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Ca rpen lerCla rifies


Issue Concerning
UK Athletes, Tests



m tk- -


c- -



Infirmary Asks People
Taking Patch Tests
To Return For


X-Ra- ys

Zoology Head Calls
Sliulcnl Charge False
In Kernel Interview

Tests Are Begun
As Check Shows
S tu dent Has TB

Classes Dismissed

After 2 p.m. Today

lur Ikes

A ilcnial tliat sample tests were jivei to UK atliletes in a
zoology course tliis semester was made early tin's week ly Dr.
head of the Department (it Zoology.
Jolm M. Cai
In an interview. Dr. Carjienter
Dr. Carpenter also said that
said that a .story appearing in the favoritism, as far a.s football players


are concerned, is nonexistent in
either zoology classes or laboratories,
No special treatment is given to
team members, he said,

Apiil 9. 1954. issue of the Kcrnrl
was 'untrue." Dr. Carpenter was
refrrrinc to a charge made by a
student in the zoology course to the
effect that team members had been
given "sample" tests which the rest
of the students were not given.
The charge, which was printed in
the Kernel, said, in essence, that
athletes had been given sample tests
which other students in the course
did not receive.



fniversity classes

aft.-- r


p.m. are dismissed today. President II. I.. Donovan has announced.
The part-da- y
been made to enable I K students to hear President Dwight
Kisenliourr spea't at Transylvania College's l".th Anniversary Convocation.
Over 3.UIH) reserved seals have
been set up In front of .Morrison
Hall where the president will
speak. He mill arrive by plane in
Lexington and will travel from
the airport to the Transylvania
campus in a motorcade.

