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June 6th, 1871

Morrison College, Lexington, Ky.

Meeting of
June 6, 1871

     The Board of Curators met at 12 o'clock M. President B. M.
Bishop in the Chair.
     The roll being called the following Cnrators were present.
E. M. Bishop, Joseph Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, Jos. G. Woolfolk,
A. H. bowman, Joseph Smith, B. B. Groom, John Shackelford Sr.,
Z. F. Smith, J. P. Terbitt, W. L. Withers, Z. M. Sherley.
     Dr. Shackelford. opened the meeting with preyer-
     After some consultatiojn the Board adjourned to meet at 22
o'clock P. Mid.  Benediction by Curator Z. F. Smith.

                       June 6th 2- o'clock P. M.
                       Board of Curators met pursuant to adjournment and the fol-
                  lowzing members were present riz  P. M. Bishop. J. B. Powman,
                  Benj. Gratz, Joseph Wasson, D. S. Goodloe, E, W. Elley, J. 6.
                  Woolfolk, Joseph Smith, B. B. Groom, Z. F. Smith, J. P. Tarbitt,
                  W. L, Withers, L. B. Wilkes, Z. M. Sherley, G. 1A. Wing, John
                  Shackelford, Sen. also arrived soon after Curators Worthington
                  and Givens. Prayer by G. W. Elley.
Regent's              Regent Bowman then read his report giVing in detail the con-
report read       dition of e-ach of the five colleges of the University making
& referred!       certain recommendations.
                       On motion of Curaotr Tarbitt said report was refered to a
                  Special Comt. composed to Curators Tarbitt, Worthington and Groom.
          /190/  J. B . Bowman then read his rerort as Treasurer which was received
-, 0             and filed by order of the Board.
0 ^                   The Exetive Comt. whose duty it is to examine and report up-
. et            on the receipts & disbursments of the Treaqurer herewith handed
0 g .            in the folloyiang certificate.
                       The undersigned in accordance with their practiced duty as
                  the auditing Comt. of Board of Curators, have carefully examined
                  the Books and accounts of the Trreasurer -)P Ky. University item
 S  .n by item and find the disbursments and receipts for the fiscal
 X  r.;           year correct and sstained by the proper vouchers - signed Benj.
                 Gratz, Jos. Smith, Jos. Wasson, J. S. Woolfolk.
o (D                  On motion of Curator Z. F. Smith it was resolved that a
                 Comty. of three be appointed in connection with the Troassurer
    0  o         to make a. report of the financial condition of Ky. University
                 with the view of publishing a condensed report in the news papers
 i .p            in this city and at least one paper in the City of Louisville and
    o.d.dnt'i            ctyad     tle,
0.,              a specific report in Pamphlet form to at least the number of the
                 Donors showing the amt. given by each Donor and the fund to which
                 it was given - also the names of the Donors.

18 9



Kentucky University, Lexingtoa, Ky. June 6, 1871

Compensati on
to Regent

Deed to

Report of
the Exec.
Comn. read
& adopted

Dept. of the
Agric. & Mech.

o f Aune
7, 1871


DD! siori tion
of money
rec i from
U.S. Govern-

     On motion of Curator Elley a Comnty. of three vas appointed
to ,whom is referred the fixing of proper Compensation to Regent
Bowman for Individual labors anddisbursments in securing the
Twenty-five thousand dollars from Congress. The following
Gentlemen were appointed to compose said Committee.
                                  G. Lt, Elley
                                  Z. M. Sherley
                                  Benj. Gratz.
/191/ The Treasurer reported that he had paid all of the pur-
chase money for Ashland and presente i to the Board of Curators,
the Deed of Thos. P. Jacob, Trustee and Commissioner to Ky.
University for the sane.
     Report of the Executive Corabee was made by the secretary Dr.
Joseph Smith and upon motion of Cu-.ator Goodloe was approved
Lani adopted.
     The Undersigned being 'he Committee to visit the Prepara-
tory Dopaertment of the A^gricultural and Mechanical College of
Ky. University respectfully report   being under the charge of
D. G. Herron Principal and Fiward Smith Assistant, that the
duties were faithfully performed by them and deserving the ap-
probation of the Curators.
                     Signed Benjr. Grn i z
                            Joseph 'asson
                            L. B. Wilkes
On motion the Board adjourned to meet to-morrow morning at 8i
octlock A. 1.

                          Lexington, Ky., June 7, 1871

     Board of Curators met at 8 o'clock. Roll call and the fol-
lowing members present - R. M. Bishop, Benj. Gratz, J. B. Powman.
Andrew Steele, Joseph lasson, D. S. Goodloe, G. W. Elley, J. S.
Woolfolk, A. H. Bowman, C. T. Worthington, Joseph Smith, GI W.
Givens, J. P. Tarbitt, h. M. Sherley, 1. M. Wing, W7. T. Withe-rs,
}3. B. ,room, L. B. Wilkes, Z. F. Smith, John Shackelford.
/192/ Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved-
     Report of Committee being called for - Curator Tarbitt,
Chairman of the Committee to whom was referred the Regents report-
made the following recommendations-
     1st. Thet the money obtained from the U. S. Government visits
and damages to the Old Transylvania property be applied to the
erection of a new edifice at Woodlnnds cr enlargement of the old