GEORGE W. McCAULEY, sergeant-major; was afterward adjutant-general on Helm's staff; after Gen. Helm's death he served on the staff of Gen. John S. Williams; was killed in the battle of Intrenchment Creek, July 22, 1S64.

ALEXANDER TODD, ordnance sergeant; was made aide-de-camp on Helm's staff when that officer was promoted to brigadier-general ; was killed in Breckinridge's advance on Baton Rouge, Aug 5, 1862.

There are no complete and authentic rolls of all the companies of the original regiment. As far as can be ascertained the ten companies composing it were officered as set out below, and the names of Companies D, F, E, H, and K are given, together with certain facts as to both officers and men.

CO. A, DARWIN BELL, Christian County, captain. Afterward adjutant Second Kentucky Cavalry.


-ELLIOTT, first lieutenant.   Afterward captain Co. A, Second

Kentucky Cavalry.

CO. C, DR. CHARLES T. NOEL, captain; was mortally wounded at Hewey's Bridge, Ala., May 9th, and died May 11, 1862. W. J. Taylor, first lieutenant, commanded the company after Noel's death till the reorganization of the regiment in the autumn of 1861; when Companies C and K were consolidated as Co. A, he was elected captain; was wounded at Snake Creek Gap, Ga., May 9, 1864; also, in fight in Hopkins County, Ky., April 12, 1865.   (See Incidents and Anecdotes after Chapter V.)

THOMAS C. JONES, Daveiss County, second lieutenant, was promoted to first lieutenant when Taylor became captain; was wounded and captured in Sweeden's Cove, Tenn., May, 1862; was badly wounded and crippled for life at Snake Creek Gap, Ga., May 9, 1864.   (See biography.)

JOSEPH YEWELL, third lieutenant. Died soon after battle of Mission Ridge.


W. F. HAWES, captain, was transferred to Commissary Department in the spring of 1862.

WM. MURRAY BROWN, Hancock County, first lieutenant, was promoted to captain after Hawes was transferred.   Died in 1891.

JOHN R. HOLT, second lieutenant, was captured in 1861, while on a recruiting expedition to Meade County.

J. GIBSON TAYLOR, Daveiss County, third lieutenant, served faithfully till summer of 1862, when he joined Morgan's command;