xt780g3h144q https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt780g3h144q/data/mets.xml Lexington, KY Pride Community Services Organization 199210 This collection contains newsletters produced by the Lexington, Kentucky based Pride Community Services Organization. Included are publications from the organization through multiple name changes, such as LinQ magazine (July 2013-2016); the GLSO (Gay and Lesbian Services Organization) News (August 1986-June 2013); the GSO (Gay Services Organization) newsletter (1979-July 1986). Accession number 2016ms055. newsletters  English Pride Community Services Organization Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. Pride Community Services Organization publications LGBTQ community--Kentucky LGBTQ culture LGBTQ newspapers Gay men Lesbians Bisexual people Transgender people Sexual minorities Gender identity Drag culture GLSO News, October 1992 text GLSO News, October 1992 1992 2019 true xt780g3h144q section xt780g3h144q zlfiféiyi¢li3.9; N #3527233...“ “1 ”91,1.” g,. . I. V . . H
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. ________________________._._.____
. - Been repeatedly vandalized. By the
GLSO Adopt-A'nghway PrOJeCt terms of the Adopt —A—Highway
Bashedl agreement, the Transportation
° Department has the right to cancel
GLSO's participation or assign it
On August 14 the Kentucky another section of highway. At press
Department of Transportation placed time, there were no suspects in the
two signs reading "Gay and Lesbian vandalization. The Transportation
Services" on KY 1969 (Rice Road) to Department has made no further mention
show the involvement of GLSO in the of the problem since September 15
state's Adopt-A-Highway program. other than notify GLSO of the attacks
Between August 29 and September 14, on the signs. The GLSO Board will
the signs had been vandalized four address this issue at its regular
times either by pushing one or both meeting and thus there is no response
of them to the ground or uprooting yet on the problem at press time.
both signs. The State replaced the .
signs in position each time until the AVOL Bands Against 6‘08
f'nal th ft f th 'gns tembe .
l: e 0 b0 51 on Sep r During October AVOL (AIDS Volunteers
The Transportation Department Of Lexington) is hosting a number Of
has been responsive and supportive ”Gilt; for AIDS Awareness Month
thus far in dealing with this #le uling. th An 1 d .
situation. In a letter from Chief A tn' 18' 5 7—113ua Fain m??? at
District Engineer Charles Powers, r sp ace,. k .pm, 2 arace Sl ent
the vandalization of public property atgtlonéhtlg ets. $ 0 a vance and
and waste of taxpayer-paid labor for és ta;4_ : tO—(AfiTh 'th h .
replacement of the signs was deplored a ' ' u . on .Wl area 'air
along with the unfairness to GLSO. A salons donating portion 9f profits
Department survey of Kentucky's Adopt— éThurPs.129: 1 The Blueberrries dagd Ten
A—Highway program finds that this is :Ot. 0 e p ad, at Lynaug S an onate
the onl instance where a si-n has t eir procee S to AVOL“
iusonom LAW REPEALED! 11 {if}:
ifiAs GLSO News goes to press on Sept. 24, word comes '2;
5 that the Kentucky Supreme Court has decided in a ,flfi
fig4 to 3 decision that Kentucky‘s same sex only sodomy ifii
figlaw is unconstitutional by violating the right to ‘gfi
fifiprivacy as guaranteed in the 1891 Kentucky state ,5;
@Iconstitution. Sexual acts in private between 5%;
ggconsenting adults are no longer prohibited in Kentuckyggy

