Now brethren and fifters, let us all agree-
In thanks for a Mother whom daily we fcez
Whofe foul is a temple for God's only Son,
Wrhofe fecund appearing is truly begun:
     Zion, 0 blefs your proteftor,
     For God does refpedt her-'tis true.
Ann our blefs'd Mother, who came from afar,
And the lovely Elders who travell'd with her,
Our Father and Mother who rofe in this land,,
Whofe fouls all unspotted in union do ftand:
     Zion, through thefe came the bleffing,
     Which thou art poffefing-'tis true.
The heavens of glory did fmile on the earth
When thefe blefsed worthies received their birth;
We blefs the good days when thefe worthies were borrow
And blefs God who kept them till the fecond morn
    Zion, through their intercefilonj
    Is faved from tranfgreffion-'tis-true.
We blefs our dear Mother, the chief corner-flone,
Which God laid in Zion, his anointed one;
WXle blefs all tht faithful who then did embark
WVith Mother to come and help build us an ark:
    Zion, God thy mafler-builder,
    With wifdom had fill'd her-'tis true.
lThe ark was a flielter to fave us from fin,
And this they ereded and left us within,
Prith Father and Mother of the chofen race;
4ijnce Father deceas'd, Mother fills up the place
    Zion by Mother proteated,
    Dzows .wt feei neglected-'tis true.
Are we truly thankful for what we've receiv'd 
Through their faithful labours we all have believ'd;
And fill by their labours proteion we've found-
O brethren and fillers, may our thanks abound!
    Zion, while thanks are progreffing,
    You'rc gaining the blefling-'tis true.

             The Pillar of Truth.

    L ET names and feds and partic,
    L    Accoft my ears no more;
    Mhy ever bllffied Mother
      For ever I'll aiore;
    Appointed by kini Heaven
      My Saviour to Reveal,
    Wer doc rine is confirmed
      With a. Cternal pound;Vsl