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GSO is proud to announce that Keith Elston and Jim Miller have become the new president
and vice—president, respectively, of this organization.
Keith is a senior music education major at UK. He's been very active in GSO for one year
and is also a member of GALUS. He, along with his parents of whom he is very proud, also
sponsor Parents and Friends of Gays. "I'm very interested in your comments and suggestions,"
remarked Keith. "If you have ideas on how to make GSO meet the needs of the gay community
- more efficiently, please feel free to 1) come to the general business meeting the first
Monday of each month, 2) call the GAYLINE at 231-0355 and leave a recorded message, or
3) write me a letter c/o GSO, P.O. Box 11471, Lexington, KY 40511. I really care.”
Jim Miller, new vice—president of GSO has been involved with the organization for seven
months and promises to be an extremely dedicated and competent officer.
"As president of GSO, I look forward to meeting you and serving the gay community."
Have A Gay New Year!
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Keith Elston
President, Lexington Gay Services Organization
1983....IT'S TIME !
We're changing, we're growing, we're looking ahead. It's time for you to do the same. -
It's time to change our gay community into a strong, productive and creative force in
' this small part of the world. It's time to come together-—gay and proud. for the good
of all.
GSO, GALUS, Dignity, The Imperial Court, LAGPAC...we're growing! We'll have our failures,
we'll make mistakes, but we'll learn. We'll learn to grow together. We'll learn to help
' each other. We will grow up.
The Second Annual Kentucky Gay Pride Picnic, co-sponsored activities and communication *
with Louisville groups, ferming a network of gay contacts in Paducah, Bowling Green,
Covington, and Ashland...we're looking ahead. We're looking for you to help in all of
these endeavors.
Change, Grow, Look Ahead,
, % flank?
Tim Banks

 Lexington Gay Services Organization, as its name implies, is a service organization

for ALL members of the gay community.

PURPOSE: To provide educational, recreational, social, and referral services directly
involving or relating to gay people in the Lexington area.

MEMBERSHIP: Open to any person of legal age, regardless of political views, religious
beliefs, ethnic origin, sex, or sexual preference, who expresses an interest
in issues and concerns of the gay community.

SERVICES: Speakers' Bureau—-Speakers are available to provide educational programs for
university classes or organizations, civic groups, church groups, and other
interested groups.

In-Service Training & Workshops—-Provides specific information relevant to
professional groups, human service agencies, and health agencies.
Social & Recreational Activities--Including potlucks, dances, picnics. bridge,
bowling, volleyball, informal rap groups for members of the gay community, and
other activities with groups around Kentucky.
Community Forums--Formal presentations and discussions of topics such as health
concerns for gays; legal concerns for gay couples; sexually transmitted diseases;
drugs, alcohol, stress; and gay parenthood.
Communication--Regularly published newsletter and monthly calendar of events
free of charge.
Parents and Friends of Gays-—A support group formed to provide information and
education for parents and other persons and to promote a more positive attitude
toward gay men and lesbians. _ .
Gay Alcoholic Anonymous-—which meets every Wednesday at 8 p.m. in the G80 office
at 170 American Avenue (St. Stephen's American Orthodox Church)
GAYLINE—-a help—line and referral service which operates Thursdays and Fridays
from 7 to 11 p.m.
We would like these services to grow stronger and we need you to make it happen. If you
are interested please contact GSO via the GAYLINE. We'll be giving you a call. Thanks!

MAILING LIST--To be added on the GSO NEWSLETTER mailing list please call the GAYLINE,

fill out the form below and mail to GSO or call Tim Banks at 223—4598. Thanks!


Mailing List January 1983

NAME (or initials):____________________________


CI‘I‘Y/STATE/ZIP CODE:______________________.____.___————

Please print clearly, don't forget the zip code and pass this form on if you are already

on the mailing list. Thanks!

