COYLE, SCOTT, was captured at Smithville, Tenn., June 5, 1863.

CO.BURN, A., Louisiana, was captured in Sequatchie Valley, Oct. 2, 1863; died at Camp Morton, Indiana.

CAMP, JOSHUA SPEED, Jefferson County, was orderly for Gen. Hardee for a year before he joined this company; was but a boy when enlisted, but served bravely and faithfully to the last; died at home in January, 1871.

ELLISON, DAVID ("Shaker"), Warren County, was killed in battle near Atlanta, 1864.

FREEMAN, D. LEONARD, Oldham County, in nearly every engagement of his company to the close ; was killed in Kansas by railroad accident several years after the war.

GRIFFITH, NEWTON, Oldham County, was connected with the regiment to the close.

GRIFFITH, THOMAS, Oldham County, was wounded in Sweeden's Cove.

HARRIS, JOHN, Jefferson County, accidentally wounded himself in the knee at Smithville, N. C, March, 1865; had leg amputated, soon after which he died. He was in all the engagements of his command till disabled.

HARRIS, CICERO, Jefferson County, was at one time a sergeant, but was returned to ranks at his own request; was wounded at Hoover's Gap, June 24. 1863; accidentally wounded himself in North Carolina, in April, 1865, and was left in the neighborhood when the command resumed the march. It was supposed that his wound was mortal, but he recovered and lived from ten to fifteen years after the war.

HUTCHISON, O. H., Texas, joined this company soon after the reorganization, and served faithfully and bravely to the last. After the war he returned to Texas.

HAMILTON, ISAIAH (" Belzie"), Jeffersonville, lnd., was wounded desperately and captured in Sequatchie Valley, Oct. 2, 1863 ; was not exchanged before the war closed.

HANCOCK, JOHN H. ("the squirrel shooter"), Kentucky, a very old man, and a very deliberate fighter, aiming to make every shot effective. Was in every engagement of the command to the close. Had served in the Mexican war.

HANLON, JOHN, Chattanooga, Tenn., joined this company in 1862 ; was in all the engagements till he was killed at Noonday Church, Ga., June 20, 1864.

HARDY, ALFRED, Louisville, was a member of another company till the reorganization; was in all engagements till transferred to Second Kentucky Cavalry, in 1863. Served with this thereafter to the close.

HINKLE, JNO. R., Shelby County. (See Co. E, first organization.)