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to" Mu" ITY Mal LING LIST participate: could receive an initial list of rrnyazigling lDabels
At the November GLSO Board meeting, we at cost and could receive additional sets of labels as
initiated a mailing list project in order to provide our needed. New groups that wish to participate would
local community organizations with a list of addresses apply to the Services Network. We could have
for social, political and fund raising purposes. There sub—categories such as voting districts. We still have to
is a great need for such a list and various attempts have decide what agreement that should be made to insure
been made to assemble one in the past. Please read the discreet return addresses. We also need to clear about
articles by Linda West in this issue concerning the work appropriate uses of the list and of course, we would
done by Fairness in the last election and the need stipulate that the list could not be sold.
Fairness sees for such a mailing list. We realize that some people have concern
After a long discussion, the GLSO board came about putting their names on such a list As lesbian, gay
up with a process to begin compiling a list and some and bisexual people, we have to continually decide
suggestions for its maintenance. If you receive the how out to be. The members of the GLSO Board
GLSO New by mail and you do NOT want your name understand that some of us are not ready and others
to be placed on the Community Mailing List, you need may not be interested in being on such a list. We would
to call Mary Crone at 266-5904 or drop a note to the like to encourage participation however. It is often
newsletter before March lst. We will repeat this some degree of fear that keeps us quiet, unorganized
information in the next two issues of the GLSO News and closeted. Sometimes we are concerned about _
to insure that everyone knows well in advance. After loosing people close to us or sometimes we are
March lst, the names and addresses of all subscribes concerned about the more extreme actions of right-wing
who did not call or write to us will be added to the fanatics and homophobes. The need we feel to protect
community List. The Board anticipates that some ourselves can itself be harmful. We need to challenge
individuals would have preferred for us to handle this ourselves to overcome our fears one step at a time. For
in a different manner. We considered several some people, going to a concert or some other social
alternatives, such as asking those wanting to be on event is the next step. For others, the time is right to
such a list to call, or having volunteers call all our attenda public political rally. The various groups who
subscribers. We decided that having subscribers call serve the various sectors of the lesbigay community
us is the most efficient method. Of course, if you are need to know how to reach you to inform you of their
not a subscriber and wish to be one, give us a call. events. We encourage you to leave your name on the
We will be contacting community groups to ask list.
for their participation in this project. We anticipate that
each group will canvas their membership and, if CONTINUED TO PAGE 2
deciding to participate, will add names to the list. So . . . .
far, we have had a favorable response. We are open Have you been dlscrlmmutcd against
to suggestions as to how the lifst will be organized, in the Commonwealth of Kcntuc
maintained, and distributed. I on or your group - -
would like to discuss details, please attend the December “if your sexual orientation?
and/or January Services Network Meeting. (See the THE" REPORT IT!
article b Ann Olli es in this issue)
We considefed a number of ideas about how to 216-5383
best maintain this list in our discussion. We agreed that
the Community List should be on—going with names
, being added upon request. It could be maintained by fiui$¢flmntump¥° 3“?“
' ”i" "WI“—

CE ’~:‘ 7:5 £3 a IDS Stump Issued
0 ~ -- o
, - £2 gasoavgrws r; - .
