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The Kentucky Kernel

Only 1.013 Volers

In SGA Election!

Reynolds Named
Captain Of Tennis Team





'Stars Of TheNigh?
To Receive Hohoys

Modern Dancers
To Present Recital

t faster



SUB Members
To Be Chosen Today




Stephenson, Dosker Win;
Constitutionalists Place 10
In Light Election Voting

Election of members for the StuNow late on the Sabbath day, as it
dent Union Board will take place
began to dawn toward the first day ol today In the Union building. Poll
the week, came Mary Magdalene and will be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
The newly elected members will
the other Mary to see tlie sepulchre. And
meet next week to elect officers and
behold, there was a great earthquake;
to choose positions. Each board
for an angel of the Lord descended from
member will head one service comcame and rolled away tha
heaven, and
stone, and sat upon it.
for the board are
His appearance was as lightning, and
Jack Banahan, Morris Beebe, Rosehis raiment white as snow, and for fear mary Dummit, Annette Faulconer,
of him the watchers did quake, and be1946-4- 7
Marjorie Hall. Jane Hamersley,
came as dead men. And the angel Helen Hardy,
Mary Dee Helvenston,
answered and said unto the
Scotty McCulloch, Carolyn Mc"Pear not ye: for I know ye seek Jesus
Meekin, Morris Rozen, Nancy Skeen,
Ballots have been mailed .to all
which hath been crucified.
Jack Veach, Freda Wade, Sam YMCA members for the election of
is not here, for He Is risen, even
Weakley, Marjcan Wenstrup, Mary officers for 1946-4These officers
as He said. Come, see the place where
Lou Witherspoon, and Ellen Wood. arc to be installed May 7, following
the Lord lay. And go quickly, and tell
a dinner given by Bart Peak, genhis disciples He is risen from the dead,
and lo. He goeth before you into Galieral secretary, for both
lee; there shall ye see Him: Lo. I have
and retiring members of the
told you."
student cabinet and the advisory
board. The election closes Tuesday
And they departed quickly from llw
tomb with frar and great Joy and ran
at noon, by which time all ballots
to bring his disciples word. And behold,
must have been returned to the
Jesus met them saying All hail. And
YMCA office.
they came and took hold of His feet and
Students nominated for the ofworshiped Him. Then saith Jesus unto
fices are: president. Tommy Gish;
them, "Fear not: go tell My brethren
Paul Sands and O.
that they depart Into Galilee and there
C. Seevers; secretary, Juan Balzola
shall they see me.'
and Landon Garrett; and treasurer,
Now while they were going, behold.
Carlos Scott and Qeoige Yankey.
some of the guard came Into the city,
Gish, junior in the arts and sciand said unto the chief priests all the
things that were come to pass. And
ences college from Seco, has been
when they were assembled with the Long1,
publicity chairman on the cabinet
eldera and had taken counsel they gave
for the past two years, and at pres
money unto the soldiers saying.
ent is associate editor of the Ken- ye His disciples came by night and
tuckian, treasurer of Phalanx fraHim away while we slept. And if
of the
come to the governor's ears we will
Inability to complete contracts and a member of Pi Kappa Alpha
persuade him and rid you of care.

