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ORGANIZATION September 2006
Lexington, Kentucky
A Publication of the Lexington fin! and L'esliizm Services Urganizatiim
Volume 21 Number9
Kings Island Pnde nght CLOSET BALL
Fnday, Sept 29 WEDNESDAY. nus 30
The GLSO Pride Center is selling , _
tickets to the tenth annual King's Island . Jom the Imperial-Court'of Kentucky
Pride Night to be held Friday evening, Sept. 'n_ the search for Lexmgton s_ next Drag
29,from6pmto midnight. Diva as they host The Julie Vaughn
If you buy your ticket at the Pride Memorial Closet Ball on Wednesday,
Center, the cost is $41 .99. GLSO will make August 30th et the Bar Complex. Boors
a few dollars on each ticket. Tickets will W_'” open at8.30, mm the show starting at
cost more at the door. Drop by the center 9'30' Cover '5 $5’ ,thh the proceeds
between 10 am and 3 pm — call Bill at 253- Penefittm the Chat't'es Of the oourt"
3233 to be sure someone is here. For more including Moveable Feast Lexington,
information about this year's event visit Siting; Sizgtti’egfaesrstggitrteSZalmess
www. ki r'd ' ht. m. ' '
p p I enig CO Anyonewho has never performed for
. tips is eligible to enter, and applications
Bluegrass Fairness & KCCJ are available by contacting Emperor 25
. . _ . . John Ridener at UrsalocoZ@aol.com. .
Joint Proiecf Domestic Partner Benefits Contestants must first p re sent
Community and Justice and the Bluegrass have one hour to transtor m to the
Chapter of the Kentucky FairnessAlliance opposrte gender, after Which they WI"
have joined forces to advocate for the perform one number. Entry fee t3$t°~
immediate implementation of domestic Closet Ball '3 one of the Court 5 most
partner benefits in Kentucky's colleges popular annual events, so get there early
and universities. to insure that you get a (good) seat.
In light of the community's response
to the University of Louisville's approval of
domestic partner benefits, KCCJ and sums” t" “to Month
Bluegrass KFA have decided to release A
this statement to insist on and to support €3§
providing domestic partner benefits to ;
employees ofhigher Educational institutes KENTUCKV FAMNISS ALLIANCE
in Kentucky.
' If Kentucky wishes to become a - -
leader and to ensure that more of its Kentucky meess Mllflnce
citizens receive quality health care, it will
create, implement, and manage a Bluegrass Chum”
domestic partner benefits policy for those
who work in its system of higher academia.
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GLSO ”ejectijgafi not benefiténation ls Vi that rbenefisities 0° Of
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eXT Do

