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RV! 5‘
* ORG" ' M h 1999
W) Vol. 14 are No. 3
A publication of the Lexington Gay and Lesbian Service Organization
Fairness Passes é‘ifigéou’zd . In order to make just the tight ‘
tt there is anyone 0Ut there that SisterSound is proud to present imprrlesslio; LMCf mangot'o begarbid
hasn’t heard, the Louisville Board of a Coffee House and Dance on in Nehco' :‘8 (gt 9 ts ant ma :
Alderman passed a Fairness ordi- Saturday, March 6. Doors open at 8 “:35“ again: ifrglfgreonosufgii _ :
nance thy a vote 0t 7 t0 5) that pro‘ pm and the fun will continue until 11. :ster ants sick uiana :hirtspbe’ll
teCtS Citizens against workplace diS- it will be happening at the Unitarian b tt p ’ l H q h ll, t
crimination on the basis of sexual ori- Church, 3564 Clays Mill Rd. 0 oms, or pa 0"” S oes ca use 3
entation or gender identity. This ordi- Admission is $10 at the door. 266'9175' i
nance is the tltSt city wide gay rights The women of SisterSound are ' ' '
law in Kentucky and one of the few in baking some great desserts to go WlSfilqu C'VIGIY‘ _ ‘
the SOUth- tt is also one Of the few along with coffee and other bever- Celebrate the .amval Of Spring
ordinances in the country that ages. There will be a raffle and items by attending the W'Shmg Cha" con- t
- - - . . . . . cert Saturday, March 20 at the i
thtUdeS gender ldehtltY- include an original painting and a U ‘t . U . l' tCh h D i
As Louisville Fairness celebrates homemade quilt. This is a fund rais— m ariatna'ggversa '5 ‘th Lt]? ' 00': ’
this victory, it emphasizes that they er to help support SisterSound’s next 32:22” at 8'gumtAghtissicfniggio i
“won” over a period of many years of big concert in late April with Margie $1?) 9 Id: ' I i
hard work, COUhtthQ as victories the Adam. Watch for information about 0: it St ing 8:? e, 30 you can ,
many steps along the way. And, of that concert in the next GLSO. ”“2; a you are? 6' GLSO d
course, the victory is not complete; l t nce again, d t ant ‘
- - . . n erweave are prou o presen
homo hobia and its effects Will be , ,
. p . Desperately Seeku‘tg Wishing Chair, the dynamic singing :
With us for a while P01 ester'” , , , ,
The Lexin ton Fairness V duo of Kiya Heartwood and Miriam
g Throw open your closets, clean -
- ~ , DaVIdson. For the past few years,
Campaign has also counted Victories out your basements and attics the _ , , ,
. t t . , Wishing Chair has entertained us
and is conSIdering their next steps Lexington Men's Chorus needs any- i _ ~ g
. . - . With their eclectic mix of folk-rock-
As a fund raiser, LeXington Fairness thing and everything you saved from _ . . ,
will be showing "The Sum of Us” at the 70.5] On April 10th at 8 pm. LMC VWSh/hg Chair continued 0” page 3
the State Theatre, the second screen will take the stage of the Opera
of the Kentucky Theatre, on House to i. - ..
perform we Are Farm” 8 S onsor of the Month
Wednesday, March 24th, at 7:00 pm. celebration of the music of the 70's, [3 .
$10 per person. . _ . Think Disco, Carpenters, Elton John, . .
There w'” be‘a candle “ght V'g” Donna Summer, ABBA-——the list is Metro pOIItan
followmg the mOVie in celebration of endless but enormously entertaining
Equality Begins at Home week, an we ou sin itll '
Tickets are available from Fe at 273- O y WY )td F' gFe ti ’ f m , CO m m u n lty
1605. The Lexington Fairness web- "9 , or m S va 2 “HM ChUl‘Ch
site can now be found at http://x.net/ 0‘” Of 169 Past, March 6' at
ieff/fairness/fairness.html. 7 pm 599 page 2 mid page 5