An urgent appeal has Been issued by I'niv ersity Infirmary
olhViuis rcpicstinn all students who have taken the tulM'l't'iilosis
patch test within the last two weeks to return for
examinations and a reading of the test reaction.
Infirmary technicians point out
that many students are failing t
r. V3LA'-'i"v
return for the chest
examinations are being given ti
sororities and 12 fraternities have nominated canserve as a double check for any pos- -:
didates for the 1'ii.xh Cart Derby Queen which ill he announced at the race Saturday afternoon.
Robert Lowell, Fulitzer
sible TB. they said.
of poetry i'l 1947, will read and
They are. front row left to rii;ht, Betty Myers. Margie Priestley, Crcta Boswell and Carolyn
Usual procedure calls for chest
Guide Test Given
comment on his poetry at 4 p.m.
only if the patch test shows
Dedmon. Second row, Xada Cruin, Ann Cirillot, Ann Latin, Anna Odle and l.vime Applejate.
to Dr. Carpenter, a Thursday in Room 111 of McVey
a positive reaction.
Third row, Diane Hunt, Jill Mahoney, Bahs W hite. Lillis Beam, Lim Schiilman. and Joanne
tutor paid by the UK Athletic A.s- - Hall. Dr. John L. Cutler of the
Students have swamped the Uni-- I
sociation gave the football players English Department will preside,
Shelton. Xot present were Barbara Russimiii, Ann Mcintosh. Dolly Chandler, Ann Smith, and
Members of the state boards ;f versity Health Service since early
guide tests "to see if they are getting
Mr Lowell is the aulhor of three
Lorene Clemons.
pharmacy and the faculties of the last week, requesting that they be
along all ripht."
volumcs of poetry: "Land of Un- colleues of pharmacy in Kentucky. given the tuberculosis Volmer test.
The guide tests, he said, were not llk!ines;WearVs Castle," and
The sudden ruth at the Infirmary
Indiana. Illinois, Michigan, Ohio,
restricted to football players. Similar ..Tlle MlUs of the KaVanaughs."
and Wisconsin will meet on May 2. stemmed from a recent diagnosis
Incti nuiHa tovtc t f illHio'-itserved as consultant in
3. and 4 in the Student Union, it which revealed that a junior I ni- nature of the real test are posted poetry has
enaiy siuueni was suuenn irom
for the Library of Congress
Phi Alpha Theta. national history has been announced.
on a bulletin board for all students
and has held a Guggenheim Fellow- In addition to routine business, eute IuImtcuIom-i- reportedly in the
honorary, will hold a banquet and
in the zoology course before test cVs is
topics for discussion will include advance sta Re..
initiation Tuesday night in the Stutime, he said.
The student has been transferred
Mr. Lowell is currently presenting
dent Union, Marjorie Dysart has an-- 1 -- The Problem of Increasing Enroll- Dr. Carpenter told two Kernel
tnent in Colleges of Pharmacy." to a sanitarium at New Albany, Ind..
the Elliston Lectures at the Uni- nounced.
editors that the guide tests given
The initiation will be held at 5 "Continuing Adult Education Alter near his home. At first he was taken
The second annua. Push Cart lore.' Kercher. ,ane Coy try and
to the athletes were made up by versity ot Cincinnati.
Are you a Korean veteran?
p.m. DST in the Music Room, and Graduation," and The Maintenance to Good Samaritan Hospital in LexDerby will be held Saturday after- - Mfrtha Whaiiri; Lorene Clemens,
the graduate assistant in the Zool- - If you are and you have not
noon in front of the Administration
the banquet will follow at 6 p.m. in of the Highest Ethical and Profes-- : ington. After a complete check re.
Chi Omega. Nancy Wilson and started
ogv Department the tutor in order
to get
vealed the presence of tuberculosis,
sioiuil Standards for Pharmacy."
1 KlllS
Building, Marvin Jones, president of Carol Crouch; Betsy Whitesell, Peg trainin"actionn;iv lrwoKorean GI Bill the fotball dining room.
to help the athletes study for
thic rriiil.,in
Dr. A. E. Slesser. head of the De-- : he was moved to the Indiana hospiMr. Richard Banter from Craw- Alpha fraternity. Apking. Shirley Smith. Jane White, The dt.ajlilie on enrolling is