. Communlty News
I: Fairness continued y£$
occurrence of fraudulent use because
e . .
al employees who sign up for domestic tTieST the newsletteévis ST“? thlst
ig partner benefits have to show more proof mon ' . YO reasons -d etare balms?”
of a relationship than that of a married a new prin ercopieran qu' e a I o 'm.e
'9 couple has gone into learning how to use this
ic KCCJ interim executive director mabchine'. ln 12d ition, me haavihad fewer
to Shannon Stuart-Smith emphasizes, “As S” mlissmns k'ls To” t er. aptshmlany;
ie a social justice organization, we expect petratp? are a ing me o enjoy e as
it our institutions and leaders to stand up pa 0 summer.
)3 for indIVIdual rights and recognize Write for this Newsletter
,0 employment benefits are not prIVIleges. _
‘e Melissa \Mlliams, summer intern at We do appreCIate all Of you that have
a KCCJ, has completed extensive written for the newsletter and encourage
ts research on domestic partner benefits for new people t9 send '” a sample 0f your
Ie employees. work to lexmgtonglso@yahoo.com
an She augments "The reality of the Become an Ed1tor
,0 matter is there are people out there who We could use editors for feature articles,
are very deeply connected financially community news, or the religious section.
>| and should be extended the same rights Call Mary at 266-5904
.e’ of sharing both debt and benefits. I don't or Bill at the Pride Center 253—3233
st believe 'we would be having the same Volunteer at the Pride Center
eff debate 'f ”"3 were an issue 0f .a'_''r7-"It-“u; ' "I "View! 3? fi-awuln‘i-‘V 1-4219 :‘tv'ir.1"‘-.-:7‘V'fi’E‘fusé-r:7’7‘33‘s??? ~.~Elr§h;f;‘iha " . mini; '):'i;l'o'?}”u-='r for LOCO-Hon] 278_7] 03
71030873- MYChars“’“—a rBP-AA'OPen 19—5-35 (call f9r-plage Center OpenKSWprIpW Center Open 10a-7p.-- r I’li' 9‘0" Wl-érygéllletlrrgt‘f’ Center Open 10ae3p"""‘
5°"'F°'°_.e ( Jamie 2:?07562'5 fDiscussion/Speakers(call 265-5904) ‘ ‘ 7p GLSO DiSCussioh ” l 1er"! Ce gifflifw‘ii’l . - - Fridays:
4prl'lteg_r'ty @St M'Chae's for place) 278-7103 . , W Group-PC . ‘ 7: @331?- «We ' i 7 m- Lexin ton Insi ht
6pWSrsterSou'rrd Rehearsal, 7P LeXingtOI‘ LYON-PC r . 8p Gay/Lesbian AA .. (.lll‘il-é‘réilolace ' sitter _ p g . g
6:00plmperral GourtMtg. . , - , . Call for Ia 278 7103 . Wu . up . . 8pm - Gay/Lesbian AA[Ca//
‘ " . ' ‘ . ‘- ' ' p 96 “ ~ v r. , - for Loom/on1278-7403
‘ A A . I I ' . . 1 Newsletter De- ne
_____._____._______... W____________________, a Saturdays:
0a uu Church Service 89AA.Qpen 72956 (call rqrprace cwgpen 5W7“, Center'Open10a-7p’t 7pLexington Insight @ “melon" 103.7?”
0m MYGW'WW' Discussion/Speakers 266-5904) _. .. 7b GLSO-Disbussion . ' ' , .the-Pride'Center . ~ 7 ' " ’ W SundaYs:
'p'Sl§F9§°””d ““9773?“ (03" for Place) 278-7103" ” “ " ‘. Group-PC ' l 7‘30 P Gay/“5”“ AA ‘ ‘ ' ‘ 9:000m & r lam - UU Church
i353; A s ’ V , W V ‘ ' . ' 8PWGay/Lesbian AA “ i (“1' for place) 278'7103 Worship Services.
iii} ’ ' . L - ' ‘ “ 931”” Place 273-7103 * . i " ' -~ ~ ‘ ' 10:30 - Mass, 31. Mychal
,, .' . ’ ‘ _ ' V ' ' ' l 7 - ‘ 6pm - SisterSound Rehearsal
. @ Landsdowne Presby.
93541739” Swim?” 8p AA__Qpen W- 7p GSA (call for place center Open 59-79 “me—'9?“ 1035-19.... 79 Lexington "1519th - ~- -
19,33933‘52Ml’0hal'8. -. DisCusSion/Speakers za‘elfiém) O - ' ' the Pride genter ‘ ‘ . -
SoulForc‘eCJa l‘e 230-5625 7 ~ , 7P GL5 D'scuss'On » l - ., . ..
4 Int ,fi . [gt M' h rs (call for place) 273—77193 . Group-PC" 7:30pGay/LesbranAA _ * Bi-wookly:
53 egg-{53d R'éhézrgzl 75309751550 393'“ . Mllg. ,, . ‘» 8p Gay/Lesbian AA . . . (call for place) 2784103 n 6pm — The Imperial Court
soap-imperiarcourrntg. ; ("9W Qatel ' 2 Calltor place 278-7103 . . .- _ . - '~ SouIForce —Jomie 230—5625
”0".th AdMliO‘: M ' f t' b t fth t ' th' I 1‘! Y H
Mondays: sa'urday= Sundays: ore In orma I0n a 0" many 0 e even S are In IS news e er. 0" may wan 0
7pm _ GLSO Board Mtg. [41h Mon.) New Date 7pm —L eXDG A 131W Sat. 4pm- Integrity [2nd Sun} call or email the group to confirm the date and time, see the directory on back page.
7pm — Lexington Lyons (2nd Mon.) 4Dm- Gen Y Integrity [3rd SUD} Pride Center may be abbreviated - PC Call for Place may be abbreviated- Call
GLSO Page 9

