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Index of Minutes of the Regular Quarterly Meeting
      of the Board of Trustees, June 17, 1919.

1.  Adoption of Minutes.

2.  Execution of Agreement with the Trustee of the George
      Peabody Fund.

3.  Granting of Degrees.

4.  Farm Boy's Encampment.

5.  Doctor Patterson's Claim.

6.  The Annual Budget for 1919-1920.

7.  Election of Officers df the Board.

8.  Red Cross Work.

9. Annual Report of President.

      Student Discipline.
      Housing of Students.
           Chapter Houses for Fraternities.
           Feeding of Student Body.
      The University and the War.
      Finances of the University.
      The Building Program.
      Organization of University Business,
      Additions to the University Staff.
      Organization of University Business.
      Organization of Engineering College.
      Department of Education.
           Model High School.
           Smith-Hughes Work.
      Extension Work.
            Agricultural Extension.
            University Extension.
      Agricultural College and Axperiment Station.
      Memorial Building.
      The Library.
      Loan Funds.



10. University Book Store.

11. Committee for Purchase of Coal.

12. Bond for Quartermaster itores.

13. Dr. Dimock's Salary.

14. Appointments, Changes in Status, Transfers.

15. Report of Business Agent.

Addenda. Record kept of Budget.


    Minutes of the regular quarterly meeting of the Board
of Trustees, University of Kentucky, for June 17, 1919.

-   The Board of Trustees of the University of Kentucky
met in regular quarterly session in the President's office
at the University at 11:00 o'clock a. m., Tuesday, June 17,
1919.  On roll call, the following members were present:
Richard C. Stoll, R. P. Ernst, P. P. Johnston, Jr., Sena-
tor H. M. Froman, V. 0. Gilbert, Mat S. Cohen, Rainey T.
Wells, J. M. Zlliston, J. R. Rash, Frank McKee and
W. H. Grady.  President Frank L. MoVey, and Wellington
Patriok, Secretary of the Board, were also present.

     (1) Adoption of Minutes. The minutes of the meeting
of the Board of Trustees for April 1, 1919, were read and
the following resolution passed with respeot thereto:
Whereas a meeting of the Board of Trustees of the University
of Kentucky was held on April 1, 1919, at which there was
not a quorum present, now therefore be it resolved that the
actions taken by that meeting of the Board are adopted as
the actions of this meeting.

     A motion was made, seconded, and carried adopting the
minutes of the Executive Committee as published since last

     (2) Agreement with Trustee of the George Peabody Fund
Executed  - Mr.-Stoll stated to the Board that the agree-
ment between the University and the Trustee of the George
Pembody Fund, (the Phoenix and Third Trust Company), had
been executed in the form prescribed by the Board of
Trustees at a previous meeting.

     (3) Granting of Degrees. President McVey presented to
the Board the following list of candidates for degrees
accompanied by letters from tho Secretary of the Senate.
On motion the list of candidates was approved as presented.
The letters from the Secretary of the Senate and list of
candidates are as follows:


   University of Kentucky

                     Junle 11, 1919

To the Students of the University:

     Students who desire to be-
come candidates for Rhodes Scholar-
ship will please hand to me an appli-
cation, asking that their names be
considered for this scholarship.
The details can be ascertained by
application to the President's office.
The statement of the application should
show age, courses of study pursued, gen-
eral activities and interests while at
college, and four testimonials from
persons well acquanited with the appli-

                     Frank L. McVey,



June !7, 1919

To the 'Members of the Board of Trustees,

     University of Kcntucky.


     The Senate of the University of Kentucky recommendo
the following persons as being worthy of the honorary
degree of Doctor of Laws:

               William Dixon Ileaver,
                 Charlottesville, Virginia.

                 Edwtard ..arren Hines,
                 Louisville, Kentucky.

                                         Rcspeotfully submitted,

                                             Ezra L. Gillis,

                                                  Secretary to the


                                       June 17, 1919

To the Mcmbers of the Board of Trustecs,

    University of Kentucky.


