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March 3, 2005

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Celebrating 33 years of independence


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UK Athletics didn't ask for practice facility funds

Ky. Senate allots $15 million;
other priorities lose funding

By Adam Sichlto
III? xzurucxv wrist

The UK Athletic Department didn‘t lobby
state legislators for bonds to help build a has-
ketball practice facility. but officials said yes-
terday they could use the funding.

Late Monday night. the Kentucky Senate
passed its budget proposal. which included a
$15 million allotment to help fund the $29.5
million facility project. In the same budget. the
Senate reduced or eliminated funding for
some of UK‘s "priority projects," including a
biopharmaceutical complex. a Chandler Med-
ical Center expansion and a renovated student

N0 senator has come forward to claim the
budget addition. said Sen. Ernesto Scorsone,

“We need to respect what the university
tells us.‘ Scorsone said. “We shouldn't be med-
dling and trying to tell the university how to
do its business."

Sen. Tom Buford. R-Nicholasville and a
member of the Senate‘s appropriation and rev-
enue committee. said the addition of the facili-
ty to the budget was a surprise.

“The $15 million basketball facility very
likely may have been added by Senate Republi-
can leadership at the last minute." Buford
said. Buford said he'd been to every committee
meeting. and the topic was never discussed.

UK Athletic Director Mitch Barnhart said
regardless of whether the Senate‘s funding is
included in the final budget. the facility will be

paid for using only athletics funds.

“.No private funding Barnhart
said. “There continues to be a misconception
that we're using state money. That's not true
and not accurate.

“We do not want to conflict with the needs
and desires of this university." Barnhart said.

UK President Lee Todd said he doesn't
want the athletics department to slow its

"We're trying to drive both engines.“ Todd
said. referring to athletics and academics. “I
don‘t want Mitch to slack off his mission. lt
complicates my life if he slides.

“Athletics is not a drain on our acade-

mics." Todd added.

Currently: one-third of the facility‘s fund-
piitting the athletic de-
partment behind in its progress. said Rob Mul-

ing has been raised ~

“There continues to be
a misconception that
we're using state
money. That's not true."
Mitch Barnhart

Ull athletic director


lens. executive associate athletic director.
"Timing is key." Mullens said. “We're be-
hind in this.
“We need a way to keep this project on
time. like getting money now and repaying it
later , almost like a mortgage." he said.

health services facility

UK 73, UT 61

Like always,
Hayes lifts
Cats when
they need it

By Ben Roberts


For the last four years. whenever the
Cats were in trouble. they turned to

Chuck Hayes.
So last night
at Rupp Arena

in Hayes' final game
when Tennessee

fought back to tie the score at 55. the UK
senior was there to bail out his team-


After a steal near rnidcourt. Rajon
Rondo got the basketball to Hayes. who
streaked down the floor. dunked the ball
and drew a foul to give the No. 3 Cats

their first field goal in 9:30.

Hayes made the free throw to com
plete the three-point play. and UK went
on to defeat the Volunteers 755-61 in front
of 24.205 fans last night at Rupp Arena.

The dunk and free throw kicked off
a 12-0 UK run. and the Volunteers never

got back within 10 points.

“I just wanted to be aggressive."
"I knew he was
coming. and my first thought was to go
up there and try to dunk it. And if I
just finish strong.
that kind of broke them right there."
Held scoreless in the first half after
picking up two quick fouls. Hayes had

Hayes said of the play.


I think


only tWo points before the play that gave
UK (23-3. Ill Southeastern Conference)

the lead for good.

With his mother and father making

the trip from Modesto. (‘alif.. for the Se-


nior Night ceremony Hayes said he did-

n‘t want to disappoint them or the UK
fans in his final game in lcxington.
“I wanted to play so well in my last

See Cats on page 5


UK senior forward Chuck Hayes stands alongside teammates and cheerleaders during the play-
inq of "My Old Kentucky Home" following last night's 73-61 win over Tennessee on Senior Night.
Hayes scored 13 points and grabbed four rebounds in his final game at Rupp Arena.

Carrier writes his own perfect ending

cheers finally came.

four years. the

When Josh (‘arrier
w a l k e (1
onto the
floor for the
S e n i o r
Night cere-
mony. Rupp
Arena gave
him a wel-
come he
had waited
for since
coming to

WiseInan UK.
sponrsioiton T h e
fans that
had ques-
tioned his ability at times.
even booed him. finally em-
braced him.

