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Imprint varies. journals English Frankfort, Ky. : Capital Office, E. Polk Johnson, 1890-1948. Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Kentucky Agricultural Experiment Station Annual report. 1909 text Annual report. 1909 1909 2011 true xt776h4cp272 section xt776h4cp272 TWENTY-SECOND ANNUAL REPORT M
Kentucky Agricultural
Experiment Station I
· FOR THE YEAR 1909.

 \ .
E · ,
A i
. I

 Letter of Transmittal
To His Excellency,
HoN. Auousrus E. WILLSON,
Go·vertnm· of Kentucky.
Sir:— _
Under the authority of the Board of Control, and in
·accordance with an act of Congress, approved March 2,
1887, entitled "An Act to establish Agricultural Experi-
( ment Stations in connection with the Agricultural Colleges
established in the several States under the provisions of an ‘
_ act approved July 2, 1862, and under the acts supple-
mentary thereto," and of the act of the Legislature of the
State of Kentucky, approved February 20, 1888, and en-
titled "An Act to accept the provisions of an Act passed
by the Congress of the United States, approved March 2,
1887, for the establishment and maintenance of Agricul-
tural Experiment Stations in connection with Agricultural
Colleges established by the several States and Territories
under an Act of Congress, approved July 2, 18G2," I here- ·
with submit the Twenty--second Annual Report of the Ken-
tucky Agricultural Experiment Station.
Very Respectfully,
M. A. Seovsu., D/‘»·m·/m·.

His Excellency, Gov. Auousrus E. WILLSON, ex-Oificio
Chairman. ` »
PRESIDENT JAMES K. PA1··rIcRsoN, Member ex-Officio.
HON. JOHN G. CRABBE, Superintendent of Public Instruc-
tion, Member ex-Officio.
BASIL M. BROOKS. ESQ., Slaughtersville, Webster County.
"‘l).~xvID I·`. FRAZEE, ESQ., Lexington, Fayette County.
HON. FRANK HOPKINS, Prestonsburg, Floyd County. *l
CHARLES B. NICHOLS, ESQ., Lexington, Fayette County.
JUDGE ROBERT L. STOUT, Versailles, Woodford County.
JUDGE HENRY S. BARKER, Louisville., Jefferson County. I
HON. Tmins CARPENTER, Scottsville, Allen County.
HON. VVILLIAM H. Cox, Maysville, Mason County.
DICNNY P. SMITH, ESQ., Cadiz, Trigg County.
IION. CASSIUS M. CLAY, Paris, Bourbon County. l .
HON. CISSIUS M. CLAY, Paris, Bourbon County. ·
HYVVELL DAVIES, ESQ., Kensee, Whitley County. I
RIIIIIARD C. STOLL, ESQ., Lexington, Fayette County.
Louis L. \VALI