All placement and classification tests administered to new stu-
dents are given under the supervision of the University Personnel
Office. For the year 1947-48, the tests given were as follows: The
1 Kentucky General Scholastic Ability Test, The Kentucky English
°‘ Test, and The Kentucky Mathematics Test. Each student is also
' required to fill in a Personal History Blank. The tests are used
H primarily as an aid in determining the student’s eligibility for
O enrollment in different colleges, the particular courses or sections,
L the total academic load, and the vocational objective. '
The University Personnel Office operates as a Testing Center
for the State Department of Education in giving the General
a Educational Development Tests, high school and college level (for
d veterans).
I- The University Personnel Office is authorized by The Graduate
ls Record Office to conduct Graduate Record Examinations and
Medical Aptitude Examinations.
ze Veterans. The University Personnel Office is the University
n Center for veterans. Veterans who are receiving federal assist-
ne ance through the Veterans’ Administration are cleared officially
J- through this office. Here the veterans can make application for
1- federal benefits, secure information about the G. I. Bill and receive
d; general guidance with respect to vocational opportunities, courses
I-- of study, etc. In order to purchase books under Public Law 346
,1;- or 16, the veteran must receive official approval of his list of books ,
ES from the University Personnel Office.
al Orientation Week Program. All new students in the under-
graduate colleges, both freshmen and those with advanced standing, '
.a— are expected to take part in a series of orientation programs which
de are conducted at the opening of the first semester of residence.
A dual purpose is served by the orientation program; first, the
ts, University wishes to learn something about the new student, and
ho second, it is hoped that the new student will learn more about the
ire history, the traditions, and the life of the University. In order
of to accomplish these aims, the following activities are conducted:
qq- Placement Tests (a scholastic ability test, an English Test, a
Mathematics Test, and a personal history blank), a complete physi-
)a_ cal examination, and scheduled formal meetings. The first meeting
nd is a general assembly for all new students which is addressed by
LW, the President of the University and the President of the Student
ni_ Government Association. Also at this meeting all the Deans on
ISO the campus are introduced to the new students by the Vice-
President. The undergraduate colleges conduct college meetings
ice where the Deans and other college officers have an opportunity to Z
meet their new students and interpret the college program. The
ms Dean of Women and the Dean of Men conduct conferences where `