That ceremony was just
the beginning.

After four years of wait»
ing. the guard from Bowling
Green. Ky. made his mo
ment last.

Less than two minutes
into his first career start.
(‘arrier found himself in the
corner with the ball and art
open look at a :t-pointer.

“When you're out on the
floor. you try to prove to

Coach why you're otit
there." Carrier said.

After foitr years of pass-
ing itp looks like that. he let
it fly.

He buried it. and Rupp
Arena got Ashley Judd loud.

“My teammates were
getting on me a little bit.
saying I was a bit too un»
selfish." (‘arrier said. “So i
let loose a little bit. and
thank God my shots were
going in."

Now that's how you draw
up a Senior Night celehra

For four years of hard
Work and sacrifice. he had
earned a night to savor. He
earned this. and everybody
knew it,

"It was a Well-playedoiit
script." said UK head coach
Tubby Smith.

“For two young men
((‘arrier and Chuck Hayes)
finishing out their careers
in front of their fans .. If
you were writing a script. it
could not have played out
any better"

But Carrier wasn't done.

After four years of rough
rims. the ball started cooper-


ating for (‘arrier

With UK down five. he
drained another :i—pointer.
And again. Rupp Arena
showered him with what
seemed like four years'
worth of cheers.

“A lot of my shots
haven‘t fallen. but they fell
tonight." (‘arrier said.

”This will probably be
the game i remember the

For good measure. he
added another :tpointer In
the second half to total :1 ca»
reer-high nine points

After four years of wait-
ing. it was a night worth re-
membering for (‘arrier

“It‘s just an unlwlievable
night." he said. "i can't say
enough about it "

It was a storybook end-
ing to a career that had been
anything but perfect.

(‘arrier had endured
boos in this same arena ear
lier this season. and he had
never quite lived up to the
Mr. Basketball exIx‘ctations,

He had seen more shots
rim out than fall in. and he

See Center on page S

Senior Josh Carrier scored a
career-high nine points.


See Facility on page 3

Health serv1ce
funding cuts
anger officials

Director says facilities need expanded

By Shannon Mason

Health administrators
are upset that the Kentucky
Senate has proposed cutting
funding for a new Universi-
ty Health Services building.

Late Monday night. the
Senate cut 824 million need-
ed to fund a new building
for University Health Ser-

The department is cur
rently located in the Ken-
tucky (.‘linic. but the pro-
posed expansion would
move it to a new facility
near South Limestone
Street. said Dr. Greg Moore.
the director of lfniversity
Health Services.

Moore said the project
has been in the works for
about it) years. but this is
the first time the university
has been able to make it a
top priority

The expansion is needed
because of the size of the

current facility. Moore said.
it ranks as the lowest
among l'K's 19 other bench-
marks for square footage
per student.

"The facility really func-
tions well." said Dr. Michael
Karpf. executive vice presi-
dent of health affairs.
“There is just not enough

Karpf said that the area
is drastically too small and
that students line the halls
while waiting for appoint-

The close quarters pro~
\‘ide problems with privacy
handicap access and accom-
modating the number of
students waiting to see doc—

“Some people don‘t see
it as a problem. waiting for
a week or a month to be
seen by a doctor. but I do."
Moore said.

Another Issue Is the in

See Health on page 3

Three candidates file
for SG president race

By Tricia McKenny

(in March :to and :41. stu-
dents will have several Stu
dent Government decisions
to make

After yesterday's filing
deadline to riiti for St} of
fice. more thart sixty appli
cations have been filed for
college and at large Senate

'l‘hree tickets have filed
to run for SG president and
\ Ice president.

The 8G lilectIons Board
will meet lilh week to en
sure the candidates have
met all of the requirements
to run for office and have at-
tended a mandatory meet
ing on Friday before releas
mg the names of all of the
Senate candidates.

The candidates“ paper-
work must be confirmed.
anrl they must attend a
meeting at l pm.

Friday In Room 330 of
the Student (‘enter in order
to he placed on the ballot.

The three presidential
and vice presidential tick-
ets are Becky l‘lllingsworth
and Kyle Burns. Will Nash
and Michelle Bishop. and
Tommy (‘unningham and
Matt Neff.

l-Illingsworth and Burns

are both 5G senators who
hope their “Educate. Em-
power. and Elevate" plat-
form will Inake student
rights a priority. expand
student communications.
improve student safety and
increase student services.