Published Monthly by the Over a decade into the AIDS pandemic, the US Postal
, , , Service is finally issuing an AIDS awareness stamp
19“”9‘0” gay/[sagtan 55w”; featuring the famous red ribbon symbol. This stamp
01 amizaflon. will be released on Dec. 1 for National AIDS Awareness
9 Day and in perfect timing for holiday greeting cards.
PO. Box 11471, Lexington, KY 40575
Kristin 13- Smith The Rural Alliance Network today announced the
GLSO Annual Dues _ $1500 debut of its new online interactive service. “I like to
D f C 1 $ 20 00 think of it as the ‘America Online’ equivalent for the gay
ues or Cup es ' - community,” said Jay Cooley, Director of RAN. “This
Newsletter Only — $10.00 will herald a new day in the history of the gay
—————————————”—— movement, broadening the diversity and involvement
Views or opinions expressed in the GLSO NeHs are those of the authors . , . _ ,
mi don't necessarily repreranr those at the GLSO Board of Within it, as well as empowering With the knowledge
3::::::;::“:2::2:2=.::: 3.15.22: .21: .2::2::*2:..:22°2: 2:: the greater silent maioriwf’
author. The staff reserves the right. to edit submission and ads to
22:23:22.1:2”.*2.::2::::“:::2..::.22:: 2: :2: 2:23:32 :2: The service provides along overdue nationwide forum
denote aperscn's sexual orientation nor a business' customer for the hldden, Vast numbers Of lesbigays liVing in
. \ferpreece- r 1‘ ,4 . remote rural and suburban areas. The Network
' 3Q; ' 3° °;-. ’F ' provides a wealth of information and entertainment for
\ I ’ the lesbigay community. RuralNet Online Services are
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 available 24 hours adday by phoning 805 287-0010 with
The right—wing is very well organized and well your computer mo em.
funded and one of their current tactics is to work on the "K LG bd B h I SLI
local level to put candidates onto school boards, city m 0 "Inc S a CCQSS
councils, and into state legislatures. As Fairness On November 7, UK Lambda hOSted 21 singles brunch
demonstrated in the first district city council race last for a group of about 20 at a local private home.
month’s election, we work together to defeat these Organized by Julian AICksandfesi the POtIUCk W35
extremist candidates. Our lesbigay community is designed to meet complaints from both on and off
growing stronger and gaining support from the larger campus far a non-alcofholic social setting for lesbigay
community. We have the advantage of being right, We sing es. T e success 0 this first brunch has led to talk
deserve equal rights,we deserve freedomof expression, Of a monthly Singles brunch to be held in different
and we deserve to love whom we choose. When you people’s homes. If you are interested in hosting a
are ready put your name on the list! brunch, contact Jeff at 276-5383.
Mary Sojourner Crone
Cyber-Oueers are Here
' - If you have access to electronic mail via BITNET,
FII'IO I'ICICI REPO" Internet, Compuserve, America Online or similar, then
we have a local computer network for you: Lambdanet.
Forthe monthsofAugustandOctober,GLSO'sexpenses Similar to receiving a daily gay paper, the network
for running such services as the GLSO News, Phoneline, posts news stories, community events and discussion
Support Group and Welcoming Service, etc. were of weighty and fluffy matters. To subscribe for free,
gorge rim; (1311;220:3313 if; gfiggéshspesarsicgeg emafil to: gAJfiNgZ®Ekccéiky§du Cpmputer accounts
V U U , are ree o a stu en an acu ty.
remember our GLSO at this holiday season where even
a small gift helps. I—IOpp
October: 9
Revenue: $376.6$0
Expenditures: 405.72 I—I Id I
GLSO Operational Funds (balance): $934.76 0 I 09 f -

oaturday, February 12th. RubyFruit Cupid Cat e.
Dance, dessert CG) (desperate acts) about women in love.
Friday, March 11th. Mystery Coffee House.
Featuring The Cot‘t‘ee House 3.

' ' spree at Big Lots.
HOI'OSCOPQS by 0|" Cancer: Let us be frank: you really don’t feel much
. _ . . better. But, all the holiday hugs help. Put up the tree.
Aries: Your friends might well imagine you are some Sniff the air from your chair and sip your tea. Bide your
sort of carousel out of a Stephen King novel this month. time: joy and peace with the New Year...but only ifyou
You are in a frenzy of restless energy. Well, keep make sure that wonderful Sagittarian friend is plied
spinning until those horses JUSt f1Y Off the with your zodiac—famous cooking. Do not tempt
merry—go-round to explore whole new parts of yourself. disaster: feed them!
