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‘ LexingtOn Gay Services Organization, P.O. Box 1 1471, Lexington, Ky. 405 75

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 tEiililETflt-l m elf-ll) tESEll‘iH PRIDE NEEt ”E15? Pride heel: legi $95-39“
JUNE 9-15 c:- rt E.
We are proud to announce the unitino oi the
Leeinoton Lesbian and Gay Community for this eears
oa'y and lesbian pride celebration. This will be A
the first tine texmgton has had a Pride KBX'ngton
celebration on this large oi a scale. The week of
June 9215 was chosen for the actieities.
Participating groups include: Psnber noon
Productions. Dionite‘iteeinoton. Say and Lesbian PRIDE
Denocrates oi lvifentuclsy. Gay-and. Lesbian tlnion oi
Students. Lexington Eae Services Sroanization and
imperial Court ol the Bluegrass Empire. a brief
schedule of activities for the uee‘iz: is as lollous: »
End: 74th: Show oi Pride
honday 10th: Cultural Fair GET YOUR
Tuesday llth: Political Forum
Wednesday lith: 'e'ideo Night
rill iZ-th: Pelioion and Spirituality GAY/LESBIAN
Friday Nth: Bar Nirht
Saturday lath: Bay and Lesbian Pride Picnic PRIDE
Please see page o for complete details on all the BUTTONS
events Tor this week.
. . . , . Price £34100
ESE! Hill sponsor an able RHEF Dinner Cruise on _ .. _.
Friday-5 ._'u_:1-._,- ch. The boat nillfleav‘e Coeiillgtoiti, each or [hree for $5130
‘ Trientuclrte at about lifition leaac. tine ui re ‘ ‘ '. , . ._
coniireedi for a Z to 2' lf‘Z’ hour cruise Teaturino r1653 SUQDOl‘t Pl‘iGe WGER
l‘iieieland husic and a Prime F-zib bulTet dinner. line H,- - P , h,
not join us Tor a leisurely cruise to enjoy the aCLl‘Vltle-‘S am but yU'Jr
nioht slieline of Cincinnati... need food. good music buffonc today}
and y-ere'congenial company. llnd perhaps alteruards U" " '
a eisit to Cincinnatiis eleoant Palm Court at the
lletherland Placa Hotel followed by dancing at one
5* teem-i“?! ”ea-Ft? dlifee- DUE la. the EQEUWHY DIPPER one scours hill or aeinaow census
Pl ””3. ”“559 ”‘3' have been informed that all filter a land and Tun-Tilled season oi strikes.
reservations must I” made LT?" June Pt“. m 355”“? spares land yes. a Ten nutter balls). Paul. Tim and
that there ”I” .t'E room aboard the boat *7” ”-‘r Jim or’ the Dip er [ran teen eoeried on too. as the
party. The {95“- “IM t”? $303"). (“Sh bar) .9” victors of tlle ESQ Rainbow bowling League. The
EETEWWE‘E“ payment T’L’St be ”Egtl‘gdsgt 5'33 [754579 winner was determinded at a special? tie-breaking
“”9 *"-"-"- Call Harry at it‘d'i‘gdr’. to mate session between Dipper Dan and Fire and Ice.
reservations. as soon as possible, but in all cases affihucli. enril and Dale-id}. ‘
no later than June 5th. ll Barry is not in when ' Final rstandinos {m— the 34-35 season were:
you call, leave a message including your phone ' 1mm
number on the recorder and he will contact you to FLEECE TEhH “ME lilCIN LL‘IST PlNtht l:
confirm your reservation. if you miss this one "l" Effigf‘fign 33,]; 333:3 33:335' 5.;
you’re sure to be sorry, see you on the river? 3 Butch 4333 3.3.3. 3.2333(4) 55
aeecn PnRT‘T PGTttlt'ili : Cheee Three 3%.; PM; 2.15:: El
Put on your Rae Hans and throw your sort board 2 bananas 3.:- 55'.“ 35:3; :1
and beach ball 'into the bad: seat.l This months 3‘ bpare Parts $2.5: 33'? if-‘ééi :1
potluck, on Sunday, June 2nd, 1:30pm, at Jim and E- h'Dffiier‘y 36.31) 5.975117 Elli
John’s will have a beach party theme. There will flit gnu}? 33+ :gl’ #9:“; 2'1;
be volleyball. badminton, swimming and beach party g :lizaru of dd: 52.: “5'3 Si-‘fl‘ gt:
music. 'So dig up your ilip Tlops, whip up your ‘3- :erlzinrf-ea Faint if: 55-: i‘flfiiii? 32'
favorite dish and come up to the bsach fordadday oi All ill”? '9 = U-e 4B”:- els‘tvt- 9“
Tun. sun and surr’? Beverat es will .ve nrovi e . y y .- I.