Ellingsworth. a corpo-
rate communIcation junior.
and Burns. a biology sopho-
more. have said they hope
to begin "a new way of life
for [K students."

Nash and Bishop also
hope to create change at
UK. and they said their “l“o»
cusing on You" platform
will improve the quality of
student life. ensure that stu-
dents are a priority in the
classroom. and guarantee
that students receive the
most for their money.

Nash. a political science
and economics junior. is
currently the SG communi-
cations director. and Bish-
op. an accounting and fi-
nance junior. is currently
serving as an SG senator

“We are striving to im-
prove the quality of life for
all students." Nash said.

Cunningham and Neff
are not members of 86. but
Cunningham has said he

See 56 on page 2


 Pilot 2 | Thursday, March 3, 2005

Dieting can be dangerous

By Jean Marie O'Mahony

With Spring Break just
around the corner and New
Year's weight loss resolutions
in high gear. the desire to be
thin is a constant worry for
many students.

The thought of fitting into
a bathing suit on the beaches
of Florida or Mexico moti»
vates many to increase work-
outs and decrease food intake.

But people need to take
precautions so they don't put
their health at risk. said 'l‘ay»
lor Charron. gmup fitness co
ordinator for campus recre-
ation at the Johnson Center.

Though it‘s important for
everyone to exercise regularly.
over-exercising can be harm-
ful. Charmn said.

“Goals people are trying
to achieve can actually be
(hampered) by overtraining.“
she said.

According to the Nemours
Foundation for Health. ex-
cessive exercise can damage
tendons. ligaments. bones.
cartilage and joints. and when
minor injuries are not al-
lowed to heal. they often re-
sult in long—term damage."
This can happen to both men
and women.

Symptoms of this "over-
training principle" exercis»
ing and not allowing the body
sufficient time to recover be-
tween workouts include fa-
tigue. an increased resting
heart rate. slower heart rate
recovery: a decrease in
strength and constant sore»
ness. Cherron said.

The American College of
Sports Medicine rwommends

Continued from page I

hopes to be able to bring
new ideas and experiences
to SG.

Cunningham. a mechan
ical engineering senior who
will be attending graduate
school in the fall. and Neff.
a chemical engineering in-

(llHL;\ lit

for aerobic exercise to be done
three to five times per week
for 20 to 60 minutes each time
at an intensity where a per-
son can still carry on a coir-
versation without a shortage
of breath. For resistance
training. the college suggests
doing sessions two to three
times per week with 10 to 12
different exercises. one for
each muscle group.

Along with exercise. diet
is also important. (‘harron
said. Regular activity and a
wellbalanced diet are benefi-
cial to overall health.

Portion control and avoid
ing foods outside of the food
pyramid are components that
need to be controlkvi. ()n aver
age. according to the Meals
Matter Company. a health ad-
vising company. a portion size
should be about the size of. a
person's palm.

Eating too little is also a
potential problem. According
to the Bellott Eating Clinic.
eating less than the recom-
mended amount of food per
day can cause a person‘s body
serious harm. it can lead to
muscle loss. lowered bone
density. slower heart rate. dry
hair and skin. exhaustion.
fainting spells. low blood pres
sure and extra growth of hair:

it is important to monitor
friends‘ workouts and eating
habits. If they get out of corr-
tr‘ol. it can lead to eating dis-
orders and other habits that
can cause serious harm to a
person‘s body.

“if the message gets out to
increase awareness to let peo-
ple know that it is a problem
and very dangerous and to
stop as soon as they can and

nior. hope to increase stu~
dent involvement on canr
pits and improve the com
munication and efficiency
between students and St} in
order to implement student
ideas at l'K.

"(‘all me crazy. but
135.000 heads are better than
one." (‘unningharn said

[-2 mu 1/
rmckemri' t: A‘ykerne/ mm

Statistics from the
National Eati
Disorder Associa n

The average woman is 5-foot-
4 and weighs 140 pounds.

The average model is 5-foot-ll
and weighs "7 pounds; most lash-
ion models are 98 percent thinner
than American women.