Tau Sigma, University modern
dance group, will present a recital
May 30 and 31 and June 1 at the
Otiignol theater.
Pledges for women's honoraries
Rehearsals have begun and the
will be tapped and honor awards
group will practice three or four
will be given at the "Stars of the
times each week until the recital.
Night" annual women's convocation
On April 6 the Tau Sigmas danced
at a University Playday at the Uniat p.m. Tuesday in Memorial hall.
versity of Cincinnati. Miami UniFrances Street, president of the
Nu Circle of Omicron Delta Kap- versity, Oxford, Ohio, and the
pa, national men's leadership hon- University of Cincinnati also atwhich is sponsoring the program,
orary, has announced a point list tended the playday. Members of
By Jimmy Donovan
win preside.
Tau Sigma danced at a meeting of
from which all junior and senior the Bourbon County Woman's club
Polling 755 votes to his opponent's
of privileges of
Members of Tau Sigma, modem men may determine the number of in the Paris high school auditorium
democracy and under emphasis of 291, Howard Stephenson, Arts and
dance fraternity, will present a points they possess toward mem- April 10.
responsibility is one of the primary Sciences Junior from Mt. Sterling
dance. "The Pioneer." A trio com- bership in Omicron Delta Kappa.
faults of America, and especially was named president of Student
posed of Betty Harris Russell. Pran- The time and place for filing petiKentucky today. H. Fred Willkie, Government Association in WednesMeade, and Sue Thomas tions for membership will be ances Hclmick
Louisville industrialist and chair day's election. Stephenson was opwill sing a medley from "CaroseL" nounced at a later date. Morry
man of the Kentucky Post War posed by Harold L. Phillips. Mary
Betty Bane Adair and Ann Garland
president, said.
Advisory Planning commission stat Keith Dosker. opposed by Jack May.
Jeffries will give a piano-orgTo be considered as a candidate
ed yesterday at a convocation spon was elected vice president by a maJeanne Keslcr, soprano, will sing. for election to Nu Circle, a man
sored by the Student Government jority of 393 votes. Stephenson reShe will be accompanied by Martha must have a University standing of
places Charles Gardner. Louisvillr;
t5 h
milct Via va ofMim1ltarjrl at
Introduction by the retiring S.G.A. Dosker replaces Gwen Pace.
Members of Mortar Board. Cwens. I,
trom tne
president. Charles Gardner, Mr.
Alpha Lambda Delta. Chi Delta Phi, activities, and he must have work
Willkie presented the problems and
Voting was extremely light in all
Phi Upsilon Omicron. and other from two or more fields of activity.
partial solutions to them in answer colleges with 24.2 of the students
honoraries will be chosen. Awards
The point list follows:
to the blast of an article on Ken casting ballets.
will be presented by Theta Sigma
Scholarship: total points, 5. Unitucky published in a recent Collier's Dosker were victorious in every colAlpha Gamma Delta. Mortar
lege with the exception of Graduate
Board. Alpha Lambda Delta, Phi versity standing must be 2.0 Major
The speaker outlined plans of School where they each lost by one
Beta Kappa, and Phi Upsilon Omi- honoraries: Phi Beta Kappa, Beta
action along which his committee vote. In Arts and Sciences both
Gamma Sigma, Sigma Xi, Tau Beta
Pi, Alpha Zeta, Order of the Coif,
and other independent commissions candidates scored large majorities
Members of Cwens will usher.
Kappa Delta Pi. First In class in
have been working.
with Stephenson receiving 441 vote
college if not in a major honorary.
Tie Committee for Kentucky, or- to his opponent's 119. and Dosker
15-- 8
Committees for the arrangements
ganized in 1945, employs many of polling 418 votes to the opposition's
Forensics: total points, 5. Draare as follows:
the same experts working with Mr. 144. Voting was heavier in Arts and
The Activities File system, a plan
Betty Ann Ginocchk). matics: Guignol, 5 plays, 2 points;
Willkie's commission and who are Sciences than in any other colli ge.
- key, 2 points; department head for for distributing offices on the camchairman. Gwen Pace, Margie Matt- two years, 2 points. Maximum, 4
publishing 10 articles on the prowith the Glenn Miller band for the fraternity.
So they took the money and did as
pus, was defeated by a
