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APRIL 1979

Roadrunner Joycees
Elect New Officers

April 9 was election night
for the Roadrunner Jaycees at
the Kentucky State Penitenti-
ary. '

Jaycees members voted for
the persons they felt were best
qualified to serve on .the
group’s Board of Directors.

-a. .



1 Michael _
' .1nd1v1dual . Vice president;
William SIOan,' ,; commumty

development vice president;

1' Steve Fuller, secretary; Ben

1 Spencer, . treasurer and

' .‘ Warren Caldwell state direc-

James Fountaine and '

Jimmy Dennison were also
.elected- to serve :“as' Individual
Directors while Maurice
Slaughter and Roger. Crawley

L were elected to the positions of '

Community Development Di-

Thomas Millender,

Tinsley, i

' derstanding


By Maurice Slaughter
Kentucky State Penitentiary

Other candidates included
who ran
for president. and Michael
Standard, who tried for the
post of Individual Vice-Presi-

The two presidential candi-
dates addressed the member-
shi concerning their candi-


Candidate Joe Tolle

' “1 want to be nominated.

president because my promise
to the Roadrunner member-

“ ship wasn't fulfilled 'as- plan'-

ned. and. because of a misun-
between the
Chapter and the Administra-

I came through with one of
my promises .andflost one. If
I'm elected- president; .I’ll do
my best to make the Road-
runner Jaycees go a lot fast-



Candidate Thomas Millender

“I feel I can do the job as
being president of the Road-
runner J aycees. I also feel that
President Joe Tolle could’Ve
done his job as" president
better than he "did. So all I’m
asking is a chance to become a

good president If I’m elected ‘



Roadrunner members,'1nstead"'
.of the Board of- Directors,

because Roadrunner members

is what keeps the Roadrunner


‘ so keep an eye and ear open
because we are coming your
way. ”

The newly- elected Board of

.1 Directors have already plan-

ned their yearly program and
will be working to bring the
chapter to number one status
in the state.

Sentencmg Commissmn

Hears FUrther Testimony

Alterations in; Kentucky’s
existing parole and Criminal
classificatiOn systems were re-

viewed in the second meeting

Of the Special Commission on
Sentencing and the Release of
Criminal Offenders held May
~8_-' 1n Frankfort.

A California College profes-
sor who specializes in parole
‘, matters feelsdeterminate sen-
tencing only serves to further
crowd already packed prisons.

“You can follow California’s
lead and fill your prisons to
overflowing, ” Marc
Neithercutt of California State
University told members of
the commission.

Neithercutt. a consultant to
several states, said the male
felon pfiSon population in

California has increased by

more than 2,000 in the first 18-

months of determinate sen-

He said this folIOWS a sharp
decline in the prison popula-
tion. _

Neithercutt contended that

"‘determinate sentencing is

not going to stop crime. We
are not going to use it and it
'won’t work if we did.” ‘ _

Neithercutt said he rejects
the premise behind ,determin-
ate sentencing that pumsn-
ment stops crime.

“Society has moved beyond
such primitive ' methods as
locking a person away for 50
years without review, he said,
although conceding that some
people have to be locked away
to protect society.

, determinations

But he feels parole boards
are still the best way to make
about such

“We need to retain in our
criminal justice system the
acknowledgement that people
are different and give confi-
dence to our ability to grapple
with those differences,” he

“Parole is not a foolproof‘

method " he said in referring
to returning former criminals
to society. He discussed many

'misconceptions about parole

systems in the nation.
“The goal,” Neithercutt
told the committee, “is to

' insure that society has proper

protection and that the parole
has the appropriate chance to
make it in society.”


Subcommittee: o ' " '
studying the Com-
System ‘ ‘
' said their proposal is primarily .


Jails Subcommittee
Proposes New
Th ree-Tiered System
For Kentucky

A comprehensive proposal

for a three-level district jail

system for Kentucky has been
approved by a special sub-
, Mu . thermon-

monwealth' 5 Legal
a recommendation which can
be used as a. starting'point .in‘

dealing with the problem of ~

jails and jailers throughout the

The proposal calls for a
three-tier system including 36

district jails to be used for '

long-term detention in large
population centers; 40 “feeder
jails" which will be used for
short-term confinement; and
44 short-term facilities to be
used for temporary detention
of offenders in the counties.

