xt780g3gzj37 https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt780g3gzj37/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19861205 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, December 5, 1986, no. 493 text The Green Bean, December 5, 1986, no. 493 1986 2014 true xt780g3gzj37 section xt780g3gzj37 LMHVERSHY OF KENTUCKYIJBRAREB’NEWBLETTER
‘ `
No. 493 I December 5, 1986
December 5 A Gallery Series: "French Baroque Music for U
Voices and Instruments": Collegium
Baroque Ensemble.
December 7 Willa Gather, 1873-1947. American author.
December 8 James Thurber, 1894-1961. American
humoriet and artist.
December 9 Clarence Birdseye, 1886—1956. Father of .
1 frozen food and a founder of General
Foods. —
December 9 Basic DOS Workshop
December 10 Basic DOS Workshop
December 12 gelgegy Series: Alzheimer's Disease: New ,
Approaches to an Old Problem": Lecture ·
iand slide presentation by Virginia Bell.
. December 14 South Pole discovered in 1911.
December 16 Lgigggg Training: M1scel1aneal& Questions »
December 17 L§[gQQQ Training: Miscellanea & Questions
(Note chenge in date) — I
Next Green Bean: Friday, December 19, 1986
Deadline for inclusion: Friday, December 12, 1986
production Staff: Editor, Kerry Kresse; Typist, Scott Lutz; Printer, Cecil

 N {EOM THE EDlTOR'S DESK IQ will be ready wed., Dec. 24.
——MONTHLY CHECKS for December will
Don't forget that a new name be ready Wed., Dec. 24.
for the Green Bean will be voted ALL PAYCHECKS WILL BE AVAILABLE
on at the LSO Christmas Party on o§TER 10:30 AM.
December 19. The nominees for the
name are:
1) Odds & Ends
2) Etc. December 9 & 10
3) Green Bean A two day basic DOS Workshop for
new IBM~PC Users by Levine
The nominees for color are: Thrailkill. Limited to 10 people.
Microcomputer Lab, McVey Hall.
1) Blue 8;l5~9:l5 am. Call Tari Keller at
2) Yellow 257~2643.
3) Pink
4) Green December 12
5) White Tenured Library faculty meeting.
Vote on promotion and tenure
If you are unable to attend the candidates. Gallery, 2 pm.
Christmas Luncheon, please send me
your choices by FRIDAY, DECEMBER December 19
19. LSU Christmas Luncheon. King
There are a few especially Library, 11:30 am. Room to ·be
`I important announcements in this announced.
issue. Please pay close attention
and mark your calendars. There is
also a new column called Doooooog. IQDRARY OMBUDSMAN
Happy reading.
—KK The long awaited results of the
Ombudsman Election have been
tallied and they are listed below.
PAYROLL DEADLINES We had 103 library staff members
voting, that's two—thirds of the
TIME SHEETS are due in early. staff. Thank you to all of you
Please double check the following who took time to fill out the
deadlines. ballot. _
—-TIME SHEETS for Dec. 6~l2 due 8 Handle the Ombudsman
Tue. Dec. 16 as described on page
~—TIME SHEETS for Dec. 20;oooo i four of the draft
due Tue., Dec. 23 faculty document.
D.O. BY 9 A.M. ll The Director would
appoint the Ombudsman
DAX CHECKS are available at the axininal ly ae a
following times: committee assignment.
——BIwEEKLY CHECKS for §ogom2i5DooL 27 The Library Staff
Q will be ready Fri., Dec. 12. Organization would _
· ——BIwEEKLY CHECKS for DooLoo;QooL r e s u m e 1 t e
o 2

 responsibility and conduct the BON VOYAGEI
Ombudsman election.
Julie Balko ............ Law Library
41 Ombiuisman nomilxations and Glen McAninch ......... Special
elections would be conducted by Collections
the Chair of ACTS and the
Faculty Secretary jointly at a KENTUCKY ARTISTS
prescribed time.
A showing of Paintings and
6 A volunteer from outside the Drawings by Kentucky Artists from
library system would be sought the collection of Greene A.
to serve as Ombudsman. Settle, Jr. The exhibit runs
through December ll, 1986 at the
Now it’s time to push on and Morlan Gallery in the Mitchell
finish the document. Fine Arts Building, Transylvania
~— 'Fhe Christmas Bazaar and Bake-
sale was a success. Thanks to Evelyn Evans sent a clipping
all of you, LSO made $188.00I fronx page 26 of the Wall Street
Journal from November 20, 1986.
·— lUianks, also, for· all Donald G. Smith rated occupations
COXltflb\lCl0IlS for· our on a civility scale. Not
" Thanksgiving basket. Two surprisingly, Mr. Smith rated
families had a brighter librarians at 9.5 on a scale of
' holiday. one—to—ten. He wrote, "As a
writer, I spend a lot of time in
—— IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The libraries. This is essential to
Christmas Potluck Luncheon will the way I make my living, but even
be held on Friday, Dec. 19. It if it weren't I would still
will be held somewhere in the frequent libraries because they
MIK Library —~ the exact are such pleasant places; made so,
location to be revealed when in large part, by their staff ~»
the sign—up sheets are sent which is the point of this social
out. Recognition of 20 years treatise. As a class, librarians
(or more) of service to the are very nice people and therefore
Library (including the Medical I like going into their worlc."
Center) will be on the agenda Teachers got an 8.2, can drivers
of the luncheon, as well as the outside of New York got a 7.0, and
Green Bean vote, and the those in New York got a 3.8,
announcement of the new LSO police officers received a 5.5,
officers. and Department of Motor Vehicles
employees hit the bottom with a
Cheryl Hardin ................ P/N/N
· The Academic Library Section of
the Kentucky Library Association

