xt77h41jk525 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt77h41jk525/data/mets.xml Kentucky United States. Work Projects Administration. Kentucky 1942 v. illus. 27 cm. UK holds archival copy for ASERL Collaborative Federal Depository Program libraries. Call number LC5252.K4 U553. journals  English  This digital resource may be freely searched and displayed in accordance with U. S. copyright laws. Kentucky Works Progress Administration Publications Citizenship Series, My Community, A Reader for Adults. Prepared by the WPA Adult Education Project in Kentucky- Book 1: Citizenship Series, Revised January 1942 text Citizenship Series, My Community, A Reader for Adults. Prepared by the WPA Adult Education Project in Kentucky- Book 1: Citizenship Series, Revised January 1942 1942 1942 2015 true xt77h41jk525 section xt77h41jk525 7    "‘   · ’ I  
I'!  “||||*IIII“  * ¤ M w   I  
V Q 3 UHE5 *4bE5?U? E
{ ' M Y C O II IV U N I T Y
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  ·—— ·~ -· ~ `. ,-.-· ···_·7?" ‘
— "¥"*··¥T· YI.‘.,‘;j_;·-- - . ,_ ___,...·--·""";¥’·‘;;’?'·°"'  
`°'Z°_ /· _`   1\I;x_I;,;££;§`\\/_  _·-· 2 k} _
""` " -'   .4 ·\‘Iv · ·'~ " »?‘·
`~·`4»" v_ · ‘j T>%.<¢:/¢‘&?I&@     Y ‘_¥` .
Q"; ."/· ‘ —--f4iQ\1$K»> .` ~ · \"'
,__7 i   Iv   ·.,•_`&, ¤§‘_\‘4-_ `-,`   _ U
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I if K E N I U C Ii Y
D F: O V I
3 Lrg L    
*252 _
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ij IIV  
J   > A H
- E
· I

isis IUQQEI nas seen u9u€l0Q€d Mita the yrintiyie ,u1,sses
in mind; cue, to be used as e assis for teecniny adults to
·3 learn te reed and write; twc, to teach mlults tn work with
their neijhenrs in the Luildini ef a Letter c©;xunitgn
l While it is important to teach adults to reel ind write,
” the purpose should not end here, It snculd rreete in them
a desire to be petzer citizens, lead ther in lirini 1 Lezxer
life, and encvurn e they to ccnferate with their nel hlcrs
in making; the ce;.;21=1nitj»* e   place in rshicl; ts live, In
order te acconglish tLis second purpose the readixy content
zmist be directly esnneeted with the ectirities in the csi;un—
ity if it is te se were than the calling or words. ine tcels
cf leerninr rust be used in the lezdiny 01 2 b Lter life ir
else tne uqult will net know h¤‘ .‘.‘ ts use ur nssscidte ther in
life situations. Qeedini snould help selve the geny prsblems
ef life.
Teachers dre urjed te Lielie n·;¤1;st¢2;;t use 0f tire Lrla<;Q::·eF¤1‘¤*‘’ :$£§@¥@;» 4-=V¢- People help make a good community
LY}* .‘i: { W p_  ___ _  _4 _ _ I help make 2 good ohurch
“’$9 ff%#%§§%%t§¥é? Our commuwity has good Jhurches l
:3. *LLT?$$oQ={T??*T*i. “.·‘ .l - s
has your community QDCG churohesr
~·· / we r . g Do the churches help your community?
LL 1 -w= c-
—Eg ¢j~ { iz} Good people help make good churches
YN `%;1 fi`? c>’  2 4 or 1_“
'_ I __M,,,,_,),-‘_;,l;{Y"§F‘¥**"’=*" ·p·‘‘ are ‘**’¤‘{-'$J"h’·~
\_ l. Y a 4
Learh to spell
Use ih a sehtehce
ohurohes your the
help our hes
, — 4 ~ A ,
    V/I V
._..__i7Z&4lQZZ?£Q{;£> /62/ ;Q%>Q2%; j£¥é¢eg;g€/

