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Around New York
With UK 'Cats




100th Anniversary Of YMCA
To Be Celebrated Next Week
April 3 Beginning
Of Centennial Week!
For Organization


YWCA Names


The YMCA is the embodiment of
inose democratic
and Christian
ideals tor which me are fighting,"
President Roosevelt declared today
la a statement sent to Bart N. Peak,
secretary of the University YMCA,
In connection with the one hundredth anniversary of the Y during


T.Tnv im,
trvTirrvv, 1 JiU.

Campus Cluh
To Sponsor
Relief Drive
Used Clothing
To Be Solicited
By Committee



wti-t- i.
I , .1.'IS.VI1 31,

Special Editorial
For Second Graders



3 11


All Honorary Organizations

Sorority Bid Day
April 1 has been designated as
bid day for the spring quarter,
according to Sara Ewing, president of the Panhellenic council.
Women will pick up their bids
In the Dean of Women's offices
between 10 and 12 ajn.

Present ''Stars 01 The Night'
At Special Convocation Tlmr.

Election Slated
For Tuesday

Career Plans
For Women

Honors Night
Will Replace
Women's Banquet

Chrisman, Baker Nominees
In.YM Presidential Electiou

Student Union
Shows Exhibition





Voting In Election
To Be Held
By Mail Today

First steps in the campus drive
for "clothes for Russia" to aid in
Russian War Relief have been taken
Virginia Baskett,
A&S junior by the Campus club, which is made
from Casper, Wyoming and Ellen up of staff and faculty members.
CBannon, junior from Lexhigton
"Stars of the Night." a convoca- -'
Members of the club are requested
have been nominated for presi- by the president, Mrs. Margaret
tion sponsored by the Women's Addent in the YWCA election to be Ratliff, to leave their used clothing
ministrative council and honoring
held at seven p.m., Tuesday, April 3. contributions In the offices
the outstanding women on campus,
of Mrs.
As has been previously announcMiss Baskett, treasurer of Delta Bush Allen Gorman,
will be held at S p.m. Thursday
who has
In order to help women choose
ed, the week of April 3 has been
Delta Delta sorority, was a staff charge of the collected material,
night. April 6 in Memorial hall. The
designated as Centennial week for
reporter for The Kernel and is a room 303 of the Administration and plan their careers, the office
selection of new members and the
Norman Chrisman, Pikeville, and announcement of honors will be
the .celebration on the campus of
member of Pitkin club. Phi Mu Up- building, or in any of the following of the Dean of Women will have a
the one hundredth anniversary of
silon, honorary math fraternity, and places before April 10.
Merl Baker. Hopklnsville, engineer- made by all honorary Organizations
career conference today and tomorthe YMCA.
WAA. A member of Alpha Lambda
ing juniors, are the nominees for and some professional ones. This
The buildings, and those respon row in the Union building. A voca
Bart reak
Delta, freshman honorary society, sibie in each are: White hall,
Dr. Frank L. McVey, former pres-daJane tional exhibit such as charts and ap
president in the YMCA election to quet substitute for the women's Banand Cwens, sophomore honorary Earle MIddleton; Training building,
which has been held annually
has been set, however,
be held today. The person receiving in past years.
plication blanks which pertain to the
society, Miss Baskett also received Mrs. uumore Robbitt;
the observance with an address on
Adminlstra positions that are open have been
the largest number of votes will be
the Phi Beta Kappa award for the tion building. Mrs. B. A. Goman
the general subject of religion at
Among the organizations which
freshman woman with the highest Frazee hall, Jeannette Graves: Un placed in the Great hall of the