 _ Out of the Past activism of Barbara Gittings in the
Jeff Dupre Director Producer 1950's, 60‘s and 70's. Other historical
'2‘“ GAY& I Out of the Past traces the emer— segments focus on the Boston
~. . LESBIAN" gence of gay men and lesbians in Marriage of nineteenth century novel-
, , .‘ VI ‘ American history through the eyes of it Star:hAg;?: :35: fisnprogggg:
‘ R ' . - a young woman coming to terms with OS es . ’ .ry ,
H 0R6 _ .4 herself and her place in the world and the founding of the United States
/ n KW The hour-long film explores the critical my gay rights organization m 19,24;
ts ngmgto link between knowledge of history and and Bayard Rustins role in the fight
V knowled e of self it will be shown at for civil rights for African-Americans.
the Dovgvntown “Public Library on These portraits are brought to life
through extensive use of first person
The GLSO News March 6. at 7 pm” as part Of the One accounts from interviews, letters and
VOL” Issue 2 W“ Fm.‘ Fe stival. JefiAUupre grew diaries read by well-known actors
Published Monthly by 3:353:53: fhldsggégi‘: us for a including Academy Award nominees
The film tells the storyg-of Kelli Edward Norton and Gwyneth Paltrow.
Th L ' G Peterson, a teenager from Utah who . VE'ach Of these stories captures a
e exmgton 61y foundeda Ga —Strai htAlliance at her Significant moment m the history Of
L b - - _ ‘y g gays and lesbians in the United
es 1a” Servzce high school in 1996. Her efforts pro— States Together they provide a
, , voked a backlash as the school board sense '0‘, the Chan lin lace of a
Or gamzatzon and, ultimately, the state legislature and lesbians in irfegcan soils):
321 Second St. tried to “n." a way to keep the group throughout the nation's history.
from meeting. Kelli was thrust into the . . . .
national spotlight as she and her The film features lintervrews Mm
Editors: friends waged an intense public strug- a number Of distingurshed scholars
, '9 to secure the right to meet on and actiVists who discuss these sto-
Mary Ctone Sampus like any other stu dent group ries from the past and reflect upon the
Peter Taylor Out of the Past uses Kelli's stor' nature of history itself. Those inter-
Davina Warner to illuminate the history of gays and! viewed include: George Chauncey,
lesbians in America, highlighting some Biggilgggmaihgsiriiyalxztgzzr’
Layout Editor: of the more universal aspects of that of Surpassing the Love of Men and
Charlie pefmns experience and making otherwise Odd Girls an d“ Twilight Lovers
remote historical material accessible . t . . . ’
and relevant to a general audience. in Barbara Gittings, trail blazmg lesbian
GLSO Annual Dues an interview and in conversation with activist; Reverend Peter Gomes,
and Newsletter: $15 her arents and friends Kelli discuss- Minister in the Memorial Church at
Dues and Newsletter for “I: , l t' h ’ . d h Harvard University and author of The
Couples: $20 as _eisoaion S eexperience ’ er Good Book~ and John Lewis con—
deCi3ion to come out, and her fight for ressman from Geor ia and an‘archi-
. . , , equality. Her reflections frame stories 9 . . g
Op'mons “pressed m the GLSO News are of historical figures whose lives speak ted 0' the CW" Rights Movement.
those of the authors and don't necessarily to and resonate with the themes she By examining the ways in WhiCh
represent those of the GLSO Board. addresses ‘ the stories of gays and lesbians have
Submissions are welcome and become the The historical sections of the film been bOIh obscured and reclaimed,
property of the GLSO. The staff reserves 5 an 300 years of American history Out of the Past explores how the con—
the right to edit submissions and advertise— ”gm the secret dia of Puritan def“; struction of history informs both indi—
ments as well as the rigmto reject any sub— Michael Vlfi leswonrlth in the seven- vidual and national identity and makes
> missions or advertisements. teenth cenggr to the ioneerin a strong case for the importance of an
i y p g inclusive version of the American past.

 COUNTY-DOD music With a socially games, public speak outs, dances, 9 aux ‘9sz l 9 9/

conscious sensibility. Their musical Spiritual gatherings, etc. The Faux Oscars now in his 3rd
collaboration has produced two We particularly need help in year will be held atythe Kentucky
incredible albums Singing with the organizing the Pride Picnic which is Theater on March 14. You can count
Red Wolves and Undisputed typically the best attended event on the Faux Oscars to deliver a
Country. each year. We already have one pic- prime triple feature; a first rate drag

Don't miss this fantastic evening nic raffle item: a hardback copy of show awards and a feature film all
of music, fun, and dance (you won't The Country of the Pointed Firs, by for O'ne low hrm Tickets will be
be able to keep your feet from mov— Sarah Orne Jewett, one of the available soon at the Kentucky
ing on some 0f their SONGS). Soft women highlighted in Out of the Theatre Box Office. The YWCA
drinks and beer will be sold. It you Past.(see page 2.) If you can donate Spouse Abuse center is a coordinat-
can't afford admission, consider a raffle item give Kelly a call at 277' ing charity for this event. Performers
helping out at the concert. Call 6168. We will be printing information are clamoring to be in the show and
Davina at 271-6174 for more infor- about display tables soon. final decisions about the cast will
mation or to volunteer. Helping to create Pride Month is soon be announced. This show is

. a great way to get to know people
”“99”" For Jesus _ and to have a good time while pro- open to all ages.

