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          The executive Committee of State University of

Kentucky met pursuant to adjournment in President Barker's

office May 3, 1916 at eleven o'clhck A. M. Present, C. B.

Nichols, R. C. Stoll, P. P. Johnston, Jr., J. E. Brown,

Frank McKee and C. B. Terrell.

          On motion made, seconded and carried the Committee

to considerthe question of the University printing and

Printing Press was given further time.

          Miss. Linda Neville anneared before the Committee

and was heard unon her representation that free lecturers

could be obtained at the University under the auspices of

the State Board of Health, that the lectures would be upon
such subjects as would include trachoma and allied afflictions.
Upon motion made, seconded and unanimously carried, the matter

was referred to the Committee of Deans of the University with

direction that that Committee report to this Committee at its

next meeting such recommendations as the said Committee of

Deans deems advisable on this subject. The Executive Committee

voiced its approval of such work.

                  President Barker made the following report for

the Committee heretofore appointed concerning some publications

in the Alumnus which is as follows:-

         In obedience to your request, I took up the matter

of the Alumnus with the Executive Committee, and laid before

them fully your views on the subtect of their rights to criti-

cize the adminittration of the State or the University. We
very readily reached the following conslusion, which I think

will be entirely satisfact6ty to you:



    There is to be but one more publication of the Alum-

nus this school year, and it is to consist of a directory

of the Alumni. No change is to be made in the name of

the periodical until after this school year. After the

expiration of this school year, if the periodical is pub-

lished at all, it is to be an entirely independent pe-

riodical without purporting to represent the University

and to be edited by someone entirely outside the University

and to be-edited by someone entirely outside the Facul-

ty or employment of the University.

     The Comnittee expressed themselves as being entir-

ly in harmony with your views as laid before them by me,

and I anticipate no further trouble in this matter.

     I had to act without the aid of Mr. P. P. Johnston

who was on the Commnittee with me, but I called him up and

he authorized me to go forward with the matter without him,

which I did, as above stated.

     The Executive Committee then took un the consideration-

of the proposed budget for the next year and made numerous

changes and with the changes made, the budget was then

adopted and ordered filed herewith, subject to minor

alterations that may be made at the next meeting.
     Upon motion, the Committee adjourned to meet on

Monday, May 29, 191&.