light Artillery   Continued,

Otey battery light artillery   Continued.

* Address of George Savage at the annual reunion of the

survivors of the Otey battery.   Richmond, 1878. (In Va. State library.) See 1st infantry.

See also Post-bedum campaigns . . . Page's battery light artdlery.

Sketch of Page's battery, or Morris artillery, 2d corps, Army northern Virginia, by one of the company [R. C. M.  Page.]   New York, 1885.      82  p,  1  1. 12  . E581.8.P13 Published anonymously. Parker's battery light artillery

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Pureed, Crenshaw, Letcher, Fredericksburg batteries light artillery of Virginia, and Pee Dee battery light artillery of South Carolina. Pegram battalion association.

* Annual reunion of Pegram battalion association. 1886-

Richmond, Va, 1886- v. 8  . E581.8.V81

(In L. C.)

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