Greece Declares Independence Chios Rebels-Turks Massacre and En-
    slave Inhabitants-Kanaris Burns and Scatters Turkish Fleet with
    Fire-Ship-Turks Drive Greeks Back to Missolonghi-Greek Moun-
    taineers Shut Invaders Up in Corinth-Capodistrias Resigns
    Owing to Czar's Indifference to Greece-Canning Returns to Power
    -Espouses Cause of Greece and South American Republics-Itur-
    bide Makes Himself Emperor of Mexico-Sucre Defeats Spanish at
    Pichincha-San Martin Gives a Free Field to Bolivar-Bolivar
    Masses Patriot Armies at Juarez-Wins Battles of Junin and
    Ayacucho-Dom Pedro Declared Constitutional Emperor of Brazil
    -Revolts in Spain against King Ferdinand-Continental Powers
    Move in His Behalf-President Monroe Announces His Famons
    "Doctrine"-Canning's False Claim to Its Inspiration-Death of
    Sholley-Rise of Heine-Beethoven, Hummel, Von Weber, Spohr,
    and Schubert Produce Musical Masterpieces-Meyerbeer and Men-
    delssohn Begin Careers-Death of Herschel-Death of Canova-
    Congress of Powers Removes from Vienna to Verona-England
    Withdraws from Intervention in Spain-France's Envoys Commit
    Her to Intervention-French Premier Repudiates Act of Envoys,
    and French King Accepts It.

G        REEK   independence was declared on January 27.
         After the fall of Ali Pasha in February, the Sultan
         was able to turn his undivided attention to the
Greek revolt.   In March a bodv of Samian revolutionists
landed in Chios and incited the islanders to rise against the
Turk. They laid siege to the citadel held by a Turkish gar-
rison. Had the fleet of the Hvdriotes helped them, they
might have prevailed. As it was they rendered themselves
a prey to the Turkish troops on the mainland. An army of
nearly 10,000 Turks landed in Chios, and relieved the be-
sieged garrison.  Then the fanatical Moslems were let loose
on the gentle inhabitants of the little island.     Thousands
wvere put to the sword.    The slave markets of Northern
Africa were glutted with Chian women and children. Within
a month the once lovely island was a ruined waste. All
Greece and Europe were filled with horror. Maurokordatos,
now at the head of Greek affairs, was bitterly blamed for not
sending over a fleet to save Chios. One single GreekJ took it