The'Third Annual Dragg/n for viding a service to our community. Mr KY. Leather
Jesus M” be held at TheBar on Bring your ideas and your lavender The 1999 Mr. Kentucky Leather
Wednesday, April ’7’ beginning at 9 energy and join us. contest will be held April 3-4, 1999 in
pm. The $5 admisswn Will include Lexington, KY. The event sponsored
food and a chance to Win one of 30 Mferweave by Kentucky Leather Productions
door prizes in addition ‘0 the Sheeta‘ Join us Sunday. March 14 after with assistance from the Bluegrass
0'91 eh SheCtaCU'a' Show the Sunday Service for our next C.O.L.T.S is open to leathermen, at

”“953 0‘ ceremonies ve'a monthly luncheon. This month we least21 years old, who are residents
Lee "Say'Uhto'Thee says that the plan to go to a nearby restaurant at of Ky. The contest is an official pre-
evening will feature Angel and the about 1215- we are planning the liminary for the International Mr.
Heavenly Rays, Rayna Starr, LaToya Wishing Chair concert on March 20th Leather contest held in Chicago.
Baca'h Miss Ahha K'ymaxxi Tay'O’ so if you would like to volunteer to Individuals seeking further infor-
Brice and more lovely ladies. There help call Davina (271*6174) mation about the contest or applica-
is also a rumored appearance by tions should write Ky Leather
Gertie May Noe. So grab your ALB-1 MCC Events Productions 233 E Bell Ct Lex KY
and meet us at The Bar. The Metropolitan Community 40508 or Contact any member of the

Church is sponsoring a movie night Bluegrass C.O.L.T.S. The Radisson
Pride Month 99 on the second Friday of the month. Plaza Hotel is the host hotel and has

The next two pride planning The March 12- mowes, Love, Valor, special room rates available.
meetings are at 7 pm at the Pride and Compassmnand In and Out,WI|l individuals should mention Mr. KY .
Center, 387 Waller Ave, on March 1 be shown at 1340 Royalty Ct. Apt #8, Leather to obtain the special rates.
and 15. Any organization that wants 7 pm. The Church also continues to
to participate is invited to send a rep— have Games Nights on the fourth Court Spaghetti Dinner
resentative. if you are planning an Friday of each month. We will meet On March 7th, at Regina's Club
activity of any kind, call Terry (255- on March 26, 7 pm at the Pride Cafe, 116 N. Upper Street, the court
5469) to get on the calender. We Center. For information call Tomas is having another Spaghetti Dinner.
need all kinds of events: movies, Edison at 226-0978. Starting at 7:30, you can compages