 m QJLSOJVEWA‘ BAT}: introduced a virulent strain of
4““ \—~’ ‘ / "“ homophobia to the Americas. Prior
Published Monthly by the to Columbus, a great many of the
diverse Native American societies
£7an gafi/fufimé‘zwm had an open acceptance of
Ozgmtzauon homosexuality. "Berdaches , "
po. Box11471,1.cxingmn, KY 40575 androgynous men Who dressed_ as
Editors: women and married more stereotypical
jeff jones and Kristin Smith men, often were revered as spiritual
. . leaders. The Lakotas recognized
(be0 Annual Dues - $10.00 both "winktes" (men) and
Dues for Couples — $15.00 "koskalakas" (women) as being bound
Newsletter Only - $5.00 by a Spirit/Divinity into a
m‘;;;;;:;,::,fm::tfiggj relationship with someone of the
fittingmfuZT‘ilfiflfifhffiif: 33$ same sex. These Special people
mmy as ewe-mime indie-ts m1 nun-ad am new also were seen as having the
Author. The Itlff roam-I! the right to edit nubile-inn And Ads . , .
to meet pubiinhnq muirulantfl. :- will .. tbs right to reject ability to prophecy. Various
fi'fifffi‘fiifif“ijfifit‘ffififfi °:,°:°°§f:fjf:7 Native American cultures have a
f“"°‘“‘ mm‘m ,. number of words to describe gender
~30", H r“. .‘Vf' roles and sexual orientations.
W ” Some men took on the roles
The Dishin' With Auntie Hedda column graditionally fascsligfiqed to'women.
. ome men marrie ese ’women-
no longer appears in GLSO News. men.” Some women took on the
New Board Member Joins GLSO "masculine" roles of hunter and
joined their lives with those of
Tom Branscum, current Emperor of more Fradltéonal women. Sometimes
the Imperial Court of the Bluegrass relationships did,nOt flt into
Empire, recently filled an open thls bUtCh_fen.me dlChOtomy: two
position on the GLSO Board. MbUtCh" W might marry. Whatever
the form of homosexual and bisexual
What Columbus symbolizes for love: it.exiS?ed in a respectesi and
. institutionalized manner. Families
Lesmays may not have viewed such
relationships as ideal, but
Oct. 12 is the observed day lesbigays had an open, vital role
to honor the first voyage by in Native American societies.
Christopher Columbus to the Yet, Spaniards and later
Americas. Columbus did not other European invaders viewed
"discover" America: people were such tolerance with disgust. Early
already here and evidence points accounts call Native Americans
to earlier visits by Norsemen and ”sodomites" and use this behavior
other Europeans. But, Columbus as justification for enslavement
initiated sustained contact and forced conversion to
between the two hemispheres. The Christianity. Thus, although this
impact Of this contact on fOOdS, anniversary of Columbus' voyage
diseases, history, and culture is has brought out a number of
enormous. For gays, lesbians and viewpoints, the impact on sexuality
bisexuals, Columbus’ voyage also has often been overlooked.

 a Word on Words (-ihgmosex/heterosex: New words to
‘ _ . i ferentiate between homosexual
Kristin Smith and Jeff Jones and heterosexual sex acts.
Several readers have commented on —holy union: "Homo—marriage." The
the somewhat different usage of formal, ritual union between members
words used in the GLSO News for Of the same sex.
people of the same sex involved in -lesbian: Derived from Lesbos,
a sexual, romantic and/or sexual/ Greek island home of the poetess '
affectional relationship. Arguments Sappho. A woman who loves other
about the dubious benefits of women. Like "gay," some women take
”political correctness" aside, our offense at this word because it
inclusionary policies and space connotes a culture as well as just
limitations conflict when almost a sexual act.
every other sentences has phrases :gay: Although originally inclusive
like ”gay, lesbian and bisexual" in in character, ”gay" has come to
it. So, readers can expect to see define only men in some eyes and
a scattering of all types of words further lesbian ”invisibility."
and concepts in the GLSO News Aswith ”lesbian," some men who have
reflecting the various ways our sex and relationships with other men
community describes itself. Here may not call themselves ”gay" because
are some of them: of the links to a ”gay culture."
-homosexual: fairly clinical- -queer: The big, bad, political
SOunding and often used incorrectly word. hoaded With political
in the strayt press to denote only connotations. this word is often
male homosexuals; also points only used by act1Vists as a single word
to sexual and not affectional (now reclaimed from homophobes) that
connotations includes lesbians,gay men, bisexuals,
-fag/dyke: derogatory words now transsexuals, transgenders and the
being "reclaimed” by our community whole tribe Of people not quite I
as political statements. Yet, these meeting heterosexual,boy—girl
words offend some. These words sort assumptions. Still offensive to
of follow the argument of: ”My some.
boyfriend can call me a fag, but the -fag hag/fruitfly: A derogatory term
grocery store clerk had better not." for women who hang around With gay
—1esbigay: It's short. It's men. ”Strayt supporter" or ”gay
inclusive. It means: lesbian affirmationist," though not as
(les)+bisexual (bi)+ gay male (gay): colorful, are better terms.
lesbigay. -dutch boy: The little known but
-lesgay: Like the above but with parallel term to "fag hag” for man
bisexual removed. who hangs around lesbians.
~strayt: A new spelling of the -sex:The biologically-defined
traditional use of "straight” to character of a person: either having
denote ”heterosexual." Removes the a penis or a vagina unless one is a
meaning that hets are morally correct hermaphrodite.
(=straight and narrow) and makes the -gender: The socially—defined ways
word look more like ”gay". of being either a ”man" or a ”woman."
-het: Short for ”heterosexual." -womyn/wimin/womin: New spellings
Pithy and not derogatory like the Of "woman." In Old English,
term ”breeder.” ”wo"=”belonging to, or of.” Thus,
-bisexual: Aperson with emotional ”woman” originally meant ”Of or
and sexual attractions to both belonging to man." The new spellings
genders. A woman can be a ”bi-fem" seek to remove these meanings of
and a man a ”bi~male." inequality.
, JV“, W, , n , . r
@QWR‘Q @LT MT (Clef. TH GLso/OCTOBER 1992 - 3

