Blowing Stumps With Dynamite. 29
kinds of stumps that are not generally found on farms, it
brings out plainly the fact that green stumps require a great
deal more dynamite than dead ones. Also a great deal more .
labor is required because `much time is consumed in cutting . _
the green roots, both before and after the explosion.
The average diameter of the 9 green stumps in the table
is 22 inches; the number of sticks of dynamite required was
93; the time consumed in blowing them was 18% hours for _
two men whose wages were $2.75 per day; the fuse and caps
cost 60 cents. Thus the total cost of blowing the stumps was
$14.06, or $1.56 per stump. I The cost of blowing the three
large green oak stumps was: Dynamite, caps and fuse $6.70, ‘
and labor $3.85, a total of $10.55, or $3.52 per stump of aver-
age diameter of 45 inches. While these figures seem high, yet
there is no other method by which they could be removed so
cheaply. `
The amount of dynamite required to blow stumps of the
same kind in the same soil does not vary directly with the ~
diameter, but more nearly with the square of the diameter, or,
e in other words, with the area of a cross section of the stump.
The area of the cross section of a stump 48 inches in diameter p
is 16 times as great as the area of a cross section of a stump
12 inches in diameter., tHowever, only judgment developed by
experience can determine how much of the explosive shall be
_ · used in a given case.
The cost of blowing green stumps is from two and one- ‘
half to three times as great as for dead ones. While each indi-
vidual will have to determine for himself whether he can
afford the cost of removing the stumps, it may not be out of
place to offer some suggestions. ·
Land would have to yield very high profits to pay for
blowing green stumps. For ordinary land it seems to us
that the most feasible plan is to plant it to some cultivated
crop for say two years, during which the weeds and sprouts
will be kept down. Sow to grass then, and pasture it for three
or four years. Sheep are very effective in keeping down weeds
- and sprouts. What the animals do not keep down should be