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    Minutes of Meeting of the Executive Committee of the Board
of Trustees of the University of Kentucky, February 21, 1934.

     The Executive Committee of the, Board of Trustees of the Uni-
versity of Kentucky met in President lcVey's office at the Universi-
ty of Kentucky February 21, 1934, at 10:30 a.m.     The members of
the Committee present were Judge R. C. Stoll, Chairman; Joe B. An-
drews and James Parks   President Frank L. 'MoVey and Secretary D. H.
Peak were also present.

     1. Minutes Approved.

     The Minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee of Jan-
uary 17, 1934, were approved as published.

     2. Financial Report.

     The Financial Report for January was received and ordered to
be recorded in the Minutes.   It reads as follows:

                                                   EXHIBIT "Bm

Statement of Income and Expenditures
       Month of January 1934


General Fund Income
  Federal Appropriation
  Vocational Ed. Board
  Bureau of Mineral & Tono-
  graphic Survey - Misci.
  Bureau of Mineral & Topo-
  graphic Survey - State
  Akoropriat ion
  Special Agri. Appro.
  State Tax                 2
  Int. on Endowment Bonds
  Int, on Liberty Loan Bonds
  Student Fees
  Student Fees - Sum.Sch.
  Student Fees - U.H.S,
  Student Fees - El.Tr.Sch.
  Student Fees - Un. Exten.
  Miscellaneous Receipts
  Men's Dormitories
            Total          5


32, 062.50
LO, 494.15


75, 760.57
37, 498.75
6, 997201
05. 225. 41



63, 210,.09

To Date



  12, 453.84



Expenditure s
Instruction                3
Adn, Expense & Maint'      1
Additions and Better.
       Total                4
 Excess of Expenditures over

Patterson Mall Income
  Miscellaneous Receipts
  Room Rent - Summer School

  Additions and Betterments

43, 827.12


- 7 4 2 7. L)l

88,165.63    88,           576,292. 5

17,059.78    (24,916L93)   (7,857.15)

20, 599.86
.2, 936.65
23, 651.44

17, 755;11

  Excess of Income over Ex-
  penditure                  5,2(

General Fund Income         528,8'
General Fund Expend.        506,6:
Excess of General Fund
  Expend. over Income       22,2(
  Accounts Payable liqui-
  dated                    (21,4
  Excess of Receipts over
  Expend. for General
  Ledger Accounts           37.5'
  Excess of Receipts over Ex-
  penditures for the fiscal
  year to date - general
  Fund                      38,4:
  Excess of Receiots over-Sx -
  pend. for the fiscal year
  to date - General Fund
  Cash in Bank July 1, 1933 -
  General Fund
  Cash in Bank January 31, 1934 -
  General Fund

3, 214.00

3, 217 00

  206. 30

23,773. 86


01. 33      383.84       5585.17

76.85    66,427.09    595,303.94
15.74    90,960.18    597,575.92

61.11   (24,533.09)     (2,271.98)

t7.30)                 (21,447.30)

D6.26    11,690.42   __49i,6.68

10.07   (12,842, 67)    25,567. 40

25, 567,4 d0

16,671. 05

42, 238,45 _



Experiment Station Income
   Hatch - Federal Appro.   7,500.00
   M'ilk and Butter -- Cash
   Receipts                5, 000.08
   Beef Cattle Sales           24.89
   Dairy Cattle Sales         209.21
   Sheep Sales                321.54
   Swine Sales                118.57
   Poultry Sales              801.66
   Farm Produce Sales         205.90
   Horticultural Sales      1,287.12
   Seed Test                  194.63
   Seed Inspection          2,988.30
   Rentals                  2,978,00
   Miscellaneous              124.86
   Fertilizer - Fees        5,707.25
   Public Service - State Ap.8,970.84
   Public Service - Misc.Rec.  21.05
   Feeding Stuffs - Fees   15,624.73
   Adams - Fed. Appro.      7,500.00
   Serum - Sales              542.41
   Serum - Virus               30.55
   Serum - Live Stock Sales
   Serum - Supply Sales        40.63
   State Appropriation     21,738.01
   Creamery - Lic. Fees     6,403.50
   Creamery - Testers Lic.  2,139.35
   Creamery - Glassware
   Tested                    326.94
   Robinson - St. Appro.    4,541.51
   Robinson - Misc. Rec.      903.74
   West Ky.- St..Appro.     6,566.02
   West Ky.- Misc. Rec.       788.08
   Purnell - Fed. Appro.   30,000.00
   Nursery Inspect.-Fees      960.00
   Blood Test                 389.50
             Total        134,948.87