the Lambda Chi
test "given on April 13 .
nas annouiiceu.
Ann crocKeu ana uarmen figue; approaching, Mr. Ray R. Adams, fordsville. Ind. will, talk on "River partment of Pharmacy at the UK tal.
The system whereby tutoring is
A check with the patient's local
A paiade scheduled lor 11:30 a.m. Anne Lotta.
manager of the Louisville Veterans Life in the 1850's Gamblers and CVlieue of Pharmacy, will be
arranged for football players is not
physician failed to reveal the exact
will open the contest. Pushers, driv- Delta Delta Delta, Ann Dawkins Administration Regional Office, said Gambling on the Ohio and Missis- - charge of the program.
The annual Dairy Club honorary
restricted to the Zoology Depart- sippi." He is author of "The Ohio
ers, and queen candidates, driven in
Harold B. Green, senior Pharmacy degree of the illness. Gixxl Samarinient. Dr. Carpenter said, but is banquet will be held at 6:30 p.m., convertibles, will meet on Lexing- - and Gretel Groos: Helen Menger. today.
River," a book in the American liiver student, will bo one uf the speakers. tan authorities would only confirm
Gilb, Adele Irving, Gladys
depart- - Tuesday at the Student Union Ball- This ruling applies to vets who
trans-ferre- d.
found in other University
ton Avenue, and the parade will re- - Shirley Harris, Libby Russman, and were released from active duty on Series.
and Dr. Leo M. Chamberlain, vice that the patient had been
meats, a.s well as in other colleges room.
Reservations may be made by call- - president ol the University, will
turn to the campus via Main and Dottie Pfieffer: Lillis Beam.
lor before August' 20. 1952. The law
Dr. Hank Morrison, professor of
and universities.
Student Sold Food
Carts will be
Kappa Delta. Shirley Cole and states that a veteran must "enroll ing Mrs. Lloyd Keeton. secretary to welcome visitors to the campus.
dairying, will be honored this year Limestone Streets. circle
Facilities Called Equal
by Monday.
Key-th- e
driven around the
in front of June Peterman; Mary Martha
Dr. Rnbt.rt w. Rasor. of the United I Reports indicated that the student;
in and begin" training on or before the History Department,
n h" has one lhe most
Anv student in the zoology course. a
Those invited to become members gtates pvlUhc Health Service Hos- - hi,d
Administration Building, and ser. Camille Todd, Marty Kuebler, two years have expired from his
engaged in selling sand- Ken-i- n
he explained, can get free tutoring ' r dairying in the state of
trophies will be presented for the Jackie Ritter. Jerry Kelby and Mau-mo- st time of discharge. This also applies of the organization include Ken pitol. will be the guest speaker at j withes and various looa articles to
ucky. His picture will be hung in
help classes on Friday afternoon
Harris, Marjorie Dysart. Sharon the meeting. Members attending the , sororities on the campus before the
originally decorated ones in reen McBarron; Ann Smith,
to vets who plan to take
and Saturday morning. The oppor- - the "Hall of Fame" in the Dairy both the sorority and fraternity di- Richardson, Mary Lewis Patterson, meeting will Visit the hoso tal.
nouses cioseu ai lUKnt. inese 81ri.-- i
Kappa Alpha Theta. Phil Nelson and
tunities for outside help in studying Products
vision. The winner of the queen and Janice Roberts; Bess Clements,
Claude Sturgill, Glen Sandel'ur.
Summer terms in schools, which
About 75 persons are expected to and members of the TB
students, he
re available to all
contest, determined by popular vote, Nancy Cooley. Kay King, Sara Ann h(.(rin in 'ihi.iif tun mimtlii;
apparently have
h Gayle Braden, John Ed Wiliz. attend the three day conference of own fraternity
said, but are not always used to,
will be crowned.
started the movement toward patch.
Taylor, Dianne Raddick, and Sidney th Inst rhr,,P for monv Utin ns Robert Edward Amis. Oscar Tlionw tnc eilucator-regulato- r
Two sorority and three fraternity stone; Diane Hunt,
tests anil chest
to profit from the GI training pro Atkins.
Mary E. Chenault, Leonard Curry,