Fred James. Director of the
Division of Regional Jails, said
the‘program could be imple-
mented in three phases. one
phase each biennium. begin-
ning with the 1982 biennium
budget..Ten existing. relative-
ly new jail facilities in the state
have been identified as poss-
ible sites for district jails. This
tranformation would consti-
tute phase one. Phase three
will involve construction of
new jails to replace outdated,

unsafe or otherwise substan- -

dard facilities.

With the three-tier system.
James explained. up-to-stan-
dard jails will be “best utilized
according to location size and
staff. "

Hc outlined ten goals of the

Mpfimoram for__
Ifite "Siva fififi m‘mo, ‘

project. including im‘p’roved'

jiwenile confinement areas.
treatment facilities for felons.
expansion of a gradual release
more _

1‘ O
11.9%?! {121+ “‘15 ners,

personnel and physmal imi

to state guidelines.


""Nv‘~..~m-A we...
_ «mg... m. .1." m 9.- ., ...—‘ —... w, .... o... 1.1... ....., a, .—- -~. «— ~u

g.;pr0vements of jails according": .

The responsibility of flind- »
ing“ the‘ jail renovation and 1:
construction projects—wheth- :7

county or the state—was quesr
tioned ' by Senator John
Rogers. chairman of the sub-

“The key thing to the entire:

document . . . is that there’s

got to .be a partnership be;

tween the state and county,”

'er it falls on the individual-=


David Bland said. He sug-;.
gested a leasing agreement,

between the state and county]
fiscal courts when jails are}
being replaced or renovated as:

a possible solution .

of Mason County, former
president of Kentucky Jailers
Association. both questioned
the planfs provisions for plac-
ing elected county jailers and
phasing out the county-by-
county jail system presently in

Senator Rogers concluded
'the meeting. “This draft an-
swers a lot of questions. but it

. creates a lot. too. I think we

have done well in addressing
theproblem. . . if we shelve
this thing at this time those
questions will be shelved
along with it."

Judge James Chenault Mad-1
ison County, and Lloyd Berry



 . , ,,,,,,,,,,,
.!,.,fl ..._.- V " > . . .» .2 ........

Page 2—Tho lNTER-PRISON PRESS-April 1979

THOUGHT FOR T ODA Y . Why have you seeked to enter me?
. So that you might reach an. understanding.
By Glendale T ooley . An understanding of what?
FCDC Nature and the Laws that govern therein

What might these Laws be I ask?
Love, Light, Faith, Hope. ,
. How must I' come about these? , ~~

Why don ’t we see the reality that could deliver us? Why do we resist our own rescue?
Man cannot see anything he is unwilling to see. He is unwilling becausehe fears that
the loss of his false and fixed viewpoints means the loss of himself. He identifies with
these viewpoints; thinking they are him, which they are not. The loss of his old nature is
his very rescue, for it leads to reality, to his true self. But he will not plunge into the '
darkness, fearing that there is nothing beyond, then, everything is different. By Christopher 1‘“ka "1
' . ' La Grange, Kentucky.

> nanny-00530



Kentucky State Penitentiary...........................................v.807
Kentucky State Reformatory 1884
Kentucky Correctional Institution for Women......................103
Blackburn Correctional Complex......................................235
Bell County Forestry Camp 70
Harlan County Forestry Camp37

Many days ago, he had walked the shorelines around many beautiful lakes, Daniel Boone Career Development Center 34

and listened to the birds as they sung their love song in its gentle rhythm. ' ' Frankfort Career Development Center 83
He watched the magical 3“" come forth into 94"” "9w day, A Western Kentucky Farm Center.......................................14l
and ventured into many nights as the mist meadowed moonlight lay above him. Roederer Farm Center138
Now as he stands with no sounds before him, TOTAL 3532 x

. . , n
. ’ \1‘l'4L’ller‘VIAA-A . . rl' 1‘.l.. 111-.



his, thoughts sadly trace a painful memory in which he cannot rid. -
And once again, sorrow builds in his heart to where he tears upon.

