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The Executive Committee of the Board of Trustees met at the
Phoenix Hotel on Saturday, March 25, 1911, at 9:30 o'clock.
There were present Mr. Clay, Mr. Nichols, Rr. Stoll and Mir.
Terrill of the Committee, and also President Barker, Vice
President White and the Comptroller, Judge Lafferty.

     On motion made and seconded and unanimously carrisd, it
was resolved that hereafter the meetings of the Executive   om-
mittee be in executive session and no person other than the
Executive Committee and the Secretary of the Con nittee be per-
mitted to go into the session of the Committee I:ithout special
inVitation.   Any person deairing to go before the Executive
Coma..ittee on any particular subject shall W&e application to
the Secretary.

     President Barker nrese.ited the subject of advertis ing
in the form of heaving a numb r of ]mrge pictures made of the
University buildings and grounds, including the Experiment
Station and farm, to be framed and placed in the High Schools
of the State. Motion was made and seconded that $250,00 be
aopropriated for that purpose.

     On roll call the vote atood:

     Ayes:- Messrs. Nichols, Stoll, Clay and Terrill,

     7oes:. Noiie

     bMotion carried.

     Motion made, seconded and unanimously carried, the
President of the University was requested to advise this
Committee in writing at its next meeting:

     (a) As to the power of thue University to abolish the

     (b) To reorganize the Academy in the lines suggested in
         the report of the Academy.

     (c) if neither of these plans are legal or feasible, to
         advise this Committee in detail what he considers to
         be tee proper organization of the Academy under the
         law and under the conditions existing in the Univer-

     'otlon made and seconded that the action of the Exec-
utive Committee taken at its meeting on the 20th day of March,
1911, regarding the reorganization of the University be recon-
sidered, and that this resolution be laid on the table.

     On roll call the vote at-,odi

     Ayes; 1M4essrs. Nichols, Stoll, Clay, Terrill.

Noes - None


Motion unanimously carried.

     Motion was made ar.d seconded that the following be the
organization of the University:-


     School of Arts. Departments:- English 'athematice, His-
     tory, Latin, Greek, Modern Languages, Philosophy.

     School of Science. Departments:- Geology, zoology, -Anat-
     omy & Physiology and Physics.

     School of Chemistry.

     School of Education


     Experiment Station

          Division of Graduate Work.
              Ht    t OshemLry
                      Entomology and Botany.
                    " Animal 'iusbandry.
                    8   Agronomy
                    " Fertilizer Inspection.
                    n   Food inesection.
                    t   Feed Inspection.

     Sci-ool of Agri culture. Departments:-- Agronomy, Soil Phy-
     sics,   Aorticulture and Botany, Anima.l Husbandry, 24.tcter-
     iology and Entomology.

     School of Home Economics.

     Etkeusion? SOhool of


     School of Mechanical Engineering.
     School    M Electrical Engineering.


     School of Civil Engineergng.
     School of Highway engineering.



     1.  School of Mining Enggineering.
          (a) 11ining Engineering, 4 yre. course.
          (b) Mining, 2 yrs. course.
          (c) Preactical Miners' Course.

     2.  School of Metallurgical Engineering.
          (a) Metallurgy.
          (b) Ore Dressing.

     3. School of Eitension.


          (a) College eof Law.
             _-- __________--- ------ ------ -----

     Additional General Departments of the University shall
be as follows:-

     Department of Physical Education for Men.
     Department of Physical Education for W5omen.
     Department of Military Science.

     The administration of the affairs of the University shall
be vested in the President, the Vice President, Council, Facul-
ty and Assembly, subject to the control of the Executive Com.-
mittee. The President shall be the administrative head of the
University; the Vice President shall, jointly with and under
the direction of the President, have super-vision of the in-
structional work of the University and act for the President
in hlis absence.

     The Council shall be composed of the President of the
University, the Vice President, the Deans of the various Col-
leges and the Dean of Women. The Council shall constitute an
advisory board to the President in all matters pertaining to
the University administration. The Faculty shall be composed
of the Council, President Emerittus, full professors, direc-
tors of physical education, the military commandant and the
re-i strar.