president, and the other will be vice will tap their new members will be
the University at 5:30 p.m. Monday,
scholastic standing.
at a special dinner meeting at the
ion, Mrs. Shirley Beeler and Mrs. Union.
Mortar Board, senior women's leadpresident.
There will be luncheons at noon
Miss O'Bannon has been active in Margaret Crutcher; College of Law,
First Methodist church.
Ballots for the election of officers ership honorary; Cwens, sophomore
today and tomorrow for all the
the YWCA since her freshman year Dorothy Salmon; College of Engl
W. E. Miner, district field director
have been mailed to all members of women's leadership honorary; and
and is a member of the Women's neering, Mrs. G. R. Skldmore; Li representatives, according to Mar
Alpha Lambda Delta, freshman
of the American Red Cross, will
Glee club, SuKy. Tau Siema. and orary, Caroline Reading; Neville garet Erskine, Helen Bradford, and
the YMCA, Bart N. Peak, secretary, women's honorary.
Uad the singing at this meeting,
Margaret Newell who are in charge
nrf tru.. Din jonnson
:ii . .
has announced.
Trie final Sunday afternoon mu Cwens. She is also a University hall, Mrs. Margaret Ratliff; Build
Alpha Gamma Delta, social sororwill give a
short summary of the history of the sicale of this season will be present cheerleader and chairman of the ing and Grounds, Mrs. C. C. Shade; of the arrangements.
Members should check the names ity, will present a cup to its choice
Mrs. Herman Lee Donovan will en
social service committee of Kappa Biological Sciences building, Mrs,
Norman Chrisman, local ed at 4 p.m. Sunday In Memorial
of the candidates according to di- of the outstanding freshman woQueeme Grable; Miller hall, Mrs. tertain with a tea at 4:30 p. m. today
YMCA president, will preside.
hal1. when the University Choristers Delta sorority.
rections on the ballots and return man. Theta Sigma Phi. Journalism
at Maxwell Place in honor of the
Nominations for vice - president Alberta Server; College of Agricul
them by noon, Tuesday. April 4. honorary, will give its plaque to the
The Hi-clubs of Lexington will and tne Flreside Singing present are
Ruth Anthony. New Albany, ture, Mrs. Elizabeth Sloan; Gulg committee and representatives.
They may be addressed to the freshman woman having the hightve a special program at the regu- - The Seven lASt Words of Clirist, by
Ind., and Charlene Burris, Paris.
Any girl desiring a conference
nol, Mrs. L. H. Mills; Dairy build'
YMCA and dropped in the Univer
est standing In journalism. MorUr
lar meeting of Phalanx fraternity DuboU' This cantata is wider the
has served on the ing,
Merl Baker
sity post office or they may be left Board will present a cup to the
"ua,Ju oauurea iewis, ana the StudentAnthony Activities commit- ing, Nellie Lawrence; Physics build- should leave her name in room 121
at noon Tuesday,
Juanita Shelby; Kastle hall, in the Union building as soon as
at the YM office in the Union build- freshman woman with the highest
CullU, both mem- - tee,
Henry Ware secretary of the oranlst 18
is a member of Kampus Kou-sln- s, Mrs. Ethel E. Wilmer,
and the possible. However, the women who
scholastic average.
Southern regional council of the bers of the music department of
and was a freshman YWCA Health building, Marjorie Dennis. have already made appointments
Selby Hurst, Lexington, and John
YMCA, will speak on the subject the University.
Alpha Lambda Delta will present
The student drive will be directed will be considered first
formerly, the Easter cantalas adviser. She is also a member of
Cashman, Hardinsburg, are candia trophy to the senior woman with
The Student YMCA,
Cwens and the Campus Service by the War Efforts committee of
been presented Jointly by the
The following organizations and
