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Volume 75 Numbcr4 S rin /Junc 2000 {  ` · `~ I 
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?°‘·   ’*s· 7 ' . ,.·-~ »  
y CHAIRMAN OF Bomw 01·* Govmwoxs

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Introduction to Frontier Nursing Service - Deanna Severance 1
Meet New Board Members — Barb Gibson 2
Beyond the Mountains — Deanna Severance 5
Wendover News - Barb Gibson 12
Courier Program News - Barb Gibson 15
FSMFN/CFNP News — Di: Julie Maijell, Susan Stone 18 y
Website Information 20
75th Year Celebration Calendar of Events 2I
Mary Breckinridge Healthcare News — Mal/ie Nob/e 22
Miscellaneous Tidbits 25  
Photograph Identification 27 1
In Memoriam 28 {
Cover: Jane Leigh Powell, Chairman of FNS Board ofGovernors  
Frontier Nursing Service Quarterly Bulletin 4
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  The Frontier Nursing Service
 il U you have never been introduced to the Frontier Nurs-
 E, ing Service we would like to take this opportunity to brief you on
_.  the history and the on-going work of the Service. Please s/rare
-  if this information with a friend.
  Bom in 1881 into a prominent American family, Mary
  Breckinridge spent her early years in many parts of the world -
  Russia, France, Switzerland and the British Isles. After the death
f  of her two children, she abandoned the homebound life expected
 Ti of women of her class to devote herself to the service of others.
.   particularly children.
 J p Mrs. Breckinridge established the Frontier Nursing Ser-
  f vice (FNS) in Leslie County, Kentucky in 1925, then one of the
    poorest and most inaccessible areas in the United States. Mrs.
  * Breckinridge introduced the first nurse-midwives in this country.
 I. il Riding their horses up mountains and across streams in blizzard.
 j   fog or flood, the FNS nurses brought modern healthcare to fami-
,1  l lies throughout an area of 700 square miles.
 · l Until her death in 1965, Mary Breckinridge was the driv-
 Q   ing force behind the work of the Service whose influence today _
, { extends far beyond eastem Kentucky. Through the Frontier School
  of Midwifery and Family Nursing, hundreds of nurses have been ‘
_  trained and this important concept of family healthcare has been
if carried throughout the world.
  Today, the FNS is organized as a parent holding com-
  pany for Mary Breckinridge Healthcare, Inc., (home health agency.
  two out—post clinics, one primary care clinic in the hospital. Kate
., Ireland Women’s Healthcare Clinic) and for the Frontier School
  of Midwifery and Family Nursing — the largest midwifery pro-
  gram in the United States.
  Remarkably, the purpose and philosophy of the FNS has
  I remained constant since 1925.
&   - Deanna Setwrairce, CEO
1 . ..... ,   L

Meet New Board Members _
Michael T Rust l
Michael T. Rust was elected l'
as a member of the Frontier Nursing }
Service Board of Govemors during y   I
the February 2000, meeting. He  K Q
also serves as a director of the Mary `   · `
Breckinridge Healthcare Board and      
FNS Real Estate Board.   E
Mr. Rust has over twenty _ ».
] years experience in the healthcare   .
field. His ability to plan and imple- i
ment actions necessary to address challenges and opportunities is i
a reflection of his in—depth knowledge of legislative issues. mem-  
bership advocacy, concensus building and communication skills.
Mr. Rust has been employed as the President of the Ken-
- tucky Hospital Association (KHA), and as Chairman and CEO of
Kentucky Hospital Service Corporation since l996. He is re-
sponsible for the operation ofa 131 member hospital group. Du-
ties and responsiblities are focused toward increasing the image.
recognition, and participation of the member hospitals in the de-
velopment of public and political policy related to healthcare and
l furthering the mission of the Association.
Mr. Rust obtained a Master of Public Health. Healthcare
Administration from the University ofTennessee. Knoxville. and
a Bachelor ofArts, Business Administration from Glenville State
College,West Virginia.
Professional affiliations include: Adjunct Professor Uni- I
versity of Kentucky (UK) Department of Healthcare Administra-
tion; UK College ofAllied Health Advisory Board member: West- .
ern Kentucky University Department of Healthcare Administra— •
tion Advisory Board member; Health Kentucky Board of Direc-  j
tors member; Kentucky Health, Research, and Education Foun-  T
dation Board of Directors member and United Way Health Care  
Task Force member. The FNS Board of Governors are pleased to  
have Mr. Rust bring his experience to the FNS!