3,750.00   11,250.00

  884.32    5,884.40
   20.40      229.61
   5.32      326.86
   26.10      144.67
   338.98    1,140.64
   43.05      248.95
   203.60    1,490.72
   60.40      255.03
   919.49    3,907.79
2,169.66    5,147.66
   31.25      156.11
   635.00    6,342.25
1,833.53   10, 804.17
    5.00       26.05
2,889.02   18,513.75
3,750.00   11, 350.00
  129.00      671.41
    7.20       37.75
  200.00      200.00
  17.75       58.38
4,645.09   25,383.10
   15.00    6,418.50
   49.00    2,188.35

   13. 74

   340. 68
 5, 513.05
45, 000.00
   477. 50

   Additions & Better-
   Excess of Income over

142, 454.25

143, 596.22

(8, 647.35)




Excess of Expenditures
over oec. ftor Gen. Leg.
Accounts               (20f 758.e51
Excess of Expenditures
over Receipts          (29, 405.8_  19
Excess of Expenditures
over Receipts for the fiscal
year to dato - Exp. Sta.
Cash in Bank July 1, 1933 - Exp. Sta.
Cash in Bank January 31, 1934 - Exp. Sta.


165, 438.75

166, 580.72




16, 455.13



Extension Division Income
  Federal Srith-Lever
  Federal Add. Co-op.
  Federal Supplementary
  Federal Capper-Ketcham
  State Smith-Lever
  County and Other

74,154. 38
26, 545.52
18, 400.49
76, 363.31

            74X 154. 38
            15, E-50 00
            73bX 545, 52
            184,100. A
15,511.94   91,875. 2 he
     119.16   c,c, ic r
15,631.10 227*,.g   ',=


180,230. 6

Excess of Income over Ex-

31. 603.53

31.026.98   211_257.64


Excess of Income over Expendi-
tures for the fiscal year to
date - Extension Division
Cash in Bank July 1, 1933
Extension Division
Cash in Bank January 31, 1934 -
Extension Division

16,207. 65

16, 2.07,65


25,3714 74

Trust Fund Income
  Student Loan Fund
  Student Notes Paid           _
          Total Receipts

Expense                           l
  Student Notes
          Total            _    _

  Excess of Receipts over Expendi-

368. 80



_96__53374, ___1 370.72

234.00        3800       27P. 00
148,00         8         1400
376, 00       38.00      414, i00  



Excess of Receipts over Expendi-
tures for the fiscal year to
date - Trust Fund
Cash in Bank July 1, 1933 - Trust Fund
Cash in Bank January 31, 1934 - Trust Fund

956. 72

958. 72
994 93
1, 951. 65



  General Fund Income
  Experiment Station Inc.
  Extension Division Inc.
  Trust Fund Income


General Fund Expenditures 506,615.74
Experiment Station Expend.143,596.22
Extension Division Expend.180,230,66
Trust Fund Expend,           234.00
            Total        830,676,62

    101 48
122 587,33

     38 00

175, .76 53
2237465. 29
    370. PE
998, 516. 04

211, 257 64
    272- 00

Excess of Income over Ex-

45, 252.09

Accounts Payable licuid ated(21,447.30)

Excess of Receipts over Ex-
penditures for General
  Ledger Accounts          16,837.75

Student Loan Fund Notes



585,73         272.71





Excess of Receipts over Expendi-
tures for the fiscal year to
date - Combined Fund      41,228.27


Excess of Receipts over Expendi-
tures for the fiscal year to
date - Combined Fund
Cash in Bank and on hand July 1,
1933 - Combined Fund
Cash in Bank and on hand January
31, 1934 - Combined Fund

             Abstract of item shown on statement
             of Income and Expenditures as "Excess
             of Receipts over Expenditures for
             General Ledger Accounts $30,118.67'



Accounts Receivable

Insurance Paid in Advance

Sundry Accounts

Notes Payable



5,681, 04


32 359. 57

32, 359.57



I                                                                                ,



     3. Income and Expenditures.

     The Business Agent further reported state tax receipts, in-
cluding February remittance for Jpnuary collections for the period
of July 1, 1933 to January o3, 1934, as follows: inheritance tax
$124,059.24, mill tax $219, 341.19.  He reported further estimates
of income based on receipts to date and estimated receipts to June
30, 1934, the estimates for mill and inheritance taxes being made
on basis of budget estimates; total estimate, $1,017,173.00; esti-
mate of expenditures based on expenditures to date and. estimated
expenditures to June 30, 1934, estimated expenditures being budget
balances and commitments; total estimate, $997,786.00, This will
leave a balance of $19,387.00 if collections are made as estimated.
The estimate of expenditures does not include the five per cent
withheld on salary payments.