 "‘ ' . ‘ ' affection and attraction she called “totally
_ , ”2“ng out ltht‘ttZ-S unexpected and the first she had ever had
This is another In our series of coming out for a woman.” She encouraged me to
Stenes' It '8 also written. "_1 response to the contact Mr. Hickey upon my relocation to the
article about ex-gay ministries published Detroitareawherelwas moving inahorribly
last month.More on ex-gays next month. misguided attempt to “go straight" and to
Coming out reunite with my husband from whom I was

, .. .. , , separated atthe time.
W'th help fr 0m an EX'Gay M'n'Stry I made this relocation in the sub-zero

I was provided approximately six temperatures that are typical 0f the upper
months of counseling in an ex-gay ministry Midwest 'n .lanuary 0f any year. I hauled my
in the Detroit-metro area just over 18 years Bible belt-Induced neuroses about. my
ago. This ministry was started by a homosexual self along With me and decrded
gentleman who i believe was named Jim almost immediately after arrival to contact
Hickey_ ApparentlyI Mr_ Hickey had Mr. Hleey for help. lWOUldn't know untll SlX
advertised his ministry located just outside months later that my husband, Rocky, ”had
Detroit, far and wide in various Christian been SUSP|C'0US about my orientation for
publications across the United States. A several years, bUt I assumed that he
friend and former professor, an believed me when i made arrangements
“Appalachian evangelical preacherwoman” With Mr. Hickey for what I euphemistically
in Southwest Virginia, purchased one of called”marnage counseling With one of his
those publications “former lesbian" therapists.

She was aware of my then 6 year I made a decently diligent effort to
struggle with my lesbian identity. This 50 transform myself back into my own "GOth"
year old woman eventualiy revealed her heterosexual self first in lnleldual
own affection and attraction for me an counseling and, apparently, With ex-gay

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“Meifier éay/ny or selling — eel/me for your red/esfe/e needs! ”
Experience Doesn’t Cost...It Pays! . if}!
Personal Service You Deserve 2; it???
ABR — Accredited Buyer Representative all; Iii
GRI — Graduate, Realtor Institute e; »'
Commited To Premier Service 77"??? h
P K [M l l; R St R vi (I l
' Teresa Combs, ABR, GRI
Commonwealth GMAC Real Estate
843 Lane Allen Rd
. Office: (859) 278—1606
A Fax: (859) 245-5156
I l fiRealEstate Cell: (859) 489-1150
Email: tcombs@commonwealthgmac.com
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 therapy “graduates” who had gone on to activities. I was tired of being alone in the
marry the opposite sex. midst of millions.

Mr. Hickey had made the mistake of lmoved into downtown Detroit, took a
locating his ministry just south of the red temporary job in the city's consumer
light district on the south side Detroit. l affairs office, and started to attend Wayne
attended weekly meetings in the evenings State University. I did not as much as
with Mr. Hickey and his converts. Then telephone Mr. Hickey or anyone at his
after the meetings I would search for a office to explain my choice. lwastoo busy
local gay bar, the flames of my being bothterrified and exhilarated.
unquenched desire fueled by the real life I attended services at the Detroit
presence of triple-X movie houses, live sex MCC and within a few months I managed
shows, and the presence of the dozens of to overcome my fear or other women like
prostitutes who lined or cruised the same me. I was welcomed by the MCC
strip. members and made “out" gay and lesbian

For a short time, I had the guilty friends. lmoved intoa house with other
“pleasure" of living a dual lifestyle, lesbians and had my first incredible taste
heterosexual housewife and mother by of “woman sex." I was no longer
day, and struggling, closeted-to-my- conforming to other people's demands on
counselor-and-husband lesbian by night. me. Mr. Hickey and his converts were
This “virgin dyke” cruised Jefferson soon forgotten.

Avenue each week for 3 months before I That is, until I read the article in the
finally broke. GLSO News last month. Seeing that these

In the pages of that same Christian ministries still exist was something of a
magazine in which i had found the shock for me. I had assumed that such
reference to Mr. Hickey's ex-gay ministry,l obviously inhumane “therapies" WOUId
also recalled reading an article written to have been dismissed by reasonable
highlight and criticize the existence of the people long ago. lfeltlike l was caught in a
Metropolitan Community Church. Having timewarp.
lived for 25 years in rural Virginia I had I am horribly saddened to know that
never heard of the MCC_ Five months into not only do such ministries exist but that
ex-gay therapy, I was on the telephone they are deliberately targeting our GLBT
calling directory assistance knowing I youth. What I recall most vividly in my
would find an MCC somewhere in Detroit. experience with Mr. Hickey’s ministry was
vwninthe week l was sitting inthe office of a pervasive feeling of fear: fear of
the minister of the Detroit congregation. l knowing, loving and being my whole
relayed the long and less-than-sordid lesbian self, fear of others knowing and
details of my own “coming out,” rejecting me, and, Perhaps most
especially my most recent schizophrenic significantly, fear ofan ill-defined GOd Wh0
attempt to again close the closet door with I believed wouldjudge me harshly.
the intention ofthrowing away the key. Eighteen years ago these ministries

