Sue Reeves, Northern Center's Snow Ball  Queen.
There are now three University centers in operation and two more scheduled  to open   in  September.
The present centers are the Ashland Center at Ashland, Northern Center in Covington, and the Ft. Knox Center in Ft.   Knox.
The Ft. Knox Center has completed two semesters of operation with an enrollment of 385 the first semester and 305 students for the spring term.
The Southeast Center is Cumberland and the Northwest Center in Henderson are near completion. Both are expected to be open for the fall semester of  1960.
Clyde Orr is director of the Ashland Center, Thomas Hankins is director of the Northern Center, and James Jones is director of the  Ft.   Knox Center.
Dr. Louis Alderman is serving as director of the Northwest Center, and the Southeast Center has Dr. Edsel Godby as director.
The Northern Center was the first to be put into operation in Kentucky. Now in its twelfth year, this center is scheduled to go into its new $750,000 building this fall.
Located on a picturesque hill, the new center overlooks the industrial Ohio Valley and Licking River. An enrollment of more than 2,000 stundents is predicted by University officials within five years.
Most of the Northern Center students come from the business houses and industrial centers of the Ohio Valley. Approximately 50 percent of the students are married; nearly all are part-time or full-time  employees of the  local  area.
Students may live at home, work nearby, and still study toward a degree. Many of the students finish their academic careers in Lexington after taking two years of school at the Northern Center.
Betty Spencer and Gene Blanford were Mr. and Miss Northern   Center.
Sue Gutzeit, a commerce sophomore, won the Miss Pinup Girl and Miss Sweptwing titles this year at the  Northern Center.