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Ainutes of the University Faculty - February 13, 1942

would be expected to cooperate in this war program. It was the bone of the
administration and the Faculty that the goal of the University might be
accomplished by voluntary means, althoogh it appeared not improbable that

a plan involving deductions from salaries might be necessary or, perhaps,
eventually required by the Government. The Faculty expressed its apprOVal
of the suggestion that this matter be referred to the Committee on Informa—

President Donovan invited each member of the Faculty to send a repre-
sentative of his staff to meetings whenever it was impossible for the mem~
ber to be present. The next meeting of the Faculty of the University was
scheduled for Friday, February 20.



1 l ‘..T . o

more: see pare 110 ‘or Minutes of Meeting 0



February 20, 1942

March 6, 1942

The University Faculty not in the President's Office Friday. March 6.
with President Donovan presiding. Those attending the meeting were Jesse E.
Adams. Paul P. Boyd, Thomas P. Cooper, Alvin E. Evans, W. E. Freeman, Henry H.
Hill, Frank D. Peterson, W. S. Taylor. and Edward Wiest.

The minutes of February 20 were read and approved.

The following recowmendations from the College of Arts and Sciences
éfii regarding admission, degree requirements. classification, and student load
‘\ were approved:

1. Admission

That the requirements for admission to the College of Arts
and Sciences be the same as for admission to the University.
The college, however. recommends strongly that the student
present for admission two units of mathematics.

' 2. The Degrees 3: B.A. and 3.8.
For the degree of Bachelor of Arts or the degree of Bachelor
of Science, the student is required to gain a total of 192
quarter hours and 192 points; that is a standing of 1.0.

‘l‘ 3. Requirements for the Lower Division (Freshman and Sophomore Year)

.General Beguirements:

Freshman Orientation, first and second quarters,
freshman year, 2 quarter hours.






































Jinntes of the faculty of the University — February 20: 1g42

February 20, 1942


The University Faculty met in the President“ ffice Friday,

February 20, 1942, with President DonOVen pres1ding. Those attends
ing were Jesse E. Adams, Paul P. Boyd, Thomas P. C Ooer, Alvin E.

T .

Evans, W. E. Freeman, M. E. ul‘On, Frank D. Peterson, ant Edward Wiest


The minutes of February 13 were read and anproved,

The schedule oi fees to govern during the summer quarter and
the regular school year, which had been adopted by the Executive
Committee of the Board of Trustees, was presented for the informa*
tie on, duly seconded, this schedule of


n of the Faculty. On moti
s was approved.

The Faculty considered the second division of the University
rules as presented by the Rules Committee. These rules were
tentatively adopted, with certain recommendations for minor changes,
and with the following two alterations made by motion of the

1. That final examinations at the close of each term or
quarter be given during the last one, two, or three
regular meetings of the class, the number of periods
to be left to the discretion of the instructor,

2. That under ”Discipline and Control" the statement relate
ing to the arrest ard conviction of a student be

On recommendation of Colonel Dennelly, students enrolled in
Civil Pilot Training were given permission to be absent from
classes from 8 a.m. to 12 noon, Wednesday, February 25, in order
to participate in a psychological study conducted by Professor
Henry Beaumont and authorized by the Civil Aeronautics Authority.
It was understood that each student would be handed a written
excuse signed by Professor Beaumont.

The following schedule of parades, submitted by Colonel
Paschal for the R.O.T.C, was apnroved by the Faculty, with the
provision that no more class pe~iods were to be utilized than
the number covered by the schedule of last year.

a. First Battalion April 17, Friday
Companies A.B,C, and L; sponsors Fourth hour
1 .
5 Band, With all freshmen Camnus Parade

Sections lbll, 12,.13
1b21, 22, 23
6b11, 12, 13
6b21, 22, 23






3_ ~ _- '71 t. n - w c on w
Minuue‘ oi the raculty o: the JHJVGTSICY - February 20, 1942

b. Second Bat,al.ion Anril 24, Fridnv
Se vezlto hour
a Band with all fresli 1men Camnug Pfrade
tiens lel, 32

1b4l, 42, 43


oojl, 32

bbdl, 4w

Cowmanies E, F, G; soon.3 _s

0. Third Battalifn Aoril 30, Thursday

QOmpanies I and K; SDOHSOTS Fourth hour
é Band with wll freshmen Camous Parade
Sections lhyl, :2
6b52, 61, 6?
d. ROTC hegimcht Sto 11 Field:
Bend May 4, Mend: y, third hour
Sponsors May 7, Thursday, fourth hour
All Sections May 13, Wednesday, fourth hour

May 15, Friday, seventh hour
May 20, Wednesday, 7:00 p.m.