dates for secretary. Candidates for the highest University standing.
the Student Union board with corporations will be represented:
u'"e" ano mens iee
treasurer are William Emory, Lex- The Women's Athletic association
at 6:15 pm. Tuesday
Charlene Burris is a member of Maryan Vogt as acting chairman. Sears
owing to the war's dissolution of the
and Company,
ington, and Clinton Wells, Washwill make an award to the most
Peak will speak on The Woman's Men's
Phi Upsilon Omicron, home econom- Definite plans have not been an Curtis-WrigGlee club, the
the WACs, library
ington, D. C.
Program of the YMCA at noon Fri- - the male
ics honorary, Kampus Kousins, Stu- nounced as yet, but solicitation will science,
section is to
WAVEs, Wright Field,
dent Union Activities committee, proceed through each of the or Dayton Civil Service, teaching,
meetlng f the
Candidates for student members and Phi Beta will recognize its
group of
Club at the ColoiaJ business
of the Advisory Board are Gene most outstanding senior.
ganized residence houses, and every American Red Cross, National Girls
and professional men In- - and Cwens.
Mortar Board will announce the
Bowling lanes
Elizabeth Faulkner, Lexington and student will be asked to give some Scouts,
Whicker, Lexington; D. O. Burke.
terested in music as an avocation.
Du Pont, and Goodyear Tire
names of sophomore women with a
Alice Freeman, Lexington have been article of used wearing apparel and Rubber.
Lebanon; Maurice Leach, Lexing- - n
There will also be a special pro- - The rest of the thorns rwrsnrmM
... .
ton. Selby Hurst. John Cashman.
which will be sent directly from
ismm ai me cosmopolitan club at are members of the University nominated for secretary.
The following women are chair
Miss Faulkner is active in the Lexington to Russia.
William Emory, and Clinton Wells.
6:30 p.m. Saturday in recognition Choristers.
men of the different committees:
plaque. Phi Beta Kappa. Phi Up
of the YMCA. The YMCA founded
Anita Roos, a senior In the music Student Art club, Dutch Lunch club,
Dr. Henry Noble Sherwood, po silon Omicron, home economics
Margaret Erskine. general chairthe Cosmopolitan club on the cam- - department, will sing the soprano and Theta Sigma Phi, journalism
litical science department; Dr. W. honorary fraternity, and Chi Delta
man; Emily and Marie Jones, pro
pus in 1923.
solo; Robert Kuhlman, voice In- nonorary fraternity. She is also
P. Garrigus, agriculture college; and Phi, literary honorary fraternity.
gram; Marian Yates, appointments;
president of WAA and a member of
The anniversary of the interna- structor, will sing the baritone solos,
Professor E. A. Bureau. College of will announce their new members.
Brewster Phelps, exhibit: Adele
tional YMCA is ako Peak s twenty, and C. Hubbard Upchurch, soloist
Engineering, are candidates for the
Denman, publicity, and Elizabeth
Miss Rosalie Oakes. YWCA secMiss Freeman is a member of the
third year as general secretary of at the Second Presbyterian church;
faculty members of the board.
Gog gin, posters.
retary, will deliver the invocation,
Dutch Lunch club, Guignol, Home
the University association. He first will sing the tenor solos.
Rev. W. W. Shrader, pastor of and Virginia Wesley, president of
The text of the oratorio is taken Economics club, Pitkin club, Cwens,
oecanie secretary in 1920 and with
Accent On Youth, by Samuel Ra
Felix Memorial Baptist church, and the council, will welcome the woAlpha Lambda Delta, SuKy and
the exception of the school year of from the Biblical setting of the
phaelson, is to be presented at
Gentry Shelton, assistant pastor of men into tha various societies.
1925-2- 6
has retained the position to mai ana crucifixion of Christ, and the Outing club.
Guignol the week of April 17.