     4. Legislative Situation.

     The legislative situation so far as it may affect the Universi-
ty was discussed at some length, especially Senate bill No. 249, re-
lating to budget procedure.   There was discussion of the cuestion
of a bill levying a sales tax and the benefit that would inure to the
University appropriation in case of adequate tax levies.   President
McVey was authorized to look after the tUniversity's interests and to
ask for such revision of bill No. 249 and other bills that the Uni-
versity's welfare may not be prejudiced    The President stated
that under the reorganization bill the Bureau of Mineral and Topo-
graphic Survey is removed from the University and put under the De-
partment of Mines.   He said that he had promise that the display of
minerals, etc., belonging to that.Bureau will be left with the Uni-

     In this connection it was stated that no report of the audit
and examination of the University of Kentucky by Griffenhagen has
been received.

     5. Fire Inspection - Neville Hall.

     The Superintendent of Buildilgs and Grounds submitted the fol-
lowing communication:

                                       January 30, 1934

     Mr. MA. J. Crutcher
     Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds
     University of Kentucky

     Dear Sir:-

             An inspection of Neville Hall, located on the Uni-
     versity Campus, revealed the fact that this building was
     in strict violation of the Standards of Safety, which are
     a part of the Kentucky Statutes, due to the fact that this



     building has only one exit serving this entire buile.in,
     and the law reauires that two or more exits serve all
     buildings where persons live, work or congregate. This
     is a. three story building with class rooms on the second.
     floor with a seating capacity for about 140 students, an 1C.
     has. five offices or separate rooms on the third floor.

             The first floor of thlis building is used for X-ral
     rooms, and Doctors' and Nursest offices.

             In the basement room directly under the sta.irway
     serving the upper floors, there is an accum-ulation of
     trash and rubbish and this is strictly in violation of
     Section 2, Subsection 6, naragraph (b) of the Standards
     of Safety, and in another Mart of the basement is located
     the paint shop where oils, turpentines and other :Ia~terials
     are stored,

            Due to the life hazard of this building, it is a'-
     solutely imperative that corrections be mza.de at once. A
     fire eseame or other approved tyoe of egress must be erect-
     ed or installed on this build-ing within the next thirty
     days, or it will be necessary for this office to take mqore
     drastic action to have this building placed in a safe con-

            Te trust that you will give this matter your iTm
     .mediate attention and that it will not be necessary for
     this deoartment to take further action in this case.


     (Signed) C. J. Henry
              Chief Fire Department.

     On this communication the Superintendent comments aIs follows:

     "The Paint Shop can be moved to Service Building provided
     space is suitably constructed to house it.    This work can
     be done under d. S. A. oroject No.. Ky-35-87 now held in
     abeyance since January 19, at no cost to the University
     for labor.   Material costs would amount to approximIately
     15700. OO.

     President McVey was authorized to oroceed with the changes
sug.:ested as he mlay find. them necessary and Practicable.



     6, Student Union Building.

     President MoVey was authorized to have presented to the Pub-
lic Works Administration application for a loan for a student
union building, provided such application and the contract that
may follow place no financial obligations on the University of
Ientucky and provided further that no obligation be put on the
University to require students to pledge and to pay any part of
the obligations growing out of application and contract with the
C. Wi A.

     7. Janes K. Patterson Bequest to Patterson Literary Society.

     It was ordered that the correspondence that follows be in-
serted in the Minutes.   No further action was takeh.

                                 January 15, 1934
     ir. C. N. Manning
     President Security Trust Company
     Lexington, Kentucky

     Dear Mr. Manning:

          Following our talk a few days ago I am submitting
     to you a memorandum on the Patterson Literary Society
     Scholarship and other awards.