NCW adventures await. Anyway, if You get too restless, Leo: AND just why are you smirking? Just because y0u
you can always. shop for that perfect gift for that know you have a wonderful partner and a perfect gift
loveable Sagittarius. . for him/ her and all one zillion of your friends, does not
Taurus: You may feel a bit frazzled, but you sure don’t mean you can’t give one more offering from that
show it. Take some time off from dressy Christmas furnace of joy inside You this month. Be truly noble
parties and Slip into some old sweats. Turn on the anddo/ give something anonymouslyfor some stranger
electric blanket and watch Christmas cartoons with in need.
loved ones who won’t mind the Diet Coke stains on Virgo: Chaos seems to reign. All the decisions you
your favorite, faded, teddy bear t‘Shlrt- That Sagittarius have avoided for the last year must be tended to by the
W1“ love the peace Wlth You more than any other gift New Year. Hold strong to the only force that heals the
You can g1ve. . _ . heart: love. If you keep your tongue and open your
Gemini: . December brings a faint feel1ng of heart, you will find the gateway you need.
dissatisfaction. Everything seems so good bUt WhY Scorpio: This season finds you at some time standing
aren’t You enjoying it? Don’tforce yourselfto be merry alone under the stars. Life and its amazing strength
when you aren’t: the holidays are plenty stressful humbles you. Breathe deep this reverence and then
enough already. Hyper-merry friends W111 lrk you. scoot back to laughter at the fire with family and
Don’t let them: take. some Ume to be 810116 and friends. Your smiling calm soothes many a frazzled
contemplate the wmd “'1 the trees. Then take a deep nerve. Your greatest joy, however, will be on finally
breath and drag your favor rte Sagittarius on a spending discovering the mysterious Choc—O-Jels for that special
j Sagittarian. Take joy in life’s simple pleasures!
Sagittarius: The holidays are here and the rush is on.
Pegasus TI'GVQI I “(I Baked goods should stream fih to warm the hearts (if
Air/7n fibflek— Urwi’w- 73m" not those delicate stomachs ofioved ones. Enjoy the
moment but do not discount your worth. Be exuberant
MngZflS’V/D& 05bit era/[rec but at least try to be subtle with those helpful hints on
. your own personal Christmas list this year. Let them
_ i: d; . L3.“ 211'. Z i look to the stars for guidance.
'11? g: 5:; =—- Eli} 33"}? 3:; .:,§§.'f.; :- Capricorn: You ARE happy, admit it. Last month you
if litéf- -. iii: "f" 2' 7t”? “T73 —?-' 3325:3532}: 7- did what you really wanted for a change, and people
loved ou even more. Acce t what ifts eo 1e freel
800 228—4337 606 268—4337 offer ffom their hearts andpdo notgbe affraig to gin
‘2 O 4 O Idle Hour Center back...but only if you FEEL like it for a change.
Rlomond Road! Lethgtor‘I KY 40502 Aquarius: You seem strangely aloof lately, oris it just
GLSO DONATION WITH EACH PURCHASE! a love for nesting at home? Perhaps it seems odd for
one so merry to quietly listen so intently. Gather your
. wisdom and peace. Speak with twinkling eye, a warm
PGOIOU’ up, hug, a ready ear...and maybe a basket of your yummy
yeast rolls.
' Pisces: So much to do with all the traveling, partying
all BPflGd PO! Groomlng and feasting. Yet, there is something missing: the
. winter winds bring a romantic longing to your gentle
, , expflfllflnfifld heart. Pull out the Meryl Streep movies for a good cry,
fimfi but do not overlook that amazon/knight beside you
E i J" - just because they are not bigger than life. Trust in those
KL who value you for yourself.
W 277 9365

gihthhth Cpost
GWM Cupid seeks long—haired, progressive strayt man
for Annie Potts-like, UK grad student, SWF (strayt)
friend. She is Southern, delightfully dingy, and new to “:70 mg (Pooneg: 9t has been a Veng long gean but things Will get betten.
town. If you or that terminally heterosexual friend - .
likes Amy Grant looks with Whoopi Goldberg gets both keep the fiaxth that the pmmSeS we made togethen 3 geans ago
personalities, then write: ATTN; Belle, POB 647, UK null hold the bond between us stnong. 9 love you bunches. CPoo‘Poo.