Honors will be announced and
the Central Christian church, are
for treasurer are
is presented in solo, duet, and
the present.
The play, starring Eli Popa as
candidates for the business man presented by: Phi Beta Kappa, Mrs.
Alice Benton, A&S junior from IrSteven Gaye, and Sarah McLean
As nearly as it can be determined chorus form.
Alberta Server; Kappa Delta PL
Norman Chrisman
members of the board.
The program will be: Introduc- vine and Claudine Gibson, A&S Wilson as Linda Brown, is the story
from old records, the YMCA has
Jean Mills'; Kappa Delta Pi award,
sophomore from St. Simon's Island,
tion, soprano solo, O, all ye who
of an elderly playright who loves
utrcn uu me campus lor 54 years,
Jean Mills; Alpha Gamma Delta
To consider action to be taken in
a young girl.
j award,
neing organized in 1890. Professors travel upon the highway, barken to
Emily Hunt; Alpha Lamba
regard to a suit filed March 17 in
Miss Benton is a member of WAA,
me, and behold me: was e'er sorrow
Steven Gaye,
J. R. Johnson and John W. Gunn,
BroadDelta award. Betty Tevis: Alpha
Franklin circuit court for recovery
Dutch Lunch club, and a former way playwright,
two Lexingtonians who attended the like unto my sorrow.
; Lambda
writes a tragedy of
members. Betty Tevis; Chi
$14,374.93 claimed paid to Dean
an old man who loves a mere of
rirsi word, baritone and tenor representative of SGA.
University at the time, believe tha
Omega award, Marie Louise Mc- -,
James H. Graham, head of the
Miss Gibson is active in WAA, a youngster.
solo with chorus, Father- torsive
However, the first act
is was organized in 1888 or earlier.
Cown; WAA award. Elizabeth
them, for they know not what they member of Cwens. Alpha Lambda love scene doesn't ring true. It isn't school's engineering college, while
Dr. Charles E. Snow, assistant
Faulkner: WAA council. Elizabeth
The local unit was organized by a ao.
Delta, and SuKy. She is a member
he was on the federal government
The Activities committee of the
Ana tne people clamored. He Is
group from Centre college who did death-guiltof Kappa Delta sorority and re- until he decides to throw up the payroll, the entire board of trustees professor of anthropology, will hold Student Union board announced the Faulkner; Phi Upsilon Omicron.
take him, let us cru ceived
whole thing and go to Finland, and
of work in colleges cify Him!
of the University of Kentucky will the first of a series of five open winners of the various tournaments Patricia Thornton; Phi Beta, Anita
the Alpha Gamma Delta
classes to be held this quarter In
throughout the state. The group
Linda meet April 4.
award for the most outstanding dismisses his secretary,
at the sweater swing on Friday. Roos; Phi Beta award, Ruth Pace:
Second Word, duet for tenor and
Brown, that he discovers how to
the College of Arts and Sciences.
officers. Helen Harrison;
constituting the YMCA was small
freshman woman.
March 24. Sgt. Roscoe Cornelius was
The suit was filed by Henry A.
baritone with chorus, Verily, thou
reconstruct that act. His secretary
Theta Sigma Phi, Florida GarrL-oat the beginning.
The topic, A Museum Tour of awarded $3.50 as winner
Harper, Lexington electrical dealer,
of the bil- Chi Delta Phi, Marian Yates: 3
snait be in Paradise
blurts out that she loves him vio
Kentucky Prehistory, will be dis liard tournament
About 1895, the University fur- me. Hear me, O Lord,
and Albert Ellis, standings, dean of women Sarah B.
lently, and Steven, playwright to and James M. Molloy, Fayette cussed by Dr. Snow when
and rememnished one room in the first divi- ber me, when
he meets the runner-u- p
county farmer. It named most of
was awarded $1.50. Holmes, Home
Thou comest into Thy
the end, lifts her entire speech for