There was the explosion; and then came the screams like that of tearing metal.
People who were choking, gasping for air, and turning into lifelessness. «‘ '

7 For being revealed at that moment was their darkest premonition. , ‘
The one that had been forged deep within their hearts and minds since birth.



H, 'w ‘ ' ‘ m4

we 1 sheseuglutodau. ”smegma-é: ; r ,, ,,
id even one of htem get to return to a moment of happiness in their life?
Did-someone maybe relive in memory of their love? Their family? Or maybe a

dream, before facing the terror inflicted upon them.


Then he remembered the. morn, of the-nextday, .\ ' (
‘and the many dayssinc'e then. that ‘he had searched vainly for other life.

And while standing there in' unspeakable loneliness, .
He yells to the silent wind, “What was thei‘n‘eed for‘the bombs and missiles?"

And {then lowering down with a sense of wonder,
He reaches and clutches to his: ‘ heart a _ piece of the earth V
and thought to where life had went. ' ‘


Please, he cried, as his tears stained the cold ground, , ' . V , . g - fie
I don’t want to be alone. _ ' - . .

aHoro av" SKIP BAKER '

alcohol-free life in his remarks at the 30th annual AA banquet.-

By Randy Bowman 31309-E Guest speaker Russ Stewart stressed the importance'~ Of'livin'g'an ‘
L 1 Stewart has worked with the AA‘gr‘oup at La Grange for 20 years. .




Public Education Services Manager

The KENTUCKY INTER-PRISON PRESS, a monthly publication of
the Kentucky Bureau of Corrections, Frankfort Kentucky, 40601, is
produced by and for residents of the 11 correctional institutions of
the Commonwealth of Kentucky. The views expressed in this
publication are not necessarily those of the‘Kentucky Bureau of
Corrections. Reprint permission is hereby granted, provided the
proper credit is given. All correspondence and Forms 3579 should
be directed to the Public Education Services Manager, Bureau of
Corrections, Frankfort, Kentucky, 40601. Second Class postage
rates paid’at Frankfort, Kentucky, 40601.


more av SKIP suntan"? '

USPS 011170 I -' a f AA Chairman i'aiz Rafidi spoke of themembers’ attempt to change
I their lives through the AA program at KSR. ' p ,



,....:.you ’ll riserin: 31112.51 morningis’ofimm blegggndgwealg - g «7w




By David Greer
Frankfort Career Development Center

Beware, my friend, my name is King Heroin
known to all as the destroyer of men

Where first I was born, no one knows

But I come from the land where the poppy grows.

I ’m a worker of power, and you’ll know it’s true
use me'once, and you’ll know it, too.

I entered the country without a passport

Ever since then I’ve been hunted and sought
By addicts and pushers and plainclothes dicks
But most by junkies who want a quiet fix.

My little white grains are nothing but waste

, I’m soft and deadly, so bitter to taste

I’ll make a schoolboy forget his books

and make a world of beauty forget her looks
I ’ll cause a good husband to cast out his wife
and send a greedy pusher to prison for life.

I ’m king of crime, the prince of corruption

I’ll capture your soul and cause your destruction

am I knot just a king, a god to behold

more treasured than diamonds, more precious than
gold. ' ‘

If you wish to hear more of the thing I can do

of the men I’ve delighted and the women I slew

I’ll make a man shabby that once dressed so nice
and all wholuse me will go down in vice

I ’11 control your mind and then your whole brain

with a full course of torment, first pleasure, then pain.

Al, the fuzzihave taken, you from under my wing
they dare to defy me, I, who am king.
Nights you'll toss and turn and won ’t sleep


you’ll be" bonthéhc'ola. "and’y’od’u-wnit tnd'c’aagb ‘-' 7' g . . .
After ten day 80f madness you might throw it off, ' . _' *

You’ll curse my name, and down me inispeech '
But you’d pick me up again, if I were in reach.
And nights, when you lie awake planning your fate
you‘know I’ll be waiting just beyond the sate.

I gave you a warning, you didn’t take. Heed

So put your feet in the stirrups and mount steed
Put your foot in the stirrup and ride me well

For the White Horse of Heroin will rideyou to Hell.