Main, Lex.,KY 40506.
Discrete GWM, late 30’s, new to scene, seeks similar C(leaping 9(wan3oo. grinnehoh. Chnistvnos and (yuie to CDavid. J/lonn. gee.
nice guys who have asmuch between their ears and in dbban and dhbu. the (Digital Siubm gang. etc. With love. 3e“
their hearts as in their trousers. I do. Seeking friends
and maybe more. job requires a closet but no
mothballs after 5pm. Write to: ATTN: Big Heart, POB Congnotutattons on a sueeessfiufl pnoduetton oi (Death and the LMaldeK and
647’ UK Mam, LCX”KY 40506 hon showmg the humanity oh those who suhéen unden tgnonng to dctons guild
Thoroughly handsome GWM living with HIV seeks and ahnxnestg Qntennotionat.
' similar to live life to its fullest. 25, healthy, happy but
want someone to challenge my mind/ heart. Write to:
; A'ITN: Bubba—NOTL pOB 647, uK Main, Lex.,KY ah most CChlappg dhnnwensang to Cmdg and Winnie in hon tNonth Catalina
L 40506 hon continued tnsptnotton tn the fields oh nornanee and ongante gondentng-
l WANTED: Volunteer writers for the GLSO News and C900“ C803
1 people to staff the GLSO Phoneline. For more
1 131583212232? afggtaacstng/lsary at 266—3904 or Peter (for the @3390 welcomes JAC. Shea. 3m. C3(ent and pantnen. CPIehand. tMono.
Steven. CIA/undo. 91M. LJQM. LKeenan. Shawn. (Prob and (Dob. L:Kate.
f ‘Jenesa. 8d and Ernie to oun communttgl
E ‘ \ _
1 ¢ % a
J "'-—-\ %) _.)____)
3 TO:
55‘ A holida 1% ever AfidreSS:——————-—
: | State:
*1 1 -
r monlh of the year. 21p:_l______
[1 FROM:
. . DCheck box if you are not willing
g V GLSO NEWS subscrlptlon $10.00. . U, have your Harte .added t0? ma i1 ing
e V A voting membersh1p to the GLSO Wthh list used by Political/$001511 groups
I, , 1 ClCS the GLSO NEWS not controlled by GLSO.
e $15.00/yr for 1nd1v1duals; $20.00/yr for couples. CHECK To:
V A tax deductible glft to support GLSO. NEWSLETTER, p.O. Box 11471
V Change of address. LEXINGTON, KY 40575

, congratulate ourselves for that. There is, however, a
ORGHNIZING LEXINGTON S down side. The down side is that we won only by an
Gay & LESBIHN VOTE £1 E “call all your friends” effort. We worked the
grapevine right along with the pavement. But we
could have won far more efficiently, with a lot less
by Linda West wear and tear, if our community just had a
comprehensive mailing list of gay and lesbian voters.
I have a map of the First District’s Castlewood, Unfortunately, we dqfl‘ Nor (1.065 Fairnesé have a
Fairlawn, and Emerson precincts in my head. I have ready means ofcompiling sucha llSt' Fairness only tap
that map because I have walked more than half the into the community 15 the “gm-UP sheet offered to
streets in those precincts, knocking on every door as people Who drop .m at the monthly Fairness meeting.