vote at
Howard Stephenson, former presimiller. Pat Shcly, Anne Bates,
Sands, an A&S junior from Lou gram of improvement, four of which
points, recommendation to be made a meeting of the Student Governthey were taught and this saying was "big name band" dance led to the
dent of Pi Kappa Alpha, 'is also
Jeanette Reynolds.
isville, was in charge of
have already appeared in print. The
by director of the theater. Patterson ment Association Monday.
spread abroad among the Jews and
signing of contracts Wednesday discussion groups this year; Seevers,
president of Phalanx,
Organization: Becky Lowe, chair1 point, for presi
until this day.
remainder will appear in the next elected president of and
man; Helen Davis, Betty Braucr, Literary Society,
Students who were not members
the University
with Johnny Long and Ted Fio Rito. engineering sophomore from Car- two years.
1. Music: glee club, two
But the eleven disciples went into
of the Assembly were allowed to
Rita dent, add
Philosophy club. Mary Keith DosMarrs
signing of these two lisle, headed the program committee.
The speaker emphasized that all
years, 2 points, for president, add 1 ; voice
Galilee unto the mountain where Jesus With the
their opinions under suspenKappa Kappa
Green wald.
Balzola, engineering freshman Kentuckians, university-educate- d
years, 2 points; drum
in ker. a member of
had appointed them. And when they bands, the date of the dance has
Programs: Nancy Skeen, chair- orchestra, two
sion of the rules.
man from Naples, Mexico, was pub- particular, must "work together in Gamma, is president of the Universaw Him they worshiped him but some
major, 3 points; band, junior and
changed to Tuesday, May 28th, licity
man; Margaret McDowell, Elizabeth
League of Women Voters, secredirector for the Freshman
Mary Keith Dosker presented a doubted. And Jesus came to them and been
altruistic effort" to sity
senior years, 1 point for each year;
according to Mrs. Dorothy Evans, club; Garret, Acts freshman from a
Allen Kuster.
comspake unto. them saying: "All authority
rebuild. His commission has or- tary of the Pitkin Club, and Secrepersonnel director of band, 1; Uni- report from the convocation
Mary Jane Dorsey,
Waddy, served on the Worship com- ganized local groups
hath been given unto me in heaven and social director for the University.
deChoristers, 1.
in 20 sections tary of the YWCA.
chairman; Mary Keith Dosker, versity team, 2 points; Debate:
on earth.
mittee. Scott, AkS freshman from of the state to work for sectional
President Charles Gardner anIn elections for representatives to
Earlier in the week, plans were Hanson, was
Margaret Shclton.
of the improvement and he serves In an SGA. Arts and Sciences elected
"Go ye therefore and make disciples announced that the Glenn Miller
oratorical champion, 1; Court of nounced that three unexcuscd abInvitations: Betty Fleishman,
Freshman qlub; Yankey, agricul- advisory capacity. Three field rep- lowerclasswomen, Mary Hlllery
of all the nations, baptising them Into
2. sences from the Assembly meetings
band would perform for the affair,
chairman; Janet Collins. Mary La- - Appeals argument, law students,
Perryville was
Bryant and Shirley Carmichael;
resentatives work with them.
Radio: head announcer. 2 points; automatically expelled a member. the name of the Father and of the Son and, at that- time, it was believed ture freshman from
UuctAP PafrtHo Williams
an active member.
He directed the secretary to draw and of the Holy Ghost, teaching, truss so
were outlined lowerclassman . Virgil Pry or. and
operator. 2; staff. 1.
rwrJ-atinthat the contract would be signed,
Knrv L a e k e r v .
observe all things whatsoever I comAlso to be elected are three adult
up a list of members who have
Athletics: total points, 5. FootMrs. Evans reported. It was the and seven student members to the throughout Mr. Willkie's talk, in- upperclassman. Tom Duncan. Pryor
manded you. and lo. I am with, you alchairman; Alice Freeman, May Belle
three unexcused absences.
undersanding between Mrs. Evans advisory board. Those nominated cluding plans for a constitutional and Duncan were unopposed.
ways, even unto the end of she world"
Nancy Dempsey, Gerry ball: captain. 3 points plus I for
Members of the assembly voted
In College of Commerce. Sue
