_ The Dean of Men and the Dean of Women 1
l The Dean of Men and the Dean of Women assist students with .
their problems and aid them in their adjustment to college life. }
’ _ Their offices serve as a general clearing house for matters pertain- 4
’ ing to the welfareof all students. The Dean of Men and the Dean 3
of Women seek at all times to help each student gain his maximum  
academic and personal development through normal, interesting, .
and important activities.
University Personnel Services `
The University Personnel Office is under the supervision of a ·
Director of Personnel and carries on its functions through a trained
  staff. The Director of Personnel has an advisory committee, con-
sisting of the Dean of the University, the Deans of the various
colleges, the Dean of Men, and the Dean of Women.
Guidance and Counseling. The University Personnel Office
offers guidance and counseling based on scientific procedures in
three main areas: educational counseling—help in selecting the
proper courses of study, in improving reading ability and in estab-
I lishing effective study methods; vocational counseling-determin-
l ing the profession or position for which the student is best fitted; .
and personal adjustment counseling—developing an effective per-
sonality, helping the student overcome difficulties in social adjust-
ment, worry and feelings of inadequacy, nervousness, difficulties
caused by uncertainties of aims and purposes and other personal
The required Freshman Placement and Classification examina-
_ tions and aptitude, achievement, and interest tests usually provide
  the starting point of such counseling.
Q Additional psychological tests of special aptitudes, interests,
§ and personality may be suggested by trained staff members who .
Q interpret the results of such tests to the students in one or more
  private interviews. Students who wish to avail themselves of
  these counseling services can make an appointment in the Person-
E nel Office, Room 9, Administration Building. .
  Academic Probation. Students placed upon academic proba-
4 tion by the Registrar, the Deans of the Colleges of Arts and
§ Sciences, Agriculture and Home Economics, Engineering, Law,
· Education, and Commerce are under the supervision of the Uni-
versity Personnel Oftice. The Director of Personnel is also
i secretary of the Scholarship and Attendance Committee.
g University Testing Center. The University Personnel Office
° . acts as a testing center for the University in administering various -
types of tests used by the faculty and staff. `