also. immediately Tollonino the potluck will be Seem! theatre eele ,Egllnfor “tween the
an organizational meeting for Gay and Lesbian Pride “Eurfmui-‘l‘ft‘fl Ersaf’i‘m‘dfhj-fdfiue SW Edge ”'C'
l'lE'Eli (June 9-15). did a tantaELiC 30b ca. Ofgdmilfig Lhe eanEL.

If you would 11“ to advert,“ in the Newsletter Check here to refine your tree
newslet er, please send your ad copy and gayoent to “FY "‘ m 55" "“1""'t...
650, P.0. Box ll47l. Lexington, Ky. 40 75. See
the calendar (or the news etter deadline. Due to ""5“” '° "W“ ' 55“ "“°’- ”“1“"
postal regulations. we reserve the right to retuse "" "mm" ‘" “‘ ”°'°° °'
advertising due to content or space availability. '5'“ ‘°' “""m‘
RATES want: I
Halt Page $25.00 .
Full rage $40.00 . ‘ mmm’m‘ ]
““51““ ‘ 1'00 égghtgdglilgfigl :Drg? Please nil above ion to: 650. PO Box 1H7], Lexington. £1 00575
NEH DlSCOUNTSHaHective inediately) _ 31;;
l/4.oH for 6 oo. -’ r. o ,x {5?};
1/3 off for 12 I0. ' '-,°:.,.. ,/ 9W1;
1/2 off for non-profit groups. ’W/ 1.3;?
~" ,..,//,é"/’
,v ,/ :2 ./
The 650 newsletter is ublished Ionthly by the // no ' ,1“... , =..
Igesingitaon 1:32;} Sfrvicez Brgznization‘égggrporated, 7/ . @‘W‘
. . ox _ eXing on entucliy . 690 is ” fl 5 '-‘
a non-profit organization whose purpose is to l" j" 12".?“ ’ ‘-' fag!
proVide educational, recreational. social and \ ~ -4‘3 ’ ‘ . ,Qgg;§
referral‘serVices directly involving or relating to .t’Q’M/‘Q _
gay/lesbian people. "Xfi “ 7" _. 7/7,. '
Views or ofiinions expressed in stories or 5 §§¥\ - " "
letters (are t ose of t e writers and do not L§f \ fig i»
necessarily represent those of the BSD board or the Ni § £1543
newsletter staH. Publication of the naoe or : f‘\\ 3‘5 . SuPPORTOUR
photograph of any person, organization or other ,3“ § S‘ -- A
entity in articles or advertismg in the newsletter _/’j\§ a ‘ ‘r‘g/ DVERTISERS
is in no way indicative of the sexual orientation v; “Q 13/
ol such‘person, organization or entity. _
Sub-issmns {or the newsletter are welcooe. All _——__-_--_-_
suboissions becooe the property of the Lexington ssn seonsons 550
Gay SerVices Drganiza ion, nc. All SubIlSSIOnS __._____-__--__-______
oust indicate the full naoe and, address of the Bluegrass Landscape Design, 4397 Harrodsburg Rd. 223—9114
author. although no byline will be published Brezing’s, 234 East Short Street 233—3309
without peroission .of the author. Non-original Caie’ LhNUP. 337 E. Main Street 252—7131
material “5‘ .lndlfite that that PEFSD" has 9”?" Colplete Landscape Service. 293—1232 or 373-3123
“IS/h" 5’9m551‘3" ‘9' ”‘9 "59 0‘ ”151“" naoe 1" David c. Radez, rsc Securities Corp. 269—7611
the Eu” ”“1”“. “WWI“: “MISS?“ cannot ”9 trinuers by Don, zoo Southland Dr. 278—0555
accep Ed- Thefldltm‘l 5“? ‘ has ‘9 ”'3'“ ‘0 lFur’N Feathers, 2909 Richmond Rd. 266—0226 -
alter sub-issions tincluding advertise-en s) to arm Earth Landscaping Company, 2724,00
IEEt PUNISMNQ require-ents. i Imperial Court or the Bluegrass cepire, 252—1155
DIRECTORY Ishlael and Co. Salon 419 Southland Dr. 277—2437 or 5.443
Jesters, 107 ll. Short Street 252-6510
