J.         Quantitative Waiver for Submission of Requests for New Academic Programs
President Todd said that PR 4 is a recommendation that the Board adopt a resolution for submission of a quantitative waiver to the Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE). This quantitative waiver allows the university to submit new program requests to CPE. In the Kentucky Plan for Equal Opportunities in Higher Education, there were eight objectives established for the University of Kentucky. If UK failed to meet three of those objectives, the administration must go before CPE with the recommendation that CPE waive the clause that would no longer allow UK to recognize new academic programs.
President Todd noted that UK missed three of the objectives. He briefly reviewed each of the objectives missed and noted that the employment of African-American in executive administrative and managerial positions needs serious attention. President Todd said that the university will have to submit strategies for each of the objectives missed in order to try to get back in line with the CPE requirements.
President Todd reported that Deneese Jones led the University Commission on Diversity in setting up a diversity plan task force for a university-wide diversity plan that is inclusive of all of these goals before she left the university this past summer.
He recommended that the Board authorize the work plan in PR 4. Following the Board's approval, it will then be submitted to CPE so the university can continue to add courses.
Dr. Dembo said that all of these objectives apply to Africans-Americans and yet in numbers 2, 3, and 4 of the ones in which the university has made inadequate progress it is not specifically indicated that those are African-American students. For accuracy, it probably should be stated as such.
President Todd agreed with Dr. Dembo's comments and said that it needed to be corrected. He expressed appreciation to Dr. Dembo for pointing that out.
On motion made by Ms. Haney, seconded by Ms. Smith Edge, and carried, PR 4 was approved without dissent. (See PR 4 at the end of the Minutes.)
K.        Audit Subcommittee Report
Mr. Hardymon said that the Finance Committee has a subcommittee which is the Audit Subcommittee. It meets twice a year at a minimum, and Ms. Wickliffe is the chair of both the Finance Committee and the Audit Subcommittee. He asked Ms. Wickliffe to give the Audit Subcommittee report and then go into the Finance Committee report.
Ms. Wickliffe reported that the Audit Subcommittee is made up of Billy Joe Miles, Myra Tobin, and herself. The Audit Subcommittee's primary charge is to provide oversight of UK's