elimination heats will be run, and
Infirmary authorities estimate
e gram. Enrollment in the fall classes
Kappa Kappa Gamma. Joan
Luther Danner, John Dickev. Luther
winner and runner-u- p
carts in
students have
that about 350-4of this year will be too late,
"Continued on Page 3
each will go on to the finals.
already been in for the Volmer arm
"It doesn't uav to wait until the House. Barbara Lake. Leslie Mor
Elizabeth Hardwick. novelist and
Sororities will race only half the
test. Only about half that number
last minute before taking action," lis. Diane Parr, Edgar
critic, will speak on the subject of distance of the circle, starting in
Nancy Turman, Richard Troutinan.
I have returned
. l.
women novelists at 8 p.m.
T. . i i
Availability of equipment and
time jobs for UK men are
Many preliminary steps must be and Mary C. Voorhes.
. ing.
officers of the Student Union
Fraternities will run the length A
very plentiful this spring, according
technicians limit the number of
taken nrior to the actual training '
the Fine Arts Buildinj
Board were installed and chairmen persons who can receive chest
of the circle, starting and ending in
Vt the YMCA employment office.
A veteran must choose the school:
M'lected for the various committees to 40 a day.
v wriiWW
Miss Hardwick is the author of front of the Administration Build- A 11ai
Requests have been received for
and course he wants. He must make
of the Board at their last meeting,
students to do such work as spring numerous short stories and critical ing.
C ontrary to rampus rumors, health
certain that the course
Jane Ann Stockton, retiring pub- -;
Friday, May 7, is the last day
J. B. Faulkner, WLAP
cleaning, wash windows, dig gar- - pjeces which have appeared in The
officials plan no mass tuberculosa
This information will be
licit v chairman, has announced.
on which seniors and graduate
ter. will call the races over a public
dens, and mow lawns. Each job will yale Revi
supplied by any VA Regional
trstinc of all student on the cam- Partisan Review. Ken-lak- e address system.
students expecting to complete
Bernie Shively, di- anvwhere from an afternoon
Dr. Frank J. Welch, dean of the, New olllcers for next year are pus u wi t uti on a voluntary
Her rector of athletics, and Ed Ashford,
Rcview' and elsewhere.
requirements for graduatheir
lo a day to finish.
It is necessary that he is sure that College of Agriculture and H..ii!i'iMiua:iivt Ann Holyluld, president, basj!t
tion on June 4 may apply for
Information on wages and em- - latest novel, "The Acquital." will be sports editor of the Lexington Her- the school will accept him. Then Economics and director of the Agri- - atte Ann HoOgooa. vice president.
Under the Volmer patch set-udegrees, K. L. Mills, registrar,
secretary, and John Per- aid. will be the officials for the
plovers' names and addresses may published this fall,
he must file an application for cultural Experiment Station, left P"t Gil.
the treated adhesive is left on the
has announced.
be obtained at the YWCA
A native of Lexington, Miss Hard- Korean GI Bill training with the April 11 on a special mission to rir.o.
forearm for 48 hours, then removed
No student will be considered
Bob Hope will formally present
K""m 115 no'1C SlUdt",U Umn
Committee charimen are Reba and read by Infirmary attendants
VA, or with the approved school in ' Yugoslavia.
wick received her A.B.' with
for graduation if he has not
the trophies Thursday when he
puuuc ici.iuons. m.u w.a aUer anotru.r
Dean welch was requested by
which he wishes to enroll.
period has
an application. The applications
Jobs will also be available through partmental honors in English from visits Lexington for a
Veterans who are in doubt as to Gov. Harold Stasscn. head of the Jean May. Coffee Chat. Tamara t,.llfcit.d
may be made in Room 16 of the
Day show in the Coliseum.
the University.
the summer.
what they wish to study should re- - foreign Operations Administration. iiiompson. poster commuiee.
The UK junior, whom diagnoses