Ten million females and l mil~
lion males suffer from eating dis-

Ninety~one percent of women
recently surveyed on a college
campus had attempted to control
their weight through dieting; 22
percent dieted “often" or "al‘

Thirty-live percent of "normal
dieters" progress to pathological
dieting. Of those, 20 to 25 percent
progress to at least a partial eat-
ing disorder.

SOURCE: www.nationaleat~

For more information on eat-
ing disorders. vrsrt the National
Eating Disorder Information Centre
at www.nedic.ca.

For more information on over-
exercismg, vi5it the McKinley
Health Center Web srte at

For more information on eat-
inq disorders and National Eating
Disorders Awareness Week. wsrt

go into recovery so it will re-

lieve the stress of it and they
can have a better life.”


features t1A‘_i'lremel.com

S P ’ t'l

- Thomas Cunningham and Matt

- Becky Ellingsworth and Kyle
Burns wwwukstudentshrstcom

- Will Nash and Michelle Bishop

Arts and Sciences


Barry Barish

Dirertor of the laser interferometer Cravrtational
Wave Observatory (l lflO‘i and linde Professor of
l’hysir s it the (lilrfornia Institute of Technology

“Einstein’s Legacy: Our Best
Description of the Universe"

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reception: march 4. i) - / pm









Continued from page i


At best, if the current pace toward
construction can be maintained. the facil-
ity would be ready by fall semester 2006.
Barnhart said.

“You have to look at the long~range ef-
fects of this." Barnhart said of the “vi-
tal" facility. “It‘s an absolute priority for
us to get this done."

Both Mullens and Barnhart spoke of
“finding a funding mechanism" to help
pick up the pace. The Senate‘s offering of
$15 million in bonds is one method for
that. Mullens said.

Without the bonds, “that makes it
more difficult," Mullens said. “It would
be a long-shot; there would have to be a
lot done.

“Those bonds are $15 million we
could use to help get this project going."

When asked if the athletic depart-
ment had any prior indication that the
Senate was going to include that funding
in its budget bill. Mullens said “I don't
think so."

The UK Board of Trustees approved
the $2.5 million design phase of the facili-
ty plan in its October 2003 meeting. The
92.3005quanefoot complex will house two
basketball courts and two floors of athlet-

e.” at:

ic offices.

Currently. the facility is in the last
stage of the design phase. Mullens said.
The architect hired by UK Athletics is
preparing documents for the bidding
process. and a construction management
firm has already been hired to help in-
stall the facility. which will be located be
hind Memorial Coliseum. A commuter
parking lot will be removed.

If the state government gives UK Ath-
letics the go-ahead which the Senate
has done with the $15 million in bonds ,
construction could begin in late summer
or early fall. Mullens said.

“This is the only piece we need to con-
tinue to maintain being the No. 1 college
basketball program in the country“ Mul-
lens said.

Mullens named at least eight major
National Collegiate Athletic Association
Divisionlschools , including Southeast-
ern Conference schools Vanderbilt and
Florida , who have practice facilities.

“In our opinion. we’re the leader of
that entire group." he said.

Barnhart said UK is probably second-
tolast in its conference when it comes to
facility improvements over the past

“The basketball program speaks for
itself." Barnhart said. “We hold a domi-
nant position nationally Our ability to
maintain that includes having the facili-
ties to do that."

Currently. gymnastics. volleyball and

.- A a» ,

, mursdav. Marci 3. @9921 Pass;

both basketball teams compete for time
and space in Memorial Coliseum. As a re
sult. UK men‘s basketball head coach
Tubby Smith has often had to take his
squad to practice in other gyrnnasiums at
places such as Transylvania University
and Lexington Catholic High School.

"Kentucky basketball wants to be the
best." Smith said in a press conference
Tuesday “We‘ve got the best tradition, the
best fans. the most wins, and we deserve
to have the best practice facility"

Nate Rice. a political science junior.
said the Senate’s decision didn't surprise

“It was going to come about. regard-
less of tuition hikes or project cuts." Rice

Whether or not the facility was in-
evitable. it's pretty clear what the Sen-
ate's done. said UK Board of Trustees
member Michael Kennedy

"My reaction is that some people in
the Senate substituted their ideas for
what our priorities ought to be with
what they thought our priorities ought to
be." said Kennedy. a geography professor.