     The Senate of the University of Kentucky certifies
to you that the following persons have completed the
courses of study required for the degrees indicated and
recommends that the same be granted.

                                  Respectfully submitted

                                      Ezra L. Gillis

                                   Secretary to the Senate.


         qopLege of Arts and Scienoe

Candidates for the Degree of B.^chelor of Arts

Mary Elizabeth Beoll
Edna King Berkele
Isaac Anderson Bowles
Emmit Evart Bratoher
Ruth Howard Cardwell
Marie Collins
Bessie Taul Conkwright
Eleqnor Flora Eaker
Elizabeth Featherston
Ola Logan. ?igg
Edward Earl Gotherman
Mildred Hazen Graham
Virginia Taylor Graham
Ada Louise Hardesty
Lillian Ella HIaydon
Riohard Earl Henry
Vaneta Thomas Horlaoher
Everett Edward Kelley

llamie MoCann
Lee 1-\foClain
Elizabeth McGowan
Bernard Ivoosniok
George Eliatt Park
'ialter Clay Piper
Mary Gray Riley
Ila See
Margaret Sexton
Louise Singer Stevenson
Eliza Xa.ye Spurrier
Perry Elmo Thomas
Cardwell Douglas Triplett
Dillard Hazelrigg Turner
Margaret Helmsing Tuttle
Dorothy Caldwell *;alker
Sudie .loris a4hittinghill
Lucy Aloysia Young

Candidate for the Degree of Bachelor of Soienoe

Lillian Frmoes MoConnell



Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

John Thornton Connell
Frederiok Marion Jackson

Eliza MoLean Piggott
Charles IEvans Planok

Candidates for the Degree of Haohelor of Science in Industrial Chemistry

Frank Homer Bell
Eli Baerlo Friedman
Louis Goldberg

Jacob Liebschutz
Arthur VIalton Petrey

                    College of Agriculture

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

George Ivan Barnes
Ruth Montgomery Duokwall
Richard Lindsey Dunoan
Poster Floyd Elliott
Carsie Hammonds

Ben Gordon Marsh
Louis Reusoh, Jr.
Wilbur Preston Rhoads
Samuel Headley Shouse
Edward Terrill Tapsoott

Candidates for the Degree of Bchzlor of Soienoe in Home Economios

Lois Real Brown
Julia Yeomans Burbank
Laura Cassidy
Sarah Mildred Collins
Effie Lee Gentry
Sarah Caliwell Harbison

Austin Page Lilly
Eliza Clay Maeon
Sarah Katherine Parrish
Elizabeth Danforth Piokett
Elsie Gertrude Potter
Louise Turner

                       College of Engineering

Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Soience in Civil Engineering

Ruby Karl Diamond
Raymond Wesley Banson

Charles Franklin Johnson
Moss Smith

Candidates for the Degree of Barchelor of Soience in Mechanical Engineering

Frederlkic Paul Anderson, Jr.
Louis Henry Bauer
Trice Morton Bell
Charles Frederic deMey, Jr.
Eugene Allen Edmonds
Gilbert Frmnkel
Alvin Kobn
Eugene Allen Lillard
Harry Edward Maddox
Hoomer G. Proctor
Charles Lranden Templin
James Stuart Wallingford

Robert Samuel Arnold
nalter Scott Baugh
.iilliam Russell David
David Russell Dudley
Joseph Michael Eyl
Alexander Daniel Hall
John Julian Leman
James Ellyson McClellan
Hugh Meglone Milton, Jr.
John Felix Shouse
Carl Albert Timmer


Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Science in Mining Engineering

                 Ceoil TormaL Batbel

    Candidates for the Degree of Bachelor of Laws

Carl Henry Denker             William Joseph Kallbrier
Herbert Horton Grecne         Charles Spurgeon Ramsey


                    Master of Arts

William Whitfield Elliott      Simeon Elbridge Leland
Harvey Pierson Pettit          Shelby Smith Elam