economics club offiwith his class in the museum of ansion of the old dormitory, now ungaom.
the board members as defendants.
The ping pong runner-u- p
was cers, Myra Howard; Cwens tapping. '
his play.
thropology at the fourth hour WedWhite hall, for YMCA headquarHarry E. Ritter of Patterson hall Jane Oldham, and Mortar Board
During production of his play, I The anouncement was made after
ters. Upon completion of Alumni Woman! word, baritone solo, See, O
The Student Union Board election Old Love, Steven falls In love with Va meeting of the board's executive nesday, April 5.
who lost to Sidney N. Stone, the award and tapping. Virginia LipsHere behold thy Son be
hall in 1901, they moved there and loved
The open classes, which have champion,
will be held from 9 to 6 p.m. Monday Linda, but he is not
on Thursday night, comb.
without com- committee, March 24, in the offices been held in previous years
remained until the Spring of 1938,
are March 8.
Fourth Word, tenor and baritone in the Great hall of the Union petition. Some of the nicest scenes of Dr. H. L. Donovan.
Anita Roos. president of Phi Beta,
sponsored by the College of Arts
when new quarters were established with chorus, God, My
father, why building. From the fourteen nomina involve Steven, Linda, and her
in the new Union building.
and Sciences. However, anv stu bowling deadline for entries in the will be in charge of the program.
tions made, seven will be elected young leading man, Dickie Reynasi Tnou forsaken me!
tournament is noon Tues- - Joan Akers will be at the organ.
dent who wishes may attend any day, April
The local YMCA had a leading
riitn word, tenor solo with to serve on the 1944-4- 5 board, and nolds, who will be played by Die12. Students may enter
Ginocchio will read, and
of the five classes scheduled for this
part in the organization of the Cos- chorus. I am athirst! Ah, Thou the remaining two officers will be trich Roetter.
at the Information desk of the Beth Caddy will read the poetry.
mopolitan club in 1923, the Pitkin wouiast tain destroy the temple; if filled In the fall.
Dr. Amry Vandenbosch, head of
Other members of the cast will
Programs will be distributed by
Union building. The girls are to
Those nominated at a recent be Wallace Briggs as Flogsdell. a the department of political science,
The classes, which will continue piay
club in 1925, the present Student Thou be Jesus, Son of the Father,
in teams of four, with one Sara Lee Mock and Penny Abbett.
Board meeting are Charleen Burris. gentleman's gentleman,
in 1939, now irom the cross descend Thou,
and right will speak on International Affairs, through May 4, will Include a lec alternate if desired. The date of Betty Fraysure will be in charge of
Elizabeth Crapster. Ruth Dimock, hand man of Gaye's; L. L. Dants-le- r at 4 p.m. Wednesday in the Music ture by Dr. Logan Wilson, head of the
Phalanx fraternity in. 1943, and also
Sixth Word, ensemble, Father,
tournament will be announced the decorations; Bettye McClana-ha- n,
Thy hands I commend my soul. Susan Eblen, Mary Gordon Gillespie,
the first intramural basketball
as Frank Galloway, contempo- room of the Union building, spon- the sociology department, on April later.
publicity; Elizabeth Faulkner,
Bill Klein, Gwen Pace, Martha Jane rary actor of Gaye's; Regina OTla-hert- y sored by members of the Koffee 13. Wilson will discuss some phase
league on the campus.
For Thou art my God and my Fa
Miller and
The deadline for entries in the organization;
Ringo, Mary Virginia Rogers, Doris
as Miss Darling, a middle Klub and International Relations of race relationships.
The Centennial committee ' con- ther; Thou art my Savior.
bridge tournament is also at noon, Betty Lee Fleishman, invitations,