 has put out a call for papers for
the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville.
Members are invited to submit Once again, we need remind you
pr<>posaals for 30 unlnnite of the Policy on Decorations.
presentations focused on the There are only a few simply
conference theme, 1987: The Year guidelines to follow:
of the Reader. Possible topics
include, but are not limited to: 1) All decorations must be
artificial, U.L. approved and
—alternat1ves to books non—combustible.
—desktop publishing 2) Do not obstruct exits,
—literacy and college students lighting, or corridors.
—censorship 3) Do not use open flame (i.e.
—bibliography/bibliographic candles). Please, no smoking
instruction around decorations.
»preservation/conservation 4) All decorations must be removed
-networklng p by December 24, 1986.
—numerlc databases Thank you for your compliance and
—special collections have a safe holiday.
To submit a proposal send a 250
word synopsis of your presentation PROFESSIONAL OPPORTUNITIES
by December 15, 1986 to:
University of Kentucky
Martha Birchfield
Library LT IV Grade 8, Law Library
Lexington Community College
Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0235
Head, Asian Library. University
of British Columbia. Salary:
SPEND SUMMER AT THE BODLEIAN variable. Deadline: December 31,
The University of Oklahoma is
once again sponsoring an early CALIFORNIA
summer seminar at the University
of Oxford May 17 — June 5, 1987. University Librarian. California T
This seminar will discuss English State University. Salary:
Libraries and Librarianship. variable. Deadline: February 16,
Tuition and scheduled field trips 1987.
will be $925. Room and board is
$660 single and $578 double, Data and Information Services
though prices may vary because of Librarian. Stanford University. p
exchange rates. Prices include Salary: $27,500-$46,300.
linens, towels, and food. For a ; Deadline: January 1, 1987.
copy of the brochure call Kerry j
Kremw at25L6954. East Asian Law Librarian.
University of California, Los
Angeles. Salary: $29,340—$42,264. ~
` Deadline: January 31, 1987. ’

 Reference Librarian. ‘Univeraity Coordinator for Circulation and
of California, Los Angeles. Interlibrary Services. Rutgers
Sal ary: $24-,012-$42, 264. University. Salary: $25,907
. headline: February 6, 1987. minimum. Deadline: January 1,
. 1987.
{ Assistant/Associate Director for
  Administrative Services. Salary: Bibliographic Instruction
I $40,000 minimmm Deadline: Coordinator. Vanderbilt
, December 11, 1986. University. Salary: $19,000
minimum. Deadline: February 1,
Psychology Reference Librarian and 1987.
Selector. University of Florida.
Salary: $18,300 minimum. VIMHNIA
Deadline: January 26, 1987.
Assistant Head, Processing Control
GEORGIA Department. Virginia Commonwealth
_ University. Salary: $18,500
Member Services Coordinator. nunlmum. Deadline: January 25,
SOLINET. Salary: $20,000 1987.
minimum. Deadline: none given.
_ Public Services Librarian.
" Northwestern University. Salary:
$l9,000—$25,000. Deadline: _
January 15, 1987.
lleael, Ser·ial.s Catzalcagirxg.
Northwestern University. Salary:
$20,000~$24,000. Deadline:
January 30, 1987.
Director of Library, Indiana
V University School of Dentistry.
Indiana University. Salary:
$24,000 minimum. Deadline:
January 1, 1987.
Reference Librarian. Rutgers
University. Salary: $25,907
minimum. Deadline: January 1,
- 1987.
· 5

King Library (inc1uding_§pggial Collections)
Friday, December 19 8:00 a.m. - 4:15 p.m.
1 Saturday & Sunday, December 20 & 21 C L O S E D
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Hours vary at associate and branch libraries. Call the King Reference
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