 p 5; '93 9’6 Lexington Fairness Reps
g and” 05* M43» Need Help
grs’owmpmigu/{mafuzgmaawmm0/34an. Three representatives of the
Minimum 5014f“ m/m-mnioguscsvwi @030; ”471' Lexington Fairness movement are
Awemflmm’“#7270538. seeking to attend the National Gay
‘ and Lesbian Task Force' s Conference
&l%¢MMC/4mm'i1jd1y, Ruse! 70m 75m: .190sz rust .erww for Creating Change t0 be held in 1.105
[Lo/é MILLS ms nu. loo/guy fountain) many yam; toast/1'51. lbw; Angeles I NOV ' l3 _ l S at the Ai rport
("mg Hilton. This is the premier
conference for gaining information
3111.111, ngaF/bi/ :7;va (1/an C4mziusumi/ on (Olefin 2C. fiber and COHtaCtS for leSbigay aCt iViStS ‘
Mu 11.21%, law/3J1; If you have friends or relatives in
j ' j the airport area able to lodge these
, , . , three (2 women 1 man) have
’ ' an {\um i: at IZi’l a 11in: saw: an; bins r I I
Lit: Awi‘ldjf :1; P t ”if 7 ' 0/ My transportation hints or would like
/ "1““ film 'wmw/ “mummy” Li 5' to make a donation to our local reps,
Neopagans Sought call Tomi Ross at 266 —l318 .
A new neo-pagan spirituality group GLSO News Deadlines“!!!
focused on bisexual, lesbian and gay
male people is forming. For more . . .
information and meeting places, Articles and Advertisingmctober 16
contact Patrick at 268- 1640. calendar Date“ umber 19
: mm SPECIAL cum ;
O a a O
; w Coma/fl am 04000»- 23 A1 Homo/awe HAM :
on we UK CW
. Z
: Tickets available at Sqeciai Media or $12.00 In advance ;
. by canine Linda Laporte at 266-9248 $14.00 at the door -
O . . .
. —iimited m exchange available $12.00 students and 2
: —sponsorshw tickets available senior Citizens :
4 - GLSO/OCTOBER 1992 @fl@$ @W@@@C@E§§ MCQNTW

