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  of f¤¤rb¤II me upon SEVEII Steps lo Success even stepped on the field."
§ “‘· H°'°*h°'°°'“   more time at c c c storms rr . Curry told the Lexington Rotary
; works out under the . § .
  watchful eye of Couch Coach Bill Curry told the crowd gath- Club that there 1S a seven-step process
  Bill Curry. ered at the jefferson County Alumni to changing over to a winning atti-
  Club in August that "This year could A tude. The first four — Make a com- A
  be a big step forward for us, but a lot mitment, Set a target date, Assemble A
  of good things have to happen for l the ingredients and Give — have been
E that to occur." accomplished. Curry reiterated UK’s
  h Among the "good things" Curry said commitment to a program centered .
§ are needed is for "somebody to come on the student-athlete and to winning h
  i through and be consistent at the quar— in the “right" way within the rules of l
{ A terback position." The names that go the NCAA and the SEC. The target
  with that "somebody" are Pookiejones, date, he says, "I’d like to set it for
  Ryan Hockman or Antonio O’Ferral. now.” Curry declared that the ingredi-
l Then Curry said, "obviously, we’ve got ents have "never been here before for
to get to where we can stop people on football, but they’re here now." And,
defense. Changing schemes and new the giving Curry is talking about is of
{ offenses and new systems, all that’s the sacrificial variety. “That means to
l wonderful, but you win with people. h give when you don’tfeel like giving." ·
l The fact is we are much bigger, much i The last three steps, the ones the
§ stronger and much faster than we were program and fans face now, are more
  last year." Curny adds that the offensive difficult to achieve, says Curry. They
{ line “should be the best by far since we are to visualize precisely what it is you
l have been here." Part of this season’s want, to believe and to expect to win.
  hope lies with the six junior college Curry said, "I have never seen a great
h transfers who Curiy calls "very impres— athlete or a great leader that could
sive physically”, but added his caution not visualize his or her skill well
j that "I would not want a lot of people before it ever happened.” As for
~l licutuckv Alumnus Fall 1992