 Lesson 4
Qhe School ln The community
FTLX We have a school ln our community
*§/ We have a school for our chlloren
}fYiif l'»` ‘;'‘»·' @5 ·%lliYfY’We .V»` *‘A» have a school for our adults
,,,. .;.__,v I OUP children have a good school
I 5* ki*l F?la
Q Q  ix-. iw LJ Our adults have a good school
i EN F§VJ '»°`‘ V`‘‘ lE][_E A good school helps make a good comrunltv V
evo? ·.v·, ·’’‘” ta§§;aJL“¥wC l help make our school a good school
.,       ‘ `:~`;,H' ;";.‘:.:;·:;;.·.;:,;:;. {L `—   r
.,j’ \&¥;§l ·*“-- Lo you help make your school a good school?
l_ .~ \
for our adults
for our children
in our community
lkw Words
Learn to spell
Use ln a sentence
we have school for adults children

 Lesson 5
EI2·§_§’§Q£€5 I¤_E`}.l€_QQl.TsE“l¤lQ2.'@I
We heye stores in our community
Do yon heye stores in voor comwonlty?
l buy end sell et the stores
Our people buy end sell et the stores
Whet do you buy end sell et the stores?
They help meke e good cownunity for the people
They help our homes, our schools end churches
Do they help your schools end churches?
in your cormunlty
et the stores
for the people
leern to spell
Use in e sentence
stores they your buy sell end et

 Lesson 6
Reviem Of_§irst Five Lessons
l live in a good community
People live in a community
People make good churches
Homes and people help make a good community
Stores and churches help make a community
People buy and sell at the stores
Our adults and children help make a school
They help make a good church
They help make good homes
Do you live in a good community?
what makes a good community?
Do you help your home?
Do you help your churches?
Do you buy and sell at your stores?
Do the children and adults help your school?
Review Words
you hcmes live wtat
your churches help in
our stores make the
we community have and
i school do good
they else buy for
people sell at
adults has ni

 Lesson 7
The Tank of the Community
me have a bank in our community
Do you have a bank in your community?
T;Qi$¤\ I keep money in the bank
nH!~"“·‘‘ 5}-—~,
7ysg\_ ~ihe children keep money in the bank
if . ·— I 2 I` V  
y gig ' fj; . _;‘‘ Cf} gare Our bank is a help to our community
Iplifp ‘;J g§§](j {Z We borrow money from our bank
  i       `... _L;_;__l   ' I-
Qliyyj ‘,Q yr People borrow money from the bank
Wn!} §§i%;;*CZ ¤      
`*‘“**—L———w#~y" /z£ Do you borrow money from the bank?
“’£~3"E.;.1.;:;_ __ ,_ _ ,4:  [
*’·· —» ·:=== ·?l;- as,~r’ is the home the place to keep money?
in the bank
from our bank
tfv keep nnriey
few Words
Learn to spell ` Use in a sentence
keep bank place borrow money from
  I   / nf /
_   4/QQ; L _y A./2%/ig/_,

 Lessen K
The Reads ln Our_Cemmunity
Our cemmunity has many geed reads
Many reads are a help te the ccmmunity
Are there many reads in yeur cemmunity?
_ Our children travel the reads te scheel
Our peeple travel the reads te church
V They travel the reads te the bank
i l travel the reads te the steres te buy and sell
We travel the reads frem eur hemes
They are a help te the peeple in the cemmunity
what help are the reads te yeur peeple?
te the cemmunity
te scheel
te church
te buy and sell
te yeur peeple
te the bank
yew Nerds
Learn te spell
Use in a sentence
many reads there travel are

 Lssson Q
inoro sro msny farms in my community
Tnsrs sro good farms in my community
i Arc tnsrs good farms in your community?
Many psoplc livo on tho forms
It is a nslp to tho community to novo good forms
Our poopis own many of tho forms
I own my form and livs on my farm
Do you own o form in your community?
Psopis borrow monoy to buy farms
Good farms noip msks good homss
on tno farms
to buy forms
to novo good farms
Ekw words
Loorn to spoil
wss in s sontoncs
farms my it is own on
  QZ]; /Qc»miQ;,