additional letters; letter, 2. plus I
and the boosing agents that full are Prof. J. W. Martin, College of convention.
The Book of Matthew.
Dugan, Anne Word.
new and retiring memPrior to the main address, newly Bradford, Constitutionalist candipayment for the orchestra was to Commerce;
Ushers: Carolyn McMeekin, chair- - for additional letters; manager, 3. to entertain
Prof. Irvin Sanders, elected members of
the Student
was unopposed for upperclass
be made upon the signing of the
Basketball and track, same values. bers at a luncheon after the conhead of the Sociology department; Government Association were in date
contract. For this reason, advance
woman representative. Engineers-studen- ts
Baseball: captain, 2 points plus 1 vocation yesterday.
Lex- and William Greathouse III.
Kitty Churchill, Elizabeth Allen
2. tllus
and President
fnr oiriit.innnl loiters' lltter
ticket sales were made in an effort ington business man who graduated
elected Lewis Hart Jr., and
riusrer, ana kusscii
charged them wth
mMn. from the College of Education. Lee
1 for additional letters; manager, 2. Thomas
to have money on hand at the time
iruill MIC UUi.UOUJ.
fWYt- fCogncts were absent from the
,n.lmrfiv. atllrfonr
boxing, swimming, golf,
of the signing; Mrs. Evans added.
elude the seven listed above, of erning body. He cited the poor at- Trabue was selected. Hart was
fencing, same values. Intramurals: meeting.
by Dillard
Hll!inan and
Any woman now living in the
whom the electees are given places tendance at the convocation as a
conThe Miller hand had signed,
senior manager. 2 points; junior
residence halls who wants to
and Dlllard Hillman. result of the failure of the body to Trabue was opposed by Helm
tracts to perform in Syracuse, N. Y.,
managers. 2 and 1.
An informal Easter dance, open
live in the halls during the
Ross Moore, Harold Friedly, and encourage it in the past.
to all students on the campus, will on May 21. the day following the
total points, five.
summer quarter should apply
Independents elected were Westentative Lexington engagement, an William Spragens.
be given under the auspices of the
Immediately at the office of the
Kcntuckian: editor, 5 points; busley Pritchard over Joe Meers in th
unknown fact to the Cincinnati
Veterans' club Saturday night from
iness manager,' 4; managing editor,
Graduate school, and Joan Scott
dean of women. Miss Irma
Gamma Iota chapter of Kappa
booking agents.
3; associate editor, 2. Kernel: edi Alpha Theta sorority will sponsor 9 until 12 p.m.. in the Bluegrasa
Poole, director of women's resiover Angela Meisch in the College
room of the Union building, accord
Realizing that the tickets sold the
tor. 5 points; managing editor, 3; "Marquis the Magician and His In
dence halls, announced.
of Agriculture.
ing to Darrell Hancock, social com first part of this week were sold
manager, 5;
The room deposit will be $10 news editor,
ternational Wonder Revue" for two mittee chairman.
The newly elected officers wr
under the pretenses of admitting
advertising manager, 3; receiver of days beginning Tuesday at the
instead of the previous rate of
Max Wolff, research associate
The Rev. Raymond Coppenger. installed at convocation exercises
This dance, the third sponsored persons to a Miller dance, Mrs, with the Committee Community In- Baptist Student Union director at held yesterday morning In Memorial
key, 1. Kentucky Engineer: editor, Henry Clay high school auditorium,
(5, she said.
Evans stated that any persons wish2 points; business manager, 2.
terrelations, dealing with "History the University and former Navy hall.
Helen Davis, president, announced. by the Veterans' club during the
editor. 2 points; business Proceeds will b donated to the Uni- current school year, will be held a ing to return tickets will have their and Character of Group Antagon- chaplain, will give the address at
money refunded on or after April
week earlier than was announced in
manager, 2. Law Journal: editor, 4 versity Athletic Association.
ism in the United States" will speak the Easter Sunrise service which
last week's Kernel because of a con- 24th. On that date, a booth will be at a meeting of the Upperclass Y to will be held in Memorial hall ampoints; managing editor, 1; busiTickets for the three performto
set up in the Union building