 CHOOSING NEW realized that, >since l was holding a don'thave to know everything about
BELIEFS part of the drain pipe in my hands, all cars in order to buy a car. Someone
by Kelly O‘Ferrell the water was gorng gayly forward else has already done that foot work.
"A belief is only a thought you keep into the kitchen pot. _ lVlama JUSt had a wonderful
thinking. 80 as you keep thinking As the result of a car accrdent experience that strengthened her
this thought, you keep vibrationally that totaled our car, i had the won- new belief - that my being gay is not
attracting relative to may thought, So derful opportunity to notice other long a phase. While she was having her
you confirm your own beliefs again held beliefs that no longer work for hair cut, her stylist asked how i was
and again and again.” Abraham, me. I’ve noticed that i hold beliefs doing and was i dating any one guy.
Science Of Deliberate Creation like I hold my breath, causing me to "No, Kelly’s gay,” my mother
What a QtOhOUS week it’s been! feel anxious and tight. answered and a discussion followed.
l‘m sitting here feeling the vibration 0t For example, daddy suggested When i asked her how it felt to
the laughter t felt earlier this evening we go to the towing lot the day after just say that, she said it felt good.
as t sat With a friend in our Basis the accident and retrieve all of our What more can I ask for froma belief,
Home Maintenance class. It seems belongings before they were stolen. than to feel good?
that wherever t find myself these Initially I agreed with him and decid- Only, to forgotten all about that
days, ”it hEVthQ W" and laughing. t ed to go the following evening. But, desire to have a peaceful experience
left the last Pride Month planning the next day brought soreness, cold as I hit that redial button on the
session feeling the same way; 50 and rain. Not to be deterred, I still phone over and over tonight. i was
grateful that I decided to get involved planned to get to my car before that trying to hook up with someone from
last year and meet new friends. elusive burglur who’s been following this morning about a car and I hadn’t
Because of the class I’m taking, me and my belongings all my life. noticed how l had slid back into anx-
t was willing to 90 against a basic And then i noticed the anxiousness iousness again until I felt that old
belief We held all my life: it some- in my body and realized that, once familiar feeling to throw the phone
thing falls down the drain, “'5 gone again, I was coming from a place of across the room.
for 900d motivated action ~ acting from a fear “This is not the experience I
t had dropped something tOT my of lack and because someone else want to have,” 1 said out loud as i put
contact lens that COSt $5 down the thought I should act. And I decided the phone down.
bathroom sink. t COUtd see it in the to believe that anything I needed As I walked to my Maintenance
drain trap ' that infamous drain trap. from that car would be there when I class this week, I remembered: it not
Drain traps are like door khObS and arrived, and l relaxed. this car then another; buying a car is
bolt tOCkS ' the minute t take one I‘ve noticed a few other beliefs not a big deal; 1 don’t have to feel
apart, pieces 0t SptthQS. screws and that bring anxiety: buying a used car anxious about any decision, when l
my past Wt” be flying everywhere. is just buying someone else’s prob- do, lcan notice what l‘m thinking and
Thank YOU. "0'- lems; l‘ll never find a good, used car; change my thoughts « my beliefs.
But, our WE. who’s a womanl, lwon’t know what to do; never, never l arrived at my class tonight and
has shown US how to patch plaster offer to pay someone what they‘re once again fell into laughter, forget-
and dry wall, took the magic out Of asking, ting all about the car. Tam will be
making a lamp and a new electrical We decided id like to enjoy this home in an hour and l will talk to her
cord, and even had the nerve to take process and choose trust over dis— about this new belief that we can pay
a door k"0h and dead bolt Ott a d00t~ trust. i asked The Universe to put someone what they‘re asking. We
Well, $6 was enough money t0t someone in my path who knows remember how we felt when the
me to brave the drain trap, and, sure about cars, and poof, there he was. I insurance company paid us more
enough, a kitchen DOt and hammer couldn’t see him for a couple of days than we expected for our car that
latter t held that little trap and my $6 because of the fear I felt. But, i made was totaled. How can we share that
item in my hands. t decided the trap a call to him and to the library and experience? How might l feel if l do?
come use rinsing Wt 50 t turned 0“ copied a few pages from the it's scarry to go against society‘s
the water and washed it 0" Uhttt t Consumer Report on used cars. l (or our parent‘s) norms -- isn’t itl?l

 . ~, " ’ . '1 We meet every Wednesday night, at ' , - ,
Commmtx News 7:30 at the Pride Center, 387 Waller Lofffifie?hf“.’i d t
have a good dinner, meet old friends Ave. Sometimes we meet downstairs (1 ma. ' ks atethlnvr e C;
and new, and help out the local char- at the Metropolitan Community {Sa k“ Maw or :1 he a???
ities of the imperial Court. Do you Church; our group keeps growing. Rord'f‘g Thass 'tc (5% be" 6.;
know the term check book activism? in the past 6 weeks we have dis— J ea Tim-Beth?) eve; tw‘ t t :9
These dinners are "Stomach cussed topics such as coming out, ngep Cali K "a e,t 2:731:16; t
Activism"; everyone needs to eat, living out, our first crushes and first ' i t eity a; . f“ t' o
and by joining us you will be making dates. That's not to say we don‘t dis- express n er or or m orma ion.