 I Losson IO
what_wg Grow On Thg_§arms In Our Qommunity
I grow many things on my farm
Our psopio grow many things on tho farm
Thoy grow oorn to soil
Do you grow oorn on your farm?
What do you grow on your farm?
Thoy grow vsgotabiss on tho farm
Wo grow vogotabios to oat V
I grow fruit to oat and to soil
Fruit grows on many farms in tho community
Fruit, oorn and vogstabios grow on tho farm
Do tho poopis on tho farms grow fruit and vogotahios?
‘ Phrases
to soil
to oat
on tho farm
iww words
Lsarn to spoil
Usa in a ssntonoo
grow things oorn vogotabiss fruit sat

 Lesson ll
Workers ln_Qur_gommunity
Meny people in our community ere workers
They work on the ferms end in stores
The women work in the homes
Whet work do the people in your community do?
Workers help meke e good community
Women work in the stores end in the benk
Wen work on the ferm end on the roeds
Wen end women work in my community
They work in the homes end for the school
lt is good for people to be workers
Why does it help people to work?
in stores
for the school
to he workers
to work
New Words
Leern to spell
Use in e sentence
work workers men women why does
Z5 ee/4@¢;>ge;44;z2@_/ee lr/e»A%4;_ ll   M

 Lesson l2
The Nail ln_Qur Community
Our people have mail boxes i
&Q,;_ The mail boxes are on the roads
F5 li L[;S’-or They send mail at the mail boxes
Iv M .  
"iy;i!L_ ‘ They get mail at the mail boxes
g ·q They send letters and get letters
.§§if Our children send letters and get lettsrs
ji I get a newspaper at our mail box
Our people get newspapers at the mail boxes
Nail helps make a good community
T Why does mail help make a good community?
on the roads
at our mail box
at the mail boxes
Bbw Words
Learn to spell
Use in a sentence
get mail box boxes
send letters newspaper newspapers
  / KO iw ;__y   1;%,

 Lesson l3
Review Of Last Five_legsons
People keep money in tne bank
Tbey borrow money from tbe bank
The bank is the place to keep money
A bank is a nelp to a community
Good roads are a nelp to a community
`Ve travel roads to scnool, to cnurcn ano to stores
v I own a farm in my community
A farm grows corn, vegetables, ann fruit
we eat tnetninqs we grow on the farm
Tne men and women of our comnunity are workers
Tney work at many tninqs in tbe community
our community nas many mail boxes
They get and seno letters at tne wail boxes
Review words
K€€E Dl&C€ boxes
KI`&V€l TCHCE my
are farms it
grow things 1;
eat corn gwp
wcrk place rngwg
  `\/v€E;€l;.E:,b—l€S nigpy
seno fruit gp
`C C T" F OW W OTKG T S 1;] ]q w J
ooe; men LQX
mubey Kali newmpapers

 Lesson la
The letters are sent to the Post—Office ‘
Papers are sent from the Post—Office
Do you get letters from the Post—Office?
Workers work in the Post-Office for our people
They live in the homes of our community
Mail carriers carry mail to the mail boxes
hail carriers carry mail from the mail boxes
They carry mail from the boxes to the Post-Office
The mail carriers help make a sooo community
The Post—Office is a help to our community
How does the Post—Office help your community? ‘
to the post—office
from the mail boxes
for our people
i@y Words
Learn to spell
Use in a sentence
post—office sent mail carriers carry how
fg Z; Z é   {_ Q,

 Lesson l5
Tm D9EEQ.12_2§.El&QQ.Tl*E"lQ§lE.X
A good doctor lives in our community
He comes to see our sick people
The doctor comes to see our children
Does a doctor live in your comnunity?
He helps make our community healthy
lt is good to have a healthy community
lt is good to have healthy people A
I want to have healthy people in my community
The doctor wants to have healthy people
He works to have healthy people in the community
How can you help make a healthy community?
to see sick people
to have a healthy community
to have healthy people
Learn to spell
Use in a sentence
doctor he comes see sick healthy want can
o%@ yi ia!    has 4 all/ox; lg 5%;/g