p Robert R. Botkin
,‘ Robert R. Botkin joined the . »`·, .; ,#4v     (
E Frontier Nursing Service Board of  
Governors during the February.    
l 2000 meeting. He also serves as a    
member ofthe FSMFN, Foundation. I   
and Real Estate Board of Directors. i       gg V · ‘
DY. BOIl at Wendover and on our school campus. Addressable fire and per-
  sonal security systems are now upgraded for the midwifery and
  family nurse-practitioner dormitory and for the couriers dormi-
I tory at Wendover. All other fire alarm sytems have been upgraded.
Board Meetings
l Two Board meetings have been held beyond the moun-
i tains since the last publication ofthis bulletin. The Board ofGov-
I emors and I are delighted to welcome Robert Botkin. Mike Rust
l and Anne Ehl to the Board! Their biographies are printed herein.
I Buckhorn Presbyterian Childrens’ Home Wsit
i Hospital Administrator Mallie Noble, Family Nurse—Prac-
I titioner Educational Director Julie Marfell, CFO Brian Lane. Dr.
Anne Wasson and I traveled to Buckhorn. Kentucky, on March 7
to view the work ofthe Buckhorn Presbyterian Childrens` Home.
Charles Baker, Executive Director, discussed with us the philoso-
phy and work ofthis organization which is lO() years old. We find
our missions to improve the lives of children may lead us to joint
ventures in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. _
Kentucky Hospital Association
Mallie Noble and I met with the Kentucky Hospital As-
sociation (KHA) in London, Kentucky, on March I0. The KHA
has been an advocate for mral healthcare with the state legisla-
i ture. The staff of the KHA has an extraordinarily good grasp of
the economic impact of rural hospitals on rural communities and
V of the issues faced by mral hospitals and does the detailed analy-
; sis to present to our elected representatives. The legislative scs-
sion ended with the reallocation ofdisproportionate share money
· to rural hospitals. Many thanks to our own Senator Robert Stivcrs
 g for being available to hear the issues and to present them to his
colleagues in an articulate way.

ACNM Visit
March 17, Kerri Schuling and I traveled to Washington. -
DC, to attend a meeting sponsored by the American College of p
Nurse—Midwives (ACNM).  
The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the large body  
of evidence which supports the practice of midwifery and to dis-  
cuss whether the image of nurse-midwifery dovetails with the Q
evidence. This productive meeting was chaired by Dr. Joyce Rob-  
erts, President of ACNM. We will be meeting again in June to l
expand our discussions and develop possible strategics to pro- i
mote information flow to young women of childbearing age. l
A Case Western Reserve University Visit l
Susan E. Stone, Dean ofthe Frontier School of Midwifery l
and Family Nursing (FSMFN); Julie Marfell, Family Nursing l
Practitioner Program Educational Director, and I visited with i
Dorothy Brootens, Dean of the Frances Payne Bolton (FPB) Col- i
f lege of Nursing at Case Western Reserve University March 22. I
The FSMFN is making application to the Kentucky Coun-  
cil for Post Secondary Education, to the Southern Association for
the Accreditation of Colleges and Schools and to the American
Association ofColleges of Nursing to grant the master ofscience
degree in nursing.
‘ During the stategic planning of the FNS Board of Gover- ·
nors in the late l990’s, this was established as a goal. All of us at J
the FNS cherish our association with the FPB and want to see
that continue; however, as we move into this new millennium. we t
know our idenity must be retained as an institution. It is our de-
sire that our students always have the choice to complete their
master’s degree at FPB. Additionally, we are most interested in i
our students entering the doctorate program at FPB.
You can now access the FPB website directly from the  
"midwives.org” site. Our collegial relationship continues as both J
our great institutions move into the future. :