Seventh Word, ensemble. It is fin- Smith, Mary Elizabeth Stigall, Wyck aged actress; Jacquelyn Wledeburg club.
On Friday, April 21, Professor Ed- April 12.
sists of Merl Baker, chairman; NorThe players must sign up and members of Cwens will serve
man Chrisman, Bart N. Peak, Pro- ished. And He did bow His head, Strother, Nancy Ellen Taylor, and as Genevieve Lang, young actress;
All students and soldiers are in- ward Rannells, head of the art deas ushers.
Marian Yates. All students are and Madison Cawein and Hugh vited to attend, it was announced partment, will conduct one of his as partners.
ana rendered up His spirit
fessors Edward Newbury and W. E.
Members of the committee workrayer, Christ, we do all adore eligible to vote but must present Collett as Butch and Chuck, young by Helen Harrison, president of the classes open to those students who
Beals, Pfc. John Jenson, and Bud
Thee, and we do praise Thee forev some means of identification.
wish to attend, in the Biological ing on the bowling tournament are
athlete friends of Dickie Reynolds'. Koffee Klub.
Ann Shouse, Jane Ann Hollands !
er, for on the holy cross hast Thou
Sciences building.
the world from sin redeemed.
Dr. Huntley Dupre, professor of EHzabeth Carey, Alma Clarkson,
Walker, and Charlene
history, will lecture for the fourth Bobbette
of this series. As yet, no definite Burris.
There Goes My Heart starring
The committee working on the
date has been stt, however.
Frederic March, Virginia Bruce, and
bridge tournament is composed of
On May 4. the last date schedPatsy Kelly will be shown at 5:45
uled. Dr. Amry Vandenbosch will Charlene Burris, Isabel Michelson,
p.m. Monday in the Bluegrass room
hold a lecture concerning some as and Mary Louise Mitts. Jimmy Hurt
of the Union building.
By Shirley Mristcr
pect dealing with political science. is the chairman of the Activities
By Wanda Lee Spears
What would yoa be
I'd much rather go to a football i These classes, conducted In the committee.
By Casey Goman
"When I was a bmall boy I knew
doing if yon weren't attending the
a Dunch of un- Arts and Sciences college, were artame than teach
Florence Kirk, soprano, sang a
wanted to know all about bues
godly freshmen. Next to athletics, ranged by a committee composed
well balanced concert at Memorial and snakes." That is the reason
Mildred Long. A AS. sophomore:
I like research. I'd rather count the of five members of the faculty in
hall Sunday. Miss Kirk was out- why William Delbert Funkhouser is
I'd be flying a B24 for the WASPs.
hairs on a bug's legs than go to a this college.
standing for her stage manner and today an eminent zoologist, inter
Pat OmenU, A AS, freshman:
Anyone interested in becomfaculty meeting."
Chairman of the committee who
presence. She made a charming nationally known.
I'd be working in a defense factory.
In connection with his research decided on the classes to be held
ing a member of the University
and delightful impression upon her
Funkhouser was born in Rock
Anne Phillips, Eng., freshman:
Dr. Funkhouser has many times was Dr. Herbert E. Riley, head of
port, lnd March, 1881. His father
band should contact Dr. Alexj Keeping house
for mother!
visited various parts of the world in the botany department.
Most of Miss Kirk's selections was a mmlster and his three broth
Dutch Lunch . . .
ander Capurso, director, in j "Slew" Davis, Aj sophomore:
Other members working with Dr.
search for new specimens of bugs.
were well suited to her voice. She ers are all doctors. He received
Taking a
. . . will meet at noon today at the
Guignol before next Tuesday,
He mentions the fact that before Riley included Dr. A. E. Bigge, repsang Verdi's Ritorna vincltor, from A.B. at Wabash college, his M.A. his
Eleanor Hopkins,
sophoColonial Bowling lanes.
