xt773n20dk35 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt773n20dk35/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19780217 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, February 17, 1978, no. 213 text The Green Bean, February 17, 1978, no. 213 1978 2014 true xt773n20dk35 section xt773n20dk35 4 UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY LIBRARIES' NEWSLETTER _
_ 2/27/78 ,57`··2Y"7/72] N0, 203 [2 /  §
_ 17 February — Administrative Council Meeting.— Gallery, 8:30 AM
' l7 February — The Gallery Series — Selection tram Watches of
· 7 the Night read by the author, Harry Caudill. .
- 22 February — Association of American University Presses Z
Traveling Book Show — Slide Presentation — ‘
Gallery, King Library North, 3 PM (see note). ¥
I 24 February — Administrative Council Meeting — Gallery, 8:30 AM I i
Current Exhibits: Foyer, King Library North — A Tribute to i
Vladimir Nabokov. Also display of Recent Acquisitions. _ ;
7 Gallery - Department of Special Collections — Association of Q
American University Presses Traveling Book Show (February 17-27). f
Contributors to this number: Terry Birdwhistell, Pat Boyle,
David Farrell, Faith Harders, Claire McCann (Editor), Bob
Turner, and Paul Willis. I

 - 2 r " ‘
Prize—Winning Books on Display at U.K. Library
The AAUP Traveling Book Show begins Friday, February 17, and
· will run through Monday, February 27, at the Special Collections
Gallery, King Library North on the University of Kentucky campus.
_ An accompanying slide presentation will be held at the Gallery ·`
Wednesday, February 22, at 3 pm. A special feature of the show
is an exhibit of award winning books published by the University
· Press of Kentucky. - .
The book show honors some of the best scholarly book design and
production work done during the last year. It is being brought
to Lexington by the University Library and the University Press
of Kentucky._ T ·
The Association of American University Presses sponsors the show,
which features 32 books representing the highest standards of `
scholarly bookmaking. The jacket exhibit consists of 21 book A
jackets cited for excellence of design.
Book show judges were Peter Dorn, Coordinating Director of
Graphics at Queen's University; Sinclair Hitchings, Keeper of
Prints at the Boston Public Library; and Hans Schmoller,
consultant to Penguin Books. Graphic design consultant Mo
Lebowitz judged the book jackets;
The exhibitandshow are free and open to the public.
Association of Research Libraries, 1976j77 Statistics
In a January 16 memorandum to the Senate Library Committee, Paul
Willis, Director of Libraries, summarized Kentucky's rankings
among the 94 ARL university libraries as follows:
V Materi- Borrow.
Vol- Micro- als & Sala- and
Vol- umes form Current Bind. ries Total Loaned
KY umes Added Holdings Serials Staff__Exp;__§§p. Exp.__m(1LL)
. B. L.
. 1977 49 29 13 30 .54 41 59 54 40 24
76 Ran- _
kings) (51) (14) (10) (32) (47) (47) (58) (58) (43) (29)

 - 3 -
Median Salaries Ranking* (Kentucky at $13,800 for 12~mo. contract
1973 — 51
1974 — 72
1975 — 73
1976 — 86
1977 — 81
Beginning Professional Salaries Ranking* (Kyn at $9,500 for 12-mo;
_ 1973 - 55
1974 — 61
1975 — 80
1976 — 89
1977 — 85
*of 91 ARL University Libraries reporting salary information
Ms. Deborah McGuffey, Assistant Secretary of the Kentucky Oral
History Commission, has recently moved her office to the
M. I. King Library. Ms. McGuffey has been with the Commission
since November, 1977 and is responsible for coordinating and
promoting oral history programs throughout the state which are
funded by the Commission. Her office is located in the
Department of Special Collections, 3rd floor, King Library, North.
The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has prepared a series
of audiocassettes, videotaped and slide—tape presentations
designed as point—of—use instructional programs which may be used
in self—service playback units installed near the reference tool
explained by the program. The following programs are available
on audiocassette in the "Introduction to" series: Cngnignl
Abstracts, Engineening Index, Government Reports Annnnngenentg
nnd Index, INSPECT services, NASA Star and International
Aerospace Abstrannn, and Science Citation Index. The videotaped
programs include Lncating Technical Translations and Searching
Through Patent_ninnnature. The slide-tape subjects are nnw_gg
Find It in the Patent Office Gazette, Introductinn ng tng_Q§Q;Q§§
Retrieval System and two programs about the Barker Engineering
Library at M.I.T. For more information write to Point—of~Use
Programs, Barker Engineering Library, M.I.T, 10-500, Cambridge,
Massachusetts 02139, Attention: Katharine G. Cipolla.

Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences Reference Department,
Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. Available: July 1, 1978.
Salary: Not less than $16,500. Application Deadline: March 15.
Director, Joint University Libraries Central Library, Nashville.
Available: July 1, 1978. Salary: $18,000 minimum. Application
- Deadline: March 6, 1978.