Berea College Appalachian Fund Conference
Barb Gibson attended this year’s Berea College Appala—
chian Fund Conference held at Berea College April 5 & 6. The
V Frontier Nursing Service greatly appreciates Judy Stammer,
  Dr.Larry Shin and other members of the Berea College Appala-
  chian Fund Board for their continued support of the FNS. The
  Berea College Appalachian Fund has supported the FNS for many
  years. For the past five years, the Fund gave money toward a
  scholarship for a deserving eastern Kentucky CNEP student.
  This year’s recipient was Carol Hobbs from Barbourville,
  Kentucky. Carol attended college in Tennesse and nursing school
l in Arkansas. After college. she worked in Little Rock as a labor
i and delivery nurse. There she met two nurse—midwives who in-
[ troduced her to the dream of becoming a midwife. Carol will be
Q doing her midwifery clinicals in Hyden and feels very fortunate
l and blessed to be working in the area.
L ‘  g g · .   F    
l  gg A li" `   3
I .a . I  ;      · .l  
» . l- .   ` ;  _     ‘·~  i  ·¥ 4 _’   n
.     . _. s ee " .?     "  Lk       I - " _  . ·  
ltrl       s   li   ; A lil.  A  
=;52·»:> ...l:.   ~ ;»» xiii.: .;.. $     *   .
  ....t l    
 F?1???»ZY$.s’* `»t.` `   ` fil`. ” ` il’i   i`s`‘ ¥ `' `   ‘ s   ..   .
  Carol Hobbs - Berea College Appalachian Fund scholarship
- recipent

Margaret (Peggy) Kemner, l956 PSMFN graduate, from ,
Lend—A—Hand in Barbourville, Kentucky. attended the Confer-
ence. Peggy continues to provide home births and community
services to the area. She recently attended her 500th birth. ·
Also, in attendance were Drs. Mary Wiss and Pauline Fox.
Dr. Wiss was a FNS physician and Dr. Fox was the Leslie County l
public health physician in the l960’s. Dr. Fox serves on the Berea  
y Appalachian Board.  
1  ~ .. /li.  
  .   a ,e   ’._  M    a e     
  l ' r `\"       `I   f‘”`  E 4  ii,  ’ e l
2  *Z~;,;,;;~ \  , "   ‘ l I
‘ " er -. ~·    ”'¤§?. __ ·  
·•,  · _ .r .
Dr. Mary Wiss and Judy Stammer, President qf the Berea C0]- k
lege Appalachain Fund
Q Visit t0 Coles Island A
i April I4-I6, Susan Stone and I traveled to Coles Island. I
I South Carolina, to meet with Chairman of the Board. Jane Leigh
Powell. This was a wonderful opportunity to fellowship with
Leigh, eat wonderful food, see her new home and brief her on our `
budgets prior to the budget meetings. The following picture can- °
not begin to capture the beauty and peacefulness of her gracious ,
I home. _

.        `        
'K,Tl;;f:>¤'{'_ ·· kin  O A *.`    c hi"  V 1 "'ln     '_·~   ,r
  __ gw uf, t v_ _ _  _  _,_ J, _,gs_,, , ,___
{-?.'*J>a-.·· (»·  :   {C .  f` .·>  2 "" =4—’r.?YTlzt·¥·? ;
.       I ‘   ·    J           U    
* .. ,.; 4. _.  -‘,  »* wi  _ V ·     .,·    `     I
I »_,  · ._ __ '  ‘ """`   I    7  ta,
E     _4;§_   {   _ I_,. _
I ¤ =t-; IL-I ft ·*?  
l “?·°° ,     3   5
  .     ·   Q); 1; /  _;  I  I T i  
3 ,  }   { .* /: ' ` V —Yj
{ I. i  ‘ -.-- 2*     I ‘ \_ _»=’ I
I 1 KE »i  P    I   - i ·
Deanna Severance, jane Leigh Powell and Susan Stone at Coles
Wsit to "F0shalee"
April 20-23, my husband Carl and I visited with Miss
Kate Ireland at her Florida home. "Foshalee". I am continually
asked about Kate’s health, and she seemed to be recuperating well
; from her most recent surgery. For all you Couriers whose driving .
Kate evaluated. may I say simply, she can still drive fast. A high
point of the trip was a dog show sponsored by the Humane Soci-
ety. "So0ty", the adoptee of beloved FNS Nurse—Midwil`e Anne
Cundle, won a ribbon which she proudly sported. I knew when
` Sooty kissed thejudge she was a shoo-in!
June 16th Celebration in Hyden
June l6th, Miss Ireland will be present in Hyden to cut
‘ the ribbon to "Kate Ireland Drive", the road which leads into thc
  Hospital. There will be an all afternoon picnic with music. Chair-
_‘ man ofthe Board Jane Leigh Powell will be present as will most
I of our Board members. This will be an opportunity to visit with
j, these great leaders ofthe ENS, to see the continuing work of the
I FNS, eat good food and have fun. Please accept our invitation to
I visit!