On recommeniati ego of COmmerce, the following new

o 1
courses and course Chances were a;

Ecumerce 116 ~ Tax Auditiny. 4 quarter hours (summer of 1942 only)


This course is designed nri arily for nersons employed in the tax
departments of goverml me’;1tal bodiesa It presents auditing principles and
or c.edures as applied to tax examinations. Emphasis is placed upon de-
t;<:tion of tax avoidan noe through non disc lo.3ure or shifting of income,
inflation of expense, inventory manitulariol, and similar processes.
Friction l proole: selected from actual tax audits will be considered“
Prereouisite“ consent of the instructor.

Commerce 120 a Property Tax Avsessnenus w th ST >ecia1 reference


4 quarter hours (summer of 1942 only)

The cours will involve three asoe acts. The first'part will concern
o“~on12i 3.0m and staffing for assessment purposes. The secand will
deal with policy and legal basis of practice in Kentucky. The third
and most important will involve analysis of the best anpruisal and
recording practice, the former for both private and nublic purposes.
Prerequisite: Commerce 1 or public administration experience.

92mmerce 114 ~ War Economécs, 4 Quarter hours (for the duration
of the war)"

A description and analytical study of the nroblems involved in the
t1 &HSithI1 to a war economy. The necessity for planning, the peculiar


problems connected with stra qtegic materials, the difficulties of
maximizing War production, mar fine ancing, price control, rationing,
priorities, credit control, exne rt control and nos twar reconstruction
are examined. Prereo isite: Commerce 1.

Vein—‘1 : ‘


5.;,_._,,-.. .«_<_.,.,..:.,-a_n. ‘...

.i} LEV

















 ... .~'- .-- uh s:|;4:'s.Ԥ: L25:


‘,-. . "'1 -, . . n “-1 v - ~17 my, 1 .
Mlnft:e :f she recvitv oi the Univer51ty ~ EGDPJELJ 43, :94?
Commerce 10 . Seoreturial Office Practice. 2 cuarter hours.


This course is designexi no ‘orovide laboratory ens" C‘ffi-€:‘ exoer- ea

iir secretarial enndents. A minimum 0” 45 hour“ of [1%

office experience under suoervision is required. Prerexuisiues;
Commerce 143 and 14b.

ience for sen




Commerce 13' ACCGlnEL:5 -heqry. 3 quarter hours. Tee funjnicn
of accounting, asset valuatiCq, recognitior of reveote nod expense3. ’
ani Classification of EQuities will be studieF v;t4 1 View to ores=
zoning a coordinated body of accounting theory. Prerequisice:
Cogmerce LCSb.
Charraeé: ‘_.a git-£9133







2 Quarter hogrs Bee

Change comma: C . ' ___.._.‘ i __..._.._;_... ' ' V “.51.. I I I f ' . I ; ,

Teleted problems er


City and county debt




e studiefi in reports and semine


DroT Commerce 20 , Literature f ublic Finance. In its Ulaoe
9 ,.~ - _.._.._..-~-_._.._ A
Add Commerce QO‘a and bu Froblees in Public FinRJCQo 2 quar“

er hours each. De ending 0







t n
from time to time, specif c sub'eet matte
E n e

11 i


‘eeh student’s revert w the 01559 of Droblems intensivel”
- . J

The following is the total list of courses in the College
of Commerce as approved by the FaCulty: ' ’







Course Ouavter EQUKE Cor“se Quarfier Hours
Commerce Commerce 121



















Minutes of the Faculty 0: the Universitv." February 20, 1942

rm“ 1h ’1 n y ,n -v.-. 4‘ .
sssizs EESLE§;WEEE;3 Cousae gugrter Hours

Commerce 15a 1 Commer,e 140 4
16b 1 42 2
17a 3 143 4
17b 3 144 4
101 2 145 4
102 4 147 2
103 4 148 2
104 4 149 4
105 4 150 3
106a 4 151 4
106b 4 152 2
107 4 153 3
108 3 154 4
109a 4 202a~f 1 each
109s 4 203 5
110 4 204 3
111 4 205 3
112aef 1 each ZOoamb 2 each
113 4 207a~b 2 each
115 4 208 4
116 4. 209 4
117 4 210 2
118 4 211 4
119 4 215 4
120 4 216 2

On rec mnendation of the Collese of Arts and Sciences, the
following new courses and changes in courses were apnroved:


l. Orientation Courses for Freshmen. These are to renlace the
old matriculation lectures and consist of class work in small groups

for two quarters. The descriptions are as follows:
Orientation A» 1 quarter hour.

Required of all entering Arts and Sciences Freshmene
This course deals with the fundamental study skills such as use of
time, reading problems and taking notes. tundardized tests will be
given throughoit the quarter to discover the deficiencies of the
student. Class sections are determined on the basis of the student's
fundamental interests. Eacn section is conducted by a different staff
member who acts alro as the student's adviser.

