Cicely! I must break faith with father, but

of course he'd be the first to ask me to. I must

dig out a skeleton that is rotting in its closet

- that's the trouble! I must do this, and a lot

more, if you make me, and give you a couple

of blows which will come pretty near to knock-

ing you out, if you've anything at all of a man

in you. And every bit of it can be spared every-

body, if you'll go away and let Cicely - divorce


  HANNOCK. Well, I won't !

  GEORGE. Because you won't give up Cicely

  HANNOCK. Exactly. I love her better than

anything, - money, comfort, happiness, every-

thing you can think of, - so go on, fire your last

gun, and let's get through with it! My wife -

  GEORGE. [With excitement.] She isn't your

wife! -[HANNOCK looks at him and sneers.