She fives among her offspring,
   Who juft begin to fpread;
And in her outward order,
   There's one fupplies her roQm,
And till the name of Mother
   Is like a fweet perfume.
Since Mother fent the gofpel,
   And fpread it in the weft,
How many fons and daughters
   Are nourifh'd from her breaft!
How many more conceiv'd,
   And travailing in the birth!
Who yet fhall reign with Mother
   Like princes on the earth.
I love that tefirnony
   That fhows me what to do:
I love my precious Mother,
   I love the Elders too:
The Brethren and the Sifters,
  I love them and their ways,
And in this loving fpirit
  I mean to fpend my days.

     the Believers' Appeal.
M rAN, at his firft creation,
AllAs he was made upright, you know ;
While in that fituation
  He walked in the light you know.
As he was male and female,
  The man muft be the head you know;
And by his wholefome counfel
  The woman muft be led you know.
Trhe woman was beguiled
  And got the ferpent's feed you know;
And though (he was defiled
  The harlot took the lead you know.
Then from his head old Adam fled,
  And cleav'd unto his wife you know
And for his fall he never (hall
  Eat of the tree of life you know.
And in his flefh relation,
  He lies beneath the curfe you know;
And every generation
  Has [till been growing worfe you knows
But God decreed another feed
  Of a fuperiour birth- you know;.