a contribution to our community as cuss serious topics too, we welcome
you enjoy a great dinner. any topic with enthusiasm and opin- /I/lotl1e2 gain"
ions. i can‘t stress enough what a . If you respond posmveiy to the
PIDK PAGQS wonderful opportunity these meeting idea Of the EatnthIasUMotherJthe are
The GLSO Committee to publish have provided for those of us who :0 groups a e m arian urch
the Pink Pages has mailed have attended. We finally have a Cat may appeal ‘0 yo U‘ CU.UPS’ the
brochures to potential advertisers. it place to talk without all the smoke, Povenant 0t UnitarrIIan Universalist
your business or organization needs loud music and distractions; a fagans meet: 9’1; egofimh Sunday
information, contact John at rain- chance to discuss what is going on in oferverérmonh m! g. e OIWShr'F Hail
bear@qx.net. This is a major fund our lives. 80 if you are a person who '0 e um r nrctlrilvgduas W? to:-
raiser for the Pride Center. The com- wants to be surrounded by positive Ipw ahvarie y 0t ea k i ashed sgmtua _
mittee will meet again on Tuesday, people who care about the gay com- ' res fall: alpo ”L110 runchan ‘f‘pm'
March 30 at 7pm, at the Pride munity, we invite you to attend any ggamt$2o£ng3l 8: urc servrcehat
Center, 387 Waller Avenue. Join us. Wednesday night at 7:30. a OU‘ ' . ' ose pagans andt e
For more information and/or meta): curious are'we 097:6" k
Discussion/Support Group directions to the Pride Center you thsowor amass .SEmIQta gee _
Hey guys.,,Are you gay. lesbian, can contact Jeremy at 269-6658, or erst et thomja SCJrlp'nhuflh' y rouz
bisexual, or trangendered? Of travelboy@webtv.net. if you are mnedefs a th 3V d (:er $65330?
course you are or you wouldn't be reading this and would like to come a tl 0;" d :12? eye a ' (SN
reading this article. My name is but for some reason have reserva- :3: (1:13") .'ll bor'a program]. k n
Jeremy and i would like to invite you tions, 1 urge you to take that step and t :TC C meMW' fe girmggecsgoga
to join a Discussion/ Support group. attend... you won't be sorry you did. 0 mg. a ary or In 0 - '
; Name
$15 membership and newsletter
______$20 couple membership and newsletter
I would like the newsletter at this reduced rate
_____I am donating $3 or more, please add my/our name“) to the Out and Proud
Sponsorship page in October. Mail to GLSO News, PO Box 11471, Lex.. Kym 40575
GLSO Page 5

 One World Film Festival 1998335“?- ”Pm? 6_ 0‘" g; "’5 P35" Jilpgp'e
The One World Film Festival will be showing the fol- t ownhown lubic Library ‘ ea (:VK P"; t '8 00'
lowing films as a way to stimulate discussion about the “Tegfrhy C ronic es the strugg es t? :mh e:rson 2
growing diversity with the Bluegrass region. Admission is es a ‘S a gay-straig t {32:81:26 Inn, er _ '9 so 20' an
free although we hope to generate some donations to In 3259:3635 er _ser V6“? St 0” ”latches Ohm er 9:3’
enable us to produce more films in the future. in des ialamericans. irecDor Je upre, V: 0 won t e
Mon. March1 Lone Star, John Sayles Univ. of Ky. S” (lience Fwar: for Eiesll .ocumefntary a the, 129,8
Old Student Center Theater, 7 pm. Chosen by critics as ’ un ance .'mReSt'V§ ’ w” 10"} us or a d'SCUSS'On O '
one of the best films of 1997. Followed by a discussion 0M": the film 609220" followmg. See if” on page 2‘
with members of Lexington’s Hispanic community. D un. March 7’_ y Own Country, "3 Nair, 1997
Wed. March 3 Down in the Delta, 1998, Maya owntown Public Library Theater, 2 pm Based on the
Angelou Univ. of Ky. Worsham Theater, New Student best selligg biography of the same name, this film tells the
Center 7:00 pm. The emotional and riveting story of a story Of r ,Ve'Qhesei a phySICIan from India who prac-
Chicago family returning to the Mississippi Delta to recon- tices medicme In Tennessee As hispractice includes
nect with their roots. Staring Alfre Woodard, Leslie more and "We pal'emsg‘agnose,“ with HW_ and “08‘
Snipes, and Esther Roll 9. A Lexington premier. the surrounding community has difficulties facmg the real-
Thurs. March 4 The Home and the World, Satyajit 'V “Jr's ep'dem'c‘ T
Ray l984 U.K. Worsham Theater, 7 pm Set in early K on-iT March 8, he Color of“ Courage, .1999 The
twentieth century lndia, this film explores gender relation— t entucky heater, 214 E' MW} 7,00 pm This film tells
ships inawealthyfamily. Froma novel by Tagore. he story of a landmark ClVll rights case, Sipes vs,
Friday. March 5 The Broken Wings, lgzois Univ. McGhee. The-McGhees are a black hfamily who fight to
of Ky. Old. Student Center Theater, 7 pm. This historic retain ownership of their home in awhite neighborhood in
film features Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran. l944. There Will be a discusswn with Reggie McGee, the
- grandson of the McGhees, followmg the film.
i i
i I I ’
I W id I ’r I l
, One or Fi vn Fes No i
l l
l Films that Sharpen ln5iqnts and Broden Horizons ii
i - l
3 February 28 - March 8 i
t i
i March 6, 7 pm i
; 0 f fffieP T IIIIIIIIIIIII March 7,2pm i
i M 0 65 WW? ‘ i
i F?L- litéStiVAL Just added to our schedule 1
log Jeff anre M Own Couni‘r ’
i followed big a cfiscnssion y _ . y
i with The director and a null-nun bU M'm ”aw i
1; reception l
1 i
i see page 2 for a review of Out of the Past i
; The One World Film Festival thanks the gay and lesbian community for their financial ’1
i support and volunteer energy to make this festival a reality. j
l'-=="=‘;:—__—:———"—'=m—-?=—‘“‘—¥T—i=—;’ T7???" '3‘: "‘2 1‘75.“ f“ Tfin‘TTT-E;=¥:'—ET—?:6F=—-—-—w—TIT‘T'TTIT“ "=‘ET:—“—f-‘ -?:?-_"_'_‘.l .

