hour devoted to n lecture pertaining
to special Instruction
In Individual
training, the second hour for nthlo-tics- ,
Plattsburg, Now York, will again
and I ho two hours following, to
bo tho scene of groat military actlv- Infantry drill, Instruction as to the
'ot In tho summer of 11)18. Altho
nchool of the squad and soldier nnd
summer trnlnlng
other military niancuvcis.
Work is Past the Experi- amps have all been nbnndonod since
Quartered at Fair Grounds.
mental Stairc Says
tho declaration of war, private Inltla- The men will bo quartered In the
ivo ncting upon the suggestion of
Floral Hall of the Fair Grounds, in
Leonard Wood led to
the batting sheds nnd paddocks, while
NECESSARY IN GRADES ho establishment Inst year of tho
me imcnens and tutiincr rooms nro
This has now asJunior I'attsburg.
nlieady established In the compartMcNenl James, professor of agriculsumed national proportions and has
for feed- tural education In the
University, definitely aligned Itself In its program
ing the increment
nro now being spoke in chnpel Tuesday
on "Vocn- - with tho nillltnry efforts of tho colmade and they will be announced tfnnnl E(lucaUon;.
leges nnd universities of the country.
later. It Is probable the men will bo
Professor .Tnmes reviewed the pro Tho Honorary President is President
on the Fair Grounds nnd fed
gross of vocational training within the Edmund J. James of the University of
In" the Mess Hall of the University,
Inst deende and the change of opinion 'Hnols; the Advisory Hoard consists
which necessarily must be enlarged.
f twentv-fivcollouo and university
The President in speaking of the which has gradually come about
It. Ho declared that Interest
representing leading instl
offer made by Mr. Tipton, said
secondary nMons in nil pnrts of tho country,
"Tv proffer of the grounds is the " uu" KU"J,UU
of the
actual doing headed by representatives
first of a series of patriotic acts that vocnt,0,,nl training-t- he
oE tho worl(,'s workVrmy nnd Navy In the persons of
the citizens of Lexington will make
Tillman, Superintendent of tho
Tne fiv3 factors which have, in tho
for tho soldiers. Mr. Tipton's act. is
one of great importance and helpful- - nast according to Professor James, T. S. Military Academy nt West Point,
rCir dmiral George B. Ransom.
ness, since It gives the right start to helped to train men and women, are
!'o direct management is under the
this training work at its inception, and he home, school, church, vocation,
the University authorities are much and the neighborhood. The vocational control of an executive staff, of which
p'eased and gratified to have the ad- - education which used to be gotten In the President is Professor Edward
vantage such grounds give to the work the home in clothing and feeding the Capps, of Princeton University, and
of training.
family, he said, must now be given in 'he Managing Director is General Ed"When the University was first re- - the schools, as housewives no longer ward C. O'Brien, U. S. Minister to
quested by the Department in Janu- - spin, weave, card wool and cotton, Uruguay and Paraguay under Presiary to provide these courses of in- - or can and preserve fruits to any great dent Roosevelt. Colonel Ira L. Reoves
struction, they replied that they could extent.
Cnited States Army in active service,
care for 190 at one time, but at the
In speaking of the manner in which President of Norwich University but
urgent request of Mr. K. V. Carman
vocational education has been vindl- - "ii leave of absence during the period
on his recent inspection trip the num- pf the war, is the Director of
cated in thlg country wJthln the ,agt
ber to be assigned was increased to ten years professor
courses at the Junior Plattsburg
Jameg gaid that
w. mis additional training will tax f)ie
Military Training Camp.
work wn h
the capacity of the institution to the
The training is similar as far as
Homes for cripples, the blind, and oth- Hmit and a number of additional In
or unfortunates, and among the ne lossible to that of the regular U. S.
structors must be provided to take -- roes and
Indians, has brought it out Military and Naval camps, combined
care of these courses.
vlth practical special features which
i the experimental stage. He mini
"The University requires for inmized the importance of the vocation- - ;ave come into prominence in conpurposes a considerable
il training given in agricultural col nection with modern warfare, such as
number of discarded automobiles and
loges and mechanical art schools, be "eroplane ground work, hydroplane,
especially their engines. If any pacause of the comparatively small num motor boats, topography, military aptriotic citizen has an automobile of
ber of boys and girls who attend them plications of civil, mechanical and
this kind for which he has no further
nnd emphasized the necessity of such anitary engineering; as well as tho
use, notice should be sent to Dean
4udy of the science of farming and
work in secondary schools.
F. P. Anderson at the University, wfio
All the technica1
The organization of the work in vo- food conservation.
will be glad to send and get It and
'is'ruction in military and naval
use it for this training. It makes no cational education in Kentucky unTionce is under tho direction of offi
Act giving Fed- difference of how old a make the ma der the
cers of the regular U. S. Army and
G"al aia was also explained by Profes
chine was originally, as it is desired
Navy, recommended by the Departfor use in classroom training."
(sor James.
ments in Washington. The Command- The President has announced that
ant will be a regular army officer of
the University will not close before!
SAVE YOUR TINFOIL , hih rank, and West Point and Ann-- j
June G, as previously stated, and de-- j
apolls discipline and ideals will
sires to say that courses will continue
as before. No students will be
R , contemplated that the
Since the Junior Plattsburg is estabfected by the arrival of the men, al- - numbep
of men gent Q
institutim lished for young men under draft ago.
tho the seniors in the Mechanical De- - , be
approximately 400.
the training will not be intensive, as
partment will probably serve as in
"The University agrees:
In the old Plattsburg.
Special attenstructors to the men.
"a. To conduct the courses so far tion will be given to organized athInstructors to Assist.
as possible In conformity with the letics for tho periods of recreation,
Arrangements are being made with
syllabi, manuals and instructions gov- under the direction of Mr. Fred T.
Professor Cover to train any musierning these courses to be issued by Dawson of the Athletic Department of
cians that may be found among tho
the War Department or by the Federal Princeton.
The general entertain"Four Hundred," and Professor Cover
Hoard for Vocational Education, and
ments, as well as the informal life of
is having fond visions of an inspirapproved by the War Department.
the camp will be under the direction
ing band, augmented by some fifty
"b. To furnish or cause to be fur- - of Rev. Ralph B. Pomeroy of the Genpieces. Any musicians found amonK
tho increment will be given special nished 8Uch Sllltab,e work rooms and eral Theological Seminary of Nev
classroom space and equipment, in Yprk. The Musical Director is Mr.
power, heat and light and Felix Lamond of tho Trinity Church,
S. A. Boles, Director of Athletics, eluding
has been authorized to prepare gym- such working tools, materials, sup- New York. Provision has been mndo
nasium classes for tho men, and J. E. plies and appliances as may bo neces- for six hundred (GOO) cadets.
sary for the instruction above 'reJohnson will have charge of their recferred to. All equipment which may
bo delivered to the institution by tho
Clauses of Contract.
War Dopartmnot for use In InstrucLiterary
Society has
Following aro tho first two clauses
tion shall be receipted for by tho in- changed its time of meeting
from Satof tho contract signed by President
stitution, which shall assume respon- urday to Friday night
at 7 :!.". Tho
McVey and Greenville Clarke, Major,
sibility therefor."
meetings will be held in the usnr.l
U. S. R., secretary of the committee
A te,egram reC,Ved Mnday
from. hull on the third floor of tho Gy,i
on education and special
War Doimrt,l,ent
ouncoB Uielr uIllUn,
An especIalIy uttractlvQ
"Tho institution agrees to furnish'
ntention of sending ten trucks to bo
series of programs hus been arranged
trado "'l technical Instruction for a
Mpeii as models in tho study of truck
und it is hoped that inany who have
period of months beginning May 7 and
driving. These trucks will bo thoroly
not ulready attended a Htorary socle-oxtendlng int later than August 1.1
overhauled, torn down, reset, and used
to men of tho United States Army,
this year will reform and join the
who may bo assigned to it for such in long trips across country. It is Patterson.
instruction, by the War Department in t'obable that u rifle rungo will bo ar
tho courses of training sp8?iflcd ranged on tho Kentucky river.








