Infantry   Continued.

36th infantry   Continued.

organization to its muster out.   By J. M. Aubery. [Milwaukee? 1900.]   430 p. incl. front,, dlus. 4  . E537.5.36th 37th infantry.

The sword and gun, a history of the 37th Wis. volunteer infafitry.   From its organization to its final muster out. By Major B. C. Eden.   Madison, 1865.   120 p. 16  . E537.5.37th 38th infantry.

* Battle fields and camp fires of the Thirty-eighth [Wis-

consin volunteers.] An authentic nanative and record of the organization . . . and the part taken by it in the late war, short biographical sketch of each commissioned officer, and the name ... of every enhsted man . . . By S. W. Pierce. Milwaukee, 1866. iv, 254 p. 12  . (In Wis. hist. soc. Library.) 40th infantry.

* Annals of the Fortieth.   Sundry proceedings, sayings, and

doings and "undoings" of the 40th regt. Wis. vol. inf. [By Julius C. Chandler, n. p, n. d.] 4 p. f  . (In Wis. hist. soc. Library.)

Contains roster.   Reprinted in same form by C. A. Libby of Evansville Enterprise about 1890. 43d infantry.

Johnsonville.   An address 'read at a re-union of the 43d Wisconsin vol. inf., at the encampment of the G. A. R, at Chicago, Aug. 29,  1900.   By Amasa Cobb . . . [n. p, 1900?]   26 p. 8  . 48th infantry.

* . . . Life and deeds  of Wdliam Herrick,  hermit of

Minnehaha  Falls ... Ed.   by  Samuel  A. Hatch. [Minneapolis, 1903.]   1 p. 1, 56 (i. e. 74) p. illus, 1 plate, port.   8  .   F597.H56   (In L. C.) Beaver Dam rides.

See Dodge county. See also 5th infantry.   Company D. Eagle regiment.   See 8th infantry. Evergreens.   See 12th infantry.   Company G. Green county guards.   See 13th infantry.   Company E. Hastings invincibles.   See 30th infantry.   Company C. La Fayette guards.   See 28th infantry.   Company I. Mdwaukee hght guard.   See 1st infantry.   Company A. Sauk county ridemen.   See 6th infantry.   Company A.