“The university works really hard to
figure out. with meager resources. what
we need. For some members of the Sen-
ate to do this

“You can‘t even trust them to come
up with a budget. obviously."

E-mail asichkom kykernelcom

Staff writer Troy Lyle contributed to this report.


NaSh’ BiShOP seek input about sGE

By Tricia McKenny
rm: «Eurucxr KENNEL


Student Government presidential
candidate Will Nash and his running
mate. Michelle Bishop. continued
their “Focus on You" campaign last
night by holding an open forum for

Students were invited to ask ques-
tions. discuss concerns and contribute
ideas to the Nash-Bishop campaign by
meeting the candidates in the lobby of
Patterson Hall.

“We realize that the lines of com-
munication have not been great. and
that is something we want to build
upon." Bishop said.

About 40 students met the candi-

dates and asked about topics such as a
restructured dead week and open ac-
counting of student—fee-funded pro-

Nash said the University Senate
has been looking into a new dead
week plan and getting student ideas
on it.

He said his campaign‘s plan calls
for a dead week with classes on Mon-
day and Tuesday and a day off on
Wednesday. followed by exams from
Thursday until the following Wednes-
day. with a study break over the week-

Becky Ellingsworth. another SG
presidential candidate. has also ex-
pressed a desire for a new university
policy on dead week.

“We hope it allows time for stu
dents to prepare for all of their exams
and do well." Nash said.

He also said he hopes to ensure
university-wide financial accountabil-

“All fees go to fund student pro—
grams " the problem is, we don't
know how they spend it.“ he said.

“We need to inform students how
the money they pay is being spent."

Nash and Bishop said the forum
was a good way to communicate and
get student opinions and are planning
another one on South Campus.

“(If elected) we want this line of
communication with any student in
the SG offices." Bishop said.

E-mail tmckennyru kykernelrom


SMS announces tomorrow about Nietzel's presidentialic‘andidacy

By Adam Sichko
THE xrnrucxr mun

UK Provost Mike N ietzel‘s bid to be-
come president at Southwest Missouri
State University was decided yesterday
_, but the voting committee is mum on
who it chose.

The eight members of the SMS
Board of Governors , the equivalent of
UK’s Board of Trustees met at noon
Central time yesterday to vote on whom
it would select as its next president. Ni-
etzel competed against John Sellars. a
vice president at Syracuse University.
and David Belcher. provost at the Uni-
versity of Arkansas-Little Rock.

Current SMS President John Keiser
is retiring in June.

Kelli Wolf. the student representa‘
tive to the Board of Governors. said the

meeting went well as did the national
search. which began in September 2004.

“So many universities would hire a
head-hunter for something like this. but
we decided to do this ourselves." Wolf

The board meeting was closed to the
public. and the group has planned a for-
mal announcement for tomorrow morn-

“There was consensus." Wolf said of
the seven-vote count. Wolf. the eighth
member of the board. is a non-voting

"Everyone's very excited about our
future and our candidate." she said.

Wolf declined to comment on whom
the board picked as the president. or if
the vote was unanimous.

Phone calls to the seven other board
members were not returned yesterday.

The presidential search committee
announced its three finalists in January.
and Nietzel took his official visit to SMS
in mid-February.

Chris Curtis. a member of the
search committee. said Nietzel was
unanimously supported on the search
committee as a finalist,

“To me. it would have been between
him and Dr. Sellars." Curtis said of how
he would have voted.

“1 don‘t want to steal the thunder
from (tomorrow‘s) announcement. to be
honest." said Curtis. SMS's Student
Government president. "It wouldn‘t be
fair to the people I know and who I‘ve
talked with."

The Board of Governors will pre
sent SMS‘s new president tomorrow at
9:30 am. Eastern time.

Email asichko u A‘ykernclrom







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Original Sin: Origins. [)(’i'('i()[ilii(’lll.\. (‘rnztr’mporaijv
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Exp/(marital. Meaning

The doctrine of original sin has long provided an
organizing principle for Christian doctrines.
Genocidc. sexual abuse. exploitation. oppression.
racistn. and sexism remain with us today. How do we
name the pL‘thlsIVCIICss of sin‘.’ (‘an we do so without
losing sight of our basic goodness?
Lecture -

“Leaving the Snake Behind:
Original Sin Outside the Myth"

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Friday. March 4. 7:30 pm. _
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The Road to Recovery

Listen to personal stories from those who
have recovered from an eating disorder.