Administration Building by all
Eight sororities and 12 fraternities
quest counseling from the VA. The to make an appraisal of the cereal. Culson. art committee. Clara Ivslel revealed as suffering from tuberru-j
who have not previousstudents
have entered the relays.
ob-- 1
Yates, membership, Jolm Pernne.
He will
VA will help them decide on an
situation in
through regu-- !
ly filed one.
The sororities, their driver and
Bishop, house losis. was not treated
study the needs ol the country and sports, and Rebecca
jective and a training program.
lar University Health Service chan- -'
alternate driver, pushers and alter-- i
This deadline does not pertain to some of its trade requirements. He commiUcc. Betty Jo Martin will nels. Instead, he was taken directly
nate pushers, and queen candidate
those enrolled under the original is expected to be away three 01 head lhe newly treated Student In- to Good Samaritan Hospital.
terest Committee.
World War II GI Bill.
four weeks.
Alpha Delta Pi, Elynor Newman
Patient Was
Mrs. Dombrowski. emphasizing the and Marlcne Young; Jean Morrison,
A check of health records at the
A Mirdid picture of life in East
Infirmary showed that the patient
Lcrhn whs given Tuesday- morning completeness of the Russian grasp Greta Barrickman. Janet Lewis,
upon entering
by m fierman iiewspapermaii before on Germans living in East Berlin, Marianne Jones, Jean Robsoii and
received a chest
the University in 1951. There wa
tin liiforiiuil fathering ol journalism told about young school girls from Jane Lewis: Babs White.
Alpha Gamma Delta, Charlotte
High honors for superior scholarthe East Zone who were astonished
no evidence
whatsoever of any
Mudent.s and facully ineinlxrs.
Erich Imbrowski. jiolitical and when they found they could speak Fullerton and Janice Oaks; Barbara ship and leadership in campus
tuberculosis then, UK health ofJane Hale, Margie Thomas, Susan activities were awarded approxificials stated.
icoiiomic editor of the Frankfurter freely in the West Zone schools.
Russian culture and Russian lan- Bachmeyer, Janet Hummel, Mary mately 203 UK women students in .
AllgrmeitiP Zeitung. Frankfurt, and
When asked if an annual physical
his wile, spoke of a divided city liv- guage are being forced upon the Eleanor Garnett and Ann Wen- - the school's annual 'Stars in the
examination of all UK students
ninger; Greta Boswell.
Night" program he'd last week in
ing in uncertainty from day to day. people of East Berlin, the
would have indicated the presence
Aloha Xi Delta. Marcy Burman Memorial Hall.
said. However, they said,
Mr. Dombrowski
described East
of tuberculosis before it reached
Staged by the University Women's
llei liners as "icoplc iwho have no the jx'ople are not content with the and Pat George; Maxine Thompson,
advance stages. Infirmary authorities
Barbara Jones, Nancy Yunt, De- - Administrative Council, the ceremeans t'l say what they feel or Russian rule.
IMiinted out that the acute TB atmony is planned each year for the
Are Mentioned
think . . . people living alone with
tack could develop suddenly or over
purpose of recognizing women who
To emphasize this, Mr. Dombrowthem: elves."
a longer period of tune.
have distinguished themselves
ski mentioned the June 17, M53. upPeople Are Isolated
At present, students are required
leadership and scholarship. The
The people of East Berlin, he said, risings which swept through East
to undergo a thorough physical
identity of all award winners was
Berlin, a.s well a.s many other Rusarc completely cut off from the free
check-u- p
only uin entering the
kept secret until the announcement.,
world by the Soviet overlords. There sian dominated areas.
University for the first time. M.inv
wore made, as was the nature of all
Mr. Dombrowski
also spoke of
is no free press, no communication
colleges and universities require this
entertainment until the various acts
nain that part of the city. And radio Germany's ixisition as a credit
examination as a part of regular
were presented.
tion, pointing out that Germany