880 Bayline..............................231-0335 .loe Bologna’s, 103B.Haxwel18t.252-4933
BSD Nefisletter, General”...,,.......,...299-(l352 t John’s Rooneaters, Box 54594, Lex., Ky. 40555, 293-2148
' Advertisement. . ,. . . .. . . . .273-3809 3 Keith Buchanan, Trendsetters 3-513 Landsdowne llr. 273-1097
hailing List...........”263—3935 Kentucky Theatre, 214 E. Main St. 254-5010
550 Recreational Events.......... . .......299-0.’552 i Harque Cross Productions, PO Box 25601, Lex., Ky. 40524
' ' ‘ ton,..,_,,,,,,,,,,_.,,,.”,299-(l352 Hovieola, 1759 Alexandria Dr. 278-1451
”WNW/LEN"? f in 31 E ’ ’7 1155 R h d v c t in 7a
In erial our. 0 . e an rass o ire...25e- i: ar son isz'on en er, 7Alexandria Dr.2 4519
Bag! and Lesbian Democrats gt Kentugiiv....254-i923 Silk Green House, 1050 Chime Rd. 268—8100
Louisville Crisis Hotline..........(502l 637-4342 :19 Bar. 224 E- Hain St- 255-1551 -
Dwensboro Ga filliarce.............(‘02) 685-5246 ‘ is Bungalow. 121 N- hill St- 255—7477
Cincinnati sz Suitéhbuardunulu (5’13) 221-7393 . Unitarian_Universalist Church, 35bit Clays Hill 223-1448
National Gay Task Force Crisis LineiSUOl 22PM“
NBTF AIDS Crisis Line.............. (800) 221-70“ ‘ 95* about DISCOUNTS W 550 when?!

 y“ § 1 ~ . f 9’; /:" I . 2.45;;
‘ I a, g 8
”mag .. t" . ,
W ““2 y“
I can’t wait to shake all over them and the kitchen.
Then I’ll rolls on the sofa to dry.
Fur ‘N Feathers -
G ' b A ' t t

 PRIDE SHOW and finally building loving relationships with
On Sundae. June 9th. The Imperial Court of the other women. an excellent film that leaves you
Bluegrass Empire (I.C.B.E.l. Inc. is proud to wanting more. A short break with refreshments nill
kick—off this year’s Say/Lesbian Pride Week with a be followed by the video. "The Male Couple“ at
Show of Pride at the Circus Disco. This show helps 3:15pm. ”The hale Couple” is a loving and iearning
get a week of activities and special events under video for developing lasting and nourishing gap
may. relationships. Based on the book by David
The l.C.B.E., lnc., is a charitable. rav Mchhirter, db and hndren Mattison. Ph.D. a must
organization that is set up to raise none? Por see for gay couples or others looking for a long
persons, groups and organizations in need. Sv term. loving relationship.
holding fund raisers throughout the year. the Court The videos will be followed by refreshments.
has raised monies for 8.5.0., Cisco kids. nlDS.
Toys for Tots, The Luekemia Society and others. in RELlElDN AND SPLRITUhLlTY
the future, the list will grow even larger with Dignityfteaington Niil sponsor a program on the
community support. ' role of religion and spirtualitp in the anfLesbian
The Court, along with 8.5.0.. GhLUS. amber Moon. life on Thursday. June 13th. 7:30pm at Arts Place.
Dignity/Leaington and S.L.D..‘hopes that you will The main speaker for the presentation will be
show your pride by attending '311 of thg' events LaPaula Turner, a black lesbian who is the pastor
throughout the week of June 9th through the lath. otthe hetrnnelltan Community Church in Columbus.