E \’ wishing Chair: El
i 9“““““ Yo Satu'zdaq, fl’lazch 20 1'
l $747 ii
:1 @ $5 to $10 Sliding Scale I!
i /,!m\‘\ 8-11 pm anitau‘an Chuqch I;
t .l / \ ‘ 3564 Clays Milt ‘Rd. 1
! Beet and soft dun/es will 6e said, no 31/023 f
{eds will 50 towa’lds an ad in fiink pages and to the fizidc Cantu—1i
g“rmnmmrmmrmm"IIrmlmrmmmmnmummy/é, ,
E (Sillta'zcgouna/ g;
E is proud to present 3
E €0,755. allow mm deafiq; g
E éathclay, Maw/Z 6 8 -77 km. E
E Wm’tazéan CALM/z, $70 at 400': E
_-=—_ 3564 Clays Mill Rd. E

l 3333311731333 32:;13133‘333 3 3333‘-33333:;333333533‘ :3 3333.331? 31:33:31! 35 33333333333333 3:733 3,3331:313(33111113333‘3‘33‘ 533 .r 3313' 3312133313" .— iEi 333313.333 333:'3;1:33333.*3* i A I l I A I ,4 I A
ll’lilljllltjli P13,1“ lllii 33ll5753llliil-i.,.'llf 7:00 pm Pride Month Mtg. 7:30pm PFLAG Chapel 6:00 pm Frontrunners 7:00 pm Men‘s 7:30 pm, Gay/LesbiunAA 9:00 am Frontrunners
W): 31713 333; 13: (Pride Center) (Hill Presbyterian Church) (Woodland Park) Chorus Rehearsal (Arboretum)
. .. L LL: 33. :. 33 7:00 pm Women’s 6:00 pm HIV/AIDS 7:30 pm UK Lambda 7:30 pm Gay/Lesbian AA
l"; in" l: ill. '1‘ i3 31’3‘55‘53 ”ll‘ Basketball (Seaton Gym) Support Group (Student Center)
33‘": 3535:. ll , 8:00 pm AA Step Study 7:00 pm MCC Study Grp , g . . '
51’“: .5,” 333 ill 1193 3i 7:30pm Discussion Grp _ M, . _~._
., 3. 3 (Pride Ctr) " v; J 4?
. 8:00 pm Gay/Lesbian AA _ ». i .9 .’ , ’
___—____________ ‘_____ ___________________ __________.__________ _—_.____________.__ ___._ I . I .
fl" 33.33333 31.13.3333" 1'51 313 "133.223 ‘1. 2’3 .33? ‘t Iii- » .
10:45 am UU Church 7:00 pm GLSO Board Mtg 7:30 pm Fairness 6:00 pm Frontrunriers 7:00 pm Men‘s 7:00 pm LMCC Movie 9:00 am Frontrunners
11:30am LMCC (Pride Center) Lexington (Pri de Center) (Woodland Park) Chorus Rehearsal: Night (Pride Ctr) (Arboretum)
6:00 pm Dignity 7:00pm Women’s 6:00 pm HIV/AIDS 7:30pm UK Lambda 7:30 pm Gay/LesbianAA 7:30 pm Gay/Lesbian AA R S r a
6 00 pm SisterSound Basketball (Seaton Gym) Support Group (Student Center) 8:00 pm Moonshine Bears
rehearsal 8:00 pm AA Step Study 7:00 pm MCC Study GTp (Crossings) .
.1 " ' ’1. L L 3'
7..0 pm Court Cate (at :30 pm PISCUSSIOH Grp 5 5 7 S. leestone
Regina 3) (Pride Ctr)
8:00 pm Gay/Lesbian AA Lexington Ky
, O