                     Civil Engineer

George Atwell Scott            James Rufus ,tatkins

     (4) Farm Boys' Encampment. The matter of the contri-
bution of the University to the Farm Boys' Encampment,
considered at the meeting of the Executive Committee on
June 6, 1919, was taken up and discussed.  A motion wvs
made, seconded, and adopted providing for reconsideration of
the previous action of the Board with respect thereto.
After discussion a motion was made, seconded, and adopted
authorizing the University to pay $600 to the State Fair
Board for the year 1919, the same as-as paid in the year 1918.
A motion was made, seconded, and adopted requesting the
President of the University to report at the meeting of the
Board in September whether in his opinion it would be advis-
able to continue the contribution by the University, also
whether it would be desirable to hold the encampment on the
campus of the University.

     (5) Dr. Patterson's Claim. The letter from Dr. Patterson
dated May 27, 1919j to Mr. Stoll, recorded in the minutes of
the Executive Committee for June 6, 1919, and referred to the
Board of Trustees for further action, was read and discussed.
On motion, made, seconded, and unanimously adopted, the Seore-
tary of the Board was directed to convey to Dootor Patterson
the following. that the Board of Trustees has no desire or
intention to humiliate or embarrass him; that it has the high-
est regard and respect for him; but that it does feel that
the matter in question should be brought to a settlement in
the customary and usual business form.   The Board, therefore,
has instructed the Business Agent of the University to pay to
Doctor Patterson $2,700, upon the tender of a receipt for all
claims he may have against the University.



     (6) The Annual -Budget  The annual budget of the Uni-
versity for the fiscal year 1919-1920, recommended to the
Board at Trustees by the Executive Committee at its meet-
ing on June 6, 1919, Was taken up, read, discussed, and with a
few correotions adopted.  (A complete copy of the budget as
adopted, certified to by the Chairman of the Executive Com-
mittee and Secretary of the Board is filed with the record
copy of the minutes of the meeting.  Copies of suoh por-
tions of the budget as pertain to the various departments
are furnished to the heads of departments by the President
thru the deans.)

     (7) Election of Officers. The following officers of
the Board of Trustees were elected for the ensuing year:
Richard C. Stoll, Vice-chpirman; John R. Downing, Treasurer;
Wellington Patrick, SecretAry. Executive Committee:
R. C. Stoll, R. G. Gordon, R. P. Ernst, P. P. Johnston, Jr.,
and Rainey T. Wells.

     (8) Courses in Red Cross Work Introduced. President
McVey read to the Board the following communication from
R. J. Colbert, Assistant Divisional Director, Lake Division,
American Red Cross:

                 The American Red Cross
              Lake Division Headquarters
                    Cleveland, Ohio

                                        Juno 12, 1919

President Frank L. Molley,
     University of Kentucky,
         Lexington, Kentucky.

My dear President MoVev:

     Complying with your suggestion, I am submitting in the
following lines a brief statement of proposition the Red Cross
extends to the University of Kentucky and also a brief state-
ment of the budget -- minimum and maximum - which I think
will be necessary for the development of the proposed courses
in training for social service:

      1. During the past two years the American Red Cross has
 organized and developed its Home Service program in each
 county of the State of Kentucky -- and thruoug the United States.
 The peace time program of the Red Cross aims to establish this
 social service permanently in each community -- to meet what-
 ever sooial problems and needs the community presents, whether
 affecting soldiers' families or not.

     2. The permanent establishment of such work rests upon
the securing for each community a trained, full-time, paid



executive who .'5 oapable of organizing and developing the
work and keeping the community interest and supporting it.

     3. The permanent program of social service calls for
pernanent training facilities, not merely for short courses,
but professional courses of a semester, a year, two years
and possibly even longer. Just as there is a constant
demand in law, medicine and other professions, there is also
a constant demand for high grade social workers -- right
now the demand cannot be supplied.