Proceeds from the Pride Show will no to a fund Dhle- he- Turner’s tonic all! be “Free to 89-"
that is bein' set u between gav ornaniiations for , 4150 §P9sh1h9 th15 EVEhlhh,”1ll be Laura Haller
next year’s dav/Lesdian Pride Celebfation. from LPUISVIiIE 5h thE PPPIC hi women and
' ’ spirituality.
CULTURAL Fth a reception will follow the speakers.
On Monday, June loth a Cultural Fair will be A n R
held at Arts Place from 7-9pm. The fair will . .Ghl AND LEGPIHN P8199 PIENIC .
include a slide presentation. Singers. Poetry . ThiE ”111 PE Lehlhhthh'h IEFDEEt 9?? EVEht 1“
readings, visual artwork and musicians. ' ' hIStGTY- The gates “111 0P9“ at 12’0” “00h 9“
Saturday. June 15th at Jeter’s Fun on the Farm.
PDLlTlChL ngun Jeter’s is approximately 5 miles out Tates Creek
A political theme is set for Tuesday. June ilth Rhadi past NED tiff}? hhhhi h” the XEit- There 35
from B-lem at Arts Place. The speakers for plenty hi parking. ,Thli 1? 3.PTIVEPE PETE? Phd .15
political night 0f GayflLesbian Pride heek. only baing advertized within the Gay and Lesbian
s onsored bv Ba and Lesbian Democrats of Kentuckt Chthhlt¥-.
(dip). and ut*e day and Lesbian Union of Students There Will be tree beers lemonade! and but d095-
ianLUSi. will be Mr. Rick Stafford of Minniapolis. Activities includei softball. velliballr bellman
Minnesota and Mr. Denev Priddy of Louisville. ’ thSSi ih’EE iEhhhd race. high hEEi Paths and ,hhTE-
Mr. Stafford is a "member of the Democratic ht althh the ,9! ”iii ,Stirt playing PUEIC for
National Committee and has been a delegate to both dantlna- There Is also a Jute bee. reel tablet and
the 1980 and 1984 Democratic National “Convention. video games fer khUT entertainment eleaiurE- This
He has served on the 1984 Democratic Platform event ”lil be hEIP Felh or Ehlhei Slhie there are
Committee. the Minnesota Democratic Party Executive PIEhti hi ihdhhr iftihlt195- , , _
Committee' since 1978 and the Minnesota Democratic ThEFE ”311 be 5” lhthrhatlhh tall WhEFE each 0*
Party Central Committee since 1972, He 15 an the organizations in tonn will be able to answer
ex-officio member of the National Association of QUEEtlth and PrhVidP lhihrhatlhh htht thEhSEIVES-
Gay and Lesbian Democratic Clubs and is the Chair ThEFE “111 5150 h? hthEF organizations. QFPUPS and
of the Minnesota Democratic Farmer Labor Party Say hUSIDESSES that "111 have lhtDFmatIDh.hfi0th§- _
and Lesbian Caucus since 1932. Currently he is ,Come out and be a part of Lexington's first
employed by the State of Minnesota. maior_Gay and Lesbian Pride Celebra on. $2.oo
Mr. Priddy is a graduate of Eastern Kentucky donation. BVDS, SEt UPS aiailable. Bring a PICDIC
Universitv’s Law Enforcement School. He has served lunch, blanket, ihUhQE chair or whatever PPUT heart
as the President of Gays and Lesbians United in dESiFES- it iDU EVE sports minded 0’ lUEt want t0
Equality of Louisville and has been active in the IDUHQE around ih thE 5U” Shh enjoy 990d company, h?
lobbying effort in Frankfort and Louisville. He SUFE *0 FflhE and spend the day With your téllhh 53V
worked closely with the Mondale-Ferraro campaign in and LEShiah Ehhhhhlti-
1984. He is currently seeking election as Alderman
in Louisville’s 8th Hard.
On Wednesday, June 12th, 880 is sponsoring Video
Night. The event takes place at Arts Place
starting at 6:30pm with the video I'Lianna," a
sensitive and sophisticated story of a aarried ‘
wonen coning out. going through separation. divorce 6

lifuélnnualdflesbzanérgay ,
‘Przde Celebratton.