 ' diverse collection of neo-pagan
Witches. Closets and Broomclosets faiths based around reverence to
_ nature and no belief in Satan.
October marks another important wiccans trace their religion back to
anniversary besides the 500th year pre-Christian faiths. The term
from Columbus’_ voyage to the Americas. ”wicca" itself is synonymous with
October 29th is the 300th anniversary witohoraft as the ability to change
Of the end Of the Salem WitCh trials. or bend consciousness at will. The
On this date in 1692, a series of Wiccan creed, however, of ”do as you
hysterical witch-hunts ended in will and harm none" shows the belief
Salem, MAI a Puritan Village on the that all actions have a consequence.
edge of European settlement. Twenty Thus, nothing is inherently good nor
men and women had died by this point: evil. Wiccans, however, are basically
19 hanged and one man crushed Wlth autonomous groups with little formal
Stones. 14 Of the 20 were women. organization. Various forms of
What was their crime: witchcraft! Wicca include Egyptian, Gardnerian,
A5 .in earlier centuries, people Celtic, Norse, Neo-Pagan and Dianic.
and espeCially women who did not meet Neo-pagans are more hierarchial with
the societal norms of behavior often a belief in a god and goddess. Dianic
were accused of consorting with the groups are exclusively women, non—
Devil. Among these non—conformists hierarchial and fol low many
fall a wide range ef people: lesbians, goddesses. The Radical Faeries, a
gay men, practitioners Of pre- male—only, gay spiritual movement,
Christian religions, midwives, also are included in the witch
traditional healers, etc. As the category. Although several places
Christian church spread through are famous as centers of Wicca
Europe and eventually other parts of (Salem, MA; New Bern, NC), several
the world, beliefs and activities no states still have colonial laws
longer considered orthodox met with punishing witehetaft_ Except for a
violent and often fatal suppression. few dismissed attempts to try Wiccans
BY the Middle Ages, the Church was on these laws, they are not enforced.
not only a religious but also a Yet, societal views shaped by
secular power. Thousands Of women childhood fairy tales and popular
who did not meet a Church-defined culture, keep alive a connection
role Of woman as maiden, wife, mother between witches, Satanism and fear—
or nun were burned. and tortured bY produced stereotypes. Although some
the thousands. Similarly, Judeo- lesbians are drawn to forms of Wicca
Christian views on homosexuality led for its emphasis on feminine divinity,
to the burning Of homosexuals. the lesbian interviewed for our
Eventually, the faggots, bundles Of story stated that it was ”easier to
wood used to burn homosexuals, come out of the closet than the
became a derogatory for the victims broomcloset." Religious prejudice
themselves. Today, elusive hints continues. As Halloween, the last
remain Of a pre-Christian and day of the year of the old Celtic
prehistoric Europe in which societies calendar, nears, perhaps our readers
existed based around a female deity should ponder how older expressions
and a tribal role Of lesbians and gay of the divine have been suppressed
men as holding a special spirituality in a manner no less severe than
to be revered, Inot hated. , homosexuals and other oppressed
Today, WltCheS still GXlSt- groups. It is no small statement
Since several local Wiccans are that when playwright Arthur Miller
among our readers, GLSO News felt the chose to write a play about the gay-
Old Celtic holiday 0t Samhain bashing, Communist-baiting McCarthy
(Halloween) would be suitable for an period in the 1950's, he hid his
interview. According to one reader, criticisms under the guise of the
Wiccans are practitioners Of a Salem witch-hunts in The Crucible.
@@WWS QM? ills»? @tfi Eli GLSO/OCTOBER 1992 - 5

 intercourse WltE a man Zno
judgements, please!) or a freshly
' donated specimen with the infamous
turkey baster (or a 20cc syringe
Esmeralda S Parlour without needle), these techniques
Donor Insemination Part I: Fresh Sperm involve sperm and semen placed in
by Laura Jones the vagina and the sperm passing
This month I will talk about through the cervix into the uterus
the process of Donor Insemination just‘as in standard, heterosexual
(D.I.) and try to contrast different fashion. The pluses are this: it
options available in Lexington. I ls inexpenSive, fairly easy to
use the term D.I. for all the obtain and pregnancy occurs at
different ways of creating lesbian about the same rate as in
pregnancy because I feel this is heterosexual 90,1“5' The downfalls
what it is regardless of the are the pOSSlbflllty Of motherIand
method: creating pr cy without baby contracting AIDS, hepatitis
emotional involvement with the B and other sexually transmitted
”donor.” diseases; the stress of arranging
I guess the best way to first and going through with heterosex
look at D.I. is by what type of or Of collecting théf specimen from
donor you will use. Your options the donor In a timely manner
are many: the first group includes Finally,. the very real pOSSibility
strangers, a friend who will of emotional attachment between
donate without further involvement donor and Child eXiStS With the
with your child, a friend who will worry 0f mt?” legal
be involved or perhaps co-parent entanglements. Thls was'a. real
with you, or even the brother/ fear for me because I initially
relative of your partner. All had found a "known donor" who felt
these options involve FRESH sperm he COUld remain emotionally
and thus differentiates these detached. But, when I mentioned
methods from physician-assisted names for my Child.’ he blurted
techniques using frozen sperm. out: "You’re not gOing to name my
This is also different from what (,zhlld that, are you?" End Of that
some physicians do: that is take idea. USlng ‘3.an Sim“ mandates
the husband' s fresh sperm and the need for hm to Sign a ”Release
inseminate the wife. This is not Of Parental Rights" document ASAP
considered D.I. because the husband and legal experts question
is not considered a "donor." currently how well these forms
Cherie Pres in her book hold up years later when a strayt
C n i: rin P r ll 3. discusses man challenges a lesbian mother's
this at length but let me touch on cuStOdy' ,
the subject. Using fresh sperm Enough said for option one.
involves VAGINAL insemination. Next month: utilizing frozen
Whether it is a one time act of sperm.
6 — GLSO/OCTOBER 1992 (filmed QWQQEWE§§ M©Nd7i