Kappa Delta Pi, honorary educajiroi'iams beamed from the free
registration every year for ail stuMistress of ceremonies for the
now produces more goods for extion fraternity, will hold its initiaworld, lie said, arc jammed by Rusdents.
was Miss Pat Morrissey, presi-.
ports than any other nation in
tion and banquet at 5:30 p.m. Tuessian radio stations.
day in the library and cafeteria of dent of the Women's Administrative
Occasionally, he said. East
Intellectuals are being used by the the Taylor Education Building, Council. Miss Morrissey introduced
are given permission to visit
the presidents ot the various organirelatives in the Western Zone. But. Russians in an attempt to sell the Vivian Burke has announced.
zations, who in turn presented reDr. Phillip G. Davidson, president
once this is done, he added, any man benefits of Communism to the peoor woman who leaves the Eastern ple of. East and West Berlin. Mr. of the University of Louisville, will cipients of the awards.
Clashes will
an hour earlier
The program was attended by
.one is made suspect by the Rus- Dombrowski said. In spite of this speak at the banquet. He will be
at the University Monday as t lie
ellort to appeal to the people by introduced by Dr. Frank Dickey, several hundred faculty members,
city of Lexington goes on Daylight
parents, and friends of those
Adding to the picture of a divided umg these intellectuals, he said. dean of the College of Education.
Saving Time.
Communism has very little support
UK's annual
It climaxed
Reservations may be made by
city living in uncertainty. Mr.
I he University will continue nn
calling Mrs. Margaret Rose at the "Mothers Day" held for mothers ol
young men from from the people of the free zones.
told about
"Everyone knows what the beginC'enlial Standard Time, but the
WeM Berlin traveling through the
Education College.
ning was." he said, "but no one
class schedule which has been obStudents who will be initiated inSoviet sector on the way to see relaThe "Mothers Day" theme this
served in summer session for man
clude Mary Ann Anderson, Albei t J. year was "Mother Goes to College."
tives or to get to other cities and knows what the end is."
years will go into effect Monday.
Asch, Lucy Barringer. Betty Batson. and about 200 mothers on the camdisappearing, never to be heard
:i-- t s
Elsie Bowie. Peggy Driscoll, Evelyn pus for the day attended cla i
First hour classes will begin at
from ai'ain.
7 a.m. instead of 8 a.m. and the re-- t.
Duncan, William
Peggy and took part in other activities
Slave Labor May lie Kate
l.n.ild, srliH.r V.
M.W MOI.IAi; l.tlAlil Ml' Mlil.liS-Moit.- il
ill s iii'i:.'.i t.UMVl tWl'll- of the class hours will advance acplanned lor them.
Mrs. Dombrowski speculated that Set
Goodman. Helen Gum.
Tin v nr, tup hi !ni:hi
nn ) K i k
new ini tiilu't's .it "Stars In the Niolit" last , ci k.
the young men who disappeared in
Pin His Heuser, Doris Humphrey,
Mothers Day sponsors this year
Srliwar. Jmlv l.islii C Iwi-- Si ill i,n- mi Stncktun.
the Soviet Zone might be sent to
Pi.i'ir I'.nr. I.ei' Ami lavt.
A meeting ot the SHld- nt GovernDr. Leslie Martin. Elizabeth Mcinwere the Women's Hou. e President's
Offices will open at 7::tU a.m.
work in 'slave labor camps or to ment Association has been schedtosh. Betty Ann Myers. Mary Lewis Council; Alpha Lambda Delta,
dnd (Iroiiin, (iinnv l.'alv ci t. Maiu.tnt I iul lirld. i.utli TiiinKie. I'.ii W at ling. Ion. .uni lietli rather than 3.30 a.m. lunch will be
work uranium mines tor the Rus- - uled for 6:30 p.m. Monday in the Patterson, Herschel Reeves, Mary freshmen women's honorary, and
from 11 a m. to 12 30 p.m. and of.'s'-- ,
!' "" I " V
Callix an. Not prrseiit were H. tts t;U
Si iiilei.t Uni.n. Carti i GluWilhoite. Mary Elizabeth Wilkins. Cwens. snplmnii.re women's leader-- i
fices wi'l tl'ise ;it 4 p.m. A!! ti!!'.'.
"Their fate is uncertain," she said. dent, has announced.
in. in; liiuh.u.i Lake, iintl CJaiol Wilier.
are Central Standard.
and Mrs. Jesse Watson Ringo.
ship group.

