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  A__A»   The Historical Records Survey
  ,:V,’_`     Division of Professional and Service Projects
  ji     Work Projects Administration
   e    1807 -18 40
  i'-»   Birmingham, Alabama
  `i1_ A     The Historical Records Survey

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Prerered by
The Alabama Eistoricel Records Survey Project
Division of Professional and Service Projects
Work Frojects Administration
Biriinohem, Aleoege
The Alabama Historicel Recoris Survey Project
Decexber IQEQ

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T,} ; ’_,
f ., ,
The Historical Records Survey Program staffs
· first i
Luther H. Evans, Director descrip
Douglas C. Nciurtrie, National Editor which o
hxerican lmorints Inventory Project
Dan lacy, Revional Suoervisor
James Q. Rice, State Suoervisor On
fell to
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/ done by
Division of Professional and Service Projects checked
and hav
Florence Kerr, Assistant Commissioner A3 will
Blanche U. Ralston, Chief Reaional Supervisor VT@S€Ht
_ Mary Weber, State Director
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F. C. Harrington, Commissioner tig Ext
Qf]‘:_; ,:_ _ _ Ynlcolm J. Hiller, Reqional Director f?rd’ ?
Y .Y.V[:ffQ§§ E V. G. Henderson, State Administrator &DOut N
s : 4: #2 _` F {

The first list of the issues ef the Alabama press which is presented
herewith is wholly the product ef JPA relief lahcr. `,`.' erkers on the
staffs cf the Historical Records Survey prcjects cr special statewide
imprints projects tircughcut the country have reported the titles in the
first instance, and have prcvided, in the second instance, mcre complete
descriptions in answer tc requests from the naticnal editorial cffice,
which operates as a section cf the Illinois Hietcrical Records Survey
Project. The ccpy has been compiled and edited in the latter cffice.
On this list, as might be expected, the major burden ef field work
fell tc the Alabama Historical Eeccrds Survey Project, under the super-
vision cf James L. hice whe, from the start, tcck a special interest in
turning up and reccrdinq in satisfactory form the materials fcr this
This list cf Alabama imprints, has prefited in much ircater degree
than has the check list for any other state, from the excellent work
done by the imprint; project in Micnigan. In the Detroit cfiice ef this
project the entire printed catalogue cf the British Museum wee read and
checked for American imprints within the date limits established for the
American Imprints lmventcry. Titles of all such iwprimte were typed,
and have been filed in the national editorial office of the Inventory.
Ae will appear later, titlxe from tgie source fijure largely in the
LSD? present list.
The press made its first epwearaace within the limits ef the pres-
ent State cf Alabama in LBOV, yhjle meet ci that area was still e part
ef Mississippi Territory and nhile the whole Gulf Coast, from the
Mississippi River eastward, was still 2 part mr the Lpanish province of
Florida. The earliest evidence cf tle verk ef a printer in the Alabama
region was the urvdely rrimted and unsightly little document which
holds tmc first place in the present list cf Jlabema imprints. The name
of the nrimter remains as Yet amine m. The defective quality cf his
workmanship, fer which he apologizes, is perhaps justification enough
for his choice cf encnyaity.
The first newspaper press appeared in l3ll, w%=n Tehn E. Hecd,
from Kncxville, Tennessee, jcined Sa mel Killer in establishing the
Hcbile Sentinel an Hay 2Erd. Thi; paper was begun at Fcrt Qtcddcrt,
several miles up the Tebile liver. It tech its name fre: tfv riv=r,
perhaps, rather than fre? t“e t©Jm of leplle, flick was met mpc; it
printers at tgat time.
Another earl? center ef println; in alabama we: at Iuntevilge, in
the extreme north, near {io bcxder of Tennessee. Bere TLwx;e }, Fred-
ferd, earlier active in Bile and in Eenne;s¢=, Regan LLC Ixiisem lazette
about June l8l2.