the war every time he could he resenting the German department:
April 1
Aida, as an opening number which Cornell. While he was at Cornell
more: Eating!!
Society . . .
would play hookey and "would go Dr. H. H. Downing, professor of
immediately claimed the attention he married after having the usual
The band, which offers credit
Mary Jane Doraey. A AS, sopho. . . will meet at 7:30 p.m. Thursday of her
to some crazy part of the world." mathematics; and Dr. Niel Rumcampus romance. He received his
audience. The
to participants, has scheduled
more: Loafing.
in the Bioloyical Sciences building. dle tones seemed to be artist's midAfter the war is over he plans to go mer, head of the department of
Dorothy Pace, Commerce, freshher best and Ph. D. in 1916.
tentative rehearsals for four
Dr. Pruitt will be guest speaker.
back to the jungles to hunt for journalism.
her interpretation and phrasing
He has been head of the depart
man: I'd like to be a Rockette if
pan. on Tuesdays.
bugs and snakes.
Newman Club . . .
throughout the afternoons program ment of zoology and entomology
they'd have me.
He is not only notionally famous
. . . will hold a discussion at 6:15 were excellent.
since 1918 and dean of the graduBetty Harris. A AS, Irishman: Id
as a zoologist but also as an aup.m. Tuesday in room 204 of the
The group of German songs that ate school since 1925. To list only a
like to be a professional taster at
thor. Some of the books he has
Union builduig.
Miss Kirk sang were well received few of the associations to which he
a glue factory.
written are Outlines of Zoology,
Outing Club
by her audience. Agatha's
Betty Kirk pa trick, A AS. seniur:
aria from belongs A.A.A.S., Entomology so1919i Wild Life in Kentucky. 1923;
. . . will meet at 2 p.m. Sunday in von Weber's Der Frieschutz was ciety, Kentucky Academy
John C. Everett, Maysville. was
of Sci
.probably be driving people crazy
1925; Catalogue recently appointed a member of the have
Birds of Kentucky,
front of the Union building. Inter- very weU done, with the exception ences, Kentucky Entomology assoof Membracidae, 1927; Kentucky University of Kentucky board of since coming to the campus in May witn my notions about interior
ested students must sign up by noon that Miss Kirk went a trifle flat on ciation, Wilson OrintholOKV
Prehistory, 1931. In addition to the trustees by Governor Willis for a
nave been transferred to
Saturday at the Information desk. the very high tones In the conclu- Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma XI, club. I
Mary Schlund, A AS, Miphomore:
books, he has written many articles.
Breckinridge hall. These men are
There will be a charge of 20 cents sion.
term dating back to Jan.
Kappa Sigma.
Dr. William Delbert Funkhouser
now Included in Co. A under the I'd be working in an airplane factory
Now a tip to the "ungodly fresh 1, 1944.
per person.
Archie Black was noteworthy for
Funkhouser is also chairman of
or in a shipyard.
men" that attend his classes, FunkAlpha Lambda Delia
Everett, who fills the place of Lee command of Captain P. B. Powell.
his fine accompaniment, and was the Athletic association on the UniJosephine Slofer. A AS,
'I don't take my deaning, re houser says, "I love my food, and
. . . will meet at 3 p.m. Monday la called upon several times to
Future plans for Patterson and Id be at Fort Be ruling, Ga. senior:
share versity campus and secretary of the st arching, and professoring serious dont ever remember a student that Kirkpatrlck, Paris, whose term man Boyd
pired, is a Maysville business
halls have not been announced
ths tW
Lillian Cook, A AS. junior: I'd
the cincc- -.
ly; I
realty iutereitsd i atlJetics. brought
by Univsrsity autiicrJtis.
cis a tig rsd Eipis."