March 3, 2005 at 7:00 pm.

W.T. Young Library Auditorium
Co-sponsored by Alpha Delta Pl

Informational Tables

Personal stories and eating disorder information

Johnson Student Recreation Center - AII week
Student Center (near Starbuck's) -
March 1—3. 2005 from am. 10 to 2 pm.





For more information. call 3235823 ext 238 or 257-8701

about Eating Disorders










Tomorrow at
1:15 3:20 5:20
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R?“ n L.” www.0ngbakmovie.com



















March 3, 2005

iim Wiseman
Sports Editor

Phone 2571915 I [met W10"!


By Steve lvey
mi itmucn 111111111

Conference tournaments are all
about second chances.

And the UK women‘s basketball
team has largely been able to capitalize
on those second chances in recent years
in the Southeastern Conference tour-

UK (15 14 4- 10 SEC) won more
games than it lost this year for the first
time since 1999-2000. But the Cats have
won three of their past six first- round
tournament games. despite a .424 regu-
lar-season winning percentage during
that same span.

“To me. it's just like a clean slate."
said freshman center Sara Elliott.
“Everybody is entering the tournament
and all we can do is go out there and
play our best. That 5 what we expect to

UK enters this year‘s tournament to-
day after snapping a six game losing
streak against Arkansas to wrap up the
regular season Sunday. The 10th- seeded
Cats will face seventh seeded Auburn
(15- 12. 6- 8 SEC) at 3: 15 p. m. at the 81- Lo
Center in Greenville. SC.

A loss to the Tigers came amid that
six- game losing streak at Auburn Feb.
13. Head coach Mickie DeMoss said her
team will have to remain focused for 40
minutes to continue their tournament

“I thought we guarded them well in
the first half down there. but we got a
little discouraged because our shots
weren't falling." she said. “I thought the
second half. we broke down a lot with
the penetration well. That just really got
us in a bind."

Senior forward Sara Potts leads the
Cats in scoring. Potts said she is focus-
ing more on another chance to beat
Auburn. rather than on her waning
days with UK.

“I think that everyone on this team
wants to play Auburn and just get re-
venge." Potts said.

“(Freshman guard Angela) Phillips
and I were talking about that as soon as
we found out we were playing'Auburn.
We know that we did not play up to our
potential. and we know that (Auburn). if
we play as good as we know we can. can
be beaten.“

Elliott joins two other freshman
forward (‘hante Bowman and guard
Samantha Mahoney to complement
Potts and Phillips in the starting lineup.
Elliott said UK's upperclassmen have
urged her to stay strong in her post play.

“It‘s always going to be physical in
the post." Elliott said. “Keep working
hard. You don't want to be a rag doll out
there. because then you don't do much."

DeMoss said the familiarity Auburn

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UK freshman quard Samantha Mahoney works for a shot in the Cats' 73- 67 win over Arkansas.
Mahoney led UK in scoring in Southeastern Conference play with 12. 5 points per game.

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"We have so 11111111 new players this
year. I don‘t think it really gi1‘es
(Auburn head coach Nell Foi‘tnei‘i an
advantage. because we still have to go
out there and play." DeMoss said. “She's


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3:15 p.111. Friday.
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Todlv. 315nm.

Kentucky Wildcats (15-14)


Auburn Tigers 115-12)

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‘ Denotes assists per game




E" I an
8: Sports Complex

560 Euro“ Surlnls Ilr.
loitlnuton. KY 40511
859-269-5688 if

TIIlII'SlIfl llllllt
:5 mm mu m


Healthy Volunteers
Needed for
Cardiology Study

Researchers at the Unisersity ot Kentucky Chandler Mmlical
Center are conducting a clinical research study with healthy
volunteers to evaluate an experimental drug that may be
usetul in treating persons with heart conditions, including
those who have espmienced a stroke or heart attack

You 111111 be able to participate it you are a health
adult between its‘ and 31:1 years old.

Qualified participants will receive at no cost, study—
1‘11laled lab tests, medication and 1’111111x1nsat1on for your time

Participation in this study will require

0 11111 hstrhour 1111111 1ppointments 1nd one 24 hour

hospital sta) , or

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lot more information, please contact the L1lil\'t'r\il\‘ ol
Kentucky Clinical Research