a Fairness volunteer campaigning for George Brown. And unlike. an IT‘S Events $0nce” or T” State Gay
What I also have, but never expected, is an image of Rodeo p icnic,.Fairness meetings do not draw throngs
those working class streets as surprisingly populous of people. Neither does Fairness produce a newsletter
with lesbians and gays. of broad general interest as GLSO does}, thereby
One house I went to displayed a rainbow flag. A generating a subscriber list. Instead, if 'ltS lucky,
woman came to the door. I told her pointblank why Fairness attracts “v.0 or three newcomers to Its meeting
she should vote for George Brown and asked her if she every month and “5 “1.3111“.8 113: grows accordingly,
had any gay neighbors I should also speak to. She which is to say that thatlist Will not become an effective
promptly directed me to two other houses on her “1.6395 Of reaching gay and lesbian voters anYmT‘e
street. On another streetI found three gay households Wlthm the next defade. Unfortunately, our community
inarow. In every instance in whichIsuspected that the W1” need web a lSt long before that. We will need
person answering my knock was a member of the such‘a list because there Will be future Radical Right
community, I was right; and in each instance they candidates in Lexrngton, pOSSibly as early as next year,
directed me on to someone else a few doors down, or and because we need {.0 muster concrete sup port, in
just around the corner, or on the next street up. If you large numbers, for candidates who go out on a political
ever feel discouraged by the infamous “1%” figure, just hmb by suppoating Olfir rights. Moreover, haVing other
try going door to door. It will brighten your outlook organizations 0 m 31 rigs to the” members on behalf
immensely. What’s more, it will show you quite clearly 9f Fairness 15. not a solution, because what 15 needed
that gays and lesbians in Lexington have the potential 15 a mailing listlorganized by Urban—County and state
to become an organized voting bloc. legislative districts so that gay and lesbian voters in
Fairness does not have a total for the number of critical races can b? reached. , .
gays and lesbians that its volunteers got to the polls for Working the First DISUICF S preCincts, I met gays
George Brown. It does know, however, that even in and lesbians oneverystreet. Virtuallyevery community
the three white working class precincts that George $ember I 59010: K.) welcomed the ‘nf9rmat‘on I gave
Brown lost, 29 voters—6% of everyone who voted— em, especially Since the candidates stands on gay
were people contacted by Fairness. In the Hampton andlesbianissues was not information available through
Court, Campsie, and North Broadway precincts—all the Herald-Leader or other straight media. Manysaid
won by Brown—the number of gays and lesbians Eh.“ they had“ L known who to vote for, or that they
whom Fairness urged to the polls probably ran at least might “Ct have taken the time to v.0“? 1f Fairness had
twice what it did in the precincts Brown lost. Combine not contacted the“!- Again apdfgam people said, It 5
that with a scattering of gays and lesbians contacted in great that Fairness ls domg Eh”! . In effect, they [Old me
the District’s remaining four precincts, and a minimal that 39W and lesbian voters 113mm town are _r éady to be
estimate of the number of voters which Fairness 0‘83“.”4 BUI Fairness can [ do the organizing alone.
mobilized behind Brown is 100. One hundred votes Orgamzmg to 'prevent the election Of nght ng
doesn’t sound like much until you consider the legislators and ludges, and to elect men and women
following: the 8th District council seat was won by 38 Wh‘? support our rights, Willtrequirejthe help ofgroups
votes; Kathy Pratt won in the 3rd District by just 55 beSides Farmess. What 15. nee 6d 15 this; ‘hPSe
votes; the 7th District’s council race was decided by 104 organizations In our community thatdghav; the ablhty
votes. One hundred votes can decide a local election. to build large mailing lists need to find ways to serve
And remember, the estimate that 100 gay and lesbian as taps ”no. the community for the purpose Of creating
voters were mobilized by Fairness is rockbottom a Commumw V0}? 5 L‘St' Then, maybe next time, the
minimal. The real figure may be closer to twice that. grapeVine can ta e a rest.
Fairness and our community prevented a Radical
Right candidate from winning this time, and we should

 P'Fl-HG: we Heal FCIfliIiQS PFLAG is politically active in the struggle for equal
rights, getting out there to help elect lesbigay—positive
candidates. We speak out within the church against

Are YOU concerned, in you gay, ICSbiaD or the judgmental moralizing that seeks to deny full
bisexual lifestyle about how to develop or maintain a memberShip and rights to lesbigay worshippers. We
fulfilling relationship with your parents and families, capably answer friends who inquire about a lesbian
especially at this holiday season? If you are, there are daughter “Is She married yet?” or “Do you think you’ll
people in Lexington WhO understand, they have ever have grandchildren?” They work to let the world
experienced the problems that sometimes occur as know that they don‘t just accept (for that word is too
families Of different lifestyles gather intergenerationally judgmental) their lesbigay children, butunconditionally
around the Thanksgiving table or the Christmas or cherish and honor their loved ones. They are released
Chanucka lights. YOU find people like this in PFLAG from other prejudices through their freedom to respect

As you probably already know, PFLAG iS a new all people as persons. They feel that their lives have
and alive presence in Lexington. A chapter Of this been immeasurably enriched knowing people ofother
international organization began here in October. But sexual orientations. These are the PFLAG people.