:3 3 "l :3 :3 33 31.3 2 5 3 -00 1 4
10:45 am UU Church , 7:00 pm Pride Month Mtg 6:00 pm Frontmnners 7:00 pm Men's 7:30 pm Gay/LesbianAA 9:00 am Frontrunners
11:30 am LMCC (Pride Center) (Woodland Park) Chorus Rehearsal (Arboretum)
6:00 pm SisterSound 7:00 pm Women’s 6:00 pm HIV/AIDS 7:30 pm UK Lambda 7:30 pm Gay/Lesbian AA f 0 h f
rehearsal Basketball (Seaton Gym) GLSO NEWS DEADLINE Support Group (Student Center) 8:00 pm Wishing Chair eaturlflg t 6 31110118
tba Faux Oscars 8:00 pm AA Step Study SUBMIT ADDITIONS 7:00 pm MCC Study Grp (UU Church)
(Kentucky Theatre) AND/OR CORRECTIONS I 7:30 pm Discussion Grp Alfalfa Weekend Brunch
273.9649 j 8:00 pm Gay/Lesbian AA servmg blueberry
,_,T.___..--_ _-——-——-— w—w—w-w— .,-T-——~—-———-— ————--— ..,_;,.~~—-———————~ ——————-—- buckwheat pancakes,
all. 3 all, 3:... :33 .,‘i all Hr 33:. ,7} 611.73,? .if3 :“
10:45 am UU Church 7:00pm Women’s 6:00 pm Frontrunners 7:00 pm Men's 7:00 pm LMCC Games 9:00 am Frontrui‘iners eggs benedlct arnold’
11:30 am LMCC Basketball (Seziton Gym) (Woodland Park) Chorus Rehearsal Night (Arboretum ) .
6:00pm Dignity 8:00pm AA Step Study 6:00 pm HIV/AIDS 7:30 pm UK Lambda 7:30 pm Gay/LesbianAA 7:30 pm Gay/LesbianAA SpanlSh omelettes
6:00 pm SisterSound Support Group (Student Center)
rehearsal 7:00 pm MCC StudyGrp gourmet desserts,
7:30pm Discussion Grp
(Pride Cm and much more
8:00 pm Gay/Lesbian AA
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10:45 am UU Church 7:00pm Women's 7:00pm Newsletter folding 600 pm Frontrurmers All Of our breads and
1 1:30 am LMCC Basketball (Seaton Gym) (Pride Center) (Woodland Park) .
12:30 pm CUUPS 8:00 pm AA Step Study 7:30 pm Pink Pages Mtg 600 pm HIV/A1138 M AR H desserts are baked dally
(UU Church) (Pride Ctr) Support Group ' ' -
6:00 pm SisterSound 7:00 pm MCC Study Gm ll 13 51'“! ii l3 333" 1133333 3333""3333'“ 3""‘33'3‘33 ll 33-11322. lii' 1' 33;33“‘3‘=’3il'33 l 3“,; 13‘33‘5‘ ‘3 '333"'=‘3?‘l3 In our kltChen
rehearsal 7:30 pm Discussion Grp ,. 13W .3 .3 3.... :... ‘jsl' M13331 “:3 3.33 ., i‘ if! 33 . » mt n3. ., 33 .t .. 33 wt.
(Pride Ctr)
8:00 pm Gay/Lesbian AA

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7 i ,, .. i COMPLETEAUTO REPAIR l’ ,
1:55:11;.Ei”;r’fi",:i:f§f" If??? TUNE“UPS 3:155? -. ,7 _' ‘
CLSO Page 10

