DUDLEY on Epidemic Cholera.

patient capable of resisting disease, I witnessed with satis-
faction its virtue in suspending the rice water secretions.
  The benefit derived from the use of blankets in excluding
the atmosphere from the surface, was observed in every stage
of the disease; and in the curable stages, the practice of pro-
tecting the entire surface was enjoined on the sick asindispen-
sable to safety. By this precaution the stomach and bowels
were preserved free from morbid movements to a certain ex-
tent, and thus time was given for the healthy influence of
calomel. It is presumed that every body, who was observ-
ant at the time cholera prevailed, must recollect, and the
fact is of daily observation even at present, in our city,
among those of delicate health, that the exposed parts of the
person were habitually cold and moist. Hence the necessi-
ty for this protection, not only for the sick, but for others
also. The recovery of several patients in the aggravated
forms of the disease, was ascribed to the dry heat of the
kitchen and the stove room.
  In the spasmodic form of the malady, I could call to my
assistance no remedy possessed of the tranquillizing influ-
ence of an efficient emetic. In every instance it checked
the violence of this symptom, and in very many, subdued it
altogether. It may have hastened the moment of dissolution
among those who had no power of reaction; but it invaria-
bly brought along with its effects, a certain amount of tran-
quillity, with an increased susceptibility to the speedy influ-
ence of healthy purgation, among those not already exhaust-
ed by the disease.
  Its virtues were faithfully tried in the stage of collapse,
not only in the early, but in the latter periods of the epi-
demic among us; and the manifestations for the moment
were flattering in many instances; but it is proper to add,
that notwithstanding a partial recurence of heat, and circu-
lation, and an expression of comfort on the part of the
sick, yet for this stage of cholera, I am not taught by ex-
perience, to place reliance in emetics, calomel, stimuli, cold
water, or any other remedy, which has been suggested. It