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The editor and some of the staff of the 69-70 Kentuckian assume full responsibility for the choice of pictures, theme presented, language used and total development of the Kentuckian. The content of this book had not been developed with the knowledge or approval of the Board of Student Publications. It is our desire to assume complete responsibility for the 69-70 Kentuckian.
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The University's Code of Student Conduct contains the statement that "the editors shall have the right to editorial freedom without the prior approval of copy . . ."
This book is being published even though the editorial comment, pictures and graphic design contained in this edition of the Kentuckian were found not to be representative of student activities and therefore unacceptable for publication by the Director of Student Publications for the University.
The responsibility for the editorial comment, pictures, and graphic design is solely that of the editor, Alex Soteriou.
Charles A. Reynolds
Director of Student Publications  KENTUCKY 69 INTO 70
This is very simply intended . . .
The matter of Life
is controversial here . . .   A
I      There is this fantasticand moreplace Just a few minutes away from campus incredible. Green Mansions
A stream cuts a narrow piece through stone
the stone is cut into endless layers
and all flowing down
down as into the center of the earth.
There are caves
rock ledges with water falling over them green and more green than green jungle sounds
trees so tall they force the sun into shafts of light. It's here that
A mystical kinship with nature comes into full meaning   More and more it seems that the ordering of nature is an art akin to music fugues in shell and cartilage, counterpoint in fibers and capillaries, throbbing rhythm in waves of sound, light, and nerve. And oneself is connected with it quite inextricably a node, a ganglion, an electronic inter-weaving of paths, circuits, and impulses that stretch and hum through the whole of time and space. The entire pattern swirls in its complexity like smoke in sunbeams or the rippling networks of sunlight in shallow water. Transforming itself endlessly into itself, the pattern alone remains.
Alan W. Watts Sound adds a whole dimension
to an already vibrating nature
it echoes the rhythms of life processes
the hum of interactions.
It creates a flow
a movement
a harmonywith all
with nature   WOODSTOCK NATION is built on ELECTRICITY. It is our energy, music, politics, school, religion, play, battleground and our sensuality.
Abbie Hoffman
Yasgur (the farmer who owned the land where it all happened) addressed the crowd and told them they had proved to the world that a half million people could assemble on a hillside and get along with one another.
Life  i v4
We made our Music
We brought life to our Park
We dug the Spring
We were Woodstock
We didn't do as much
music this year we were busy with social issues revolution and things
  The best stuff is when we come offstage and everybody crowds around and we're all so emotionally high that all we can do is smile. That's my favorite thing, it just goes beyond words. You're all tight and close and grinning from ear to ear and people come by and some of them can't even say anything. It doesn't happen everytime because we're not as open and as free as we could be all the time and neither are they. We keep on trying.
Jesse Colin Young of the Youngbloods  This place was too good to be true
We played our own music wildly
We danced on the tables
We all sang together
We all reified each other
it was like a community
it was a community.
This Paddock was incredible.
Paulthe guy who ran it was timid
but intrigued by our beautiful antics.
Then there wasn't enough "room" for all of us
and the cops would come every night
now we can't play our music at the Paddock at least not instrumentally . . .
 The feeling of community is so great-and music helped , pull it together so much
   A group of Indians calling themselves The White Roots of Peace, came to our university and rapped with us. They got into the beauty and sense of COMMUNITY that they feel by living a one-to-one relationship with each other with the earthechoes of McLuhan's tribal village COMMUNITY IS A GOOD FEELING.  In becoming close with nature
new sensitivities develop
feelings for the life essence
hints of archetypal symbolismrelationships .
a kinship
a mystical kinship with nature
a sense of harmony with all
the motions and workings of the cosmos
a simpleness
and yet a feel of hidden ageless complexitie
a primitiveness
a community with the earth
and with man In the tribal world, painting lives on the body, sculpture is something you use or worship, architecture you do yourself, and literature you recite or dance. Fashion is language: it structures the abyss of darkness. Speak that I may see you.
In the tribal world, art belongs to ordinary day-to-day experiences: the way a father addresses his son, decorates his house door, butchers a pig, dances, puts on his loincloth in the morning or addresses his guardian spirit.
When art becomes inseparable from daily living the way a woman prepares a meal, speaks to her children, decorates her home, makes love, laughsthere is no "art", for all of life is art.
Marshall McLuhan   Dress is becoming more and more of an expression of art in tune with a more casual, direct and active relation with lifewith the environment.   Life is art art is life
it's as simple as that
you can understand that because you are that! and the relationship between you and all
is so beautifully pulled together with environmental art without disrupting but rather by extending and all in harmony all in harmony and people are into that here some of them
Hugh Burton's sculpture here is part of the art which flows through / with his farm.
         We've embraced eons of space We've extended ourselves
further than ever
and after how many
thousands of years? We've actually walked around on that
that moon
how incredible
we've looked up at it for so long so long
And what now?
"We came in peace for all mankind"
And what now . . . What kind of peace "for all mankind" can we give to our home planet?   In an age in which men have begun to explore outer space, a more fantastic space odyssey awaits us: An exploration of social spacebetween man and man and a journey into inner spacebetween a man and his
Paul N. Savoy  Here's one free sample
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