ness manager. 1; circulation mana- ances
Tuesday and Wednesday flict with other campus social ac- accept any
held at 7 p.m. Tuesday In the Y phitheater, at 6:30 a.m. Sunday.
tickets in return for the be
ger, 1; staff, 1.
lounge in the Union building.
nights and a Wednesday afternoon tivities.
The service, which will include a
initial money invested by students
Newell Hadden and his Kentucky
Social serviue: total points, 5. matinee are on sale at Walgreen's,
The program is a continuation of call to worship by Mary LaMaster,
who do not wish to attend the Long-Fi- o
Its an organ prelude by Melrose
Fraternity: president, 1 point for Williams' Drug Store, Wolf Wile's, Knights will furnish the music.
the series, "The World
Voting for elimination of nin"
Rito dance of May 28th.
each quarter, total not to exceed 3. and Thorpe's. Tickets will be avail
scripture reading by Amy candidates from competition fnr
Tickets, priced at $1.50 per couple
"It is a discouraging position we
was born hi Metz. Dean, prayer by O. C. Seevers. litMr. Wolff, who
Military ROTC: colonel, 3 points; able at a booth in the Union build- or stag, will be on sale this afterMay Queen will take place from
lieutenant colonel, 2; major, I; ing also. The evening performances noon in the Union and at the door have been placed in," Mrs. Evans France, was educated in the Uni- any of praise by Alice Freeman, a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. today in the
said, "but we feel that the students versities of Berlin. Cologne, Geneva. solo by Jane Thomas, and an organ
Pershing Rifles, 2 years, 2 points, will begin at 8:30 p.m. and the on the night of the dance.
Union building. Eighteen women
By Lucy Thomas
will understand the existing situa- and Paris. In 1924 he was a special
captain, add 1; rifle team, 1, letter. matinee will begin at 3:30 p.m.
iude by Mrs. Era wilder Pen
have been nominated by a com- WHAT IS THE 2; president
tion and bear with us. Although reporter in the International laoor ,jston. is sponsored by Interfaith
of Scabbard
mittee of students and faculty
TO Blade. I.
the bands we have signed up are office for German newspapers. In council. YWCA-YMCBUNNY GOING
members. From this list nine
not our choice, we feel that they 1930 he was connected with the steohenson will eive the invocation
women will be eliminated in tiie
Student Government: president. 3
are the best bands available at tlii-- s labor court In Berlin. He was also and benediction. A BSU quartet will
Beryl 1 1 or Inn. A AS, freshman: If points; legislature, 2.
voting today.
Mail coining to students at the time."
a lecturer at the Labor high school sing and the Maxwell Street Preslie rumor is true that there are
A committee of townspeople
Miscellaneous: president YMCA, 3
Phi Mu Alpha, honorary and pro- University post office should have
five men on the campus to every points; president SuKy, 3; president
In an effort to rectify the incident, in Berlin. From 1933 to 1939, he byterian church choir will particiwill select the queen from the
up with my Agriculture Council, 1; president fessional music fraternity for men, the students' box number on it to the Union Board, under Mrs. Evans' was a lawyer and lecturer In Paris, pate in the service.
girl. I hope he'll show
remaining women. The Mv
reactivated and elected officers Fri- speed up delivery
and he traveled throughout Europe,
Mary Bennett LaMaster, secrethe
Queen will be presented at a
Interfaith Council. 1; president Pha- day. A meeting was held in the office staff. Miss and to aid post- direction, decided on booking the studying labor and market con- tary
of Interfaith council and secCarrie Bean,
two bands.
Dirk Howard, AS, senior: Not lanx, 1; Stock Judging team, 3;
dance May 11.
chapter room in the Art Center.
mistress, stated yesterday.
retary of YWCA cabinet is in charge
a thing I donl believe In Easter Athletic Council, 2; Student Union
A band will be placed at each
Officers elected were Perry Adams,
In 1939 he arrived in the United of arrangements.
Miss Bean said that mail may be end of
Board, 2; SuKy head cheerleader, president; Joe Young,
the Bluegrass room, music States, where he took a position as Students of the University of Kendelayed for some time before it being
IWlie Tuttle. AS. junior: Some 1; SuKy member, 1; Cooperstown