it’s not really new. You saw P-Flag people marching Can we help you? If you are lesbian, gay or
with pride in the Washington DC parade last summer bisexual and you dread the potential problems that
on TV. You saw them lifting Up a banner during the coming out may bring to you and your parents or other
visit here in Lexington at Triangle Park on December members of your family, let us help. Send, or better,
1. Why is this? Because they love and support their bring your family to a PFLAG meeting. Or come
bisexual, lesbian and gay Children and want to yourself. See what we do. We respect confidentiality,
demonstrate these feelings to all, particularly to those and we support one another. If you would like, a
Who do not understand. member of PFLAG can talk with your family, either

PFLAG has several purposes. First is the along with you or alone. Parents have to go through
unwavering Support Of the rights Of our lesbigay their own process as they get used to knowing that you
Children. We seek to educate society and fight against are gay or lesbian, Often talking to another parent who
the terrible evils of discrimination and homophobia. has dealt with similar issues can be a source of relief.

Call Ruth at 376—1777 orJan at 278-7461 or write
to PFLAG at PO Box 55484, Lexington 40555. There is
[ad/‘6? [ I fly! fly” alsoatoll—free referraltelephone numberforinformation
' 6” I about PFLAG Chapters in other areas of the country .
. . . 1-800-4—FAMILY. Meetin s are held at Chapel Hill
_ . CWmtt/fowa/Mmgw Presbyterian Church on the third Thursday of each
gerafiw/ghmoa/pa/Mfi/m, 60%"sz month from 7:30pm until about 9:00pm. The next
meeting will be held on December 16. Give us a
4.36 [4/541 fay/(1 ftrwt chance to help, please.
1” W”
”306/2549” o ; HID! HOTlInE
' 10 WW “WWW :::::::::::::g1:::::::::Ip:onfif°nfldixrbg::::::::::
‘ thggiouat ”“5; e ”I3:52:33:III:II..Z..Z..ZZ.fl. ”IQ.,...l['j:.fl.::..... THIS, if f . f ..
i M i'IIjiiIZII'iiilii'nlDIIii ixvotUfllG‘lf‘] :.
255—6209 0......9': Alex‘lngion, .

 3. J'm M K ' h
.22 December 1993 I 0 eg en
I C To
.. GLSO News Wlshes All A Happy Hollday Season TURF
1 ?3 b0 :30 Ga [Le bi AA 3‘00“ F W“ Office: 606-268-4663
- : mMen' C rus : - s an : m ronmmners . _
7:30pm ux Ijambdn 10:00am HIV/AIDS S-t.G .. 2560 Rlehmond Rd. Home. 60(r233—9995
. . . Maiden-Actors Guild SUI’re 200 Pager: 505231-4724
M““‘“""°m Gee“ 8:00pm mmm Lexington, KY 40509 FAX: 606-268+4667
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8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA
5 6 7 8 9 10 1 1 L . ,
7:15pm GLSO Board 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian 6mm Fronmmrs—Woodhnd my; gixfiifiiffimrp' 1%:gxgmmr: LG _ exmgton s .