     4. In order to conserve the gains made during the war
and in recognition of the field and facilities of state uni-
versities, the Red Cross makes the following proposition:

     (a) To assist the University in organizing and devel-
oping courses in training for social -ork -- especially
courses which train for work in rural and small town

     (b) For each course offered -- whether six Teeks, a
semester, a year in length -- the Lake Division office of
the Red Cross will advnnce the Sum of $100.00 to meet the
expenses and provide the equipment for such courses.

     (c) An accounting of the fees collected from the stu-
dents -- it is recommended that a special fee of $3.00 be
charged - is to be made; but this may adso be refunded to
meet the expenses and provide equipment for the course.
This; then, gives to each course for expenses and equipment
$100.00 plus the speoial fees, usually amounting to $54.00
(eighteen students at $3.00) or $154.00.

      (d) The Red Cross will pay the salary and necessary
traveling expenses of a full-time instructor (or assist-
ant professor) who will have charge of the field work of the
students and the organizing and development of sociological
laboratory facilities.   This instructor (or assistant
professor) will be chosen only with the approval of the
President of the University and the Head of the Department
of Sociology.   His salary will be paid by the Red Cross
until the University budget can be arranged to assume the
obligation.   The salary of such a person will be paid on a
twelve months basis by the Red Cross and will range from
$1,800 to $2,400 (more if absolutely necessary to get the
right man).

      (e) The Director of the courses should be the Read
 of the Department of Sociology, and he would have all the
 administrative responsibilities in regard to the course.



While the-l-ri  is associated with the Red Cross, he is
considered a staff member of the Lake Division of the
Red Cross, Bureau of Researah and Eduoation and will be
given frequent opDortunitic:s to attend staff conferences,
social science conferences, cto.,. suchi a3s will tend to
further the devclonment on the fror* in the University and
increase the standards of training.

     (f) For the most part the recruiting of students Ifill
be done by the Division Representatives of the Red Cross,
and the properly qualified students of the University will
be most weloome.   All training classes should be limited
to eighteen or even less.   The Red Cross has drawn heavily
from other social agencies, and therefore in recognition of
this fact, places no exception on persons who desire to
enter some other field of social work -- other things being
equal -- a worker from any other agency will be admitted
on the same footing as an exeoutive secretary of a Red Cross
Homo Service Section.

     (g) The granting of credit for such courses and the
rating given the students is a matter wholly to be decided
by the Department of Sociology and the University officials.
A certificate will be granted to those students who suocess-
fully complete the courses and are recommended by the
director for certificates.

     5. The budget necessary for this ooming year beginning
with this summer session -- minimum and maximum estimate --
is as follows:

           Item                         1\iinimdm       Maximum

      1. Instructor (or assistant
      . professor)........ ..         $1,800          $2,750
      2, Fivo six-week courses .v...,      500            770
      3; Tr.o semester courses ......       50            200
      4. Traveling expenses of
          Direotor and training
          supervisor ...............      200            .300
                                         2,550          4D020 -

      This includes libraryand laboratory equipment, the ini-
 tial expense of which makes the first yearl's budget higher than
 the subsequent Shears.

      This does not include the cost of providing a class room
 and heat and light.   Nor does it include any part of the
 salary of the Director or head of the department who is already
 a member of the University staff.


     All the items mentioned above will be assumed
by the Red Cross for at least the coming school year,
beginning if -oossible with the summer session, or until
such time as the University budget can be arranged to
assume full ro'sponsibility.'' It is recognized as a. Uni-
vers.ty responsibility and the Red Cross does not desire
to do any more than assist in getting the work under wmy.

                                   Respectfully submitted,

                                      R, 3. Colbert,

                                      Assistant Divisional Dircotcr.

     On recommendation by President McVey, it was moved,
seconded, and unanimously adopted that the proposal con-
tained in the foregoing communication be accepted by the
Board of Trustees.

     (9) President's Annual Report. President MelVey then
made the following report to the Board of Trustees.