l was lucky that the young minister ran on platforms of fear, shame and guilt
had a similar history and provided counsel with a hefty dose of isolation and
for people subjected to ex-gay ministries. ostracism. They apparently 3“" d0- In my
By the time we had finished talking i had mid-twenties l was too young to know that
decided to end my depression and denial I was and am the spirit and fulfillment of
over who I was, to tell my husband the my own law. My wish for young people
truth, and to return to college in Detroit. | today is that they learn to measure
also made it a point to depart with a themselves full, whole and complete and
schedule of MCC meeting times and to have a concept of God that nourishes

GLSO page 11

 Spiritual Questions system of belief. _ Although some U
. . . , textbooks present scrence as dogmatic r4
Unltanan Unlvesallst Answers facts, science is fundamentally open to T
by mary crane new ideas and challenges. Nothing is b
_ beyond question because new ways of '3
Last month Rev. Waibel answered testing and exploring the universe keep C
some questions concerning his beingdevised. -

understanding of Catholic religious beliefs. There are areas or questions in our p
I wanted to answer some similar questions lives for which the scientific method is not Y
concerning Unitarian Universalist beliefs applicable, such as what our lives mean, is
butthereisasignificantdifference. what we should value, or what came V!
I can write about what I believe, or before or caused the Big Bang V

even what “some” UUs believe, but since (sometimes now referred to as the
we are a non creedal religion, we do not all “Creative Emergence”) c
believe the same thing. I am sure there is One of the most interesting areas for p
some diversity of beliefs within most theological discussion for me is the tl
religious congregations, but at our church perceived conflict between science and ti
we expect and celebrate diversity 0f religion as ways of making sense of reality. "
religious thought. We do have seven i know they conflict in some people's F
principals that form a basis for our minds, but personally, I see science and t'
community whichlwill write about at some religion as complimentary. For me, the c
othertime. epic of evolution is a sacred narrative, a t
Are Unitarians Christians? creation story of great wonder and beauty. C
Some of us consider ourselves One approach to religious belief that .
Christians but many of us do not. Unitarian includes both scientific and religious "
Universalism does have Judao-Christian conceptsis ProcessTheology. 1
roots and the Bible is one of the sacred What is process theology? E
texts we study. We are also Buddhists, There is one brief phrase I like that :
Humanists,Pagans,and more. attempts to capture this belief system: c
Do UUs believe in evolution? And how “God is a Verb." That concept is not new, 2

does God fit into the picture? Jewish mystical tradition includes this idea
Unitarian Universalist congregations ofGod asa“becoming"realityratherthata f
are made up of people who generally staticbeing. c
accept the scientific method as a way to Proses Theologyis in parta response (
discover how the universe “works.” to scientific discoveries of the 20th F
Science is a method more than it is a Century. Sir Isaac Newton lived in the t
second half of the eighteenth century. His E
A & j; beliefs about how the Universe worked i'
“ " were revolutionary and became the I
Autn Unluck Service foundation for scientific thought for over i
’ ' Available ‘ 100 years. From Newton's work, thinking l
about the Universe as a clock or other well i
24 HUUI‘S ‘ 7 Days 3 WE Bk tuned mechanical devisewas accepted as a
(859) 684—5888 a good metaphor for the universe. God 6

o i. was sometimes seen as the clock maker.
(3 59) E38 4_55 33 Since that time, scientists have come <
. to realize that the universe is strangerthan t
theyimagined. The new physics sees the <
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GLSO page 12