Mtg-Linda’s Al—Anon . 6:30pm MCGLWIE 3% 512111: Elam 8:009“) 'Dealh & Tb? Metropohtan Communlty
6:00pm Mccmx,_Gmnlwfm 8:45pm Rambow 7:00pm GLOBALI-U of L. 8200p") Dem & The Mama-Actors Gudd pm_r355iv6 Xmas Dim,
7:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA Bowling-Southland 8200“” Gfly/L‘sm AA Maiden'-Aclors Guild 8:00pm ”Death & The ChurCh
8:00pm HIV/AIDS Sppl.Grp, Maiden'-Actors Guild
12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Sunday Worship 6 pm
. . ‘ - _ . ’ - ' 92003 From ‘
7'30pm Gay/Laban 6&0porzjllfiglgmflners 7'30pm Men s S'OOpm Gay /LeSb1an 10:00; mWAIDSmSppt-Grp. Glenhaven Room @ Greenleaf Inn
6:00pm mm: chem, u Al-Anon 0 an ar . Chorus AA 10:00am Men’s Network 7280 N' h 1 '11 d
6:00pm MCC/Lcycreeuleaf... 8:45pm Rainbow 6:30pm MCC—L’lele 8:00pm HIV / AIDS .. 1C 0 asv1 e Roa
7uiT..GL:ix/1;::.:ncrm B0 wl in g—S outhl and 83m Gay/Lesblan Sppt.Grp. Connectmnstxlle
19 21 22 23 24 25 .._
mk 8mm HIV/AIDS ' '
. _ , ea : s - n _ n Woodland Par 5 LG _ 7:00pm Dignity Mass
6&5ng MCC/m' G ”n1 f 33(5):: $3113“? Tim/TEX” 6:30pm MCC-L’ville pp rp 7:00pm Gay Menjs Spin'LGrp. 10=003m HIV/AIDS
7:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA ‘ Somhland 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian 8:00pm Gay/ham AA Sppt.Grp. FOR THE 0R
26 27 2a 29 so 31 , PROFESSION/11 A UCENSEDA INSURED
ee-eee‘eeee-eeeee °3:ee:e;lweee 730m Mee'e we
Mm“ - ' = m ‘ ’ 5 8:00pm HIV/AIDS
. m - 7:3 mGa lLesb Al—Amn . 5 - I
7.00p Gay/Lesbian M 81421;!!! Raifibow gaming-So... 8.00pm Gay/Le bum AA Sppt.Grp. —New Year’s Eve i MENTION THIS AD AND SAVE
eeeeeeeeeeeee '
November 1993 January 1994 . . V . .
1 2 3 4 5 6 1 FREE
7 8 9 10 11' 12 13 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 =‘:: , A ESTIMATE:
2‘ 22 23 24 25 25 27 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 ' iii? SE RV'CES
28 29 3° 3° 3‘ ' ' 606-223-3204
A GLSO News subscri tion makes a great gift! R0. BOX 24643 LEXINGTON, KY 40524
_______.2_________ifl _, @VW _,, :__,

LEXINGTON FHIRN ESS HELPS ELECT he stood on the question of civil rights protections for
"RBHN'COU "TY COLI NC". lesbians and gays. InJulie’s words: “We were delighted
(“NDIDHTE to find that George was fully supportive of our
community. ” Brown met twice With Fairness members,
including one meeting at the home of a local community
According to First District Council Member Elect member.
George Brown and representatives 0f Lexington Faced with one of the clearest choices offered in a
Fairness, Fairness was instrumental in Brown‘s local race, Fairness gave vigorous support to the
November 2 win over opponent Pat MCGlll- Brown campaign. Fairness drew on its own supporters
“A large part Of what we were able to achieve in my as well as other community organizations, such as
campaign was due to Fairness and its membership,” Lexington’s MCC, to recruit over twenty volunteers to
said Brown. “MY appreciation is extended to all the do doorto doorleafletting and phone banking. Fairness
members 0f Fairness. l definitely see US working volunteers, often working side by side with Brown,
together for the benefit Of our communities in the walked literally hundreds of streets inthe First District
future.” on an almost daily basis during the last three weeks of
Fairness became involved in the Brown campaign October. Fairness also contacted all First District
after learning that McGill serves on the board of the residents on its mailing list, as well as every other
conservative Kentucky Coalition 0f Christians. person Fairness volunteers knew in the District. Those
Consistent With the Right wing Christian Coalition’s contacted were asked to pass the word along to their
strategy 0f running COVCI’E “stealth” candidatest MCGlll gay, lesbian, and progressive neighbors. The result
did not disclose his right wing affiliation to the was a word of mouth campaign that Julie Burns ‘
Herald—Leader. AS a result, MCGlll’S Coalition Of believes “delivered a Substantial majority of [he gay
Christians membership was not included in the vote in the First District to George.”
