Infantry   Continued.

4th infantiy.   Company C.

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See Stonewall brigade. See also Norfolk and Portsmouth. 5th battahon infantry.   See Brunswick guards. 5th infantry.   Company D.

The muster roll of Company D of the Fifth Virginia regiment, of the Stonewall brigade. By T. M. Smiley . . . (In So. lust. soc. papers, v. 21, p. 50-57. 8  .) E485.4.A14

Company D, Fifth Vhginia.   Roster of the famous "Buckingham Yancey guard."   In the front at Gettysburg.   . . . By Camm Patteson.   (In So. hist. soc. papers,   v. 30, p. 154-160.   8  .) E485.4.A14 5th infantry.

See 6 th cavalry. See also Stonewall brigade. 6th infantry.

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6th infantry.   Company A. (Union.)

Recollections 1844-1909. By H. C. McDougal. Kansas City, Mo., 1910. 1 p. 1., 7-466 p. front, (port.) 8  . E663.M13

p. 230-232, Roll of Company A, Sixth regiment, Va. inf. (Union.) 6th infantry.   Company I.

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See also Weisiger's company light artillery.