Wendover News _.
by Barb Gibson
Wendover Dinners/Guests 1*
We seem to be having more guests at Wendover than ever!  
A warm "come again" to our following guests:  
January 12, Elizabeth Lafrance and her husband from Sil-  
. ver Springs, Maryland, had heard about FNS and stopped by for  
I the mgm. 1
Febmary 2, Garrett Cloud and his wife stayed at Wen- l
I dover while teaching an advanced cardiac life support in—service l
at MBHC; February 17, Jill Johnson, Lexington, Kentucky. stayed `
at Wendover while teaching a pediatric advanced life support in-
service at MBHC and February 23, Mindy Phelps, Otis Jones. his
I wife and Russell Meadle, Lexington, Kentucky. stayed at Wen-
dover while in Hyden for a Habitat for Humanities meeting.
March 3, Thomas Freese, Lexington. Kentucky, special ·
Art Teacher for the Hayes Lewis Elementary School spent the
night; March 8, Inez Butler from Shalimar. Florida, interviewed
at MBHC as an FNP candidate and stayed at Wendover; March
14, eight UK students had dinner; March 16 and 17. Dr. Michael I
l Carter, Dean of the University of Tennessee. Memphis. brought
students from University ofTennessee College of Nursing to spend
the night; March 17, Gretchen Mettler from Case Western Re-
serve, spent the night; March 17, Wendover hosted a Midwifery ‘
Bound dinner for 50 students and faculty; March 23 and 24, A
Katherine Messer and her husband stayed at Wendover while .
Katherine was interviewed for an FNP position at MBHC. March
26, medical students Christian Ramsey and Kristen Lee, Lexing-
ton, Kentucky, stayed at Wendover; March 29, two instructors 1..
from UK Air Medical Services spent the night: March 30, a Level I
III dinner with 15 faculty and students was held and March 3 I. a  `
dinner was held in honor of Doct0r’s Day.  Q;
April 2 & 3, Janet & Jon Lee visited theirdaughter Kristen  .
Lee, who was a medical student at MBHC; April 6, Level lll  Q

._ dinner with 12 faculty and students; April 8, Monica Luke
i from The Thompson Foundation, Knoxville, Tennessee, and her
friend Ted Olson, Professor, visited; April 13, a luncheon in honor
g of National Volunteer Week, was held for the MBHC Ladies
1 Auxillary; April 18, former FNS nurse, Judy Armstrong and a
  friend visited from Portland, Oregon; April I2-15. Dr. John &
l Priscilla Ohloer, friends of Dr. Anne Wasson, visited from New
l London, New Hampshire; April 21, Rick Dorman, his wife &
1 two daughters, visited from New York; April 25, Mindy Phelps.
  Habitat for Humanity, Lexington, Kentucky, spent the night; April
l 24, Darlene Luster, medical student from Louisville, Kentucky,
I and a friend, spent the night; April 22, FSMFN (`72) graduate
I Mary Kaldeway & friends visited and May 4. a Faculty Practice
dinner was held with 45 people in attendance.
Alyssa Gayhart, Tour Guide, recently resigned due to her
_ new baby, Mallorie Skyllar Aleece. Stacey Collett has been hired
as our Tour Guide. Since March, Stacey has given tours to the
following individuals and groups:
March 8, 18 guests from the Kentucky River Commu-
nity Care, Combs, Kentucky; March 21, 1 1 students from Somerset
Tech, Somerset, Kentucky; March 22, Trulena Benner from
Pikeville, Kentucky; March 22, Melissa Thacker, Harold, Ken-
1 tucky; March 22, Teresa Wright, Redbush, Kentucky: March 28.
` 1 1 students from Somerset Tech, Somerset, Kentucky, and March
29, Kathy Adams, Hyden, Kentucky.
. April 4, 12 students from Somerset Tech. Somerset, Ken-
tucky; April 10, 13 students from Prestonsburg Community Col-
lege, Prestonsburg, Kentucky; April 10. 47 students from the
li Country Day School in Louisville; April 18. Judy Armstrong &
, friend from Portland, Oregon; April 24. 14 students from
 _ McKendree College, Louisville, Kentucky; April 28, students
 i Tomie Thompson and Amy Gregory from Ashland. Kentucky.
 , and April 28, Brenda Turpin, student from Mt. Sterling. Kentucky.