Pulitzer Winner
To Talk Thursday




Pharmacy Men
To Meel Here
May 2, 3, 4

il'lii Alpha Thela

Sehedtiles Haiupiel,




Initiation Tuesday

UK Push Cart Contest Korean Vets
Could Lose
To Be Held
GI Training




IJail'V iJllI)



Honorary Hnnqucl








Novelist To Speak
Here Wednesday

Has Offers
Of Part Time Jobs



!0""" "'








Inst (tils Officers



' lilintr '

Welch Leaves


For Yugoslavia

Of-lic- e.








Says German Editor In Talk

'Stars' Honor
Top Women








Dom-browsk- is

Indication Group

To Have Services

For iew Initiates

pro-Bra- in




Hour Karlier Monday






Dom-browv-- ki

For Monday



















nouncement: "All classes and all offices on campus
will adjourn at 2 p.m. Friday so that all students,
faculty members and stall may attend the ceremonies and pay their respects to the President."
President Eisenhower will speak on the place of the
small, independent, church-relatecolleges in the
national life today.
The program will open at 3:30 p.m. with an address by Charles Allen Thomas. Mr. Thomas will
1h" followed by Sen. John Sherman Cooper who will
introduce the President. East speaker on the program will be Dr. Raymond M. McLain, former
Transylvania president, who will dedicate the
school s new library.
Those who miss the President's address on Friday afternoon will probably miss a chance in a lifetime. There are very few of us who have ever seen
a President of the United States and chances are
the opportunity will never come again since America is such a rapidly growing country. Also, this is
our chance to exhibit that southern hospitality for
which Kenhickians are known.
An anniversary is an important landmark. Each
year that a college or university successfully completes is a credit to that institution in view of the
fact that the values of higher education are still
unrecognized by some and ignored by others.
Therefore, we take this opportunity to extend our
heartiest congratulations to Transylvania on its
173th anniversary.














Pfra-'ll- ,









village called Septeiiii. The
In Erance. there
village is noted for three things: its church, its water tower, and inv father.
Ol these three, my lather is the most often discussed feature of the village. And so it is that this
column comes to be dedicated to
mv father, without whom this
column wouldn't be here in the
first place.
Father is a big man with a
hair and
patch of blonde-browtwo blue eyes. He is by nature a
quiet man. except when he falls
down the rickety sairs of the old
house he lives in. To some, tin's may sound funny,
but inv father's falling down the stairs is a big event
in a peaceful country village.
You see, no one knows why Father falls down
the stairs. This adds a touch of mystery to the
and people love mysteries.
Whenever Father falls down the stairs, the villagers Itegin to talk. W hy , they ask, has he fallen
down the stairs?
There are several interesting reasons which might
is a

"I Hear She's Afraid Of High Places!



