Cavalry   Continued.

14th cavalry   Continued.

Jenkins' brigade in the Gettysburg campaign. Extracts from the diary of Lieutenant Hermann Schuricht, of the Fourteenth Virginia cavalry.   (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 24, p. 339-351.   8  .) E485.4.A14 See Beale's brigade. 14th cavalry.   Company H.

Rockbridge Second dragoons.   A short history of the company   Its roll.   J. S. Moore.   (In So. hist. soc. papers,   v. 25, p. 177-180.   8  .) E485.4.A14 Veterans' reunion.   The meeting of the Rockbridge dragoons at Lexington   List of the survivors . . . (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 22, p. 73-75.   8  .) E485.4.A14 14th cavalry. 15th cavalry.

The Fifteenth Virginia.   Composed of Richmond, Henrico and Hanover boys.   Career of this gallant regiment . . . By J. F. Lacy.   (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 27, p. 48-51.   8  .) E485.4.A14 15th cavalry.   Company F.   See Norfolk county. 17th battalion cavalry. See 11th cavalry. See also Laurel brigade. 18th cavalry.   Company A.

Capture of battery at New Market.   By J. W. Parsons. (In Confederate veteran.   Nashville, Tenn., 1909. v. xvu, p. 119.)   4  . E485.C74 18th cavalry.   Company G.

Company G of the 18th Virginia cavalry. Roll of a company that did valiant service in the dark days. (In So. hist. soc. papers, v. 35, p. 161-165. 8  .) E485.4.A14

25th cavalry.   Company A.   See 25th cavalry.   Company F.

25th cavalry.   Company F.

This company was successively designated as Captain McConnell's company, Trigg's battalion Partisan Rangers; Company A, 27th Battalion Virginia cavalry; and Company A, 25th regiment Virginia cavalry.

27th battalion cavalry. See 25th cavalry. Company F. The 27th Battalion Virginia cavalry, Partisan Rangers, or Mounted Rifles (also known as Trigg's battalion Partisan Rangers), was organized about September 1,1862. Captain Lyle's company was added and designation changed to the 25th regiment Virginia cavalry, by S. O. No. 159, A. & I. G. 0, dated July 8, 1864.