By Warren Caldwell ‘

Who is Love? v

Love can be the very essence of many faces,

'Love can take you to far away places, ‘

Love can bring destruction where there is no
_ understanding, '

Love can be pressure when it’s too demanding,

Love can bring laughter where there is joy,

Love and also be played with as if it were a toy,

Love can be a dictator when one is in rule,

Love can also be used as though it were a tool,

Love can be a physician when there is sickness,

Love can be a relaxer when there is stress,

Love can be beauty as a flower in bloom,

Love ‘can also be ugly when it causes another’s doom
' Love can have a fragrance of that of no other,
' Love can be music to the ears when there is no bother,

Love can bring warmth when two become one,

Love can also be lonely when it gives and in return

receives none,

Love can be a wonder of that to be,

No, wait, I’m dreaming, it’s all in me.




The INTER-PRISON PRESS—April 1979—?390 3

By Barry V. Williams, KSR
The world owes man nothing,
It's earth that doth request; ‘
0f man when life is over,

His body made of flesh.

Give all you hvae of life to give,

‘ But of this world take naught;

It’s follies or it’s wisdo‘ms
Or in hell your soul is bought.

Life in this world is merely a state,
To gain your wits—to contemplate;
T 0 choose to live eternally,

0r answer Satan’s fate. '

God created all but man makes himself,
By how he thinks—he manifests;

His present and his future life,

His daysof rest and nights of strife.

Pass through this realm unscaved,

Be consciously aware unslaved;

Free now your mind—be positive,

To take—always give

Your all—and all depends on you,

To live or die—or to exist;

Your proving ground—your thought—your thought

It’s of your mind that Christ will look, ‘
To find if you are written in the book; ~ ’
The book of life which tells the story, -.

0f your great fall or rise to glory.


By Harry Lee Elliott

Let me take possession of your mind,

so I can exploit you brother, into doing some time. ~
Let me give you some game,

so you can show the world your intangible fame.

Let me take the essence of your manhood,

so I can use your Mother, Brother, Sister like I knew I

Let me take you in from being alone,

so I can manipulate you Brother out of your home.
Let me give you a great sensation,

and then steal your mind and then your destination.
Let me convince you to take a ride, .

and then I will break all your family tides.

I can take you places you’ve never seen,

and then make you kill like Idi-Amin.

I am the immaculate of them all,

I can build skyscrapers, then watch them fall.

I can make you channel your brain like a submarine at
sea, '

you can beat everybody, but you can ’t beat‘me.

I can make you think. you are clever, like James Earl

I can turn a pretty player into a bag of bones.

I can take you high up in the sky,

and then make you shoot Larceny on the F.B.I.

My name is HEROIN, king of the world,
‘ come back a little later, and you can meet my little girl.
°I was born in Turkey to make people well,

now I ’m in New York, sending babies to Hell.

I ’ve brought a lot of pebple out of the ghetto slums,
I’ve flipped a lot of businessmen into vagabonds and
bums. - ‘

If you ’re sitting here thinking about using me, brother,
change your mind please, cause I’ll kill you and your


. 1







~55“ )\‘§J.'~ . .I .
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, f‘ ‘ ‘ " \ ' ‘, :r'j.‘ |.{ ..'\' C: ., ‘ '
.1 {\ ”I, , 3 » m I V ‘, I3: ‘\::‘l\1“‘_r‘ ’1‘_ :1 . ‘ - ‘ ‘~
I : ‘ITI‘TI ', ' " ‘ " “
I l . \ ‘
g \ l
‘ I
I .1. . I
' 1 3 ~ §i
"F! 1 3;
9 Pa ee-‘Tho INTER-PRISON PBESS—April1979 : ‘ ;
9 , ,

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: A ' .' '1 ‘ ' I " ' ' " ' I ' V V i I I Warhr weather brings KSR inmates outside. Dorninosnsren'favorite.
,_ , “The Loop” beenrne's scrawled street during the warn: westher months as KSR pasttime among. the men. . , _ ‘ . f - x _, . »



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' -‘ A'II‘ennis has become a favorite sport at the Reformatory.
f I ' Dennis Elliot returns a volley during an afternoon game.








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