-, , .,__W_ _. _ , . _

 universe as composed of happenings and The lneffable Eternal Divine is immanent -
relationships; the universe is process. within the ongoing process that is
There are no 31336 "thingS;" to be real is to universe - and transcendent greater than
be in process. e are not human “beings" the sum of its parts.
but human.“becomings;” we. are always And humans are not insignificant. We
changing, biologically, and spiritually. are that part of the Universe that is self
' We tend to think of the Universe as a aware, that experiences awe as we
place, but it is not. Your relationship with contemplate the universe, and that is able
your partner or your friends is not a place. it to contemplate and love God.
is an every changing interaction. So it is . .
with the universe and every level of reality Doththgieéiieiiefsl gave anything to do
withinthe universe. So it is with us. w' T 2:”: o t d
We exist in close relationship to the . . 0 me ey 0' ur en ency to
other humans the animals and the diVide reality up into neat little boxes does
physical world around us We are part of not reflect the real nature of ourworld. For
the interconnected Web of Life. Four example, there are orga'nisims that Seem
thousand years ago Hindu's named this :cgrbceebothfplantdand anilmaII‘. The binary '
"Indra's Net." Chief Joseph of the Nez p ongenf er ([11]: e, ema e)”: an
Pierce isfamousforsaying:"Whatwedoto overisimpiica ion. ere are c I ren
the web we do to ourselves."These born in between gender every day. There
concepts, are part of many indigenous seems to be a continuum of gender and of
belief systems Perhaps science is sexual orientations, or perhaps even a
catching up to religion confusing plethora of possibilities -no neat
Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity boxeg'ro 33 th I | d t h I.
influenced the development of Process . . ce eo ogy ea sus O eieve
Theology. My favorite quotation from in diverSIty as both the natural way of
Einstein: “A human being is a part of the evolution- and. as necessary to the
whole, called by us 'universe.‘ We continuation oflite on earth. GLBT people
experience ourselves as something are a part of this diverSIty, as sacred as
separate from the rest, an optical delusion any other part. Celebrate L'fe'
of consciousness. . . _ .
We are not separate from our world or 0th Lesbian FeSTlVO'
from the Universe. A simple example, the September 16
oxygen we breath and the food we eat There is a Lesbian Music Festival
32?”: :er Vaeflegfregg-Jgriieggggafi within a three hours drive of Lexington.
. Located east of Columbus, Ohio at
become extinct. But it is more than that. Frontier Ranch, it is a one day event
EVE“ oElilreSrly‘IltrlIiiSQnti;tfiaZZtlnudpawaaiehmnsk running from 11 am tof11 pm. Buy your
'_ _ . - tickets in advance or lower prices.
Ctejm'e pvt/Ides move '2 and out if our Geenral Admission is $35, students and
o ies. e are exc anging a omic adultsover55is$30.
particles with the chairs we sit on, with the You can order tickets on line at
pencils we hold and with each other. We www.ohioiba.org or send money to LBA
are. always in relationship with our p0 Box 82086, Columbus, OH 43202
enV'ronment _ 0086. You can also checkthisweb site for
"f Pgocefss Theology, God '5' also :3 additional entertainers and directions.
conceive 0 as a process. n ac, Musicb Shelie Graff, Katie Reider.
evolution is seen as part Of who G°d is. Jamie Anderéon, Zrayzy, Barbara Higbie&
God can be considered that Reality which Teresa Trull.
transcends and includes all other realities.
GLSO page 13

 Religious and Spiritual Resources
Jubilee Fellowship @ Unitarian Universalist Church
Jubilee Fellowship of Lexington lhe Unitarian Universalist Church of
welcomes members of the GLBT Lexington is a welcoming Congregation.
community and their friends to join us in We do not simply accept GLBT folks
growing as a community of believers in within our church community, we
Christ. We are located at 713 E- Loudon celebrate theirlives. Join us forworship or
Ave. where we hold Sunday SChOOl at 9130 for our Wednesday night classes and
am, Sunday Worship at 11 am and Fresh discussion groups.
Encounter Fridays at 7 Pm- In September We will continue with our summer
we are beginning Midweek Bible StUdY on schedule for the first three Sundays in
Wednesdays at 7 pm. Sept, Worship Service at 10 am. The first
We Will have a retreat over the two Sundays will focus on Process
weekend of September 15/ 16 at Grace Theology (see page 13.) On September
Retreat Center in Liberty. Call Pastor Sandy 24 we will return to having two services at
or Pastor Cori for information or with any 9 and 11 am. and religious education for
question about our Christian fellowship. children will begin.
Pastor Cori WOOd at jfellowship@aol.com There is a Buddhist discussion group
0i359 514-5518 We have a big vision and tha