Other Wendover News ,,.
During October I999, Mrs. Henry (Francis) Heyburn from y
Louisville, Kentucky, informed us that she had discovered some ‘».
old FNS horseshoes in her bam. Her husband was a member ot` g
the FNS Board of Governors and they had collected these during  
his tenure with FNS. Mrs. Heyburn asked Mrs. Severance il` she  
p wanted the shoes. Of Course! Display cases were built out ofoak. l
I The horseshoes are held in place by horseshoe nails. l
I These are a limited edition item numbered l—55. During l
  our 75th Celebration, "An Evening with the Frontier Nursing Ser- _
i vice" at the Lexington Library, we sold a number of these. If you
l are interested in purchasing one the price is $lOO.()(). You may
l contact Barb Gibson at Wendover for more information.  
  N I lg     ,_·,_ g ..-i.QYi¥—Y» {   V _
if  _  ;,  if ’   gl
  »      ty >. , $4
I A       \\   ,
 of ffl?    l ' l.
,       l' g  »° I
    l     ,  a
  ,5. _ -t , ‘ ;·
 gra.; I < ·» att .
I     ~t » r   t r  
  lt ·  *    _, _.,,,  , ....  ~     
lll r "   e   i```'l TY;  i   2
   .  ri {I
~ FNS horseshoe displays for sale l

np Courier Program News
by Barb Gibson
l., Amber Waters left Wendover April l4 to travel with her
  brother back to California, stopping along the way to "sightsee".
  Amber has applied to the Peace Corp and is looking forward to
g hearing where she will be going. We miss you Amber!
l Margaret (Meg) Gmford from ,,
Baltimore, Maryland, was here from   -  
Febmary 20 until May l2. Meg grad-  
uated from Westem High School in   'Y.,  
Baltimore before coming to Wendover. l     rf
  While here, Meg shadowed Karen Sal-   ‘ _
lee, Social Worker on Home Health ¤ ` ·
l visits; Nurse—Midwives Cyndy Per- J.- ....c
kins and Debbie Karsnitz; Dr. Krasuski, OB/GYN Physician and
1 other providers. Meg also had the opportunity to see two births.
T She was kind enough to work at the local animal shelter on Satur-
days. feeding and caring for the animals. Meg plans to apply to
medical school.
I Michaela Biaggi, Mendocino.
_ California, was here from February 28 ,, l
until May 22."Mike" graduated from ‘  
Mendocina High School. While here. ‘
she shadowed Karen Sallee, Social   if
Worker, on Home Health visits; Dr.   —
Ronilo Diaz, Surgeon; Dr. Roy Var-  
ghese, Internist; Lenora Campbell,   L
, FNP; Heidi Froemke, FNP; Cyndy Perkins. CNM. and other pro-
la viders. Mike also had the opportunity to witness a birth. Like
Meg, she worked at the animal shelter on Saturdays giving love
to the abandoned animals. Mike plans to attend college in North
Q Carolina, during the fall.

Erin Banta, Saranac Lake,  ~¢~;;—v aa1* *-arti; .·»· ‘“ ··  »  H
New York, arrived at Wendover on ,    { A
April 30. Erin graduated from Cor- V ,  _ ig   
nell University. Since her arrival,     —t· ’_   V ,l
Erin has shadowed Karen Sallee, ,  · · f i .      
Social Worker; FNP’s at out-post { `§ 4  
clinics; OB/GYN physicians, and   .aI. T .  j
nurse—midwives. Erin will be here   Y  >·~
until the end of July.
  Dana Traver, Port Huron, Michigan, arrived on May l5
. and Megan Stumn, Madison, Wisconsin, arrived on May 22. They
A are finishing their orientation to the Courier Program and are look-
l ing forward to their experience here. We look forward to the ar-
rival of Miranda Gillespie, Mobile, Alabama. on June l l. More
in the next Quarterly Bulletin about these Couriers.  
I Former Courier News Z
Ann Debaurcy ( ‘98) wrote during March that she recently l
retumed from an Intersession break trip to Honduras where she y
was building houses with "Save the Children Honduras",  
, l
Monika Ulrich ( ‘98) wrote during January that she started  
a mission for the Church of God of Latter Day Saints in Taiwan.  
teaching people about health and sanitation. Monika has decided  
to pursue a career in nurse—midwifery and plans to start at  
Vanderbilt when she retums from Taiwan. 5
Rachel Maski (‘99) wrote during April to say that she
was accepted into medical school. Congratulations Rachel! Rachel _
will be attending either New Jersey School of Medicine or Albert if
Einstein in New York.  