(71m: 9 ~15
AWeek of Activities Marking the Beginning of Gay Rights Movement
SUN., JUNE 9 SHOW 0F PRIDE Circus, 9pm- 2am $3 don.
MON., JUNE 10 CULTURAL FAIR ArtsPIace,161 N. Mill, 7-9pm
TUE., JUNE 11 POLITICAL FORUM ArtsPlace, 8-10pm
WED-, JUNE 12 VIDEO NIGHT ArtsPIace, 6:30-10pm
SAT., JUNE 15 PICNIC & DANCE Jeter’s Farm, noon-11pm,$2 don.
B.Y.O.B. Free beer, soft drinks, & hotdogs ’til 8pm
RAIN 0R SHINE I! My indoor & outdoor activities
GSO HOTLINE 231-0335
Sponsored by: GSO, Amber Moon, Dignity, GLD, GALUS, & ICBE

(hilt FiLINT MARY From the President. . .
Dear Aunt Marv: I am Z'l and gay. l live in a f' ,
very isolated place as far as the gay community is kCé‘S' .w .4 3
concerned. l have little chance to find a > .9 (.f‘. 3 3
relationship here. I have been in love twice in A '3. 3 3'_ i —'
about the past year and a half. The second time e ' " ’ I
its guy was gighgeenHwho Idel through clgurch agd bl? 3"
erILl'l'l a job .a . .e divn‘ seem in ereste. 3 egg. '. "53355“ a ,,
not Leren in bging a frieng. l have tried hard to -\ “WW I‘ i 3",; 2
find someone bu the though dawned on me that a 3____ 1 fitmsw‘mflf . _ 7n 7
person can’t lool: for love it must happen. -// \.\ P' '3 , ’ ‘ _
A lot of areas in my life, financial. emotional ,3; use ,. 1 3331
and my family relationship is pretty unstable now. 3* ' germ d be: /
I know in a good relationship someone must consider  3‘?~3'§_‘1:" 1W “deal-lb g it;
the other person’s needs also. So in light of all , « 7.4.4, I '
my insecu ities l’m scared of getting involved for use. ’
the first time. l am trying the classified ads to lig‘ ‘ _
find a mate. I don’t rea lv know where to begin. -. 1;
hop advice would be appreciated. ' C . 9
Confused l. . .I CAN'T GO ON! ICAN'T GO ON BEING
Dear Confused: I checked your postoarl; and then CULTuné‘uLf'gifivTi-Evémisglwom-NLEAND \
my map and i hate to be the one to break this to
you, but you are isolated from civilation as most l
of us know it. not just from the gay community. NEWS FROM LTDC i
l’m afraid vou will not find much acceptance of .
zour lifestyle in an area of strong fundamentalist From newsletter 31 of lNTERNEhl’E/DVUUD"-the .‘
«eliefs and bible belt values. This lack of Dhio Valley Unitarian Universalist organization for I
acceptance tends to drive other gays into hiding, lesbianfgai' concerns: Participation in lnterweave :
making vour search for a mate even more difficult. is open' to all people. gav men and lesbians and '
I’m not sure how far you need to go reach a bus others who are supportive‘of lesbianfgay concerns. '
line. but my suggestion for you is Next Bus Dut Dur goals are to work for increased understanding 2
service by Greyhound. of lesbiang'gajv issues among members of the DD l
Nothing is worse than feeling alone, and until community; to facilitate at least one vearlv ‘
you can reach an area were a real ’gafiv community" get-together for District lesbians and gays: to act l
exists. you will continue to feel isolated. Don’t! as a_ focal point through which ' District 1
Find a way to move to a city where you can become a programfworship committees and ministers can i
part of their gay community and don’t look back. channel requests for information and speakers. etc: i
It may not be easy. but thousands of other gay men to submit articles to the District newsletter and '
have found themselves in a similar situation and to local society newsletters in the interests of till i
worked until they could change it. I hope you will lesbians and gays. Dur gatherings are open to all. ;
do the same. Good Luclill ezzicept those special- gatherings called to :
hunt Mary facilitate meetings of gays and lesbians only {for l
mutual support and action when confidentiality and i
if you would like to write to AUNT MARY, send anonymity are required). .
your letter to: flunt Mary. 2680. Post foice Box {The D'v'UUD board liaison for lNTERNEfWE is: Rev. 1
11471, Lexington, Kentucky 40575. Charles 6. East, 3564 Clays Mill Rd.. Lexington.