secretary-treasure- r;
supplied first by one band professor of sociology at Youngs-tow- n tucky. Transylvania college, young
Parker LaBach.
can be put in boxes, if the box num- and
little bunny wabbits! Stuffed ones. committee, 1, for president add 1;
then the other.
Kenneth Fincher, his- ber is not in the address.
college, Youngstown. Ohio. people's groups from Lexington
that is.
president Veterans' club.
torian and alumni secretary, and
Additional ticket sales will begin He appeared on a radio program, churches and townspeople are InP. - Hiimtrtt. A&S. freshman: A
Military service also is considered. Leland Smith, warden.
on April 24th in the Union building. "History to Remember."
vited to attend the service.
hig chocolate egg. I guess, but if 1
my way. Id like a dolly not
a pupor one cither!
Marie Thompson. A AS, tenter:
Van Johnson, well, I can dream,
Mortar Board . . . will
a' j
can't I?
p m. today in room 205 of the Union
The University will present thc3
Jack Redding, AVS. freshman: A
of the features of the program will building.
symphonic band in concert on
$10 bill from the florist.
be a trumpet trio with band accotn- - Alpha Gamma Delta . . . will hold
Thursday evening. April 25, in MeBetty Howe, Agriculture, junior:
jpanuneut, to be played by Oscar an open house from 3 to 6 p ra. today
p.m. Due to
Nothing! I haven't been a good girl. morial hall, at 8:15
Beasley, Warren Keiuiedy, and Jos for Sigma Oil aud Sigma Nu fra1
t $ :i
Isidore Pineur, Commerce, senior: the Inroads made upon its personnel
eph Friedman.
He isn't going to bring me anything by war conditions, this will be the
Chest and checker f Uers . . . wi!l
The program:
because he doesn't bring anything first appearance of the symphonic
Komm SuKer Tod and Jesu, Joy meet at 7 p ni. Tuesday in the Union
believe in band in three years. The director
to little boys who dont
of Man's Desiring. J. S. Bach.
Is Frank J. Prlndl, a member of
Special student program
Symphonic Episodes, Foudrain.
Mim Cohen. Commerce, senior: the music department
Avenue Baptist church at 7 30
Trio lor Three Trumpets and
First of all the bill for my hat.
The members of the band include
p.m. Sunday.
. I Band. Henneberg.
Secondly, nothing but comments young men and women students of
Phi Beta . . . will meet at 5 p in.
Symphony in C minor t2nd Movenasty cracks about the grapes the University enrolled in numerand
Tuesday In the Union b'.uldmg.
ment, Larghetto, Williams.
ous departments and colleges,
that crown the horrible creation.
."Diversity for Life program . . .
Bill Smith, Commerce, freshman: among which are former band memMarch Colonel Bogey, Alford.
presents a special Easter worship
Probably a new wife.
Minor (Tran- service at Central Christian church
Prelude in
bers now returned from military
Billie Dale, AS. senior: Listen, service.
A scribed for band by Frank J. Prlndl). at 6 p.m. Sunday. Supper will be
The program numbers have been
if I sec that Easter bunny, I'll be
jumping up and down for joy.
selected with the following purA Manx Overture. Haydn Wood. Alpha Xi Delta . . . U1 hold open
A poses: performance of works written
Bob Dean. A AS. sophomore:
Other recitals to be given during house for all men on the camp'io
Memphis belle, if my wish comes directly for band, especially those
the spring quarter Include a pro- from 3:30 to 6 p.m. today.
which exploit the idiomatic retrue.
gram of chamber music to be pre- Stars of the Night . . . women's
Cecil Wood. A AS, freshman: A sources of the band; performance
sented in the music room of the convocation, 8 p.m. Tuesday, Me'
winner in the seventh race, I hope. of music written before and after
Student Union building, Tuesday, morial hall.
junior: A tan, the nineteenth century. Including
Amy Price, AS,
May 2. 8:15 p.m., and a symphony IK Dames . . . will meet at 7:30
the treasures of both classical and
I hope.
orchestra concert, Thursday night. p.m. Wednesday in the Music rocm
Richard Stofer, A AS. senior: Some modern music;
May 16, in Memorial hall, at 8:15 of the Union building to welcome
white shirts, I'd sure like to have. music by sections of the band. One
all new student wives.
The University Concert Band, under the direction of Frank Fringle, will present a concert Thursday at 8:15 pjn. in Memorial hall.

