americans. I suppose what first brought most people fail to see is that only time has
my own ignorance to light was a brief made Wuthering Heights 3 classic. Emily
conversation with author Mischelle Cliff: Bronte's novel falls quite conveniently into a
"I have noticed very few black women category of novels known as gothic romance -
within the lesbian community in Lexington. Do a category that was anathematized by the
you think this might relate to what you critics of its day. Charles Dicken's "classic"
mentioned earlier about one severely oppressed novels such as David Copperfield and The Old
minority in turn more brutally oppressing Curiosity Shop first went to press as
another? In other words, do you think the serialized melodramas published in second-rate
black community more severely oppresses newsmagazines like today's National Enquirer.
homosexuality?" This was a rehearsed yet Lesbian Literature (two “big Ls") is still
nervous speech. very much in its infancy. Literary genres are
“What do you mean by 'within the both born and made. The Gay Rights
lesbian community‘ is within you own circles? Movement has given us the freedom of the
(nod) Perhaps black lesbians feel some racism press, but only time can give us the freedom
within your circles and therefore do not feel of expression that comes with growth. So, be
comfortable or accepted there. They are patient Ms. Martin, as we all must be, and
probably around just not within the community write. We all have a story to tell and telling
you frequent." it will “make me question my values, the way I
At this point I felt very embarrassed at think, the way I live“.
having asked the question in the first place, Sincerely, E. A. Heston
because I realized as she spoke that I had not
even considered the possibility of racism Dear E.A.,
towards other lesbians within our community, I really want to thank you for your
my community. It never occurred to me that reply and your comments. We here at the
any of my friends might be racist (they are all Parlour so rarely hear anything directly aimed
so intelligent/progressive/wonderful). What's at the Women‘s Page that even a letter
worse is I had never considered that I might stressing disagreement is a treat. It indicates
be racist [ditto last parentheses). to us that, not only are you reading, but you
I realize now that ignorance of blacks have a voice and an opinion. And, yes, it is
and their culture, history, current concerns is differing opinions that make life interesting.
in itself a form of racism. When you are In reply, I think you make a very good
ignorant of something much of the time it point about the definition of literature.
means you have ignored it. I am guilty of Literature is many things to many people, for
this. you apparently literature classifies as nearly
Reading "No Telephone To Heaven'l was anything written. For me literature is
a very eye—opening experience for me. somewhat more narrowly defined. I do not
GLSO Sept 9

 consider a Harlequin romance literature and I LESBIAN PASSION IS BACK!
do not consider most lesbian romances by Debbie Currie
literature. Simply because it is written about
lesbians is not enough justification to make it The discussion group, that is. As we
more than it is. I require more than this when all know, the real thing does nothing but heat
I ask for literature written by and about up during the summer. The "Passion Group“,
lesbians. My point is that I can pick up a however, decided to "cool it" for the summer,
romance for $8.95 and read in two sittings any feeling it was not wise to compete for your
time the mood hits me, but I don't because I time. As summer begins to fade away, we are
would like a little more for that kind of money hoping that the idea of getting together once
than 150 pages of ". . . is Marge straight or or twice a month to discuss all the nuances
does she really want me?". and mysteries of lesbian passion will begin to
It is true that many classic novels only appeal to you. We must warn you, however,
develop with time, but I feel that I can safely that we may not necessarily pick up where we
say that the material about which I am left off. We'll begin this year as a new
speaking are not 'classics' awaiting proper group, and it can take us wherever we want
recognition. They have their place and their to go. Last year we used JoAnn Loulan's
use and their own, separate value, but they Lesbian Passion as a guideline for our
clog the tiny lesbian press market and make it discussions, ending up last April with a
difficult for those of us who are seeking more thoroughly enjoyable discussion of Sex Toys
to find it. As I mentioned last month, even (you should have been therel). Now, though,
when I am looking for a lesbian romance, I we have all kinds of options, and when we
‘ have a hard time locating one that reflects meet in September (on Thursday, the 2‘lst at
more than the coming out process (which is 7:30 pm), we can head in any direction we'd
far behind me) or the conquest of basically like. Lesbian passion offers us so many
straight women. I look for something that possibilities--however shall we decide? And
reflects a more mature lesbian experience. won't we have fun trying? Call Esmerelda at
In closing, I commend any woman, 255-3851 for more information.
lesbian or not, who has the sticktuitiveness to
complete any work of novel length, but I do DHHS REPORT CALLS FOR ACTION
not agree that it is enough to simply write. AGAINST LESBIAN AND GAY YOUTH SUICIDE
Write about what disturbs you, write about from NGLTF
growth, write with meaning, and more
powerful material will be revealed. You may A report just released by the U.S.
not attain the popularity of Katherine Forrest, Department of Health and Human Services
but you will have said something that made (DHHS) Task Force on Youth Suicide
someone take the time to think. acknowledges that lesbian and gay youth are
Angela Martin at increased risk for suicide and call for "an
end [to] discrimination against youths on the
THE PROMISED LAND basis of such characteristics as disability.
by Mischelle Myers sexual orientation, and financial status." The
four volume document identifies risk factors
Father, when I pass for youth suicide, reviews prevention and
let me be in her arms. intervention activities, and defines strategies
For I have never known for the future.
A warmer place "According to research discussed in the
to keep me safe DHHS report, suicide is the leading cause of
from death's cold embrace death among lesbian, gay and other sexual
Secure. minority youth," said Kevin Berrill, Director
And lip to lip of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force's
eyes entangled Anti-Violence Project.
Heaven in my hand Copies of the four volume report of the
with hearts beating together DHHS Secretary's Task Force on Youth Suicide
then let me enter cost $5 and can be obtained from the
The Promised Land. Superintendent of Documents, U.S.
There to, Love Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C.
slow and long 201l02. One copy of the report should be
Her name on my lips available soon at the Government Publications
forever in harmony Department of M.I, King Library on the
forever in song. University of Kentucky campus.
10 Sept CLSO

By Teresa
Blind He was hungry.
I fumble through old purses Hungry enough to snatch a Kroger's PB 8 J
dig my fingers into off the plate.
pants pockets And when called on it,
searching for change. and told..
Hard Times “Now there's none left for the others.“
I think. He volunteered ”I'm sorry, I'll go
Complaining upstairs an