l1'3; 40503: spa—2234443) To be on our mailing list.
contact Charles. ' '
The mother of a 14 year old Lexington buy used {mu MEN TD Flfiffl FDR FBQTEP SUN“? 1
by polio: lapt surgmerfiili a police investigation of ' ' ' ' T ‘ T
male pros itu ion as 1 ed a 1.1.5 million dollar n ‘ q .l- o - a 3 ,3... — a’: .
lament against the urinate-Fair's“? ”than 90mm inalf'tallglhgflnilegiiafnlinifill "El-El: llgeiiil —
Government, Maygr Spotty Daeslerl folice EhlE‘.’ John mi an uproar b‘y‘ [ammunjty 'rgsjdent5_ The .333, __
F. McFadden. .ormer Commonwealth s Attorney Larry couple. Donald Babette. 3.3! and David Jean. 31‘ D;
Roberts and 16 others. The boy's mother claims the Boston lan to challenge‘the removal bv the $3339 701
police did not receive parental consent to use her ni'paaéacguaetta according to their attornei’. ' —
son and that his constitional rights were violated. " T" ' ‘5 T T'

 , ‘- 5\ \\\\/
4 C 5&0/1fK7A/1/NG/I/a/fli/l/-@¢NA\L\XQ\/J .\.\..\L 3; NJ: >- A. . 3 .; ‘ ‘\
' o: \
3 , >1— - 1/. / 1, ,, '21.:5‘5 .4» ’1 1
. 1’ . 5 ‘Q 1&3 ,11' 4 1 3" '\ '11“ A 11‘ 1111'. 4%!‘3fl'31‘31y‘3' »» W ,, W111 W 1.1.521; ‘75:,41u")
4.; QW'JjW‘» 1', f ,7 1* 1"‘1‘ \\ 1' ° 11 . MV/W /1 / 'r 11$
, ., a ‘ 1% WV1 ”Jill 1 3'31“ W 1 1', .1 i :« W‘ac/M/Mfl/MK Wm? 311/" 121,-," 1 11
“SE B 1‘\\\1\§1\1 $51,,2’fii _. -, 11 1‘111 .13..1.;1'1,1’: 1.11'1 y% ‘W/ //////1’%/,,1///I/,/\W\\ .- 1 .‘ ' My,“ ”1,
"1. ‘\ " 121;?" "1.:.",1?1-1$f1*..~1 x1 -, ;\ 11511;} ’"11’. a ' ,3 1' ,7, “‘1‘ . .1 ' '11.“
'1 ,1 1\ 11/'” ‘11 '1' '1' """3HUIII11‘11'31111111.1 1111111 111 1111111 1 1 1 11 111 1 *' 1 ""3 AflWWWW/‘fl/ ""1‘1'1W‘1'1‘ ' 1"" 1‘13"""1‘2z
, 1'. ¢ , , 11 '1_;.L..\h,‘11 :is\.;.,1u.n , 1. 1‘ , ‘1 . “‘1 13333333 “Mn1lm\\ \N ,,\\ \h _\\;111‘ .1,1"1;1L-1Ul1«,, “14%;“ .‘ '\\V\ 1.1‘ 1, Niki ' .1 “1 1- 1.11171;
1/ 1, 1 .~ , ,JJIIJ .,,\1 \ \,\1 \\ /1<\11 \. ,\,. 11 1W. {,1
‘ / ‘ \\\‘1‘1 1 1 ,_-? j-ig * 14111111 . . - .‘\ ‘ Wag/f
. . 'M' WWW\<‘W‘W\'W\WWW\WI\1\\ ~ :1 1 1 , 1‘ 31. 1 :, , 1.13116
‘1 , Z" 1'? \ \s\§\\\\\\‘ .1“ ’b go“ : "’———v_*» ”7;; 1 ?__ 1 ; ‘q, '," -1." .111,“ ,11f.1c-_/’:'//":,,'2
19/ [II/{I'W/Vf 1,.7Wr1,‘ WHERE» _: , ., _ 1} 7/ ‘ , ’ , :13!” '15” [£7737 ’13::
/, 4, // \g/ // WSWNR :1- ' ’ 1" , ’ I 71/" @111,
1‘ ////M/, ‘1 / ’//////% ' W @3113:st ir- 7;:er- ' j" _‘ V /I/fg.'