 March Planned for the United Native American Actimst
Nations Speaks
During the celebrations for the Dennis Banks, National Director
25th anniversary Of the Stonewall of the Sacred Run Foundation and
Rebellion to be held in New York, a founder of AIM (the American
international lesbigay and AIDS Indian Movement), will speak at
organizations plan an the Agriculture Auditorium at UK
"International March on the United on Oct. 22, 7pm. Sponsored by the
Nations to Affirm the Htmian Rights New Morning Carmunity Peace Center
Of Lesbian and Gay People” for as part of their Indigeneous
June 26, 1994. Marchers demand People’s Month, Banks has recently
that the U.N. uphold the promises been making news for participating
Of human rights in the U.N. in a cross~country run by Native
Universal Declaration of Human Americans for ecological awareneSS.
Rights which has led the U.N. to Tickets for Banks' discussion are _
advocate the abolition of laws on a sliding scale from $3-$lO.
prohibiting consensual, private, Participants are encouraged to
same-sex, adult sexual acts and drop by the New Morning Coffeehouse
for equal rights for lesbigays. with its new rainbow Gay Pride
For more information, call Steve flag for coffee afterwards.
Ault at (718) 499-8984.
NW A florist you
can call 24 hours a day.
Reach us round the clock. 7 days a week 6) MRS
(606] 233-7486 ”1
@Qle3 @Mf MW ©©iio Ll‘l GLso/OCTOBER 1992 - 7