Orientation B. 1 quarter hour.

Reguired of All Arts and Sciences Freshmen. This course
is a continuation of Orientation A and deals with those factors in»
directly affecting success in college, such as health habits, voca"
tional orientation, recreational orientation and social adjustment.
The staff member conducting the section is also the faculty adviser
for the students of his resnective section. Prerequisite: Orientation A.
















1 M




























1 . ..... u n z~siA 51-. l;x~a‘)21> gvi‘ ‘. ,.,‘_.‘:L.H =11‘iizt
v—‘gt— * m 2:: W'


Miuunes of the Faculty of the

The faculty further recommends t
load of the ParticipatinzfztulTy members, 31
l 2 ouarter hours

be countei as equivfiient to

AS academic reruiciuatin

not only to nelu tfle st mient Iormulate
also be aviiia.M for consulte3ion by


2. combiuabi r_s


the Sb


Art “5 Au1enut rt 4 quarter hour:

Ll1e_&rts i: the
worlds, from old Egvot ano
to Byzantium ir '

' Lectures

M bur

Art as Meuieual ;_r37 4 quz


111111131 '51


The arts in relation to tue 3329
'r East, and t3 the Latin and GGEmFRIC
the Giriy middle ages. and of Gothic
Ope through tie fifteenth ceirtury ' ‘

I11uszrate& leatures; conferenca and

Art_;3§ fiena_1s§eice 3g} 4 quarter

inc arts 01 humanism in wen ‘ssa
through the Sisteenth century. ::nai
study of individual asters. Illustr ra
33333333 geroqge_Art 4 quzrter he
The arts of the fieformatien and

rough seVenteenth Century. Ba

Iiiustrated lectures; reports.

Moo ern Art 4 qua3te1 ho




roque “5


Ages-as: 23:93.1,

si7“r — EN?

017. t Acnzwr

Wt {116' {Lb-5‘1“: “a. ",1‘8 expested
academic b

udent throrgnout the

nd Islamic

tures in the nest, during

France 1nd

On Ci‘iLT.

nce Italy and in tLe florth
ssence ”form"; aralyses of sty
ted leCLures; reports.


Counter—Reformation in Europe

pace"‘ analyses of

lne arts in E::ope and American through the eighteenth and
nire'ee rth centuri . ConsideratiFn of social changes and of
scientific develowments ir relation to art. History and aesthetics;
style raviva1s~ individual artists. Illus cayted lectures; reuorts.
AW .1313. 99352133393251 :3: 4 quarter hours

Studies in the arts or the twentieth Century. Surv veys and
ang>l3rses . The relation of art to cor temporary life. Space and
time in mooern art. The evolution of modern forms in arcnitecture,
sculpture, painting and design; developments in photogranhy, the
aim ema, city planning,etc. Individua.l arti5t s and their work.

P I‘ —; ‘1‘ e Q'Li

uisite: Art 142

unmodi- '


 cv,_..._,r .a



Linutés of the taco ty of the University - February 20, 1942


Art 151 Qggtiqist o: irt 4 Quorte” hours

Anplvsec; ingerprvtstions; evaluations. Soecific arts, oeriods
of ant, styles of art are examine? in the light of historical modes
of criticismo Problems in criticism of contemtorarv orb. DlSCUSSIOn
and rowert . tor aflv1nced students.

onovan requested that in making arrangements for the
faculty for the summet quarter, the deans use their own faculties in
v f1 ' 1'- O (T

e, rathe? than emol y visitinC instructors.

ter of balancing the
r here had been no reduction
in the numbey of requests Deing and thwt many of them
would have to be sent back to tie res iv; officials for reconsidera-
tiona He recommended that an ef 3 t be made to reduCe expeniitures in

e h ated that the condition of

ion of the Board of Trustees
mmittee had stated that the

The next meeting of the Faculty was scheduled for Friday, March o.


0 '11
a) t"

The Faculty of the University
Tuesday, December 1“, 194?. zPr i
present were Paul P. Boyd, Alvin E.


met in the President's Office,
eit Donovan oresided. Members


_ Evans, W. D. nunkhouser, J. H.
Graham, Frank D. Peterson, Willia S. Taylor, Edward Wiest, and
Lee M. Chamberlainn Professor L. J. Horlacher was also nresent.

The minutes of November 27 were read and anoroved.
The Dean of the University Dresented to the Faculty a list of

University organiZations, together with the faculty adviser or other
ponsible person for each. The list had been prepared in accordance


with the rule which calls for the faculty to arrange for faculty
advisers, with a View to the croper enforcement of the rules regard~
ing eligibility for participation in extra-curricular activities. The
list Was aporoved as presented.

The following calendar for 1943~44 was anproved:


aids—u... '- 1M - A, - H“. :‘

s 1 "3‘: u