     The Faculty shall, subject to the approval of the Execu-
tive Committee, prescribe all rules pertaining to the dield-
pline of the students, entrance requirements to the University,
determine courses of study in the various Colleges, make and
enforce all rules and regulations pertaining to the government
of the student body ,,nd shall formulate recommendations to the
Board of Trustees for all degrees to be granted.

     The Assembly shall be composed of the entire teaching
staff and the officers of the University.

     The Assembly shall be called b-,' the President to consid-
or any question pertaining to the general welfare of the



     The Dean of each College shall be the administrative
head of his %ollege -nd shall have supervision and. control of
the various departments constituting the same, (subject to the
control of the President and the Zxecutive Committee of the
University), and all applicatione for appropriations for the
maintenance of Departments shall be made by the Deau   Each Dean
shall be responsible for the general efficiency and upbuild-
ing of the various departments under his supervision. It shall
be the duty of each Dean to furmulate courses of study for the
various Schools and Departments in his College and submit the
same to the Council, which, if approved by it, shall be recom-
mended to the Faculty for adoption and when approved by the Ex-
ecutive Committee shnll become a regulation of the University.

     The Dean of each College shall be the presiding officer
of the special feculty of his College. The special faculties
of the various Colleges of the University comprise all the pro-
fessors, instructors and assistants connected with the Depart-
ments enumerated under those Colleges.

     It shall be the duty of the sapecial faculty of a college
to properly coordinate the work of all the departments in
that college.

     The University shall transact as much of the general busi-
ness as possible tGhrough the following standing Committees,
appointed annuaally by the President, who shall report their
-'indings back to the Faculty for approval.

                 LIST OF COMMITTEES.

             Entrance Reauirements.
             Accredited Schools.
             Courses of Study.
             Calendar and Bulletin.
             Graduate Study and Honorary Degrees.
             Examinations and, Daily Sedeule,
             Disciol ine.
             Student Welfare.
             Commencement Exercises.
             Student Publications.
             Athl etics.
             Entertainments - Non..Athletic.
             Student Organizations.
             Student Fees.
             Buildings and Grounds.
             University Publicity.

     The President and Vice President are Ex.-Officio members
of all t~le Committees.  Additional Committees may be appointed
by the President. The Presidont may chlange the personnel of


any Committee at any time.


     An aD-licant for admission to any of the Colleges of the
University must offer credit for 15 units of High School or
other Secondary School work, so caosen as to include those
prescribed by the particular college he desires to enter.
This credit can be secured

     1. By examination.
     2. By certificate from an Accredited School,
     3.  By transfer from some other University or College.

     Of the 15 units required for admission, 8a units in
List A are Prescribed for admission to the Freshman Class in
all the Colleges and Schools of the University as follows:-

                      List A.

                 BEngli sih .......
                 Algebra .........2
                 Plane " eometry . . . 1
                 nistory......      1 I
                 Foreign Lang .......2

     Of the 6i additional units required for admission, the
following are prescribed by the individual collegeat

                   Prescribed by Individual Colleges.

College of Arts and Science.

     For Degree of B. A.    .......ist A.
                                     Science.,....., ,1
                                     Poreign Lang..h2
(Foreign Languages in lists A and B must include 3 years of Latin)

     For Degree of B3. S    .     . ,,List A.
                                     Science. .... .1

     College of Agriculture .........List A.
                                     Sciensa.      a,,1

Colleges of Engineering ........ .. o.List A.
                                     Sojid Geometry-.i
                                     Sciencee .......

Oollege of Law.....*........    .  ..Liat A.
                                     Hi1 st ory . . ,.,, * .1

     Xhe remainder of the 1 units must be made up from the
subjects in List B. No subject will be accepted eor an amount


less than the minimum in List B.      (A student should so select

his credits from List B as to i-nelude all the prerequisites for

subjects in the course whzoch hie proposes to pursue.)

                      List B.