 I October 1992 \ ‘WMWW ”W
a 3 6/91/24! (fee/2M [Va/stew
__I ' ;._ ° ' ' 6M0 /M/ aim/01M 0 e {no 670 s' [or
w . I ~ GLSO Wlshes All a Happy Natlonal Coming Out Day! 0‘ 9” ‘ s“ “’ ‘
. L . — chi/film?! farwiw‘: 436 M 5661711 c? 5‘.
1 2 3 ‘P‘W‘W /606/2$4-9772
H‘V’A‘DSSPs-Gs- 7=°°sm Gsy M "WWW
7:28pm $15,331:;de Spiritual Grp. 9:00am antrunncna
: pm a 8:00 m Ga /Lesbian 10:00am HIV/AIDS s.- .G .
7:30pm Men's Chorus AA" y ENCYC LO P/ED IA
4 5 6 7 _ ‘ . 8 9 1 0 \“mp”,
4:00p Ga IL: binn AA 5:30p CAP (AVOL) Mtg. 12:00pm UK Lambda: Lunch Yom IGppur __ V ’ HIV/AIDS S _G . , . . -
4:00p: Tn’jsn; Rodeo 7:00p: New Morning 7:30pm Gay/Lesbian Al-Anon 5:30pm Lesbian O.A. 6-00 m N Aapltis rp Int 1' DWI“? 0f AIDS
4:00pm AVOL Board Mtg. Coffeelnuse Mtg. 7:30pm Partners of HIV+ 7:00pm GLOBAL-Louisville ' P . Mem- QUllt-DC fl 5 [s C7 2117‘: J
5:30pm AVOL Gethg. 7:00pm Women's Chorus SppLGrp. 7:00pm Blwgmss Bi Na letmg Bee 800 m Ga ILesbi an 9:00m 17mm" fit]? 1 "ll-15 0 ’ a5
7:00pm Imperial Court 8:45pm Rainbow Bowling- 8:00pm Gay/LesbianAA 7:00pm WKU Lambda ' P y 10:00am HIV/AIDS 3w -G -- , ‘ . 17 68 8
50mm 7:30pm Men's Chorus AA 3511: :fli/zuuentitws 255-495
11 V .g 12 . 13 14 15 16 17 Ajs'wfn‘g £52: gnaycfofiazfic 1255211 0/
csslumtm Day (0%”? 1725;)0pmGIixlu-ssruiszflumch 5:30pm Lesbian o.A, HIV/AIDS Sppt.Grp. GLSO News Deadline 9:003:11 Frontnmners Csntml ERG-amigo; L’ufliyng fwmfzu.
7333:? $35 £2,323; ‘3‘ issfifinfmifioinv‘f” 7=°°P.m GLOBAL 7=°°Pm WKU Lambda WP!“ Gay Men’s 10:00am HIV/AIDS
4:00Pm Gay/mm M “from,” Mtg. SPPLGTP- Louisv111e 7:30pm Men‘s Chorus Spmtual Grp. Sppt.Grp.
w 8:45pm Rainbow Bowling- 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian 7:30pm UK Lambda 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian
4:00pm Diversity Business C... . I Southland AA Mtg. AA /
0M5!" (
\‘b '
18 1 9 20 21 22 23 24 map» 56 A DxCD TBSLK
2:00p Le b' 2 tin k . 12:00 UK Lambda: Lunch 5:30pm Lesbian o.A. HIV/AIDS s pLGrp. L
4:00p: Ga;llEensH:n 2A 51:12:11 CAP (AVOL) 7:30an-11Gny/Lesbinn Al-Amn 6:00pm Rape Crisis Ctr. 71H -m WKlZJ Lambda gird Lavergegfw Conf.-Ch... AVOL CUt‘A'Thon VL W3 MW:
7;u.m rial Conn - 7:30pm anisofinv+ BemfitBingo “38m” .' _° -
7:00pm New Morning Sppt.Grp. 7:00pm GLOBAL-Louisville ham Mexscm 5 7:00pm Dignity Mass 9.00m Frontrunners v
8:45pm Rainbow Bowling- 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA - 8: o m Ga /Lesblan AA 10:00am HIV/AIDS
Coffeehouse Mtg. 9:00pm COLTS Mtg. , ”0m “‘5"
minim Sppt.Grp. uc. MA0012773 (606) 259-8203
. . . . 1
25 . 26 27 28 29 30 31 Glft Certlflcates Ava; able
Daylight Savings . 5:30pm CAP (AVOL) 12:00pm UK Lambda: Lunch 5:30pm Lesbian o.A. HIV/AIDS s i .G . 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian Halloween/Samhmn'
. - 6:3 0N F 1 ' 7; .
4.00pm Gay/Lesbian Mtg. . 7:33:2253mi21": Aififin 72%: gggmfi'fme AVOL Bands—L nauhs AA 9:00am Frontrunners
4’3: Di .ty 7:00pm New Mommg 3:32pm mm °§o H111: 5‘? 8:00pm Gay/Lesbian AA 7:00pm WKU Lambda 10:00am HIV/AIDS
2 pm VCrSl : pm in w w' - . .
Business Coal. Coffeehouse Mtg. 7.30pm Men s Chorus Sppt.Grp.>
September November LEXINGTON
S M TWT F 8‘ SM TWT F S 252-753]
1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 . .
6 7 8 9 10 11 12 6 9 1O 11 12 13 14
13 14 15 16 17 18 19 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 ' /’ \1 ’ W J/ ’ “’1 '
2o 21 22 23 24 25 26 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 1‘05 Z] IS“ ‘L‘ [314
27 28 29 30 29 30
October is AIDS Awareness Month 9/24/1992
a? D 3/“. D, /\,7n;z i\ n ‘ q n ‘
a - GLSO/OCTOBER 19 92 @flg QMQ7ENL§§ WNW @@MM@ «9w MW @e‘f 1 GLSO/OCTOBER 1992 - 9

 - of Lexington.
GLSO camps Om In 8C0“ county Campers Will ”rough it’l—there
are no facilities. Those attending
The 12th annual GLSO campout are to bring YO?” own SUpplleS‘ warm
is scheduled for Saturday, October glothes, saliepirigf bath and fOOd for
10. Once again Eddie will host the lmer 2%. rea .3181 ' 'd
campout at his secluded farm in rural E is Wl prlov1 e a
Scott County. Campers will begin comfortable ground to S eep on, a
arriving at 4pm. There is no rain campfire .and_a clear_ sky. Because
date this year. the campSite is not ViSible from the
The event attracts people from road, if you have not attended'a
both central Kentucky and Louisville. previous Csmpoutl please call Eddie
Regulars at the event say it is a at his Le’fimgtc?“ home, 259—0878' _for
great way to meet and enjoy new detailed dlrECthils' The map prov1des
friends and old just 30 miles north the baSlC directions for finding the
_, =3
means mm: Em
ee I <— 1.5 m. ->l <——- 1.7 mile --->l “- N ‘19
. Jose ne ORTER .
loods-Ryker :5 H
Farm House §~u ,3
\ '25 8 Prater
«a Road
X 5 Exit
Caprase 136 .
I <---- 2.3 mlles -—--> I
_; from Lexington take l-75 north to Sadlevllle exit
Women and mos Conference to ACTine UP at the NAMES Quilt
Be Held
_ . . The AIDS Coalition to Unleash
a cgnfergencg 01? Women an: AIDS political demonstration on Monday,
on Ct' ' eginning at am at Oct 12 at noon to call for
figirgznslgbigl Riousengnégéié‘: Presidential leadership to end
u . . . . .
. . the AIDS crims. At noon actiVists
includes presentations on women . '.
as patients caregiver, s will hold hands and enCircle the
I - I 1
concerns, healthcare, education White House While alr horns’
and students teaching HIV whistles and alarm clocks go off.
prevention. The fee is $20 ($10 ACI‘ UP invites all visitors to the
buffet lunch and childcare. ’50 participate For more
Scholarships are available. For Information. contact ACT UP/ DC.
more information, call Beverly POB 9318, Wash., DC 20005 or (202)
Jones at 257-1279. 328-AIDS.
{7“ “Fl . 11‘ M . ’fi
10 - GLSO/OCTOBER 1992 @u@§ soreness lvu@l‘ltilflri