"///M/ 11/ /////'/ 3131311131, * ‘.~ W 15/
1—1‘ /// /2 2,, //////////I////// 1131133611 1 p ' 11 --~ -' x 1 er
,/1 ,, 1 /t M/////1 111111115 “1 ‘ANO r \ t /-1’
111/ ////// // /,11\~1~\1'b111 2 LOUNG 1 - — 1 11/
MW; / /////// /,/1 , \WWWWWQWWO'WWV , 3‘ EAST SHORT E ,~ ; j’- \ I
1' "'3//// "3“ /' ' / " \WWWWW‘WWWW1WM “:1
[‘1'fll%//' / / / 1,} / ,’ “WWW -. » \ 11, hath-,1". ,. .,-'..1-." OM 'Ozso ’35-: 147/, I
"1‘ ' ' ' / / ‘ //11W‘WW\‘\\\\‘\\\\\\\\\V v 1». r‘ 1‘ -2‘11
WWWl//»11111"' ,/ ° MONDAY é TEJl/Ifl’wlummg u I ‘ "1; 331/
‘53” " 5/94/1111” ‘ 1'13"" 3/1/3151” 3’ ,"lg SDAY (’ V " A‘ . ‘ A ‘ 4 /' x. '3‘ ”F
‘ 1/ -' ,1 w L 11,%//,/ . HAPPY HOUR ALL N36 {:2 yy” FR‘, 2 SA 14 . 1r .5 £531!
“1‘\\\\\W\WW' 1‘ WED CHAM ”7 r 1 A T- v 11. Mb, w/w
_ ‘ 1- W § ELLE'S; THIR PAGNE SPECIAL :2 ~" BERE,A.LWAYS HOT '1' 1'1.‘11‘-"J{EZ”,’//M
_ ’ "1/...II l 1.1.1,;3:":‘(
~1~-»_»___? WAR“ ALL WELL 031131; THURSDAYS E 1, LLESS’ag COVER, 11,, ,‘1 gr ., 11’i.‘1..;i~”1”
1~»»?9w”s ONLY .7515 2 1, INCLUDES You R 111': 1:3”? J _ 65W?
7 Y 1 v I v 11

 Gai'S vs Lllrf.
But. their vowed to continue their etiort to have
the following articles appeared in the their rights recognized by the university.
Herald-Leader: iieith Elston, the chairman oi the Bags and
UK board rejects gay-bias oeasure 5/8/85 Lesbian Democrats oi li'entuclzz'gi. said that gay men
he Flair Cohn and Liberal Truman and women uould "T’ioht strongly in whatever means
——- The University of ‘lientucke board oi trustees EE EEE tit against uhatei'er government or
yesterday rejected a measure that uould have administration seeks to deny us our rights."
prohibited discrimination against day men and women Elston. speating at a news conference on the
in admissions and iinancial‘aid. ' steps oi the Ulil administration building, said the
E The action upheld the recommendation oi the 981' group’s action likely would talze the form of
board’s student code committee and came aiter too demonstrations and protests.
— students with opposing views addressed the Elston said the oroup had not ruled out the
trustees. The action has taken by voice vote. and possibility of le‘al action against the university.
, none oi the hoard members explained his vote at the On Monday. the board oi trustees rejected‘a
meeting. measure that would have added "sexual orientation"
at the trustees“ meeting. opposition to the to the list of minorities protected from
proposed se;-:ual-orientation language was expressed discrimination in admissions and financial aid
b hart: Craniill, who told the board that since dEUEiDhE-
there has "no documented evidence“ that any student Steee hbrams. the chairman of the Gay and
had been denied admission or financial aid. "1 Leshian Union of Students, said he has not
think this basically classifies as a non-issue." surprised he" the trustees“ decision.
