xt78cz323d2p https://exploreuk.uky.edu/dips/xt78cz323d2p/data/mets.xml Lexington, Kentucky University of Kentucky. Libraries 19780630 The title, The Green Bean, was not used until December 14, 1973. During 1992-1993 some issues were sent via email with the title: Green Screen.
Unnumbered supplement with title, Wax Bean, accompanies some issues. journals  English University of Kentucky. Libraries Contact the Special Collections Research Center for information regarding rights and use of this collection. The Green Bean The Green Bean, June 30, 1978, no. 232 text The Green Bean, June 30, 1978, no. 232 1978 2014 true xt78cz323d2p section xt78cz323d2p - Cum 3-
I 6/30/78 Ng}, Z5?
7 July — Administrative Council Meeting — Gallery, 8:30 AM
. .4 August — ACTS annual meeting - Carnahan House, 8:30 - noon
~ (see note) t p `
I Current Exhibits: Gallery — Department of Special Collections —_
"with Photographs from Nature." — exhibition of photographically
illustrated books from the collections of the University of
Louisville and the Photographic Archives, Special Collections,
University of Kentucky, June l9'— July 28. ° ·
I I Contributors to this issue: Pat Boyle, Faith Harders, Roxanna ·
Jones, Claire McCann (Editor), Cathy Stevenson, and Bob Turner,

 A . . H 2 -
New Vacation Point System
· Effective July 1, 1978 vacation deductions will be 1.6 points per r
hour claimed. A half-day of vacation no longer exists; all
vacation time will be computed hourly (see examples), and can only
he computed in hour or ha1f—hour time slots as University Personnel
will not accept quarter—hours. The only exception to this will be
regular, half—time employees who work 3.75 hours per day. Vacation_
’ yleave allowance will be accrued as in the past.
Old System: An employee uses 1/2 day of vacation. His/her
vacation record would have been charged with _
» I 6 points.
- New System: An employee uses 4 hours of vacation. His/her (
_ vacation record will be charged with 6.4 points
(4 hrs. x 1.6 points = 6.4 points). ·
An employee uses 3-1/2 hours of vacation. His/her
vacation record will be charged with 5.6 points
(3.5 hrs. x 1.6 points = 5.6 points).
Regular, full-time employees will continue to earn sick leave allow-
ance of one day (7-1/2 hours) per month. Regular, half—time
employees (18.75 hrs. per week) will earn a half—day (3.75 hours) of
sick leave allowance per month. Sick leave will be deducted on the
basis of hours used. I
New "Report of Absence" forms will be sent to each department early
next week. _
Annual Meeting for Staff Scheduled
The annual meeting for library staff has been scheduled for Friday,
August 4, from 8:30 to noon at Carnahan House. We have two options
for lunch-—we may ask to see a sample menu for lunch at Carnahan
House, or we may eat out as we did last year. "Please inform one of
the members of the ACTS Executive Committee of your preference.
Let us know soon so the final plans can be made. .
Place Your Orders Now!
The Library cookbook is out of the planning stage and into the pro- .
duction stage. This book contains unique and delicious recipes to
help you plan a complete meal——salads, drinks, entrees, and desserts.
At $1.50 a book, you can afford to buy two, one for yourself and one
for a friend. Place your orders with: Robin Barnard 7-2853;

 l Roxanna Jones 7-3788; Peggy Lewis 7-2639; or Judy Sackett 7-2666.
Please place your orders by July 19, 1978. We hope to have them
bound and ready for pickup and payment by the first or second week
in August.
Automated Acquisitions Subject of New SPEC Kit
The Reference Department has received SPEC Kit #44 (May, 1978) from
the Systems and Procedures Exchange Center. It is titled "Automated
Acquisitions in ARL Libraries"; it may be checked out at the
Reference Desk.
Students to be Reported for New Fiscal Year
All students working after June 30 need to be continued on to the
1978/79 payroll. Students working prior to May lOth should have
been on the list department heads turned in to the Director”s
Office for the EPAR. For students hired after May 10th who planned
to work after June 30th, the paperwork sent to Ann Short should have
had a note telling her to continue the person. If you have over-
looked someone, please let Ann know by July 6; people not continued
by July 6 cannot turn in hours on the 14th.
Temporary Professional Vacancy
A temporary, one—year appointment will be made in the Law Library to
replace Susan Waller Schwemm, who is takinga.year's leave of absence
to complete law school and take the bar examination. Anyone
interested in being considered for the position should see Faith
V Harders by July 12.
5f!-\_@lJlA PRE—COIlfiBENCE ll