          I think it is evident to any one reading the will
     that President Patterson meant to establish a scholar-
     ship at the University of Kentucky and that by so doing
     he consciously had it in mind to perpetuate his name.
     He wanted it announced each 26th of March that Mr. So
     and So had won the Patterson medal for the best declama-
     tion, and that again in May it would be announced that
     another boy was awarded the Patterson scholarship, Each
     time something would presumably be said about Jamzes K.
     Patterson and what he did.   I think that you will agree
     that this was in the mind of President Patterson when he
     wrote his will.   Bit the Patterson Literary Society has
     ceased to exist through lack of interest.    And so his
     purpose fails of accomplishment because we do not have
     the particular medium through which he meant to effect
     hi s purpose.  Since it seems to me more essential to
     carry out his purpose than to thwart this through lack
     of the medium specified.   I am making the following



     Pending the time when there will be renewed inter-
est in literary societies we ask permission to award the
Patterson Scholarship and the Patterson birthday prize.
($30) as a single scholarship or as two or more tuition
scholarships, observing the requirements of church mem-
bership as set forth in the will; with reference to the
five year prize of $125, we would open that to competi-
tion of the entire student body instead of to the literary

     In our catalog and other appropriate publications
we would give.full publicity to President Pattersonts

     You and I tried to revive the Patterson Literary
Society without sustained success.

     Since the University is the sole beneficiary under
the will, I understand the Board of Trustees can probably
pass a resolution making it safe for you to adopt the pro-
posed interpretation.   If our plan is approved I suggest
that you, President McVey and I be a committee to award
the scholarships,

     In trying to select students for our campus OWA
projects I have been surprised-to find many boys from
Lexington and adjoining towns who are out of college be-
cause of inability to pay tuition.

     Our vxecutive Committee meets Wednesday and if you
approve our proposal we should like to know if possible
by that time,   In the meantime, President NcVey or I
will be glad to discuss the matter further with you.

                        Very sincerely,

                           (Signed) T. T. Jones
                                     Dean of Men.

                            January 16, 1934

Dr. T. T. Jones
University of Kentucky
Lexington, Kentucky

Dear Dr. Jones:

     In reply to your letter of January 15, I have every
desire to accede to the wishes of yourself and Dr. MicVey
regarding the application of the income directed in the
will of Dr. Jaines K. Patterson to be used for prizes and


     scholarships in connection with the Patterson Literary
     Society, but I think that neither the Executor nor the
     University of Kentucky has the authority under the law
     and under the language of the will to divert this income
     from the specific purpose to which it was directed to
     be applied.   It is true that the University of Kentucky
     is in a sense the residuary devisee, but even when the
     income becomes payable to the University of Kentucky, it
     is directed to be used for a specific purpose, and I
     feel that the consent of the University would not afford
     a legal and moral protection to the Executor to use any
     part of the income otherwise than as directed by the tes-

          For these reasons, I r egretfully find myself unable
     to consent to the suggestions contained in your letter
     of January 15 as to the application of the income which
     was directed to be used under and through the auspices
     of the Patterson Literary Society, which has ceased to

                             Cordially yours,

                                  (Signed) C. N. M1anning

     8. Student Subscription to Law Reviews

     The 3ollege of Law requested that the subscription price of
the Law Review be added to the fees of each student in Law, each
student being given a subscription to the publication, and the
amount thus added and collected be set aside to that publication,
The suggestion was not approved.

     9. Appointment of Members of Board of Trustees.

     On the        day of January, 1334, Governor Ruby Laffoon
announced the appointment of the following members of the Board
of Trustees: Dr. W. W. Wash, Lawrenceburg, to succeed himself;
Joe B. Andrews, Newport, to succeed himself; E. 0. Robinson, Fort
Thomas, to succeed himself; James Park, Lexington, alumni memriber,
selected from the three nominated by the alumni and certified to
the Governor by the Secretary of the Board December 16, 1933, See
Minutes of the Txecutive Committee of January 17, 1934.




     10. Dispusal of Election Ballots, etc.,

     It appearing that the alumni election has been completed
and that detailed reports are shown in appendix to the minutes
of the Board of Trustees of September 19, 1933, and Decem-ber 14,
1933, and that report has been made to the Governor of Kentucky
and he has mnade appointment, it is ordered that the ballots, tally
sheets, etc., be destroyed by the Secretary of the Board of Trus-

     11. Renewal of Fire Insurance,

     It appearing that the schedule policies of fire insurance on
the property of the Division of Colleges expires March 14, 1934,
on motion and second it is ordered that the insurance be renewed
according to the schedule now in force as far as that may be done
and that the Klair and Scott Insurance Agency of Lexington, Ken-
tucky, be authorized to prepare and place the policies in good in-
surance companies under agreement with Klair and Scott heretofore
made by order of the Board of Trustees.   It is further ordered
that the premiums that will become due on the policies so ordered
to be written shall b e paid from: the 1934-1935 budget when funds
from that budget become available.