; ci;J cn
Tny.rr. LaJran;e, fonnor- Dig league ball Is not so wonderful
If that is tho way they play ,y n student nnd English profssso
after all,
it. This Is the criticism made of tho i tl o University and winner of a
Oiant-Indln- n
game played on Stoll Uhonds scholarship, has enlisted in

a iand far war service, according
Field Saturday, April 13, by students
nccustomed to seeing pure pop In their o word received by his parents, Mr.
uid Mrs. P. I). Taylor.
own team.
Accepting tho Uhonds scho.arshlp,
Tho all tho stars were here with a
young Taylor wont to England, studyfew exceptions, there was a lassitude
on tho part of tho players that detract- ing nt Oxford University for awhile.
ed from tho Interest of tho game and While there ho volunteered for
Cross ambulnnco work In Frnnco. HJn
left tho impression that it was incsd
poor while In the servan exhibition game and not a "rsnl'y hcnlth became
to England. Ho
truly" contest. Fans were a bit di3- ice nnd ho returned
worked as practical farmer on the Cx- nppoInted ,n ,10t 8eelng the ,,est p,ch.
University farm to regain h's
ers of tho two teams. Hoth mnimtrnrs ford
and has now been accepted as
gecmo,l (o nrofer their SCCOlld Stl'lllg health
nhysically fit for military duty. Mr.
men nnd the box stars were kept beTaylor is well remembered by his forhind the clouds.
mer college associates in Lexington.
Each team wanted to do a little for
the spectators and had a star or two
pull off something snappy as per ex NEW COMMITTEE MADE
ample, Jack Miller with his long swat
President McVey has appointed a
over the Red Man's head, and Trls
composed of Wellington
- committee
Speaker's sensational field catch. LexPeak' and H- C Curtls
Ington is humbly grateful for the prlv- - PatrIck' Dto take care of the purchase and ex
liege of seeing big league teams In
action and will remember them kindly. change of all typewriting machines
The purpose of
A cordial invitation
is extended to and related matters.
this committee Is to centralize the
the teams to see the Wildcats defeat
exchange and repair of this
Tennessee here next Friday and Sat- purchase,
equipment in order that more effecturday, where they may get an idea
arrangements may be had
of how hard to play, if not how to ive business
with business concerns from whom



the purchase

of such equipment






Cordially Invites The Students of the
University of Kentucky
to a


Saturday Evening, April 20th.


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White Carnation

We Fit You

ing Co.
145 W. Main St.



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Classes Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings.
It is the aim of this school to teach dancing as it
should be, advocating at all times proper
positions and decorous actions

Piano, Saxophone, Violin, Trap Drum