!ODK Gives

Point List


Y Candidates Listed


Election Ends Tuesday

Story Refuted
By Willkie

Independents Win
In Graduate School,
Agriculture College



Hol-com- b,



a. nu

Sunrise Scrtttrc


itt mortal ftall

Activities File
System Defeated

Fio Kito Bands
Replace Miller Music;
Dance Date Changed






ues-Tenn- is.

Women Students

Easter Dance
Tomorrow Night


Marquis The Magician
Sponsored By Thetas

Max Wolff To Speak
To Upperclass Y

Easter Morning
Sunrise Service
In Amphitheatre


May Queen Voting
To Be Held Today


Phi Mu Alpha
Elects Officers

Box Number?




UK Concert Band To Give Program Thursday, April 25











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srcoi.d class matter under th Act of March t, 17.

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quickly a man


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One Tear

Greek Groups Need
To Meet Changing Conditions
To prove that fraternities have something
worth while to offer the older man other than
a house to live in, the council should encourage
its members to rut out a lot of this foolishness,
The University is growing; to iuslifv their exist- .

svs-tn- n

ence Greek organizations must grow with it, pro- vicling lor a maturer type of pledge and active,
olins is no time to stand still.


Like so many
two "roups have settled
terns. They contribute
the way of speakers or
ilie lung run have doive

Whatever one's personal conviction is reward- the justification for Creek orn,llu
must be admitted. It is loo well established and
inately human a system to vanish quicklv by
natural change or to be simply abolished As
has been proven by the rase of Stanford University the disbanding of fraternities and sororities

count ils lltese


into fairly routine

Fickle Sex
ago I was madly in
and now I can't bear
It's incredible how
can change.

ATTENTION, CHEMISTS: Accord- to Aunt Jane of the Louisville
Times, a new element has been dis- covered. So far. no one has been
able to handle it.
rhomiiQl CutviKi. Tir.
"Wnmonaccepted atomic weight, 120. Physl- cal Properties: Boils at nothing,
may freeze at any minute, melts
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man exists, seldom found in free
Pos-.- ..
State' Cnetmi.1 Properties:
to gold, silver,
platinum, and precious stones; vilent 'reaction when left alone; able
to absorb great amounts of food;
turns green when placed beside bet-iiter specimen. Uses: highly orna- mpnt.nl
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iow spirits, useful for equalizer or
distributer of wealth; probably most
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known CTalitinnin inexperienced hands."

the discussion of i lie advantages and
disadvantages of the fraternity and sorority
in Tlie Kernel led to? Just this. Ii lias
(under proven the point that both the propone ins and the critics have right and wrong on
ihiir sides. Ii has sltown that tlie immediate
piol'h m is 10 recognie the existing faults in
ilit oiganiations at the University and to
ihem. The issue is left squarely up to tlie
I'anhi ll ni and Interfraternity count ils.
W'Ikii lias


something each vear in
campus projects, but in
little in the way of the
icfoims that changing limes and student Uxlies








We would like to mention last
does not solve the problem of selective groups.
But to be true to their purpose thev must keen W . S . Kerne''. BfSW's ,l.ne .em?rS
in toujour gai unings use insult- tip with the limes.
ing Tom Gregory's poetry quite un- -

Through the Interfraternity and Panhellenic
councils the groups should be lietter prepared
to meet current needs than they are now. That
means here on the University campus.

True. Panhel has brought new sororities to
the campus to provide for increased numbers of
uomen out for rushing. But the rush week is
still hettic for all concerned. From time to time
the methods of rushing at other universities have
studied but without improvement in our
method; even now a committee is working on
new arrangements for next fall's rushing. They
must take definite action. The 4."0 or 500 young
women who will want to join a sorority next
September should be given a chance to Income
well acquainted with eath group so that they
and the sorority can do more than make a snap


By Billie Fischer
wittingly; leaving out a line or two
here and there, and getting Eunice
Adams fans quite peeved! there
were amusing things all over the
Ed. page. Fr'lnstance, Hugh Col- lett said that Postmistress Carrie
Bean answers questions like "How
first-clamuch for a
tetter to Calcutta?" every day. This
we do not believe. Even if one of
us students did send a
first-claletter to Calcutta every
he nr she wnnlri certainly
know how much it would cost after
d0ng it eleven or twelve times.
And then there was that charm- ing linoleum print with the caption,
They're Off at Keeneland. It was
Quite timely, but slightly unusual
because the horses were running
around the track in the wrong di- rection.




Speaking of horses, we heard
some delightful bits of conversa- tion at the races last week. In fact,
we ve never inearu i or seen anyming
like it . . . except
at other
races 'antj other tracks. But so
many people were feeling abso- ...
luiery no pain mat. an conversa- were shall we say gai? One
track toper who had quite a bit of
difficulty trying to remain on the
combination line Because
oi tne moos swarming arouna me
area stood with a puzzled expression


Last week, one of the WFKY an- nouncers, instead of saying. "This
is station WFKY in Frankfort, Ken- tucky, returning you to tne Mutual
TtwvaH.-acintr Jistm ' naniW.H r Via
entire network by drooling out.
"Now, wasn't that a nice program?"