Fred Jordan (‘91) and Cameron Beall were recently mar-
" ried in Winston, Salem, North Carolina. Cameron is originally
from Louvem, Alabama. They are living in Winston—Salem where
J Fred is working as an Executive Recruiter for a Renaissance Man-
agement Company.
` V x I I g A f
l¤ _ zi   I 4 ll i. .; ·
i` , $ -- Yi" Q gi . ·-  
1 i A ' 1 E r
< rw e~   _. is
l {   _ g X  
  ....   .  
  Former Caurier Fred Jordan and his bride, Cameron Beal]

Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing ,
by Di: Julie Marfell, CFNP Education Director and
j Susan Stone, CNEP Program Director ’•
  . ». ti .   i'I-T   i‘l'`' 2 I  
2     »~·I .   I n I »   ·,,~  
   ¤ ‘‘ "'   ""’i J    II .   I   -’.’".‘  
3 ?    t  it  .   iii_   ~      
l ‘· ‘ » J   ’ .a_ `‘`'   Q i_ti I ;-   -· i  
1   ~ Vr  .. ,,i, _ ‘— ` * ’r?i V   `
  j I I     I     _y V  
  A Susan Stone Dn Julie Marfell
Z The Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing is
  as busy as ever. We have several important projects in progress.
  This past March at Midwifery Bound we admitted CNEP
I Class 29, and 33 new midwifery students started their studies.They
J represented most areas of our country. Of note, students are from
I Alaska and one is coming to us from an Air Force Base in Japan.
The Community-Based Family Nurse—Practitioner Program is in
_ full operation. The second week of May brought six more FNP
i students to Hyden for their orientation. This group of students is
enthusiastic and we know they will make great contributions to
it the profession. The students in the CFNP Class 2 represent Texas.
  Ohio, West Virginia, Colorado, Kentucky and Florida. Julie
§ Marfell is the accomplished Director of this program. She has
T been a terrific addition to our school.
I We are currently working on the re—establishment of a
~ Faculty Practice as a joint project between Mary Breckinridge ..
I Hospital and the FSMFN. We will have four Family Nurse—Prac-
1 titioners who will share their time between the hospital, outreach
clinics and the school. Heidi Froemke, FNP, MS, will be the Co- "
. ordinator ofthis group of FNPs and Julie Marfell. FNP, ND. CFNP
Program Director, will be the Director of this arm of the Program.

The CNM group will be composed of three midwives; two of
l these midwives will share their responsibilities working halftime
at the hospital and clinic and half time at the school. A third mid-
,_ wife will be hired to spend the majority of her time at the hospital
and clinic with Level III teaching responsibilities. Debbie Karsnitz.
CNM, MSN, will be Coordinator of this group with Susan Stone
CNM, MS, Dean of the FSMFN and CNEP Program Director. as
the Director.
It is a well documented fact that Faculty Practice brings
excellence to both clinical and academic programs. Practitioners
who are involved in both teaching and practice bring continu-
ously updated clinical skills to their students. Historically. there
was always a Faculty Practice at FNS until the traditional pro-
gram moved to New Mexico in l99 l . We are thrilled to be bring-
ing this important program back into existence at FNS.
Many of the faculty, students, and staff recently returned
from Anchorage, Alaska, where the American College of Nurse-
Midwives (ACNM) annual convention was held this year. Our
students and faculty received many honors. The student scholar-
ship winners included: Vera Schad, Class 24 - March of Dimes
Scholarship; Connie Wolcott, Class 26 — ACNM Foundation Schol-
arship; Rose Williams, Class 29 - Wyeth Student Reporter Schol-
arship and Stacey Reese, Class 25 - Varney Award.
Marianne Towler, FSMFN graduate and CNE