     (10) University Book Store. President McVey read a
report from the Committee appointed to investigate the
matter of a University book store, the report being as

     Your committee on the establishment of a University
book store desires to make the following report:

     It recommends that such a store be established and
that the contract entered into by the University with the
party to manage the store includes the following points:

     (1) That the University provide a suitable room and
equipment, including heat, light, etc., for the management
of such a store;

     (2) That the manager selected shall furnish sufficient
capital to conduct the business, and he will be allowed a
profit of ten per cent on all books and other articles of-
whatever kind handled;

     (3) That the manager shall give bond to the amount of
$2500 for the faithful performance of his contract;

     (4) That new books only shall be sold;

     (5) ThetA the details of the manner of conducting the
bin iliss, the frtioleg, aside from books, to be handled, etc.,
be left to the committee oh the University book store;

     (6) That all the acdounts and other business matters of
the store be Open to the committee and audited at stated
times by the Business Agent of the University;

     (7) That all books ordered by University instructors
for classes be ordered thru this medium;

     (8) That a manner of terminating this dontradt, shoild
     a ore unsatisfactory to either party, be inserted, approved
by President McVey.

     Your committee further' suggests, that as Hr. J. 4 Bbattilo
has had experience in this line, he be given the first oppor-
tunity to contract under the above terms with the University
for the management of the proposed store.

                                               C. R. Melcher,

                                         Chairman of Committee on
                                           Univerbity Book Store.

      On motion, duly made and seconded, the Executive Committee
 was authorized to enter into a contract for the operation of
 suoh a store.



     (i1i) Committee for Purchase of Coal.  President
MoVey reported to the Board that specifications for the
purchase of coal had been prepared and sent to dealers,
but that so far only one firm had submitted a bid.
After discussion, the chair appointed Mr. Grady and
Senator Peak as a committee to make arrangements for the
purchase of cor-l iuer the ooming year.

     (12) Business AqenL Authorized to Execute Bond.
On motion, duly made and seconded, the following resolu-
tion was adopted.   Be it resolved by the Board of Trustees
of the University of Kentucky that the Business Agent of
the University, D. H. Peak, be and is hereby directed to
execute for and in the name of the University of Kentucky,
a bond conditioned in the sum of twenty-eight thousand
dollars ($28,000), to be satisfactory to the W1ar Department
of the United States, said bond to be executed in duplicate,
one copy of which is to be forwarded to the Quartermaster
General of the Army and the other to be filed in the office
of the Business Agent for future reference.

     (13) Salary of Dr. W. W. Dimook.   President McVey
reported to the Board that subsequent to the recent appoint-
ment of Dr. W. Wl. Dimock, he had received offers of larger
salaries at several other places, but that Dr. Dimock had
declined them owing to his engagement with the University.
The President recommended that on and after July 1, 1920,
Dr. Dimocl s salary be increased from $3,000 to $3,300.
On motion, the recommendation was approved.

      (14) Aupointments reappointments chances in status.
 transfers.   President MoVey then presented to the Board-
 recommendations for the following list of appointments, re-
 appointments and changes in status and transfers, whioh on
 motion was approved.

      Appointment of Dr. k. J. Steiner as assistant vete-
 rinarian and instructor in veterinary science in the de-
 partment of veterinary science, at a salary of $1,800 a
 year, effective July 1, 1919, or at such date thereafter
 as he can arrange to report.   Be is a graduate of Iowa
 Agricultural College and now employed at the Oklahoma
 Agricultural College.

      Appointment of Miss Mary F. Sweeny as head of the
 Department of Home Eoonomios and in charge of home econom-
 ics work in extension, at a salary of $2,500 a year, ef-
 fective August 15, 1919, or at such earlier date as she can
 assume work.



                   Changes in Title

     1. J. Kinney, associate professor in agronomy
to be professor of larm crops.

     George Robc-ri.a, in addition to his other duties
to be made asizis?anL Tcan.