 TAKE CARE OF Then one morning she just didn’t to know why.
YOURSELF, OLD FRIEND show up anymore. That was the She is crying. She can‘t look at
BXW [:1 3,6 morning after I met her brother. me and t know not to approach her.
. . . . 7
As if my day hasn‘t been hectic Neither of us knew he was in the What is she dorng. Who does she
. . burlding. He qwetly walked up like he think is gomg to eat that salad after
enough, here I am standing in a long . .
. . knew me and was glad to see her. she just put the Whole tub of dressrng
line domg a slow shuffle at fast food . . .
. . . . . Then he qUietly turned and left for on it? Why does she keep banging
heaven. The new cashier is glVing it . , . . .
. , . work. i didnt think anymore about the empty container with the dipper?
her all, but its gomg to take more for . . , ,
him. l thought she and l were friends. l cant move and i dont want to stay.
the guy who wants a baked potato , . .
, . l dont know what her brother Old friend, i Wish that l could
Without skin. Potatoes are not on the .
thought. give you a hug and tell you that
menu. . . . .
. What was her name? everything is gomg to be alright. I
I am here only because Kat is . . , .
, . . Something earthy, i think. Why do I dont know your story, but your pain
home SICK With a taste for that chick- . . . . .
. . care? My head hurts and this line is is obvrous. The years have created a
en-lettuce—dough thing that she likes. . . . .
. , not movmg. These people are oblrv- boundary too thick for either of us to
if it werent for that, I would not be . .
. . . . . ious to my presence. All I want is cross. I am happy and I hope that
standing behind this family With the . . .
. . . . some food in a paper sack so that i you find happiness too.
professronal pitcher posmg as their . . . . . ,
, can go home. I realize that this Situation isnt
two year old boy. What hasnt the . , . .
child rocketed across the dinnin What the ....! No she didnt just about me. The husband is across
. . g sneak a peek at me! She is looking the room hugging the little boy, there
area? His father, the gray-haired . . . . . .
retriever d esn’t s em ‘ be en'o _ at me out the corner of her eye. Now IS fear in his eyes. This lsa contin-
. ’ o e 0 t y she’s done it, her little boy noticed uing issue for them. it’s time for me
ing the game of fetch. . . .
, . . her sly glances. He is wavrng and to go. The cute little boy keeps wav-
His mother is locked into a . . . .
, . reaching toward me, and calling me ing and shouting Bye! Bye! as the
trance of some sort; she is staring , . .
t . ht h d witho tblinkin And by some namethatldontrecognlze. door closes behind me.
8 raig 3 ea u 9. He really is a cute little boy, but intercultural Lesbians!
my eyes must be out of focus, . .
b h ‘ k l t l'k h t’ l have a bad feeling about his par-
hecehusriesttfatctok: 3v :1 cl letewea 3 ents. His moma looks like she just \ A——
steie waould 'ust turn her heat; agltttle l |0$t 3 pints Of biOOd‘ His box-head
Id rt] f d know for ; daddy is taking the child to a table on C
:Otu- :ee rel: ace an sue the other side of the restaurant.
' '5' ero S r r arl m mm What‘s up with these people?

.remem e 0“ e y 0 g i don’t want no drama. Food! 13
meetings twenty years Aagr: That’s all I want. No scenes. I don’t THE ORIGINAL ONE DAY Hl-TECH SIGN co.
r/ere commutetrhstEdenés, t: e :Odr: know what happened to my old dyke
O campusfiwl 9: :10 ‘9’ ’th friend, but this can’t be her. Why is Howard Stovall
50:28 arto .3?“ rot 1:820 e she dressed like that? is she really owner/Genera' Manager
ne COT: y mi {2% 8;: d t C am married to that guy? Why am i ask-

Xe wou mee a e u en en er ing why? lgot my food. Astraw and 332 Southlond Drive
cor: . t l d 't some napkins then l am out of here! Lexington, KY 40503
b th Tat: (ejnantce guthCliut Wat She is marching toward the (606) 2604724:
Th de (t): ed en ranczj 0 e US m' condiment stand in step with me! (606) 260—20 OX
3 cu eIdOizrs VJ?“ :1“!an 999” Please don’t say anything; my
in we won ts ep droulg "In unitsonk. nerves are rattled enough. i am
or fa semes ertan fa ta r the [0'0 going to calmly get