Choristers In
Final Musicale


Sacred Oratorio

To Be Presented









'mJ" J

Accent On Youth
Will Be Presented
By Guignol

Board Of Trustees
To Consider Suit
Against Dean Graham

Open Classes

Tourney Winners
Announced By
Union Committee




to-d- ay


Students To Elect
Seven Members

To Union Board

Professor Speaks



Movie Slated

Curiosity About Bugs And Snakes
Soprano Gives
Characteristic Of Dean Funkhouser
Fine Concert





Band Members

cross-count- ry



Everett Appointed

To University Board


Patt Hall Vacated






six-ye- ar


* The Kernel Editorial Page








VZ?- "



Bfttye McCi anahav

fthSS? AMn..ion

Vincent Spagnvolo


Editorial Association

wmtk m





Oo Quarter

Merl Baker, Mary I lllian Davis, Catherine Goman. Carolyn
jjiu, Eleanor Keen Mildred Long, Shirley Meister, Ruth Perl- -

Attention: All UK Morons
wonderfully well.
Von also ruined an entire wall.
spent monev that was not your own.

To you enrolled !n the University who have
not passed the level of second grade students to
you who have not learned the value of property,
to you who have such little intelligence that we
are not sure we can even write DOWN to the
level you ran understand, this editorial is direct,
. '.
Read it,, you morons and try your liest to
see what we mean.
As practically everyone knows, workmen have
been remodeling the Administration building for
many months. The process. which is being
finished this week, has been long hut carefully
Monday the paint was drying on the walls
of the first floor. It was a beautiful piece of
work; the colors had been blended carefully and
the painters had toiled with infinite pains.
Then along one of you came with your childish ideas and your desire to "show off." So you
put your hands in the wet paint, drew a circle
and a star. You showed your artistic ability


You also


delayed imiKiit.mt woik.
The paint being used is difficult to handle,
according to E. B. F.irris, thief engineer in the
department of maintenance and operations. It
cannot be "touched up." To repair a marred
spot, it is necessarv to repaint the entire wall.
We hope you got a true aesthetic thrill out of
your ait but if we could have our way, you'd
get another kind of thrill, administered with an

Best Wishes, YMCA

On its one hundredth birthday. The Kernel
wishes to extend congratulations and best wishes
to the YMCA, an organization that has leen
described as "global," like the war or Mrs.. Roosc
In 18M, a tlcrk in .1 London dry goods store
By Helen Carroll
fclt that such a society was needed by young Wait a Minute, Boys!
fellows like himsf If. A room was rented over the
Girls in the family relations class
and the dean of women at Purdue
store, and the Y was begun.
verty were puszled when Ma- We're playing a slightly mean tritk on the
Todav the Association has nearly two mil- rines took seats in the classroom
practical jokers today. But we feci justified in lion members in 68 counties, It almost covers
and proceeded to learn about fam- the fact that we publish a the earth.
our sculduggery-bilv relations. The onlv exDlanation
Rut the progress of the YMCA is not measur- - offered by
Exponent was that
Therefore ve are hereby announcing to all ed by statistics and figures. It is indicated by the -- through good channels, the Ma- concerned that tomorrow is April 1, All Fools' steady flow of services, the growing ability to rjnes nad learned that the course
uniie young men and boys together for the was a pip.'
wooden nickels, don't eat good they can do in their homes, schools, com-- . No Wonder
So don't take any
After a spaghetti dinner a G-- . I.
any peppered candy, don't tie any tied shoes. munities, countries, and the world at large.
Don't call the police station just ljcrause the
physical education, ana ms aale ere Dancm
The Y piorteered in
number was "left for you." Don't answer the health, nad sanitation in India, Egypt, China length at the promat Indiana. In- c Krvicnu pomcu mem
doorbell just because it rings. Don't reply "No!" Korea, Eiazil, and Argentina. It introduced
Diiiruru iitir icowu gat in.
if asked over the phone if you are the "lady who mass education in China. It founded the Poy
e i .me mey
washes." And remember that this is 19H in Scouts in the Orient and South America.
Two coeds at Creighton planned
spite of the fact that your phone number is
In the United States, the Y organized the to
w,a "JUV csomething else.
first camp for bovs, helped establish the Boy were thinking only of popcorn when
leaving ,the bus for tney r"sned im:
Don't rush to your mail box just because Scouts, set up the first night schools, pioneered mediately
t0 the
stand next
your roomie says you have an air mail. Don't in vorniom gitidanc and tnrle schools, intro- - t0 the tneater. pop5orn purchasing
cut a class because a pal tells you it's not meet- dured physical education to hundreds of com- - the popcorn they rushed next door
son move- - and bought tickets for the show. It
ing. Don't walk on the grass because you hear munities, and started the father-anwasn'? untl1 the doorman had torn
that they're going to pave the campus.
nlent ' .
tne tickets that the girls realized
And, after you've been caught on at least'
For its achievements and for its potentialities, they were in the wrong theater.
of these, don't forget that we warned The Kernel joins the world in saluting