     D. J.        ii.ly,  . adciticu to bacteriologist in the
Department of ChcT!isiry, experiment Station, to be
professor of Agricultural Bacteriology in the teaching

     Miss Linda Purnell, instructor in Hoie Economics,
to be assistant professor of Home Economics.

     J. R. Martin, instructor in poultry, to be assista t
professor in poultry husbandry.


     N. R. Elliott, acting head of Department of Horti-
oulture; transferred to extension department-and put.in
charge of work of specialists.

     N. 1M. Cregor, laboratory assistant in the Publio
Service Laboratories to the position of extension special-
ist in agronomy, effective June 16, 1919.   His salary
is to be $1,800 a year, effective July 1, 1919.


     The following reappointments are made for the periods

              Cogge of Arts and Science

G. R. Bancroft, Assistant Professor of Chemistry, for three years
Florence i1. Barrett, Instructor in Romance Languages, for one year
Minna IMioLeod Beck, Assistant Professor of Art and Design, for one year
W. E. Butt, Assistant Professor of Hittory and Politioal Science,
    for three years
H. H. Downing, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, for three years
A& Gill, Assistant Professor of Athletics, 7ield Conoh, for three years
Frances Jewell, Instructor in English, for one year
F. T. Mc'arland, Assistant Professor of Botany, for three years
Marguerite McLaughlin, Instructor in Journalism, for one year
E. C. Mabie, Assistant Professor of English, for three years
G. W. Smith, Instruotor in Mathematics, for one year
G. if. Whiting, Instructor in English, for one year



                   Engineering Colleoe

P. M. Arkle, Mechanical Enginecr, for one year
C. S. Crouse, Assistant Professor, for one year
L. B. Crowder, Instructor, for one year
J. B. Dicker, Instructor in wFood Shops, for one year
R. D. Hawkins, Instructor, for one year
J. S. Horino, Assistant Professor, for three years
George L. Jackson, Instructor, for one year
HJ. A. Newmnr, Assistant Professor, for three years
S. T. Sa.unior, Instructor, for one year
D. N. Singer, Instructor, for one year
(F C. Tucker, Instructor, for one year
$. G. Watkins, Instructor, for one year
Louise G. *Jebb, Instructor, for one year


     Resignation of Fred C. Jalters, Superintendent of
Model High School, effective at the end of the present
scholastic year.

     Resignation of Dr. A, W. Calhoun, assistant professor
of sociology, effective at the end of the present scholas-
tic year.

      (15) Report of the Business APcnt. The financial
 statement of the Business Agent whioh was prepared for
 presentation to the Board was as follows:



Trial Balance -- General Ledger

         May 31, 1919

                                                 Debit       :   Credit

1. Real Estatc, Building, Equipmcnt, etc...
5. Additions and Betterments...............
,l5. Cash ...................................
21. Pctty Cash ............................
24. Trca.surer ol the University ............
90. Outstanding Warrants ...................
36. Accounts Receivable ....................
41, Students' Ledger ............ ...........
44. Supplies, Michanical and Electrical ....
50. Departmcnt Material and Supplies........
52. Store Room Cash ........................
54. Store Room ............................
6o. Insurance Paid in Advance .............
63. Students Uniform Fund ..................
65. Land Grant Endowment Funds .............
66* Peabody Endowvment Fund .................
67. Crum Bequest ..........  .........
68. Bennett Bequest ........................
69. Southern R. R. Student Loan Fund.
70. Class 1917 Chemistry Library Fund.
71. Fleischman Fund ........................
75. Cafeterias .............................
81. Miscellaneous ..........................
85. Notes Payable .........................
88. Returned Chocks.
92. Accounts Payable.
200. Real Zstate, Buildings, Equipment, etc.
205. Additions and Betterments .............
222. Treasurer of the University ...........
230. Outstanding Wtarrants ...................
236. Dairy Accounts Receivable.
245. Department M1aterial and Supplies ......
250. Store Room .......
260. Insuranoc Paid in advanoce ............
308. Treasurer of the University ...........
318. Outstanding Warrants.
375'. Capital a-nd Surplus ...........
395. Income - Trust Fund ...................
400. Income - Gcneral Fund .................
410t Income - Experiment Station.
415. Income - Extension Division .     .
420, Instruction ...........................
425. Administration Expense ...............
430. Patterson Hall Expense ....
435. General Expenditures .................
440. Expcriment Station Expense * ......
445* Extension Division Expense ...