The Gallery

Shows Need Balance,
Ticket Prices Should Be Lowered

Pre-Derb- y

at-fa- ir

and he
figured that Lexington was a
format, a few old jokes,
buzzed into town with no
Next week the Commonwealth will play host to
and went home richer (by about fifteen grand, we
of tourists who w ill settle in and around
the environs of Churchill Dow ns' for the big Bun heard) and not in the least weary for his efforts.
a.m. downtown it's 9 a.m. on the campus but after
We've seen Hope, who is one of our favorites,
for the lioses. In the days before the most thrilling
missing a few classes and hearing a few harsh
really put on a show, and he could here if he'd take
two minutes in all sportsdom. Falls City businesswords from an unsympathetic professor, the
ol" Money bags is
men and landlords will attempt to lxat the track a little time to prepare but
will finally sink in. The simplest solution
why should he, when he don't
smarter'n that
in taking the visitors for every thing they've got.
to the problem for students is. of course, to run
little city in the U.S. and hafta?
Last yeai the biggest
their watches up an hour. We will then go to class
We also wish that the local promotion gang
home of ol' UK decided to muscle in with two big
at the same hour as we have lwen, and our time
would make some provisions to take care of the
shows, starring Judy
will lx with the city's. Beware of one point don't
pennylcss I'K denizens. The tab for the tickets is
Garland and Bop Hope, designed
pay any attention to the clock in Memorial Hall and
a trifle phenomenal, and the
to lure a goodly numler of racing
in campus buildings.
At any rate, this idea of sellrequire
fans to hospitable Lexington until
basis is not exactly
ing the tickets on a
Derby Day. How many folks acdesigned to aid the struggling scholar who's starvtually got tired of the Louisville
ing for a night out. Last ear, as we gazed at the
holdup and furnitureless hotel
empty stands at the Garland show, we had the feellobbies and headed this way, we
ing that an easier solution would be to lower
don't know (not very many, we'd
prices for we fear that the
What with all the beautiful suntans in evidence
guess) but the local Chamber of Commerce and
(which we have a hunch may be lifted at the last
on the campus, we're beginning to wonder how
Lexington merchants certainly weren't hurt by the
minute) isn't the way to go about it, but who
much the rental on an airplane is per week.
asked us? . . .
Last month the local sponsors, headed by Hugh
and CinemaScope go
We read that Cliff I lagan is soon to be tested by Meriwether and the incomparable Charlie O'Con-nelmerrily on. Now playing is Winners "Lucky Me,"
a movie studio. Cliff, it seems, is being considered
announced that Tony Martin and Mr. Hope
with Doris Day. Ilobert Cummings. and Phil Silfor the role of Tarzan, the fellow who swings again, had been signed for shows on Tuesday and
vers, and it's a right g od movie.
through trees and talks with apes. We wonder if Thursday nights of next week on the concert stage
nothing much in particular in her usual fine style,
his experience with the NCAA could have influof the Coliseum. So since it appears that the shows
and Cummings, who hasnt been around much
enced the decision any at all.
will become a regular holiday treat, we'd like to
Silvers, straight
offer a little unasked-for- ,
but sincere advice to lately, is excellent, as is
from his "Top Banana' hit.
One of our little ambitions in life is to find a prowhom it may concern, because the programs last
Cummings and Silvers make for an interesting
fessor who will face his class unflinchingly and deyear were wanting in several ways.
study in contrasts, both draw guffaws Cummings
clare the final exam will be "a whopper of a test
In the first place, Ixith the Garland and Hope
middle-age- d
by his quiet underplaying ol the mixed-tithe hardest I can cook up with only a semester to shows were badly oil balance. Judy was preceded
kid, anil Silvers by his patented
work at it."
of orchestrations and vaudeby an
bran ol humor. Anyway, it's a nice
ville and a long intermission all this lx'fore she
We have a suggestion for those who plan the
even laid a footsie on stage, and ditto for Hope. little cinemusical . . .
annual "Stars in the Night" program a section
As for "Prince Valiant." a rowdier fairy-talwe
Anyone familiar with such productions will agree
headed "Special award for the two or three freshthat the big name should carry the show, i.e., should have never seen. A good time was had by all, and
man, sophomore and junior women we. may have be seen at least ten minutes after the curtain rises,
even though the older people ju the audience
missed in the other presentations."
and act as MC or be around for the rest of the; laughed in the wrong places, the kiddies had a ball.
night. Last April, Miss Garland finally showed up The acting, however, was horrible James Mason
We would, in all seriousness, like to suggest tunlx'fore a
audience and cracked off ten or appeared too ashanud et his part in the proceednels under Limestone street and the Avenue of
fifteen numbers without pausing for breath.
ings to act well, and poor Sterling Haydeii seemed
Champions forthe benefit of residents of the womdoings.
As for Bob Hope's doozie well, Hope was funnv
by the comic-stricompletely bewild
en's barracks and Scott Street Barracks. Living in all right, and the crowd apparently went home hapLeigh looked dcWtablo, Debra Paget was
those places is hazardous enough without braving
py, but they certainly didn't see the
wasted but Bob Wagner came through all right,
at his
traffic to get to them.
fanciest. We may be sensitive, but Hope evidently
and that's what Zauuck had in mind, anyway. . . .











You 're. Another One

What I am concerned about is when will an
agreement lx binding on a coach? As I understand
it, a coach is supposed to build character. How
can a man build if he does not exemplify? If the
University dismisses a coach, it is expected to pay
him the full amount agreed to. I think a coach
should have equal honor. Of course, if you have
lost the loyalty of a man. you do not want him as
a coach. I like a winner as well as any one and
Bryant made an excellent record in that respect.
However, he has been severely criticized by the
sports writers of the Pacafic Coast on several ocUniversity of Kentucky
casions; namely tor his conduct following his loss
to Santa Clara several years ago, his "dressing
Fattened at the Port Office at