The following check list ef Alabama imirints, which includes the
peried from the beginning ef printing within the present bcundaries cf
the state to l8@O, preseats 545 titles. OI these, Ebl are described
fr0m.extant copies in 97 different libraries and private collections in
this country and England. Fcurteen titles are new known enly thrcuch
reprints er references in other bibliographies and sales catalogs. It
is hoped that the publication ef this list will crind te light many
new lecatiens ef titles already known, and especially, descriptions
and locations ef hitherto unknown material.
Of the 5El titles with known lecetiens, l&5 or QEQ arc kncwn only
fr0m.single copies. Private collectors hcld l9 ef these, ef which ld
are in the State ef Alabama. Libraries and scmi—public ccllectinns in
the United States contain lli unique ccpies, while the Jritish Museum
has ll. In addition he the lG "sin let0ns" held nrivately in Alabama,
public libraries held E6, and there are also in Alabana Q2 other titles,
known in more than enc copy, vcicn cannot be feund elsewhere in this
ceuntry. Alabama libraries and cclleetinns altogether held lGB, er
55% of the varieus titles in this list.
It will deubtlessly be surprisinr to these interested in Alabama
inprints te find tlat, as far as our nressnt record goes, the laraest
single collection of these titles is not in Alabama, er even in thc
United States, but in the Department ef Printed decks ef the British
Museum in Lenden, in which lee of our titles are located. The
largest representation in this ccuntry is in the Library ef Congress,
where 85 titles were found, the largest call ctien in alabama being
that ef the State Supreme Court Library which is credited with 77
titles. Other repositories, centainin; E5 er mere titles, are: the
University ef Alabama, 59; the Uir»in_wam,§uhlic Library, 55; Harvard
College Libraries (including the library ef Harvard Law Schcel), 54;
the Association ef the Bar ef New York City, él; the Samuel Colgate
Baptist Historical Collection, at Cclgate University, El; the New York
· Public Library, $0; the Alabama Masonic Grant Ledge Library, BO; the
Alabama State De artment ef Archives and History, 28; the Massachusetts
Masonic Grand Ledge Library, ES; the Henry Z. Huntington Library, 25;
and the New Jersey State Library, 25,
l Since we de net claim te have recerd ei every Alabama imprint in
each library, and since the holdings ef other libraries are yet tv be
inventoried, these fiqures are net te be regarded as rinal, Further
d field werk and cerrwspendence may alter t;en nateyially. However, in
_ yy spite ef their provisional character, I believe bibliegrap;ers will
find the figures exceedin ly interestini.
The surprising nuiber ef alabaxa imnrints found in the British
Museum is, we presume, accounted Ser by the activ¤ interest ef British
investers in certain wankini mneraiiuns in Alabama, and in visits te
the state by retresentetives via sent back acne many printed iccu-
. ments vnich have since been jrescrved in the distinguished national
library ef }rcat +ritain.

The largest prepertien ef tie imprint: yrvserved te we end herein
recerded ne? be cliesen ae official decwwenie, suck as seseiri laws,
jeurnels, cenrt renerts, ni tie like, ef which ticrc ere 15C. Ferxens
ini the preceeding: ef relieiers rrenes nike we t[e next lxrfest pre r,
fith 67 titles. The Free aeens, ilveys axcn; the ezrlieet fre tier
ergxnizetiene te recerd tzeir hiatery in nrint, ere respensiblc fer
enetner 54 titles, While T3 titles relite tv tie ";iv0reit" ef Alene 2.
The reneinder full inte ence general cntereries es: elnnnecs and
directeries, l3; peliticzl pztphlete, li; neetry, 5; cenxerci2l`
ennenncenents, 4; medical essays, 5; news ewlletins, 3; scheel texts,
2; and *erks .’.* ef fietiex, Q.
We hlve referred te this as e first liet ef Alsenwe iinrints.
‘ Strictly speekinr it is. It sheuld be recelled, he ever, ile; an excel-
_ lent bibliegrephy ef éuelicetieis relating te Alabama, which of cewree in-
cluded many items printei in Al;¥&A2, wi; cemjilei by the iisting ‘l’., ished
Seuthern nisterien end erchifist, thi lite Ur. Theres Nciderf Owen. His
"?ibliegrephv ef Alebsne" was published i~ the l89? Annual Repert ef the
American Histericel Assecintien, neges 777—lQ4S. Of the Ee? innrints
in the present list, l2$ vcre included in the Oven eielierrephy.
Other well knevn eiblieirirhies referred te t re {nent the eresent
list es Sabin, Evans, er Wrinley will be readily understeed as refer-
ring te the Dictienery ef Eeeks Relating te Amcrice by Jeseyh Tnbin and
ethers, the jgggj;;;n_§iglngv  end the eiles cite-
, lee ef the livrery ef Geerre Brinlev.
This list res nimeerrepiei and beund bt tne Alnnexa Histericel
Recerde Survey Freject.
Editing ef the eielieqrerhv tes drne iliest entirely nv Tenn
_ nndersen cf t*e imprints sectien ef the lllincie Eisterical Eecerds
Survey Preject, vnicn eperetes nnder the snpervisien ef Dr. Reyel S.
Ven de‘"eestyne.
is wsuel, cnr ebligatien: fer tesistvncc in eeeeielinr tn;
materiels fer this list ;rc nnnereus ine extensive. Tre Yeener cf
Frintei Eeeks ef the Fritjen Tueeui bes Utyn exeeedin>lr kink in
znsrering injriries, T”icN we n*de es infrequently as peesiele.
Our epgprecititifni is 5·;‘·iitefull2‘ iiclznevrlcdtied tc Zjrs. Qivrie Fanlzheed
Owen, Directer, Depsrtxent ef Archive: —nc Hietery ef the Steie ef Lle-
beme, end spenser ef t%2 ll‘*1i‘ Eistcricel Rcceris Turv ·’_· y Freject, fer
. her interest in and ceeperiticn fit; tgi ferk ef the Survey, and te {iss
Kerr Xullen, Librgrien ef tile Department; te Yr. Yilliem T. E ‘’·l rkins,
Assistant Librarian, Unirsrvity cf Tl bene; ini te Ir. Treris “illiG¢s
ef ileeems Swpreme Cenrt Lierer?.
Menbers ef ti; llebtie stef? whe rece i Tertznt c