 . 3“ .
I KN. ,
n. “a
Call toll-free 800-221-7044
The National Gay Task Force has opened its toll-free In NY. State (212) 807-6016
CRISISLINE, a national telephone number which will be
used to compile nationwide statistics on homophobic *To report anti-gay-violence
Kevin Berrill, Violence Project Coordinator, said at ~ To Obtain A'I'D'S' referrals
the October 6 opening of the CRISISLINE, ”NGTF is using its resources and its recogni-
zability factor in the gay/lesbian community to provide a national hotline to put
the overall picture of homophobic violence into focus." The CRISISLINE will also give
callers information about groups/projects/hotlines in their communities, and in some
cases will provide limited referral information about Acquired Immunity Deficiency
Syndrome hotlines and clinics.
The NGTF CRISISLINE is open weekdays from Noon to 6 p.m. EST, and is staffed by
volunteers who have undergone rigorous hotline training.
‘ Jasmine is the musical duo of Michele Isam and Carol Schmidt. Their show blends tunes
of such great artists as Judy Garland, Bessie Smith, the Andrews Sisters, Billy Joel,
and Manhattan Transfer.
Jasmine has a sound and style that puts them at the forefront of new artists who are
emerging on the national scene. The concert is scheduled for Friday, January 28, at
the UK Center for the Arts Recital Hall at 8 p.m. Self-selecting ticket prices are
$6.50, 37.50. and 88.50. For information call: 252-3110.
. **** _
£H®Y . , We have approximately 360 mailing addresses
W for the NEWSLETTER. Would you like to get
"we“ those people to your business? It's easy-
. mfl5 :3; place an advertisement! Rates are as follows:
new 4.442;.“ M
202 Off”’ 1/4Page.oooooooooooooooooooooo15.00
. .I. 1/2 Pages...0.0000000000000000. 25.00
(w—ITH THIS AD—) Full PageOOOOOOOOIOOOOOO0...... 40.00
:TYLiIgOCUT The gay community has a highly discretionary
. , .
BLOW DRYING income. It 3 Simple to reach that market.
— If you are interested in placing an ad,
please contact Tim Banks at 223-4598 before
—— the 20th of the month. We'll place your
-. _— ad for the February NEWSLETTER. THANKS!
66*“ ****
508 East Main Street A} 9“
Lexington, Kentucky 40508 M 6 YOU MONCY

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k V , éaf. . The GSO NEWSLETTER is in the process of come
piling a directory called "The Friends of GSO" for individuals, organizations, and
businesses who_provide fair and unbiased services to gays/lesbians. .Listing in this
directory will not imply sexual preference of individuals nor will it imply that these
services are provided exclusively to the gay community.
According to the May 1980 "Business World", gay people account for 19% of the disposable
income in the U.S. We like to spend our money where we know it's appreciated. If you
, offer a service (i.e. auto mechanics. hairstylist, doctor, lawyer, dentist, painter etc.)

or if your organization or business (i.e. restaurants, theaters, help groups, bars, or
specialty shops) caters to ALL members of society regardless of sexual preference and
you would like the gay community to know this, please contact Tim Banks at 223-4598 or
call the GAYLINE at 231-0335. Help us help you! Thanks!

Atfiscussion group for lesbians and gay men is being initiated this month through GSO.
Charlie Kast, an ordained, practicing minister is coordinating this activity. The purw
pose of the group is to provide a secure, supportive atmosphere where all members of
the gay community can discuss their joys, fears, and ideas with their peers.
At each monthly meeting, a topic of interest to the gay community will be focused upon.
The topic of the January meeting will be: "Sexuality: A Continuum”.
The group will meet Sunday, January 30 from 6 to 8 p.m. at 223 N. Broadway, Apt. 19.
For more information call Charlie Kast at 252-8143 or the GAYLINE at 251-0535. Please
come by and talk it over. It will be worth it!

A Colt Calendar, "Oil of Oiay", and a leather whip were the most sought hot gift items
at the highly sucessful GSO White Elephant Potluck held December 7. Bruce provided the
place and did a great job coordinating the monthly activity. Thanks!
Usher in the new year this month on Sunday, January 9. The potluck will be hosted by
Montie and food will be served at 1:50 p.m. Bring some food and spend some time with
friends. Sunday...it's a terrible thing to waste. SO DON'T!!! For information and
directions call Montie at 272-1100. Come join us!

Southland Lanes is the spot for Sunday open lane bowling.
Bowling will be the first and third Sundays from 4 to 6 p.m. Games are $1.25 each
and there is a 50¢ shoe rental fee.
This activity is for everyone! StOp by on a Sunday afternoon and join the fun. For
additional information call Jim Wiechers at 299—0352.

The 030 CAYLINE operates on Thursdays and Fridays from 7 to 11 p.m. Call 251—0535.