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University of Kentucky Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes - 1878, July 12

      The Board of Directors of the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Kentucky
met at the office of Breckenridge Shelby in Lexington upon July 12th, 1878: - present -
J. P. Metcalfe, L. J. Bradford, Hugh A. Moran, Charles A. Hardin, William B. Hoke, and
William C. P. Breckinridge.

      The Board was organized by J. P. Metcalfe exhibiting a commission from the
Governor as Chairman, and by the election of William C. P. Breckinridge as Secretary.

      After a very full interchange of opinion it was ordered that the Faculty of the
Agricultural & Mechanical College should consist of a President and six Professors, and
that the following chairs should be established with the salaries affixed.

1. President and Professor of Civil History and Political Sciences at $1500.00 and a
2. English Language and Literature at $1250.00 and a house.
3. Modern Languages and Mutual and Moral Sciences at a salary of $1250.00 and a
4. Mathematics, Mechanics, and Astronomy - salary $1250.00.
5. Chemistry and Physics - $1250.00.
6. Natural History and Practical Mechanics, salary $1250.00.
7. Military Tactics and Civil Engineering - paid by the United States.

And the following persons were elected to the respective chairs:

1. President - James K. Patterson
2. English Language and Literature - John Shackleford
3. Modern Languages and Mental and Moral Sciences - Joseph Desha Pickett
4. Mathematics - James G. White
5. Chemistry & Physics - Robert Peter


6. Natural History - A. R. Crandall
7. Military Tactics and Civil Engineering - Lieutenant Howell U.S.A.

And the Secretary was ordered to notify them of their election and salary.

   It was ordered that the salary be payable semi-annually in January and July of each
year; and that Messrs. Patterson, Shackleford and Pickett , so long as the resided at
Woodlands be given the free pasturage of two horses and two cows each provided they
owned the animals.

   It was ordered that the session begin upon the second Monday in September and
terminate upon the second Thursday in June:

   That the Matriculation fee be fixed at $10.00, the tuition fee at $12.50, room-rent at
$5.00 and contingent fee damage at $2.00

   The following resolutions were adopted:

1. The President of Agricultural & Mechanical College is hereby charged with all the
executive duties relating to said college; with the execution of all the by-laws and rules,
the supervision of the instruction given by the faculty, and all the officers and employees
of the college; with the discipline of the students; the control and protection of the
grounds, buildings, apparatus, etc.; the supervision of the labor department, and the
general oversight of every department and all the interests of the Institution: it being the
purpose of this order to confer upon him all the powers and grant him all the privileges of
the executive head of the Institution, charged with its practical operation, subject however
to the power of this Board and its Executive Committee.
2. Power is hereby given to the President and


Faculty to adopt such by-laws for the government of the College in all its departments;
and to establish and execute such rules for the practical operation of the Institution as
may be necessary. The President will report to the Chairman of the Board such by-laws
and rules as may be adopted.
3. The President is directed to prepare or have prepared by either Professor Shackleford
or Professor Pickett a series of lectures on the Development of Agriculture Historically.
4. The Professor of Chemistry is requested to furnish in addition to the course of
Instruction hereto fore followed in the school of Chemistry and Physics, a course of
instruction upon Chemistry as connected with and applied to Agriculture making it as full
as possible; and to carry this out he is further requested to organize two distinct classes in
the school of Chemistry in the Agricultural & Mechanical College, and give instructions
in each of said classes at Woodlands.
5. In order to assist in defraying expenses, compensated labor will be furnished to a
limited number of students at such seasons of the year as it can be profitably employed at
rates varying from five to ten cents per hour; other things equal preference will be given
to state students.
6. There is formed a permanent committee to be called "The Executive Committee" to be
composed of three members of the Board, the Chairman, Secretary, and a member
selected by the Board, which committee is hereby given full power for and in behalf of
the Board to transact all business which the Board might rightfully do, and which ought
to be done in the interim between the meetings of this Board; and all the offices of the
Agricultural & Mechanical College are hereby commanded to render to said com-


mittee the same report and obedience as to this Board; but the acts of said committee
shall be subject to the notification or rejection of this Board.

      The present committee shall consist of J. P. Metcalfe Chairman, Charles
A. Hardin, William C. P. Breckinridge.

7.    The executive committee is ordered to prepare and have published the
announcement of the faculty and the curriculum of study; to prepare a schedule for the
student labor; to select the necessary land at Ashland and at Woodlands
under the agreement with Kentucky University whatever apparatus, implements, stock
and other property pass to this board under said agreement: to agree with the Kentucky
University as to the extent of the repairs proper to be made at Woodlands; to prepare
whatever by-laws it may deem necessary.
8. The President of the Agricultural & Mechanical College is requested to prepare as
early as possible a schedule of instruction to be taught by the Faculty; and also the
necessary announcement for next session to be printed as an advertisement in the
catalogue of Kentucky University and an announcement proper for publication as an
advertisement in the newspapers. He may meet the President of Kentucky University in
consultation as to the studies to be taught in the two institutions. He is also requested,
with the assistance of the Superintendent of the Labor Department to select the land
which this Board has the right to take possession of, and he will report to the Executive
Committee what land ought to be selected; what is necessary


to be done in said Labor Department and such other information and suggestions
concerning it as he may deem best.
9. James M. Crawford is appointed Superintendent of the Labor Department with a salary
not to exceed $200.00 per annum with his duties to be fixed by the Executive Committee
and the President.

   The salary of the Treasurer was fixed at $125.00 per annum and James G. White
elected Treasurer. Where upon the bond of James G. White as Treasurer with Henry H.
White as Surety was executed in the presence of the Board and was approved by the
Board and the Secretary ordered to transit the bind and a copy of the order of approved
there of to the Governor of Kentucky.

   James M. Moore is employed as janitor and laborer for his whole time and to be
subject to the Executive Committee and President at $30.00 per month and the house he
occupies and pasturage for one cow. And the Executive Committee is directed to accept
and make obligatory the proposition of Kentucky University to pay one half of his wages
in consideration of certain work to be done by him at Woodlands.

   The chairman of the Board is requested to prepare (and have printed 250 copies) a
circular for the county judges and to send a copy to each county judge; and the Treasurer
is indeed to pay the expense of printing and postage out of the first money coming to his

   The Board ordered to be recorded for future reference the estimated expenses of the
ensuing years upon which estimate its action is based.


   President's Salary....................         $1500.00

   Five Professors at $1250.00 ....................          $6250.00

   Tutors....................................................... $200.00

   Treasurer................................................... $125.00

   Janitor...................................................... $360.00

   Superintendent (not to exceed) ....................       $200.00

   Incidentals including the advertising necessary now... $ 300.00

   Student labor and cost of
   stock, implements etc. in addition
   to anything realized from the product of the labor.... $700.00

   Total......................................................... $9635.00

      The Secretary is ordered to notify the Executive Committee of Kentucky
University of the organization of this Board; and that the Executive Committee is ordered
to act for it in the selection of land, reception of property and to agree up the repairs
necessary to be done.

      The Board then adjourned to meet in Lexington on Wednesday August 28, 1878.

                                                              J. P. Metcalfe
                                                        Chairman, Board of Visitors

William C. P. Breckinridge