:        1. 00
   ..... .......  
:    1,805.22
:    2,699.07
:      578.32
:    1,000.00



 : 26,776.80
 :  201,110.93
 :  8,585.64

: ...........
: ...........

: ...........

: ...........
: ...........
: ...........
: ...........
: ...........
: ...........





  ...... .....  
  * .-....  -..-..

: ..........

      : 259;95


:  ...0....




       Statement of Cash Rcoe'pts and Disbursements

                      Mei 3!.. 1919

                         : Previously  :   Currcnt  :  Fisoal Year
                         :  Rcportcd   :    ionth        tc Date
_____________________________-       _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ____ -._ -.________________________

Ca.sh ia Bank and on hand,
  April 30, 1919..

   General Fund Income .........
   Experiment Station Income
   Extcnsion Division Income ..
   Accounts Receivable.
   Old Material, eto., Sold
   Trust Fund Income ...........
   Studenta Uniform Account
   Notes Payable ......
   Refund on Insurance.
     Prcmum .
             Total Receipts

            Total .............

  Accounts Payable .............
  Notes Payable ...............
  Returned Clhocks .............

            Total Expenditures.

:$ 47. OD-4q

: 630,z73.51
: 216,705.38
: 10%9492.89
:1    416.66

:     ' 10.03
:  o;6s5. 632.70

$1,112,733.19 :

: 940,007.28   :
:  65,ooo.oo  :
:10506.4618    :

:1,005,Q64.46 :

$42 .96$ 78 : $    ,0. o .2E
$A, 6..       . .

2,782.92   633;056.43
26,963.32:    243;,67170
3,-811.72:   113,304.61
  2,-983.97:    21,095.80
    196.00       479.75
    41.67       458.33
., .....    .   . : 342.65
..........:     90,000.00

 36.779.60 :1.102.419.30

 79,746.38 :1,192,479.57

 61,280.32 :1,001,2%7;60
 .......... :    65,000.00
     6 3.69  :1669.38-

 61,333.92 :i,o66,398.38

Cash in Bank and on Hand,
  May 31, 1919 ................

Total ............

: -.66873     :   18.412.46    126.:81.19

:1,112,733.19    :   79,746.38 :1,192,479.57


                          University of Kcntucky
                     Balance Sheet as at May 31, 1919

General Fund
    Current and Working Assets
    Cash in Bank ............................................
    Cash on Hand ...................-
    Petty Cash Account ................................      ..
    Accounts Receivable ...................     ,   ._.,
    Matorial and Supplies.
           Total and Currcnt Jorking Assets .................

     Insurance Paid in Advance ............................

           Total General Fund Assets ........................

Zniowmcnts, Bequests, etc.
    Land Grant Endowment ............    . $144,075.00
    Peabody Endowment  .     ..........40,000.00
    Crum B@euest    .       ...........   578.32
    Bennett Bequest ..................    448.36
    Southern R. R. Loan Fund .   .      1,000.00
    Class of 1917 Chemistry Library
    Fund             .                   100.00
    Fleischman Fund   .      ...........

Total Enaowments, Bequests,

$ 17,411.46
   1, 000. 00
 24, 103-24


..... 187,160o.01

Real Estate, Buildings, Equipment, Eto.
     Property Accounts as at Juno 30,
       1918,.                   .     1,204,323.78
     Additions Since .

            Total Real Estate, Buildings,
              Equipment, Etc. ........................