 SUPPORT Get out your Poodle Skirts
OUR lllt's an 80th Help
‘ Come dance away the night
ADVERT‘SERS ' with your favorite tunes
0 from the 50's and 60’s
(2% V Saturday, November 7th
Pegasus Travel Inc. ’%o\sfi§§ 9:00pm. m
. . . . ‘ I r . . . .
fl/p/fie 7,25%»- 5/64/53“ _ 70—10067 .9} Unitarian Unwersahst Church
,j :_ 3 IE 1? $6.00 per person
I ‘ I , :_ '7‘ _’=f _: .Q ‘ ‘3 RefreshmentsAvaiIab/e
c How-Iow-can—you-go Limbo Contest
2040 Idle Hour Center . Peppermint Twist-off
Richmond Road, Lexington, KY 40502 . HooIa-Hoop Contest
800 228-4337 606 268-4337 ‘ BestEraDressedAward
GLSO Donation with Each Purchase! [3,936,119de "is Events
A casual atmosphere
With a menu that varies
daily stressing both
‘ \\ ‘ , international and
\~-" 1'7 , ;: '2 'v. 4 ;’ / regional fare.
_ ~‘..~_ -, ‘ JI/Ifl/l/ 1“ :-
I. / 1“'ll"'%,.. I y
.1 "1‘”? .‘1‘4'2’1'.\\.
I" ”If: I ‘ ‘x‘
“‘-' t ‘ ’ ‘ x Always offered are:
RESTHURHNT ‘ Poultry. seafood, &
557 S. Limestone vegetarian entrees
Lexington, KY ' A selection of salads
253—00] 4 ‘ Homemade baked
bread & desserts
, ) ‘ >. . ,
Lunch — Brunch — Dinner [omeqméklmponed
beers & v. me
@(dllflWS @UT 30y @er. ll GLSO/OCTOBER 1992 - 11

HIV is transmitted by having
unprotected sexual intercourse'
or sharing needles/syringes
with someone who is infected.
If you think you are at risk
consider taking the HIV
Antibody Test.


For more information, call
your local health department
1 - 800 - 645 -AIDS
12 - GLSO/OCTOBER 1992 @fl@$ @W@RENE§$ MCQNTE)