Herald-Leader profile of him. Fairness instead Brown ultimately won with 630/0 of the vote,
discovered McGill’s membership through its own including 67% in the heavily gay Hampton Court
independent sources. precinct. Fairness’ influence, however, extended well
According to Fairness Steering Committee Co€hair beyond Hampton Court and into those precincts
Julie Burns, upon learning 0f MCGlll’S Right wing carried by McGill. McGill won the overwhelmingly
connection, Fairness approached Brown [0 See where straight Castlewood, Fairlawn, and Emerson precincts,
beating Brown by 540 votes to 158. But even in these
1 arm fines mm umwc "m" 5'“ “-0 “L‘ “W"? '41 conservative precincts, voter rosters show that 6% of
«manta e . WE the total vote and 20% of those who voted for Brown
n. ms mm were gays and lesbians contacted by Fairness.
:- ems. n" c e MW =' Asked to evaluate the significance of Fairness’
usfsns u mus work with the Brown campaign, Paul Fuller, Julie
uul 1... mm Burns’ Co—chair, said: "Itwould be hard to overstate the
"5.. mm... mosm mm to firming“? :1 nuts we; we importance of this development in the political life of
m. ,_,',,,,,,, mm, mm. m. e.,.. in :rat 3:. ,,.,,,,,, .. our community. It was the first time in Lexington’s
"m , Auenmmve zines ARE FAS‘I’ ascoumc A .L. m. history that a gay and lesbian Organization worked
5 ’,,,,,m g2,“§';',,f“:’;i‘f,2$:,ug‘ :goj'iggngfjgg .i. 6,, hand in hand with a candidate for public office, not
w. ,3, 250?: €353J$L33v§u3ifg 35:33:: W ,, only contributing to'the candidates election but
m: 5; PERSONAL zines STAPLED m soueaoov s x no aChlevmg coalition budding between our communlty
”um BASEMENI mE HWNOY'C EVE 0"“5 3 am; and leaders of Lexington’s African-American
:m mm Ilosr INTERESVING. mronnunvs. nun mm community.
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"m" FOREIGN nuts. sums» moans. mo A “" ’-_
“.105 min Jon-rs run-sun chcranan Site-t um ~u; “raw 0F GAB.’
run we OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK .
..... “15:13:13? "" GLSO NEWS’
mm" ’ $311115 NEslv‘lvcri'clronufier COFFEE HOUSE "° u. 0
I!!!“ man?» Irvin-t mus morwnphy nz nunu

 . Servrces Network ‘ g
If we don’t unite all of our resources- professional, ’ ‘
emotional, and financial, could what happened in g m 'm Gmmm I'm h
Cincinnati happen here? It takes time, e ort, and a
commitment from our diverse service organizations to ‘ It‘ngBaIfiNm) lWMM-m ’
create a unified lesbigay community. One way we are } u i ,, ‘
doing this is through the Services Network. { < B & ’
A representative from each of Lexington ’ ‘
Organizations meets on the first Saturday of each
month at 11:00am (in the event of holiday weekends, ‘ }
the meeting moves to the second Saturday). > ‘
How can meeting once a month strengthen our ‘ b
comm”? h Printed in o rainbow of colors fl
1) To have a representative from each of our diverse } on While 1000/0 pre-shrunk cofl'on {
groups when decisions affecting our community are ‘ ’
made (sometimes decisions need to be made on short > 0le $12-95 + $175 PeH {