Craniill. a oraduate student iron Shreveport. 'lhere uas not much doubt in our minds what they
La.. said that'because the student code oi conduct f-i‘EFE ghlho to do," fibrous said. "I’m not happy;
._ already barred discrimination based on belieis. but I am not surprised." ~
there ' was no need for the sexual-orientation .hhféh‘is E SEhIGr iron Leeington._said he did not
H pL-geggigm thinl: the trustees were discriminating against gay
_, "lt uould never come up unless the person openly men and When, "PEThEPE thE‘y‘ Just did not have
proiesses it or pushes it. a so-called militant.“ enough lhihrhatlohg" he sold.
5 grant“; said. ‘ in a statement. Elston said he resented the
‘_, He contended that if the trustees adopted the "implication that adding ’seanlorientation" to
sexual-orientation proposal. they would be lending the 115*. _ 0t . protected _ minorities somehow
—— "their legitimacy to this issue." impedes-fleshed? moon-ties"
I- ~ Ste-Le hbramsfthe chairman of the UK Gay and LEW“: 3- former Uh student. said hi? E35
.1 ' Lesbian Union 'oi Students. said after the meeting CQI’ISIUE’TWE returning t0 Eh? university and "E5
that "as far as the board of trustees. lthe issue) CQhCEFhEd that he mioht he denied admission or
19 taken care mi, but we are “at gfijng tfi give up.“ financial aid because [It lllE- in rights activities.
l He declined to elaborate, saying that his
.5 organization would hold a news conference this
— morning.
—— He said that there was a diHerence between
[L advocating homosexuality and being a homosexual. .
Uli trustee Tommy Bell, a Lexington lawyer. cited
what he said was the illegality of homosexual acts. John’s
But dbrams told the board that the issue of the TM
legality o-’ the proposal should have been disposed Roommaters
by a legal opinion from Ul-i attorney John Darsie.
Rm. “What is at issue then is whether a student’s Lexington's First
—— sea-:ual orientation _is relevant to the admission Roommate Matching Service
l process or the decision to grant students financial
aid," hbrams said. 293- 2148
The UK Student Government Senate voted 13 to It
in favor of the proposal. The UK Faculty Senate BOX 54594, LeXu KY 40555
Council has approved a megfiureb that prohibitg —Discreet-—
L discrimination in oracles on e Lasis o. seiiua .
KM- orientation. - —Profe551onal—
— _ _
Leaders of gay groups vow to Frlendly
'- continue rights fig t a UK 5/9/85
By Dan hnderson
"—' Leaders of gay groups said yesterday that they
INGq mere disappointed with the decision} U'v‘ the
University of Kentucky board of trustees to‘reject
a measure that would have prohibited discrimination
agginst homosexuals in admissions and financial
ai- .

 Right now in the Gay community. we're — sexual practices are our best means
faced with some extremely difficult AIDSSAFESEX GUIDELINES right now of reducing our risk and
decisions because of AIDS—sexual Mnufiumg stopping the spread of AIDS.
decisions affecting our lives and life. Whflé‘iflgi “Change?Nobody else is doing it!"
styles. We Gay men have come up with W'T°'B§:;iii;t§:i[ mm] The fact is that a major research

a lot of excuses for avoiding the issue. mgffifiwcm project conducted by the AIDS Foun-

We all know that safer sex can 5““:ng Wiggle“? dation among San Francisco Gay
reduce the risk of contracting and w‘mspgm 0“” men revealed that two -thirds of the
spreadmg AIDS Some practices are m mumufifsi‘vffmmcomm Gay community is making a serious
more effective than others; some we *Em‘fifii‘i‘iffm effort to reduce their risk by practicing
have questions about. . mm?“ safer sex. flea-thirds.

We. all need to make informed Vaginal mtemfli‘i’hxmm Condom Talk about it Even though it’s a
(11301510115, not excuses. You‘llprobably wen—— difficult subject for everyone, chances
agree that none 0f the tOHOWUIg . partner and the well-being of our are your partner is just as concerned
excuses 111th the spread 0f AIDS “1 community are also at stake. as you are and would probably
our commumty. AIDS is not just a physical problem. welcome a chance to discuss it.
“Whose responsibility is it?" There are political, social. and eco- Let’s stop making excuses
It's yours. Your partner’s. And the nomic effects as well.There is alread ,
community’s. Everyone must take evidence that social freedoms may y Lets stop the spread 0f AIDS
a concerned and active role if we’re be restricted because of AIDS. AIDS
going to stop the spread of this disease. can be used as an excuse for anti