.|.—-| ,3...—| PHILADELPHIA- In response to a
NEWS SHORTS lack of measures by government
' ‘ ' * agencies, the Philadelphia
Community Health Alternatives
CHICAGO- In response to the program continues its program of
Republican Convention's homophobic passing out safer sex kits to
statements, QW, a gay magazine, prostitutes, homosexuals, drug
followed through with its threat users, heterosexuals, etc. on the
to out several key persons streets of the city seven days a
associated with the GOP's "family week. This program parallels
value” campaign. John Schlafly, similar controversial grassroots
the 41 year old son of conservative treasures taken by groups in several
activist Phyllis Schlafly, was Canadian, European and American
one of those whose homosexuality cities.
was revealed. John Schlafly, who
continues to live with his parents ATLANTA- The Centers for Disease
in Alton, IL, confirmed his Control reported that in 1991,
orientation but stated that he 48,000 Americans were diagnosed
agreed with his mother’s work with full blown AIDS. 35,000
including opposition to same-sex died. HIV infections nationwide
marriages. show that AIDS is spreading fastest
among women and heterosexuals.
OREGON- National lesbigay Regionally, the South leads the
celebrities, supporters and country in the fastest overall
organizations continue to organize AIDS infection rate and whereas
to combat Measure 9, an anti—gay new cases have declined nationally
initiative to amend the state among gay/bisexual men, the South
constitution to prohibit any human reported the highest number of new
rights based on sexual orientation. cases among this category.
State agencies including health
and educational groups would be MINNEAPOLIS- 55 representatives
forced to teach that homosexuality from bisexual organizations around
is ”abnormal, wrong, unnatural the country met for the first
and perverse.” Along with a BiNet USA conference July 25-26.
similar iniative in Colorado, if During this conference, a national
passed, these laws would be the networking system was created.
first to deliberately bar a group For more information, call Gary
from civil rights under Lingen at 612-488-1009 or Loraine
constitutional law. Hutchins at 202-882-4384.
WASHINGTON, DC- Mandy Carter and WASHINGTON, DC- Joe Grabarz, a
Venus Thrash, African-American Connecticut State Representative
activists with the Human Rights from Bridgeport, has decided to
Campaign, were among the women leave his seat to head the Human
arrested and later released for a Rights Campaign Fund lobbying
non-violent demonstration outside effort as Legislative Director. A
of the White House on August 26th. two term representative and a
The protest was to focus attention member of ACI‘ UP and NOW, Grabarz
on the GOP/Bush administration's carne- out in 1990 to further the now
assault on reproductive freedom successful passage of Connecticut’s
for women. Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights Bill.
@CWW @f 39/ Ct 21 GLSO/OCTOBER 1992 - 13

Lesbleays Wlth Chlldren Group GLAD Gathers
If you are lesbian, gay or bisexual GLAD (the Gay, Lesbian and Affirming
and have children, a new group is Disciples Alliance) are the lesbigay
forming in Lexington to address the organization within the DiSCiDleS Of
special issues of lesbigay parents, Christ. A national 91701113. GLAD
their partners and their children. recently held its annual conference
For more information, call Cyndy at: at Texas Christian University in
276—5471. Fort Worth, TX, from July 17-20. A
local Kentucky chapter is expanding.
Callers Aplenty But Volunteers For more information, contact
SCBrCZ Kentucky Regional Coordinator, Jeff
_ Ishmael, at (606) 255-4958.
The GLSO Gayline needs volunteers to
staff the phoneline. Although a Partners Of HIV+/PLA NOW
large portion of callers are women, -
the Gayline currently does not have Aetlve
any active female volunteers. Also
needed is someone to staff the line Greg Lee with the Fayette County
on Friday evenings. Volunteers stay Health Department now moderates a
in their homes, and the Gayline is support group for the partners of
forwarded to their number. Thus, HIV+ people. This group meets at
working the phoneline is both safe 7:30pm on Tuesdays. For more
and anonymous. If interested in this information and location, call Greg
vital, rewarding community service, at 288—2437.
contact Peter Taylor at 273—5845.
Non-profit enlmal Cllnlc Opens MASSAGE
LOW Cost SpaY/Neuter Clinic recently Swedish Massage lnslruclion Available
opened as a gay-positive, non-profit Deep Muscle Therapy HomeVlsits
organization at 621 S. Broadway. The Sporlslniury '606’252_527|
clinic offers spaying and neutering Pre/Poslnalal Massage
for cats and dOgS- This serVice Member/\melicanMassagelherapyAssocialion
comes wit preventative vaccines
including rabies shots. Costs are MiRIAM DAVIDSON, DMT
$25 for cats and $40 for dogs. Call
Cathy Murphy at 225-SPAY for an
appointment . i,
Women Wanted l 5 70 % /|
Womynweave, a group within UK Lambda I “M ”(ffw'éf/aww‘?’ I
focusing on social activities and I \\\_// I
issues for lesbian, bisexual and V J.
strayt women, are seeking interested I \ - I I
women for participation in upcoming I I
activities. Attendence is not
limited to UK students, staff nor I I
faculty and all age ranges are I I
encouraged to respond. For more IBZO‘Wv éi'fiwéi‘b =93- — L'i'iY-JK‘L/LleO'Il
information, call Suzanne Burr at ..
5 (606) 254 1379 y
m n. r , o. .wnml

 C . Lexington, KY 40591-1465. Further,
M 0W M if you support a business or
er‘llnllllm Show IHHH'HII‘HL practitioners that you would like to

-——" ! see listed in the directory, please

take time to call us so that the

' ° ‘ 1 Diversity Business Coalition can

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