 Lesson l6
The Clubs in The_Community
There are many clubs in my community ·
we have a club for the farmers
There is a club for the women
There is a club for the children
what clubs are in your community?
The clubs oo much work for our people
They help our people to get many things
They help our people to get good roads
They help our children at the school
lt helps me to belong to a club
It helps my community for me to belong to a club
» How do the clubs help your community?
for the farmer
for the chilaren
to get many things
to get sooo roads
to a club
Jem words
Learn to spell
Use in a sentence
clubs farmers much me
  2   4   ¤f;»&/   Z   · » , / · 4 I

 Lessoh l7
We gave a party at our home
our people have parties ih their homes
They have parties for the childreh
They have parties for the adults
Do your people have parties ih the homes?
They gave a party at the school
We play games at the parties ih the homes l
They play games at the party ih the school
VERY people come to the parties
They come to play games and to see people
lt is good to come to a party and play games
How do parties help the people ih the community? ·
ih their homes
to play games
to the parties
YGHTH to spell
Use ih a sehtehce
party gave parties come games play their
r€;5C€i97g;y;&§ (QQ { g~!v.gQ;;;i;zfl;v¢»~£;({_ ;fi;§~’,2fj£5; >,Zi[}’§¤,‘

 Leeeon ls
Working_Qogether In Ehe_Qpmmunity
I went to work with the people in my community
our people went to work together
Do the people in your community work together?
working together ie e help to e community
We cen work together in the school
We cen work together in the church
We cen work together in the club:
our doctor cen help ue work together
Our clubs cen help ue work with our people
I went to work with other people in the community
I went to help other people in the community
How ooee working together help your community? _
in the clubs
to work together
with the people
yew verge
Leerr tc spell — Nee in e eentence
together with other ue

 Lesson l9
We want to build a community home
People in other communities have them
They have a community home for all the people
Our community needs a community home
Can you help build a community home?
lt will be a place to have our clubs
lt will be a place to have the adult school
Our women can come to the home for clubs
Our men can come to the home for clubs
dur county agent can come to the community home
Our doctor and county agent can come to the home
We need a community home for many other things
Can we build a community home in our community? ‘
to the community house
in other conmunities
for clubs
use in a sentence
build communities need

 r i'll"‘"‘4"“”‘_#"”‘“"——‘““`"__”-'*—'”¤*_—””——“w“*“*“—-—'*—”“~`
Q lesson SO
  @2*12; wnssiar  
? We have learned many things about our community
:  l have learned about our churches and stores
We have learned about roads and clubs
__ l want to learn how to help my community more
?§ Do you want to learn more about other things? l
Q l want to talk about the things we need to learn »
g We need to talk more to our county agent
li we need to talk more about our homes
r we need to talk more about our children
j They are the things of interest to me
what are the things of interest to you?
Our people can learn much in working together
Our community can help the people in it
We want to help make it a good comwunity
j in working together
to our county agent
V about our homes
Learn to spell
Q Use in a sentence
interest talk more learn
learned about much

 i ` V Nil-‘—-4—Aé“_l`_-___"_·>r H Ah ;r` V V ” ”"># `—" ` `·"""—"°" i
L l Q Q P; E   L é 3 ii `
l a grow play
g at sames party
gl are good place
. and papers
i about he ' ` people ?
adults has parties
how post—ofiice
, box help
r buy have road
gi bank home roads .
;= boxes homes
§ build healthy see
g belong sell
5 borrow l send
Q is sent
i can it sick
r @€lm€ lll SC}l¤Ol
L corn interest stores
e come
h comes keep to
carry the
clubs live talk
church _ learn they
children learned there
community letters thin§S .
communities travel
County agent me together v
E, N my the lr
~ do men us
° does make
doctor much vegetables r
; more
; eat mail wr
  e lse many why
is money want
2 for mail carriers WGFK
Q farm with
E from need will
g farms newspaper wrat
2 fruit