     The Business Agent is directed to refer communications and
requests for data concerning insurance to the Klair and Scott

     12. Widenin, Limestone Street,

     On motion duly seconded the Chairman of the Executive Corn.a
mittee was authorized to execute, acknowledge and deliver to the
City of Lexington, Kentucky, a deed to the strip of land necessary
for use in widening South Linestone Street,   Whereupon the said
Chairman executed and acknowledged said deed before Jane Nichols
Notary Public, which act was duly attested by the Secretary of t6e
Board and the seal of the University was placed on said deed.
Following is a copy of the deed:

          THIS DEED, made and entered into this 14th day of
     Dece.^mber, 1933, by and between UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY,
     party of the first part, and CITY OF LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY,
     a municipal coporation of the State of Kentucky, party
     of the second part,

                    W-I T N E S S E T H:

          THAT, WHEREAS, at a meeting of the Board of Trustees
     of the University of Kentucky held on December 14, 1933,
     a resolution was duly adopted directing the Chairman of



     the Executive Cor.'imittee of the University of Kentucky, for
     and on its behalf, to convey to the City of Lexington a
     strip of land twenty (20) feet wide, m0ore particularly
     described herein, running from Euclid Avenue on the North
     to the Dehore troperty on the South, for the nurpose of
     widening South Limestone Street, said conveyance to be
     made under the terms and conditions hereinafter set forth,
     which have been agreed to by the University of Kentucky
     and the City of Lexington:

          NOW, THEREFORE, in consideration of the premises,
     and in further consideration of the agreements and stip-
     ulations on the nart of the City of Lexington, as herein-
     after set forth, the party of the first part has bargained
     and sold and does hereby grant and convey unto the party
     of the second Dart the following described lots or parcels
     of land, lying and being in the City of Lexington, Kentucky,
     and more particularly described as follows, to-wit:

          Lot No. 1. Beginning at the southeast corner of
          the intersection of South Limestone Street and
          Euclid Avenue, said point being where the south
          line of Euclid Avenue intersects the east line
          of Limestone Street; thence in a southerly direc-
          tion along the east line of South Liimewtone Street
          and the University of Kentucky property 1739 feet
          more or less to a point in the east line of South
          Lire stone Street where it intersects the north
          property line of lot No. 2; thence in an easterly
          direction along lot No. 2, 20 feet; thence in a
          northerly direction paralleling the east line of
          South Limestone Street 1739 feet, more or less,
          to the south line of Euclid Avenue; thence in a
          westerly direction with the south line of Euclid
          Avenue 20 feet to the point of beginning.

          This is part of the tract coveyed to the Commonwealth
of Kentucky by the City of Lexington, Kentucky, on July 1, 1880,
recorded ift Deed Book No. 61, page 336, Fayette County Court
Clerkts office.

          Lot No. 2. Beginning at the southwest corner of
          lot No. 1 on South Limestone Street; thence running
          in a southerly direction along said street 80 feet
          to the corner of the Dehore Property; thence in an
          easterly direction 20 feet with the Dehore line;
          thence in a northerly direction paralleling the
          east line of South Li .mestone Street 80 feet to the
          line of lot No. 1, thence in a westerly direction
          with the line of lot No, 1, 20 feet to the point
          of beginning,


     This is Part of the lot conveyed by the Security
Trust Zom.Dany, Trustee, to the University of Kentucky, by
deed dated October 3, 1929, recorded in Deed Boot No. 259,
pave 585, Fayette County Court Clerk's office.

     TO HATE AND TO HOLD the above described property un-
to the carty of the second nart, it s successors and assigns
forever, for use as a public street, and if said oroierty
ceases to be used as a public street, it shall revert to
the party of the first part, and the party of the first
part hereby releases Punto the party of the second part,
for the ourposes hereinabove set out, all of its right,
title and interest in and to said Tronerty, and it war-
rants specially the title to the oxoperty hereby conveyed.

     As a Part consideration of this conveyance, it is
mutually covenanted and agreed between the parties hereto
as follows:

     1. The said street will be widened and reconstructed
without cost to the University of Kentucky.

     2. A sidewalk five feet wide will be constructed by
the City of Lexington without cost to the University of
Kentucky on University of Kentucky property, adjoining the
strip conveyed, on specifications to be approved and ac-
cepted by the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds of
the University of Kentucky.