               Solid Geometry.........       *
               Trigonometry ...........
               P'rench.         e^^ ..........          ..... .1 to 3
               erman ........................ I  to  3
               Span     ish..t* ............... Ito 3
               Greek ................... 01 to 3
               Latin 4   ......................elto  4
               Civil Government .
               iistory.               l      to 3i
               Botany  .   ............  ,2t I
               Ghemistry3. ...........
               .Physics .......1............ I
               Physiology............         to
               Physical GSograph....g
               Geology ............      .   to 1
               Zoology......-...   .   f     to '
               Domestic  oec     v..   ..,
               Surveying. ..
               Manual Tralning ..............
               Dawing.......  , ........--. .1
               Teaching 5 mos. or more, hold
               ing a first class certificate..

     Theen rules and regulations may be changed at any time
bythe Executive Committee.

     All Deans shall be appointed by and may be removed by
the President of the University with the consent and approval
of the Executive Committee."

     Motion was unanimously carried.

     M otion was made and secrnded that $300.00 be appropri-
ated to the Alumni Association of State University.

     On roll call the vote stood:

     Ayest Messrs. Clay, Nichols, Terrill and Stoll.
     Moes - None.

     Motion unanimously carried.

     Judge Barker presented the following letter from huiss
Aubyn Chinn, instructor in the Department of Domestic Sciences

"Chairman of Committee of Deans,
          State Universit'r o   Ke ntucky.


Dear Sir:-
     We desi5re to enlarge the Department of Domestic Scince
by the addition of a course in HoneNursing. negotiations are
pending with Miss Shaver, graduate nurse and Superintendent of
the Good Samaritzn Hiospital, which, if carried out, will be
beneficial to both institutions.  Senior nurses will be enter-
ed in the classes in Dractical cookery in excnange for a course
of lectures and demonstrations given by Miss Shaver for the
major students in Domestic Science, to be tnken in the Sopho_
more year*

     this will incur no additional expense to the Universityo
Major students will have the best possible instruction in this
branch of their course.

                               Respectfully submitted,

                                    AibYin 04inn, Instructor.

Approved -
     M. A  Scovell,
     H. S. Barker,

     rMotion made, seconded and unanimously carried that M. as
Chinn be al-.owed to enlarge the Department of Domestic Science
by the addition of a course in Home Nursing as stated above.

     Requisition from the Department of Domestic Science
was presented amounting to $11.50. Motion was made and seo'nd-
ed that this amount be allowed.

     On ro.ll call the vote stood;

     Ayes:  Messrs. OlayStoll, Nichols and Terrill.
     Noes *- None

     Motion carried.

     President Barker stated that Professor Mustaine had spo-
ken to him in regard to turning the water Into the Swimming
pool as it was now time for the students to begin uting it.

     Professor White stated that Professor Mustaine wished
several new shower baths Dut. in the 07mnasitnm and that he had
three bath tubs which were not used and about one half dosen
wash basins which they did not need, and that he thought they
could be sold. for enough to pay for the shower bathe.

     lotion 'was made end. seconded that President Barker be
authorized to sell the surplus bath tubs in the Gymnast-am ar
to have t1re shower baths p7ut in their place, and to use the
money received from the sale of the bath tubs toward paying  l'
the shower baths.  Motion unanimously c)rried.

Judge Lafferty presented an old bill from Mr. Bitterman


for $280.00. The Committee requested that Judge Lafferty look
up this account and get an itemized statement and to report
to the Committee at their next meeting.

     Professor White stated to the Committee that auring the
latter Dart of November, 1910, a burglar entered Patterson Hall
and during the search for the burglar -aome unknown party tel-
ephoned for two blood hounds to be sent here to aid in the
search, and that the amount of the bill for the blood h4unds
was 415.00. in talking to .Mrs. Mulligan, the owner of the dogs,
she agreed to make the bill $7.50.  Motion was .made and carried
that thie bill be plids as a matter of gra-es.

     On roll call the vote stood:

     Ayes: Messrs. Clay, Nichols, Stoll and Terrill.
     Noes   None.

     Motion carried.

     Motion was made and seconded that the Comptroller be
authorized to have the necessary plastering done inithe Union
Literary Society Hall,.

     Motion was made and seconded to adjourn.

Secretary of the Executive Committee.