THIE CITY                587

  GEORGE. All right. Telephone for the police.

Is she breathing, Eleanor [ELEANOR shakes her

head.] Oh, God!

  [Bowning his head, emotion surges up in him.

    HANNOCK, in this moment of weakness, almost

    frees himself and almost gets hold of the pistol.

  ELEANOR. [Who is watching, cries out in alarm.]

George! George, be careful! [GEORGE      pulls

himself together too quickly for him, and prevents

HANNOCK. FOOT starts to go. To FOOT:] Help

me; it won't take you a moment!

  GEORGE. No! Foot, I know I can trust you.

[Giving him the pistol.] Keep this, yourself, and

don't let him get out of the room.

  FOOT. Yes, sir.

  [Takes the pistol, and stands before HANNOCK.

    GEORGE goes to CICELY, and takes her in his