     B. All retaining walls, terraces, fills, changes in
University Campus roadways and pillars at the entrances
thereof, removal and resetting of trees and shrubs, changes
and making of sewers and culverts and all other worlk inci-
dent to the widening of said street necessary to the beauti-
fication and preservation of the University Oampus shall
be changed, reconstructed and built by the City of Lexing-
ton, Kentucky, without expense to the University of Ken-
tucky under specifications approved and accented by the
Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds of the University
of Kentucky,

      4. The City of Lexington will pay to the University
of Kentucky any and all loss sustained by injury to its
property caused by the reconstruction of said street,

      5. The City of Lexington agrees to forever maintain
the street as reconstructed, to maintain the sidewalk
agreed to be constructed and to Maintain the walls and
terraces, sewers and culverts abutting and adjacent to
said street and sidewalk,

      6. In the event that the City of Lexington, its
successors or assigns, ceases to use for the purpose for
which it is conveyed the strip of land or any part there-
of hereby conveyed, the right and title thereto shall re-
vert to the University of Kentucky.




          IN WITNESS W1EREOF, the University of Kentucky has
     hereunto caused its name to be signed by Richard a. Stoll,
     Chairman of its Executive Committee, and has caused his
     act to be attested and its corporate seal to be affixed
     by D. H. Peak, Secretary of its Board of Trustees, at
     Lexington, Kentucky, this the day and year first above

                                  UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY

                             Signed by Richard CA Stoll
                                       Chairman, Executive Committee


     Signed by  3. H, Peak
                Secretary, Board of Trustees


     I,   Jane J. Nichols       , a Notary Public within and for
the state and county aforesaid, do hereby certify that the forego-
ing deed from the University of Kentucky to the City of Lexington
was this day produced to me in my office in said county, and was
acknowledged by the University of Kentucky, by Richard 0. Stoll,
Chairman of its Executive Committee, to be the act and deed of
the University of Kentucky, and by D. H. Peak, Secretary of the
Board of Trustees, to be the act and deed of said University of
Kentucky, and in my Presence the corporate seal of the Universi-
ty of Kentucky was attached to said deed by D4 H. Peak, Secretary
of the University of Kentucky.

     WHEREUPON, the said deed and this my certificate are certi-
fied to the proper office for record.

     Given umder my hand and seal, this the 21st day of February,

                       Signed      Jane J. Nichols
                                    Notary Public, Fayette County,

My commission expires July 17,1935.



     13, Bills Charged to Johnston Solar Laboratory.

     At the request of the companies, President Mloley presented
the following bills charged to the Johnston Solar Laboratory:

     Egalite-Wilson Fruit Company, Lexington, Ky.       $492.24
     (Various purchases in 1931-1932 and 1933)
     Van Meter-'errell Feed Company, Lexington, Ky.       47.00

     It seems that the bills are for purchases made direct by
Dean Anderson for feed used f-or animals in the Johnston Solar Lab-
oratory.   The orders did not pass through the Requisition Commit-
tee and the Business Office.   The Executive Cownmittee took no ac-
tion on the recuest for payment.

     In this connection the Business Agent was directed to notify
members of the staff that all orders must be made on approval of
the Requisition Committee and be sent out by the Business Office.

     14, Bureau of Mineral and Topographic Survey - Pay Rolls

     The following pay rolls of Bureau of Mineral and Topographio
Survey were approved:

                          February 1934

        David M. Young   -   1 month   -   $130.00

        Louise Barton    -   1 month   -     65.00

        Newell Wilder    - 35 hours    -     17.50

     Ordered certified to Auditor of Public Accounts.

     15. Granting Degrees.

                                     January 24, 1934

     President Frank L. HoVey
     University of Kentucky
     Hiy dear President McVey:
           Attached is a list of persons who have completed all
     recuirements for the degrees indicated. They are recomrend-
     ed, to the Board of Trustees by the University Senate,

                            Very truly yours,

                                                Ezra L Gillis
                                                Secretary of the



President F. L. UcVey
University of Kentucky

Dear President MfoVey:

     The following committee representing the Board of
Trustees recommend that the candidates for degrees that
are named on the attached sheets as certified to us by
the Senate of the University of Kentucky be granted the
degrees indicated thereon at the Commencement to be held
January 26, 1934.

     This 25th day of January, 1934.

                                    James Park
                                    Geo. H. Wilson